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it was a big week

oh my goodness we are tired.
but we are IN the new house!!!
my sons helped craig move every single thing.
this was a practice round a few days before the actual move… putting the fridge in the garage so there was room for the countertop guys to work.IMG_5874IMG_5879
they did a really nice job… and they were very talkative.  🙂
we choose quartz countertops.  These are LG brand and the color is Cirrus.
it was the least busy of whites with gray that i liked.
and the least green hues in the gray.

IMG_5882photo 1photo 3
the backsplash is sheets of 2×4 inch subway tile from home depot.
they had the same thing at lowes and menards but HD was the lowest price.
photo 4IMG_5909
craig worked so hard this last month.
it makes me tired just thinking about how much he has physically done.
he is a hard worker at everything he does.
i think i could be the luckiest girl in the world.
(and it’s his birthday today!)
and then it was time to move!
we had no school on friday and so we moved that day.
the girls and i stayed at the old house all day packing up anything that was in each room.
the boys and craig loaded and unloaded.

we were treated to lunch and dinner by friends and family.
it was so nice to not have to think about that in the day at all.
that was awesome.IMG_5948
these muscles got worked out big time all day friday AND saturday.
i am just SO PROUD of these guys.
those boys of mine are strong!

the chickens will be moving later this week… everyone has been asking.
but moving a chicken coop and chickens is not the easiest thing to do.  IMG_5966
last family picture at the farm house.
we really will miss it.    we loved it out here.
waffle and stanley were totally in the way and being total spazs.
they were just so excited and confused.

this was what i started with….as long as this area was set up then i was all good.
the tile was grouted in white on friday morning as we moved in.
also the doors and drawers were installed as we moved in.

pizza hut for dinner on saturday after another full day of work.
first time ever we did not have left overs.
they were hungry!  ha ha ha

we slept in the new house on friday night.
the four kids slept on mattresses in the basement… all together by choice.
they were talking and laughing till midnight.
it was such a fun day for them too.

sunday we met up with craig’s side of the family for Easter brunch after church.
it was so nice to take a break from moving and organizing and WORK to sit and worship at church.
i kept sighing during the service.
in  a good way.
loved by jesus.  saved by jesus.  thankful for jesus.  in love with jesus.
happy to be there.  happy to be done with the move.  happy that my family was all together.
just happy.
and we were all able to find clothes to leave the house!
i wore the same thing i wore last sunday because i knew where it was and i didn’t have to think.

and now this week is all the clean up.
clean up the old house…. clean up the new house… continue to unpack… find places for everything.


rebecca - I just reread this…I LOVE a front-facing kitchen!

Andrea - So glad to see that the move has gone well!!!! I love unpacking….finding a spot for everything! Have fun putting this new house together! Can’t wait to see more pictures and hear how the chickens move goes!

Katie - Your house looks wonderful! Could you share the source for the pendant lights over the island? They are great!

Karina - I am loving your new house decor choices and will eagerly check back for more detailed info when you have time to update us…I am also curious about the 21 Day Fix and will look into it. Congratulations on the move and Happy Birthday to your husband!

Sara - Meg, I have followed your blog for years and years. I am so happy for your family as you start in this new house! What a fresh start! I look up to you and Craig as you parent your children well. And you look fabulous!! XO

Julie - Hi Meg! Your new place is great ~ love the coffee station. 🙂 I can’t believe it has been a year since Kristen and I were privileged to attend CW. We went to a “Be Crafty” event in Tempe, AZ last month and were FAMOUS at our table because we’d been to CW ~ so fun! 🙂 Hope you are well.

Meredith - Congratulations on so many levels!
Beautiful home;
Strong, healthy, grateful kids;
Awesome husband {happy b’day Craig};
Sustaining faith and
Wow, do you look trim, taut & terrific:)
Looking forward to following your adventures in your new nest. M xo

cyndiloohoo - congratulations on the move and new home. from the pics I can really tell you have lost weight.

Ryan - Oh my…..your family pic at the farm house gave me goose bumps and brought tears to my eyes! Weird, I know, right! 🙂 And YOU my lady look awesome in those little spandex pants. I thought it was one of your older girls at first!! Good job on the 21 day/running thing!!

Rach - All I can think of is how much I loathe painting ceilings. Good job Craig! Cheers to you!

Valerie @ Chateau A La Mode - Oh I so love that new house. Love the way you are decorating it. I know moving was hard but it sure looks like there was some great memory making.

Erin - The new kitchen looks amazing!!! We have the exact same tile in our kitchen, great choice 🙂

Sara - It’s been amazing to see how quickly you guys have renovated the kitchen, painted, removed a wall, and moved!! Whirlwind! And a Craft Weekend thrown in there too! I admire your capacity to work so hard and make so much happen. The Duerksen family gathers no moss! It’s funny to not know you at all yet so enjoy following along with your family. You’re the kind of family that makes the world a better, happier place. Thank you for blogging! Looking forward to the continuing adventures in your new home. 🙂

Karen Gerstenberger - Congratulations, and welcome HOME!

Lisa - Good luck with all the final cleaning and organizing!

Jenny B. - P.S. For later… when you get a chance to post more about the kitchen… Cabinet paint color? Wall color? Is that marble trim at the top of the backsplash, or something made from the same material as the countertop? Again… no rush… as I’m sure you’ll be back with the details LATER. 🙂

april r - congratulations and just very happy for you all! and thanks again for sharing
(i especially appreciated that picture of the big wide open sky <3)

Jenny B. - Oh, I am just so happy for you!!! I am literally sitting here grinning and trying not to tear up because I am just overjoyed for you and your family!!! I’m amazed at your ability to tell your stories so succinctly. You don’t use a whole lot of words, but you really pull me in, and make me feel like I was there. You have a gift! (Well, I think you have lots of gifts, and that’s just one of them!). 🙂 Your blog is always a bright spot in my day/week/month/year. Thank you for taking the time to share!

Brenna - Been praying for your move and am so interested in seeing how you will manage the chicken coop move – I am renting now and will eventually have to move my coop too. Oh and Talby got braces!!! Congratulations on a successful move.

Elissa - Congratulations!

CathyC - Fantastic! so happy for you all! Love that the coffee station was set up so fast, made me laugh.

Jenni - So, I saw your last family pic at the farm house on Instagram. I TOTALLY THOUGHT YOU WERE LAUREN! Now that I’m seeing it on a bigger screen…IT’S YOU! You look amaze balls.

Patti Mullican - It’s silly I guess since I only know you through your blog, but I’ve been thinking about you all as you move into your new home. May it be filled with new blessings and more wonderful memories. Enjoy!

Brittany - Your kitchen looks beautiful!! I love all your choices! Can’t wait to see the rest 🙂 Also, side note…you look amazing! Trim and lean! I can tell you have been working hard.

patti - Love your kitchen and how your whole family works together!!! Are your cabinets HD as well??

Mel - Love your beautiful family pictures! I can’t wait to see how wonderful the new house looks once you are all settled.

Kate - This is off topic – but you look so slim and fit! You go girl!

Rach - Congratulations on your new home, I’m sure it will be a very happy one and it looks fantastic already! 😀

Lisa - I’m impressed! Everything looks great! You guys work fast. 🙂

jill - Your family picture at the end really touched me. I thought of all of the hard work you all did and then how you all paused to gather and worship. I love that. Thank you for sharing!

Alicia @ La Famille - I am so tired just reading this. Moving is such hard work!! But it looks like everything went great! LOVE your new kitchen! Can’t wait to see everything else!

Angela - Annie is SASSY! What a doll!
Congrats on your new home and Happy Birthday to your man! I have a hard-working husband myself, and I know what a blessing it is. Awesome that he is training your boys to be the same.

Stephanie - The kitchen looks fantastic! Did you ever mention what gray paint color you decided on? I have about 50 shades on my kitchen wall right now and still can’t make a decision.

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