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14 reasons i might fail the sugar detox.

this is the second day of the sugar detox i am participating in with Marta.
number TWO.
already my mind is playing tricks on me.
pinterest has become my enemy.
i am jonesing for sugar in a major way… that is not a good sign of what is to come.

i am obviously addicted.
but i knew that.

maybe you aren’t… maybe you are in the baking mood?
make these.
all of these.
and tell me all about it.
but just don’t send them to me or drop them off at my house.
or i might have to punch you.
because the sugar made me do it.

do not bring treats to my house unless you want to get punched.
you have been warned.

Easy Monster Cookie Bars… i am a sucker for m&ms.

Frozen Strawberry Crunch Cake …. does it get more summery than this?!

Layered Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies…  best of both worlds.

Soft Homemade Peanut Butter Oreos…. dude.  i would be happy with that spoonful there too.

S’more Rice Krispie Treats….. i bet these take 5 minutes to make… killing me.

Chewy Caramel-Coconut Brownie….  desserts for ladies…. grown up ladies.

Twix Caramel Cookie Bars…. licking my screen.

Salted Caramel Cheesecake with Chocolate Ganache at
Salted Caramel Cheesecake…. ummm this looks insane.

cake mix brownies…. dark chocolate and candy bars?!!


Butterscotch Bread Pudding…. i can practically smell this baking in the oven… i am losing it.


Double Chocolate Cake Doughnuts …  cup of coffee and this to go with it… perfect saturday morning!

Easy No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars… less baking means… less calories??  yes or no?

Peanut Butter Oreo Icebox Cake…. this just looks like it would be fun to make!

Espresso Chocolate Chip Ice Cream…. and if i made this i could have it ALL to myself!!!


the good thing about all of these recipes and my sugar detox?
it’s not going to be THAT hard to not eat these things because i don’t have the time or energy to make them.

now i will go make myself a salad like a big girl.


tracy fisher - sooo funny. my friends always know when i’m cutting down on sugar because I pin sweets for days…. it’s so much fun!

tara - i did the sugar detox. lasted 20 days…was shooting for 30. oh well.

i have full confidence that you’re stronger than me and will last the entirety of your detox!!!

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angie webb - I just finished day 10 of the sugar detox yesterday. I have to say the first day was the hardest. All I could think of was sugar!! Day 2 and 3 I was exhausted. I wasnt drinking coffee because I always use flavored creamer. But by day 4 and beyond I felt great. I had energy. No more 2pm slump at work! I even lost 3 pounds. I decided to continue thru til the end of the month. Hoping it helps kick the sugar habit long run.. of course, seeing pictures of all those desserts you posted doesnt help! Haha

Denise@victoryrd - I’m here to help you! Really! Raw food “cheesecake” is so delicious (and cheesecake is my all-time fav), that I get cravings for it. There are a number of recipes on Pinterest.

Going sugar free caused my muffin top to disappear (which is why I should join you, and get back to it 🙂 )

You can do it!

Tanya H - so I added to my “food” board on pinterest. Which is really a ‘treats’ board, but hey, no pinterest police have come yet…!

Liz S. - So…rule number 1 during a sugar detox is…Stay off Pinterest! Lol! Hang in there, it will get easier!

jill - Meg, you are so awesome. I know you can do this! Of course you can do this, because you can do hard things! What a great inspiration you are to all of us readers. We are all fighting our battles and we can gain strength from one another. I can’t wait to hear more of your successes on this journey!

Mallory - Good for you! I’ve done the whole no sugar thing and noticed great results until I got to the point where I’m like eff it…I’m gonna eat what I like and it a lot of it….ending up worse off in the long run…I find if I allow myself some (within reason) sweets, I’m better off than if I go completely without and then binge my way back and then some. Best wishes to you…You look fabulous…and keep up the great work….I just find that eventually you’ll want a bite…and I think that’s okay, too! Good luck!!

Melissa - Sweets are my enemy also!

Hannah - I can totally use the excuse that the baby that I’m growing made me do it and I needed lots of chocolate (and then probably cry my way through the third trimester heartburn that would repeat on me later!). Bring me the salad STAT!

jamie - i am so proud of you! so very proud. i totally need a sugar detox. i’m not addicted. well, i don’t think i am. i couldn’t do what you’re doing. maybe if i was in my house by myself for the duration of the detox. high five to you!

Tonya - Oh my goodness! You are killing me. I am on day 24 of the Whole30 and I am so looking forward to the day I get to make me some kind of treat to eat.

Kathleen Grace - Lord have mercy, this is not the way to give up sugar, lol. You mustn’t look! I can tell you, I’m a sugar addict and going low carb, gluten free, has detoxed those cravings in a BIG way. I would have never thought it possible, but over time, and not being a total Nazi about it, I find I crave it less and less. These kind of things seem way too sweet to me now. Do I still want to make them? Goodness yes! I love to bake! But I am more likely to eat a little and then let it be, or give most of it away to some other poor unsuspecting sugar addict. Yesterday was my birthday and my daughter made my favorite chocolate cake, I had some and then with her permission threw the rest away. I know some would think that was wasteful, but it’s no less wasteful to dump it in our bodies and hate ourselves for it.

Jenn - Thanks a lot! I just printed off two of those recipes ;). Coffee ice cream….yes, please! Now talk about the best of both worlds! I will do my best to make them and send them on their way for someone else to enjoy.

marcie - In case this helps – I made the strawberry crunch bars last Summer and they didn’t turn out well….
You got this!! I did something similar a few years ago and I now rarely eat sweets – your taste buds change and you quit craving – and when you do it doesn’t take much to be on a sugar overload and push it away. True story. I love salad!! ( Repeat after me) 🙂

Laura H - I am going to make you HATE me….I have never, ever, ever, had a SWEET tooth!
The pictures are beautiful, amazzzzinggg…but…they don’t do anything for me as far as cravings. Show me some guacamole and I’m on board, chips and salsa…come to mama…spicy hummus, I’m dancin in the streets!!
Love your blog!

Kristen K. - You had me at “Licking my screen”!!!! Ohmygranola, you are TOOOOO FUNNY! But I want you to succeed, so I will pray for you…and not tell you that I’ll be making those “easy Monster cookie bars” this weekend!!!! M&M’s, get in my mouth!!!! Er, I mean, hummus and carrot sticks…yup. Carrots. YUM!

Amy Mumaw - I am doing the sugar detox with Marta too! I know that I am an addict too! these recipes look even more amazing!! We will do our best!!

TO - Yum, those all look delicious! Good for you for doing the sugar detox. I am sure I would find it very difficult to do!

The hyperlink for the Chewy Caramel Coconut Brownies is actually the link for the Twix Bars. Not that I was trying to find that recipe or anything! 🙂

Good luck!

Jen - You are braver than me–to do the sugar fast AND to look at Pinterest while attempting a sugar fast! 🙂

I’m thinking Marta should include a mandatory “Pinterfast” when she’s leading a sugar detox group! 🙂 Good luck!

Bethany - You are so brave. I could NOT do it. That espresso ice cream…yum! I haven’t had coffee ice cream in so long.

Christy - I was good until you posted the peanut butter. 🙂 I can leave chocolate alone, but not PB. Good luck!

Diabra - Meg, make this stat. Put an egg in a mug, mix some stevia, a Tablespoon of cocoa, 2 Tablespoons of almond flour, scant tsp of baking powder and 1tsp of coconut oil. Mix well. Cook in microwave for 1 minute. Can top with some extra cream or cooked up berries mixed with chia seeds if you are still eating fruit. Enjoy. You can do this.

Janine - It gets easier after day 3 or 4. I promise. I had to do it while pregnant because I have type II diabetes. Yeah, tell a pregnant woman to quit sugar – hardest thing ever but worth it. After 9 mos of mostly no sugar (I did cheat every now and then and craved it like crazy towards the end) I was okay not eating it and things started to taste “too sweet” Then I started down the slippery slope of sugar and can’t stop now. So unfortunately I am completely off the wagon and should really join Marta’s group.

Kassondra Taylor - MEG! I knew by the title alone I shouldn’t have read this post! I am pregnant and all this chocolate is giving me some serious cravings and no chocolate in this house!! >:/ 😉

Tracey Garcia - Right there with ya! I had to quit looking at Pinterest today because of all the sugary photo temptations. And even though my stomach doesn’t feel hungry my brain is saying I am hungry. And I really want some sweet tea with lemon. I tried making some herbal tea today with coconut sugar and it tasted awful. Maybe I messed it up somehow. Or maybe my tastebuds just are freaking out!

april R - Gee just 14 reasons 😉

(it’ll be worth it – hang in there – mmm crunchy fresh salad!)

Alicia @ La Famille - Duuuuuude. Now this post was just rude. Now I want all of this. ALL of it. I asked Jarrod if he would go get me coffee ice cream at the store. He said no, thank god. I want all this. Did I say that already. Dang youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

Becki - oh. my. lawd.

Seamingly Sarah - I don’t think I could do a sugar detox. I’m going to lie to myself and just say that I don’t need to.

Katie - I am on day 20 of the Advocare 24 day challenge, I have not had sugar in 20 days. I love sugar in all forms! You got this!

Laura - Good for you. I quit sweets in March. I had such a headache until someone told me to take in extra protein. It is supposed to help with the headache. It worked! After 4 weeks of no sweets, I allow myself one day a week for cake, or pie, or cookies, ice cream, cup cakes, brownies, blondie brownies, whatever I want. My thoughts linger over each option, sort of like lust, and then I try to find someone to go out with me to find it! Good luck, and remember….this is your journey, if you fall off the wagon and land in sugar, get back up and start again. Sugar is NOT like quicksand, but if it was, it would be the sweetest death.

danielle - Here I am making a nice salad for dinner and I see this! I might have to take you off my feed 🙂 Those all look so good! Cheesecake! I need cheesecake!

Necole@seriouslysassymama - And that is why I did not participate. The disappointment I would have felt after eating two mini cupcakes at my daughters classroom party would have been my undoing. I am like that smoker who cannot go cold turkey. I eat sugar and bake in moderation. My problem lies more with carbs and breads. Good luck.

margaret - My sister and I have a major sugar issue as well.. Her OB told her that sugar is not a food group. Whatever, dude. Kudos to you for trying the detox! I have heard that if you give up sugar for awhile, you lose the taste for it.. yeeeaah.. not sure if that would apply to me. Good luck!

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