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may’s craft weekend

oh these girls.
such lovely women…. every single one.

photo 3IMG_7275photo 4
we don’t allow our guests to clear their plates… they have a hard time at first.
but it doesn’t take long to catch on.  🙂

photo 2
photo 1
my kids popped in friday evening to bring me my computer that i forgot at home.
but really they were hoping to get some of kimberlee’s cake.

IMG_7387photo 2photo 5prettycolor
we worked on several projects that were colorful and happy.
everyone loved using the scroll saw and learning how to cut stamps from potatoes.

IMG_7380IMG_7385IMG_7359photo 2
kimberlee’s cinnamon rolls are everyone’s favorite.
i am getting brave and may finally try to make them for my family this summer.
i’ve heard that her recipe is really user friendly… i need that!

photo 1photo 4photo 5IMG_7306IMG_7345
our field trip out to Bearly Makin’ It and their barn of antiques was a success.
but really…. when isn’t it?
everyone found treasures to remember kansas and craft weekend.
the weather was magnificent!!

how cute is that birdcage filled with bird figurines?!

some old and not-so-old cookbooks.
PicMonkey CollageIMG_7289
i scored loads of vintage sheets, an afgan for my oldest’s dorm room and vintage notions at the thrift shop.

we had a weak moment and tried on the wigs.
they claimed they were “new” and they looked “new” so we put them on.
it was so funny… we looked like our moms from our childhood!
photo 5IMG_7313IMG_7317
seriously so many beautiful junky finds!

we ate on tables built by the guys at the barn.
they build them from found barn wood & porch posts… i love them!
they will make them in any size you want.
i have two BIG ones in the craft house too.

kimberlee’s salad and snacks, outside on a gorgeous day, surrounded by my favorite things = AWESOME.

photo 2-3IMG_7339IMG_7346IMG_7314IMG_7342
this green tool box made it’s way to my kitchen too… i mean… DUH!
it had to!
i had no choice.  😉

photo 3-2IMG_7348IMG_7349
kansas was totally showing off last saturday.

jessica’s pile she brought back from shopping was really fabulous.
that globe is probably the coolest i have ever seen.
she is lucky she saw it before me.  HA!
saturday night is always full of even more crafting!
laura created this AWESOME wood art project and taught our guests to make it too.
i loved her creativity and then how everyone interpreted it with their own style!

IMG_7362wood artbags
lauren showed us how to use potatoes to make stamps.
it’s always cool to see everyone’s different ideas!
once you start stamping it was hard to stop!

photo 4IMG_3723IMG_3721
we made pom pom garland again.
it is just such a happy project that i think everyone should do it.
we used THESE POM POM MAKERS by Clover.
you should order them… you can thank me later.
you will LOVE it… your kids will LOVE it… and i am willing to bet you will have a hard time stopping!


Laura and Lauren were our helpers this weekend…. SO great!!

This job is so much fun.
the women are nervously excited when they arrive and they ohhh & ahhh over everything.
they love to create so we provide them with all the supplies to do so!
they love to eat delicious food (of course) so kimberlee spoils them rotten.
they love the friends they come with and they all make friends when they get here.
they share their stories… their tears… their laughter… their hearts with all of us.

i love Craft Weekend.

If you would like to come to Craft Weekend first READ THIS and then get on our Wait List by sending an email to

I hope i get to meet you someday!

And now we are off for the ENTIRE SUMMER!!!

bring on the swimsuits, popsicles, camp fires and sleeping in!
yay summer!


Kristina - Hi, would you mind telling me where you got the wood “hello” words you used on the wreaths?

Thank you!

Kristina 🙂

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Lina - Where are your sandals for meg???

Lina m - Hi meg couple of questions what size Pom Pom maker do you use and do you mind sharing where you got your turquoise sandals and eye glasses are from. Everything looks beautiful.

CathyC - How cool! Laura was there as a guest when I was there 2 yrs ago. So awesome! It never fails, EVERY single time I see pics of the craft house with people in it I feel the same way I felt when I was there. I can still feel myself there when I look at those pics! Pretty amazing. What a great time.

april r - dear kansas sky,
i love you

dear meg and kimberlee,
thanks for sharing 🙂
this vicarious craft weekend was rich and made me grin!

Karina - I LOVE those tables! And you look amazing!

Kristin S - That field of chairs. You kill me every single time you post the chairs! Around here, even all rusty and fun, those would be about $90 each. ugh.

Jen - Wonderful, colorful picture, Meg! I want to know where you got your cute green sandles and where Miracle got that bright blue striped shirt. Cute!!!

Alicia @ Investing Love - This all looks so fun!!! Pick my name already, will ya!?! 😉

Roganne - I always love the craft weekend post! Everyone always looks like they are having an awesome time! I can’t wait to save up enough money to get on the list! (And then wait for my name to come up!). You are looking great too! Your sugar detox journey is showing!!

Lisa - One of these days I’ll get there! Ahhhh Summmmmerrrrrr!!!!!!!

amy jupin - i need to finish my apron.
all these pics are making me jelly that i never finished.
guess i have to come back again.
maybe annie can help me when she’s finished her quilt!

Jenny B. - So many beautiful things (and people!). 🙂 And, can I just say, Meg, you look SO YOUNG! In EVERY picture! 🙂

paige - i can’t even sew a button but i sure wish i was a crafter EVERY SINGLE time i see you post about craftweekend!! makes me smile in my heart!

Jenna - I miss this. Seriously brings back such happy moments! 🙂 You ladies rock!

Laura H - I always covet craft weekend! The pictures are so crystal clear! And you gals seem to have so much fun! I am jealous. (My hubby doesn’t get it) ha!

By the way, you look FAB!!

sarah - looks like a great weekend!! I have been on the list for a few years now…hoping I get picked to come soon 🙂

Amy - There are no thrift/junk stores like yours in my neck of the woods. So jealous!

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