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craigslist is rad.

on memorial day i got my husband to go with me to pick up a dining room set i found on craigslist.
i am super pumped about it.
i was searching for a round table and found a whole set that is grandma chic.
i have sanded it all down already.
i know for sure the chairs and table will be white.
it’s just what i do… paint everything white.
but the hutch is MADE for a color!
it needs it!

the problem is WHICH COLOR???

the possibilities are so great!
what do you think?
do you like any of those options?
obviously they are all in the green palette in some form… but which green would you pick?

or would you choose a complimenting color TO the green?

would you paint it all one color or the inside different than the outside?

so many choices!!

AND then choosing fabric on the chairs will be really difficult too.
but i love thinking about this kind of thing.
color is happy in all it’s forms.


Heather - I vote any aqua!! I heart aqua!!

Alicia @ Investing Love - Gahhhhh! I have NO IDEA! But its gonna be so great!!! It seems you have a lot of blues and greens in mind. I would paint the outside and line the inside with book pages or pretty wallpaper or something.

Julia - Hi there…I am not sure if you read all 400 comments on here, but check out our blog, and scroll down to check out our hutch we painted last week. We added bead board to the back and gave it white shelves. It really brightened it up! Do a fun colour, in chalk paint and add the white to the back! It will tie in your white kitchen!

april r - my 2 cents? paint the inside a lighter shade. love all those greens, I’m partial to a sea glass or grey green. I’m doing a chifferobe in a light green this weekend so seeing your color palettes is exciting 🙂

jenn - I’d lean towards a complimentary shade of green to your green stools. Maybe a shade lighter (since it is a big piece of furniture)…like a complimentary mint/jade green. That is a hot color right now. If you want a pop in the back….use some cool paper or something removable so you can change it down the road if you change your mind! Or grass cloth in the back? That would be fun and textural without fighting against the fun pop of color. Or paint the hutch white like the chairs and table and just paint the inside a pop of color. We did that with the built ins in our dining room (corner hutches). The walls are a pale robin’s egg blue and the built-ins are white so we used a burnt orange and it is fun and unexpected!

Jen - I am partial to the Punch Buggy palette because those shades of green are good neutrals that look good with pops of BRIGHT colors like reds, pinks, blues, etc., which we all know you LOVE! FUN!!

deb meyers - center color on the “door hues” palette: the periwinkle-y grey will support green and coral tones and look amazing.

Tobi - You’re doing green stools right? Then I’d go with a red or pink. Then you can get chair fabric with both colors to tie them together. I can’t wait to see it!

Jolene @ Homespun Heritage - Kiwi! Anything close to kiwi! Its my latest obsession among the obnoxiously bright colors….my other fave is mango but your not leaning that way. Go big or go home…oh wait, you are home!

Marilyn M> - I think it needs a red tone like the color of the poppy one. If everything else is white and the seats are patterned the color pop will pull it all together.

tracy fisher - some kind of turquoise… it goes with everything! and it’s happy.

Chris - What a great set! I would paint the hutch a light rasberry color – to complement the green in your kitchen. You could pick fabric that brings the two colors together to link the two rooms. But you really don’t need my advice at all. I’ve been to the craft house:)

Ruthanne - I agree with others who have said that it is best to pick the fabric first, then find a color in it to paint the hutch. Good luck! Happy hunting!

pam - so fun! you can’t go wrong, whatever you do. for some reason i’m seeing it a really pretty grey and a bold color inside via wallpaper or bright white inside if the dishes/ items you put inside will be colorful…can’t wait to see what you do! xo

laura oyler - when you said “grandma chic” I started cracking up. I would paint the inside and outside the same color, but probably put fabric or wallpaper or stencil the back on the inside.

Lisa - I like the far left green on the paint-brushed canvas for the outside, and then paint the inside the beautiful coral that is on the far right paint colors of the poppy picture. Happy colors!

Linda G - I love green, but something about that furniture says “deep eggplant purple” to me.

emily - You go the opposite order of me. I find fabric I can’t live without, and then pick my color from there!

Kristen K. - My vote: I’m loving that middle green, for the “” pic (with the big ol’ succulent)…that deep green is a bit retro, a bit modern…and can act as a neutral base color for all seasons / styles! Thank you for sharing your home & your projects with us – colors and decor aside, your house became a home as soon as YOUR FAMILY moved in! You are a blessing to all of us in the bloggysphere…Many blessings back at ya!!!

Robin C - You’re going to need more than one hutch. Obvs!

Joanie - I used to work with your Aunt Jan and she introduced me to your blog over 5 years ago. What a great surprise when I saw that MSN Living referenced you for their article on “50 Things to Do this Summer in 50 States”! Love the blog and have shared it with others.

Kori - um…I just tripped out a little bit because I saw another commenter with the same name as mine (I don’t see the same spelling very often!) and I didn’t want you to think I was a weirdo who commented all over your post…although now I guess I just did! 😉

I have to say, though, that I agree with her color opinions, especially the part about the gray, that could be super cool!!

Kori - My favorite color combo of late is a form of green with some type of watermelony color or maybe a mangoish hue with aqua accents. Or really any combination of those four.

I definitely think the hutch needs two colors! I love love love a hutch with a fun inside color!!

andrea - This one’s easy….I’ve got your back on this one…..boxwood green Miss Mustard Seed!!!! (ps….I have ordered some….I have a dresser that sits in our entry (holds kids hats, gloves, flags…..)…it will soon be boxwood green!!!!

Laura H - Oooo lala……at first I thought I was only going to have to choose from those first 5 colors on that little tab thingie at the top, but then I scrolled all the way down, and my head is a spinnin! So much crazy color! I love green I wanted to scream!
But, but…..I love that blue under the Popsicles! It speaks to me… tells me “it’s only paint” You can always, always repaint it if you don’t like it! HA!
Can’t wait to see it! Love your blog so so much!

eva - Great find, and good ideas on painting!

My pick for you is in the first colour palette, opposite the succulents, the last swatch.

karen - I like the last green…. and pair it up with some orange in the seat cushions or somewhere – it will look great!

Kimberly - Miss mustard seed boxwood green– so pretty!

Shellie - I really like the pinky, peach, coral tones. You could paint the inside white like the table and chairs and put green dishes and display pieces inside. Your bar stools are green, so I would mix it up a bit. You always make great decisions though!

Kerry - The white Popsicles on ice – swoons !! Have fun painting your awesome score!

Jess - Ohh GOODNESS… this blog post is one of the most visually pleasing things I’ve seen in a long time!! I love those soft pinks, mossy greens, and vibrant turquoises–but no matter what you pick, it’ll look fantastic against the future white of the tables and chairs!

kimberly oyler - i’m so glad you aren’t someone who is afraid to paint wood. my mother, bless her heart, never lets me paint anything like this cause i’ll “ruin the beautiful wood.”

whatever. paint that sucker white.

Becky Kindel - I love the color on the stucco house with the flowers in the window. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

Tracy - I can’t wait to see what you do!!!!!! I have an old hutch that is screaming for color too. I also have a round table with windsor chairs that are going to be painted as well. Mine are for our basement family room, so I plan to go pretty BOLD 🙂

lara sheriff - love the colors in the iced summer picture!!!!!!!!!!

Gina - Good luck picking a color out of all those. 😉 I like the green #ABBD63)from the first picture. Can’t wait to see it all painted!! 🙂

jaimie - Great set! I’d probably go w/ some shade of green to tie into your green kitchen stools….then maybe do some fun patterned wallpaper w/ some complimentary colors for the inside of the hutch? not sure if it’d be too much if you have a fun pattern for your chair fabric. I’m sure you’ll turn it into something fantastic no matter which way you go. Good luck!

Jenn - So exciting! I would go with a pear or minty green. I would definitely paint the inside something different, orange or yellow. Please share once you finish it! By the way, doing the crazy owls this friday….looking forward to it.

Laurel - LOVE it! I’m all about Annie Sloan Chalk paint these days. you can paint ANYTHING! and no sanding or prep!!!! My hubby is very very afraid that I will paint every wood surface we own-and I might:) giggle. They mean it about everything-the girl from AS was sitting on a silk sofa she painted. I am not that brave but wow!

Still dreaming and waiting for my time at craft weekend-I know it’s coming when I will really need it!!

Jer - Pick the chair fabric first then pick your paint by pulling out a color in the fabric.

tasha roe - i forgot to mention that anthro has a bunch of those latte bowls in various greens and aquas, & teals right now. I bought some for my kitchen and some from world market. they would look darling in your new place!!

Lora - WAY too many choices. All beautiful! Good luck 🙂

Karina - It will look amazing whatever you choose, but this one makes me think of you and your style…you could do the inside a pale blue or yellow or just white:

Gabby - That patinaed teal with the distressed look is really neat!

SoCalLynn - I love it! I’m getting ready to paint a small cabinet “New Avocado” which is a new green color from Valspar. All of the color palettes you’ve shown are gorgeous!

Darcie - You are speaking my language with all those greens. I can’t get enough of that color! And maybe with a white or yellow inside? So fun! My husband looks at me like I’m crazy when I try to do stuff like you do. Maybe someday I’ll convert him! Way to go, Craig!

Kori - From the very first picture I was envisioning it in a green like in the ‘punch buggy’ (the bug palette) with an inside that compliments the fabric you put on the chairs…I like the idea of a grey, but that might be too neutral for you? Do you need more punch? Either way – that set was a GREAT find! 🙂 Have fun!

colleen - Okay here is the link to my favorite color combination for a hutch
love your style and your spirit meg!

heather e. - Oh, I am thinking it would really pop if it was an apple green-y color. Maybe the inside back you could wallpaper with something that compliments the chair fabric? Love that set, major craigslist score!!

Alex - I have always loved the look of painting the interior with an accent color, like the secretary in Kiki’s guest room.
They gray could also work with a nice blue-green interior as well.

Dana - oh man, a pale blue-green goes so well with white. (I love the palettes with the weathered wood, the popsicles, and the patinaed wall!) it’s my absolute favorite. and you can paint the inside a light gray. different but not too in-your-face, ya know?

Hannah - I like a minty green or a pale grey – do you know where you’re going to put your unit? For example in our living room we have green walls and white radiators – so white bookcases kind of work (Although we have a black one that we used to have in our old flat)

Sami - That hutch is A-MAZING! I’ve been to your craft house so I know you are good at picking colors! I love that your first reaction is to paint everything white. It’s part of what I love so much about the craft house. Well, that and all the awesome colors you decorated it with. 🙂

martha - the colors in the first photo are beautiful! bright, but not too bright. the kind of color that you don’t become sick of looking at. the hutch is so cool….I would definitely paint the inside a different color….I think it would reflect your personality if it was more than one color! 🙂

Stephanie - What a luscious post.
Indigo and deep jade green are my favorites lately. But boy, do I love that poppy red too!

tasha roe - wow! Wow! WOW!!!! That is the find of the century!
I’m pretty sure that hutch needs to be aqua or a teal.

Here are some of my faves
Mayo Teal, BM

Mermaid Green

Green Coral

Caribbean Cool

I’m so excited for you!! Blue and green are my favorite colors and favorite colors together! It’s going to be so awesome!!

amy jupin - this is trippy–before i even scrolled down i thought to myself “that hutch needs to be kelly green.”

i’m officially weirded out.
by myself.
{insert twilight zone music here.}

Sheena - I love to use chalk paint for furniture. So many great colours too. I would do the inside white so whatever you end up displaying in there will really pop.

Jennifer Andrews - Maybe you could find the chair fabric first and pick your green from the fabric. Just a thought.

Jori - I’d say pick out the fabric first and then find a green in it to paint the hutch. It’s much harder to do it the opposite way–I speak from experience!

Carol S. - Great set, love the chair backs and hutch bottom door detail. The fish and lily pad color palate is my favorite…has your cream. Hutch in either a green or yellow, maybe the darker water color in curtains or placemats … Tho do you ever do dark lol. Fun project, hope you use it for a bit and don’t have to wait until its all done to enjoy its great function, it’s really pretty as is, too. Seats could be a little awkward without bottoms…but…

Kathryn - If you like that, you should make a trip to the Henderson (Nebraska!) garage sales next Saturday. The trash to treasure possibilities will be ENDLESS!! (Bring a trailer)

kathi - Oh Meg – what a score! That hutch screams out ombre to me! You can use several shades of green and that last photo with different hues is perfect. With that you can even leave the inside as is. Can’t wait to see the finished set.

Jenny - I like the subtle mint green tones of PUNCH BUGGY – don’t forget that buffet is big piece. I also like the sage green tones of the second last palette.
I am really enjoying watching your new house come together from the other side of the world.

karen - I love the green #ABBD83 on the first color swatch. We had our kitchen cabinets painted and this green is kind of like the green we used on the bottom cabinets. We had the top cabinets and pantry painted white. We love the combination!
So excited to see everything come together for you!

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