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i took on a big project this weekend.
i was finally ready to organize the art supplies, clean up all the piles of junk that i had piled up here and make this “room” look nice.
there were a lot of art supplies and a lot of junk.

please ignore the gold light fixture… i haven’t found what i want for here quite yet.
AND a rug would look great under the table.
but that is liking begging my kids to spill things?!

we found this furniture on craigslist for a steal on memorial day and worked all summer on it.
it was so much priming & painting.
oh so very much.
but it was totally worth it!

we don’t own any china to put in the china hutch.
we don’t even own a set of regular dishes.
for real.
i have lots of mismatched random dishes.
but not in a cute way…. it’s just mismatched.
but someday when i won’t have to worry about plates breaking often i will get cool plates.
and a rug under the table.

anyway… i knew this cabinet would be the perfect place for all of our arts & crafts supplies.
easy to access and pretty too!

so this is what i started with….
and this is when i finished.

the watercolor paints are from Michaels – $4.99!!
we use SINGER Heavy Duty Sewing Machine.
we love it so much that we have two.   🙂

it feels so good to have it DONE!
and now i know where everything is and where it goes.
i would like to paint the back wall of the hutch white.
but let’s be realistic… ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!
it’s staying green.

remember my trip to the sunflower field a few weeks ago?
i had my favorite photo from that morning made into a canvas through
it is kind of amazeballs?!!

it looks like i am standing in that field all over again.
it is slightly bigger than actual size… but not much!
the colors are so bright!

i decided that this canvas was worthy of the first nail hole in the wall at this house.
the little house painting is by noodle and lou.
it pretty much completely adorable in every way.  it’s a drawer.  she painted the inside of a drawer?!
and the roof has polka dots?!  seriously.
she usually lets her fans know in her instagram feed when she puts some goodies in her shop.
and they are gone in an instant.

i brought my gumball machine home from the Craft House.
i loved looking at it there but thought how sad i would be if anything happened to it there accidentally.
and all my heart rocks are in that jar.
i love those rocks.
it’s weird to love a rock.
but i do.
cause i am weird.  🙂

we painted the chairs and we also recovered them.
i found the floral fabric curtain panel at our local thrift shop and broke into a sweat immediately.
it was like finding treasure!
i still walk by these chairs all the time and say out loud to my empty house “gorgeous!”

hi stan.
please move now.

(the gingham napkins are a target clearance purchase)IMG_8932IMG_8937
just for fun… a peek into the kitchen.
dirty dishes and all.

everyone asks where the lights are from… Menards.
and the paint color is Sea Shell Gray by Valspar.
i will post more about the kitchen later.

we have two tiny goldfish in that tank filled with neon pink rocks.
i think my girls are ready for something a little bigger in there to keep them company.


Ali - Hi there! I love your new house! Its beautiful! Love the new kitchen! Pretty please with a cherry on top will you write about the new kitchen details!

~ What color paint are your kitchen cabinets!?
~ Where did you get your kitchen cabinets? Home Depot?
~ Tell us about your sink!?!
~ What kind and color, brand our your counter tops?!

We’ve been waiting on pins and needles!

~ Ali

Carolynne C - My Easel!!

Elisabeth B - Sharpie markers!

Mary G - Sewing machine for sure!

Lesley - I love my pencil crayons! So portable, mess free and suitable for all ages. xox

Chantel - Mine is the cool scissors with different edges. 🙂

Tracy - Fabric. I’m not sure I could live very long without fabric.

marisol - my favorite craft supply is scissors!! they allow you to do oh so much with so many different projects!!

Laura - we have an old christmas basket filled with markers, colored pencils, and crayons. my kids call it the “art box” and it is constantly out on our kitchen table for one reason or another…homework, fun, or practicing letters!

Jessica R - I’m not so much a creator of art but I sure appreciate other’s works of art. My favorites that I enjoy are acrylic painting and black/white photography. The one art supply I can’t live without is Sharpies–I love to write with them.

Melissa Hillier - My sewing machine. That’s a supply, right? If not, I choose fabric!!!!

Kate Ross - I couldn’t live with out sharpie markers. They make everything better! 🙂 There is so much possibility in a new sharpie.

Ellen - This is kinda lame, but my paper cutter. I use it all the time…for boring and fun things!!

Sarah Bitner - Crayola Fat Markers. Only Crayola. Forever and ever Crayola. 🙂

Kami Blackwell Kinney - My current obsession is washi tape. The possibilities are endless!

Kelly - Right now, I’d have to choose a fine tip black marker. Perfect for doodling or journaling.

Tonya - I love ribbon, any size, any print, any kind.

Carol - Camera!

Elizabeth Anderson - Crayons!

Carol - Sewing Machine

Kami - Oh, your house is so cozy! My favorite craft supply would be patterned paper, so many uses!

Christie Smith - GLITTER!!!!

Caroline - The black sharpie!!

Cassidy Scott - I go through weird crafting phases. A year ago, it would have been crayons… I LOVE making the melted crayon art things like the one you have on here. Now, it’s probably stamps. I’ve always loved making cards and stamps are just SO FUN.

Amber - Thread. I can’t be without thread to sew with. And pencils, pencils to write down all the things I am going to sew with the thread ’cause I’ll get distracted and forget…
And on another note, you could put shelf liner on the back of the craft hutch. It would be easily changeable when you wanted something else plus break up the green a bit. has really cute designs and their papers seem to be very good quality, I ordered samples and am having a hard time picking what design I want to use!

Jodi - I’ve grown VERY dependent on my Silhouette Cameo. I love, love, love it and I use it for 99.9% of my crafts!

I painted my walls in my living room and breakfast nook the EXACT SAME grey! I LOVE your dining area!!! I have an antique hutch in my garage that is just waiting on me to paint it. :o)

Cheryl - Is paper an art supply? 🙂 Cause I have loads of it. Next would be rubber stamps. Love your blog!!

Natalie - Meg!!! I think id have a mini heart attack if I won a canvas! Ack!! Also, the craft supply?! Definitely hot glue. What was life like before hot glue?! I don’t even want to think about it!

Shannon S. - Does my sewing machine count? I would totally miss it.

Kim - Only one craft supply? Oh, that is SO hard! Mod Podge. And those glue pens usually used for scrapbooking, but I use them for everything. Love MPIX!

Cindy - Hi !
Lately my favorite craft supply is pom pom trim! Preferably vintage but also new, I just love it and it makes me happy! I love your style and all the bright colors you decorate with!

kathy - Can’t live without good, black, fine tip markers!

Aubrey A - Paint! and a basic pencil.

Vicky B. - I love my water color paints!

Jen - Favorite art supply…so hard to choose just one! This may sound boring, but for me it all starts with a perfect pencil…mechanical or not, really sharp with a good clean eraser…make that a kneaded eraser. 🙂

Gretchen - I could never be without my sewing machine. 🙂 But, my all time favorite is crayons. I just love Crayola crayons colors, smell (that’s kind of weird but true), and fun to use.

Jen - I’m not sure it’s a real craft supply but I definitely grab fabric and bakers twine out of my stash most often. I tell myself that’s why it’s ok to hoard ridiculous amounts of it haha

Dawn - You’ve totally inspired me for a craft space! My supplies are such a mess right now! I could not craft without my hot glue gun- that baby has gotten me through many a craft project! 😉

Laura Curtis - Ribbon!

Mona Duncan - Quality decorative paper!

Kellie - I make art with my computer, so that’s the art supply I couldn’t live without!

Diana Yarborough - Paper! In every color.

pam - fabric. 🙂 from any continent.

Jennifer - Scrapbook paper!

Marne - Glue gun for sure… It’s just not a craft until you have burnt fingers from the glue gun! 🙂

Christen - Markers of any type, fat, skinny, bright, faded, permanent, or washable!

Amy Sytsma - My kids are constantly drawing and coloring with Sharpie markers. They make very vivid drawings with them. Hours of fun!

Michelle Snell - I couldn’t live without acrylic craft paint!

Jennifer @ Ellison Lane - Love your pretty, happy house.
Love that green cabinet and those fun chairs!
The print is super too- that would be so fun to have something with my kids’ sweet faces on there in our dining room.

Fav craft supply- my sewing machine! It makes me happy. That and new crayons. 🙂

Christy - Washi tape!

Wendy - cute paper 🙂

Angie G. - That’s a tough question!!! I have to say PAINT is my favorite arts and craft supply! 🙂

Traci in Virginia - I love tape runner! I use it for so many types of paper crafts. I’m also a 2nd grade teacher and use it all the time in my classroom. 🙁

Coley - Embroidery floss! It’s so fun to add special little details to different projects.

Erin - Yarn and needles!!

Sherri - Ribbon, for sure! I keep big apothecary jars filled with it because I love to look at all the colors and patterns and happiness!

Elizabeth Van Kort - i Love ribbon – all kinds of ribbon – it makes everything happy and super-cute!

Meaghan - chalk – I make time to write a verse or quote or do some drawing on our kitchen chalkboard each month. It makes me happy. 🙂

Elise - Needle and thread!

beth larson - well look at everyone come out of the woodwork for a mpix giveaway!!!! haha ME Too, ME TOO! I LOVE THIS LAB, JUST FOUND IT RECENTLY AND AM RECOMMENDING IT TO ALL MY POTOGRAPHY CLIENTS and friends~ one of my fav craft supplies is a zig calligraphy pen from Target… it makes everything you write look uber cool! Have a happy day Ms Meg,
xo beth

emily n - i couldn’t be without my paper cutter! it makes all the edges of my projects straight without taking me ages!!

Lael - Construction paper!

Jenny Wenzel - I love rubber cement!

Cindy - Mine would be watercolor paints too! But if you asked my 4-year-old boy, he would say scotch tape! He can create anything with paper and tape…just this week it was a rocket ship, sword and shield, a guitar, even a school bag for his books. Love it!

April duncan - My favorite arts and craft supply would have to be canvases of any shape and size. They are a perfect blank slate to create with. You can do just about anything; paint them of course, duct tape , typography, any embellishment you can think of,etc.

Holly Cieri - My favorite craft supply is plain white paper plates. You can create anything from a round, white paper plate! Oh…and in a house of two girls, we couldn’t live without glitter and glue!

Tiffanie - Scrapbook paper! Use it for everything!! Love it!

Julie Cross - Its not glamorous, but I can’t live without spray mount!

Stephanie - My favorite arts and crafts supply would be fun paper.

Jodie Reimink - My favorite craft supply would be my tiny alphabet rubber stamps and black ink.

amy - My favorite art supply would probably be glitter! Glitter makes anything seem special!!!!! Especially with several girls in this house!

Rosemary - Why must I choose one? I guess I would say my scrapbook paper because it has more than one use!

Rachel - I just got the heavy duty when my previous Singer took a dirt nap and I love it! It is perfect for Halloween costume sewing!!

Andrea Johnson - Pretty scrapbook paper!!!

jennibell - paint!

Stephanie - Markers! We love to color and markers are my personal fav!

Raine - construction paper. The more colors the better!

Nicole Francis - Pom poms! They are just so happy!

Amy - My hot glue gun!

Diane - Couldn’t live without paintbrush!

Amy Coose - I would say my favorite crafting supply would be patterned paper.

Jenna - My fave art supply is markers – specifically sharpies… or crayons… all the colors in the biggest pack!

Eloquence - Sharpies! They’re so fun and they come in so many colors.

meredith - Gluesticks! Oh my gosh, Gluesticks!

Emily B - A good paintbrush! Or maybe acrylic paint! Or maybe some quite time so I can actually get some projects done! (Does that count as a supply?) 😉

Ami Godfrey - I could not live without patterned paper! I love it for everything–home decor projects, collage art, scrapbooking and more. It makes me happy! And so does the chance to win! 🙂

Jen B - What a great giveaway! I love your vignette with the canvas & the Noodle & Lou art ~ so fun & colorful! For craft supplies, picking a fave is so hard but I’m going with glitter, in a rainbow of colors. I love the sparkly finishing touch it gives projects :-).

KWolff - My absolute favorite crafting supply is acrylic paint. I have been using it for years for all sorts of things! I even painted an accent wall with 3-4 bottles of the stuff.
Thanks for the opportunity!

margie - ribbon is my favourite craft supply, washi tape is a very close second! hugs, margie

Hanny Norton=van der Valk in England - Love the colours you have used. The hard work you and your family have put in has been so worth it. Lovely.

Cassandra - That’s a tough one…but I suppose it’s fabric. I’m a quilter first!!

melissaerin - sharpie paint markers. lovely.

Ronda - I am going to go with acrylic paint, can’t live without it, must add color to my life.
And as a side note that is the cleanest kitchen I have ever seen.

Andrea B - Hmm! So many–I’d have to say though, glue gun. 🙂

Kelly - Sharpies!!

Nikki Pealer - For me, every good craft project starts with a glue gun! That may or may not be because I don’t sew!

Erin - I love glitter! And I could not live without my camera.

Kate LS - Favorite art supply–I’d also say watercolors! But my kids would say tape. They use SO MUCH TAPE.

Elizabeth Sutterer - Jute twine. I love twine for all kinds of projects, crafts, around the house, anything! 🙂

emily - wonder under/ stitch witch!

Susan in KS - oil pastels

Candi - My favorite craft item is paint. I love to repurpose anything I find.

Rhonda Fendt - Good Morning… I love chalk Ink! My paper projects just don’t feel complete until I have inked the edges! I have them in all colors.

Sarah Bauer - New markers.

Laura Vanderwilt - I love new crayons!

Michelle - Spray paint. Hands down. 🙂

Amanda - It’s a tie between fabric and paint. Love your green craft hutch! Feelin’ inspired to do some organizing…

Kim - hot glue gun!

Anna - leather thimble for hand embroidery/quilting

Stephanie - As silly as it sounds – glue gun!

april r - I haven’t seen “You’ve Got Mail” in a long time but that line about a sharpened bouquet of pencils is like an arrow to my heart – seriously – that makes me all kinds of happy.
So, my craft supply would be a big bouquet of sharpened pencils and empty afternoon to fill up some paper with sketches.

Tamsin - spray paint, its my fave 🙂

Sherry Martin - My favorite on this day and time (because I love all craft supplies) is Washi Tapes. I am finding all kinds of wonderful ways to use them!

tara - our favorite supply is scotch tape! my daughter uses it for everything, and i always have a stash around!

GretchenP - this sounds crazy but glitter! a mess but i love sparkle! 😉 thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

misty - spray paint! It can transform almost anything! 🙂

Nicki K. - Hi Meg, this is fantastic giveaway! My can’t-live-without art supply item is definitely E6000 glue. I only discovered it last year, but now I use it like my dad uses his silver duct tape – on every project, big or small. 🙂

Leslie - I have two favs ~ ribbon – you really can’t have too much right!? and alphabets – stickers, monograms, chipboard, letter press type.

I also LOVE your hutch – I had a hard time envisioning such beauty when you posted the ‘before’ pic awhile back. You are amazing!

Tabitha K. - I think I would definitely have to say my sewing machine 🙂

Jamie - Paint of any sort!!

Jodi - Crayola markers or Sharpies.

Lynn Ann Boettcher - Spray paint!!

Jen - YArN for KNitTInG!!

Rachel - fabric!

Kelly Brannan - Mod Podge – I use about a bottle a week! 🙂

Halley - I found a box of brightly colored blank postcards with brightly colored matching envelopes at my local goodwill that was originally from Target… absolutely love them. Great for quick little art projects (perfect size) and for a neat note. So cool!

Bree - Great pens, SHARPIES and oil pastels 🙂 good stuff!

Emily - fabric. definitely love fabric!!!

Lisa - I love MPIX and I SO want to get a canvas printed of our finally-a-family moment when we arrived home from China with our son. You didn’t ask for that though. LOL. Favorite craft supply – vintage fabric!

Suz - I think I would be lost without my colored pencils.

Kellyn Donnelly - Ok so I have boxes and boxes of rocks. Heart ones, smooth ones, colorful ones… Ok let’s see craft supply. My MIcron fine point black pens. You said watercolors but love those too!!

Kerri - Glitter. Haters gonna hate but give me the GLITTER. 🙂

KathieSimmons - I am OBSESSED with washi tape right now. I can’t stop buying it. It has a million uses and is all just so cute!

Christy - I love scrapbook paper – So many uses and endless colour, patterns and textures to choose from 🙂

Rachel B. - Sharpies and watercolor paints!

Lorie - The craft supply I couldn’t live without…hot glue. Love it to pieces for fixing frames, adding cotton duck to bulletin boards, etc. Wonderful invention! Burns my fingers like crazy, though!

abby - Velcro, preferably in a few different colors

Jeri - The craft supply I could never be without would be fabric, duh.

Robin Z - Craft paints.

Beth Robb - My favorite is glitter, because everything looks better when it’s a little sparkly!

Rebecca - Sharpies!!!

Jen J - I LOVE my sewing machine!

Lisa - That’s a hard question because I’m not crafty at all! So I’ll go with markers cause they are basic and allow my little girls to draw and color without needing me to help. 😉

Ann Rubin - Scrapbook paper luv it!

Katie - How GORGEOUS!! I love how easily you incorporate color into your life – just beautiful 🙂 My go-to would have to be my sketchbook (moleskine at the moment) and my absolute favorite pen (happily dirt cheap!) the Pilot Razor Point II!

sandy johnson - I love craft paint

Susannah - My favorites right now are yarn and crochet hooks. 🙂

Carrie - I love scrapbook paper and fabric for about any fun project. 🙂

Cindy Gordon - My favorite art/craft supply are colored pens, preferably Micron brand or the new Sharpie pens that don’t bleed through – love them for everything!. Thanks for the op to win a canvas!

Candace - Love this! I’ve used Mpix and am working on a gallery wall right now! My supply is washi tape!!

erin j - Fresh colored pencils are just about the best!

tonya - right now it is washi tape, but I think my favorites come and go~

Amy S - It would either be fun fabric or my camera…but probably my camera! : D

Adrienne - My hot glue gun. It has so many talents!!

Amanda S - Fat colored markers – the brighter, the better!

Jeannine - I’d have to say three things: My sewing machine, my hot glue gun, and my sharpie collection!

Megan - My must have with almost any craft project is my hot glue gun!!

Stacy Mc - Love your new dining room! My hot glue gun.

shar y - without a doubt, paint! and, also, glitter! gotta have them! and by the way, I love rocks and really have to restrain myself from bringing home rocks from the Cape every year!

Love your room!

Brooke Z - So hard to decide! I always love the smell of new crayons.

Christin S. - Glue Gun!

Tina B - we also have sargent watercolor paints on hands… bright and beautiful

kristine - Tape runner! Hands down helps me do EVERYTHING ELSE!

JennyB - I couldn’t live without fabric. All kinds of fabric.

s - Toss up between good ole crayons and smelly markers!

Lianne - Our favorite craft supply is probably watercolor paints! The kids love to use them all the time. 🙂

Carin - One of my most favorite craft supply is creamy crayons by Alex. They are like giant crayons although they are super creamy and easy to use on almost anything from canvas to paper. I bought them at FAQ Schwartz in NYC a few years ago. They bring back memories of an amazing trip all while crafting it up with my girls!

Shelby Herman - It depends what “mode” I’m in but right now I’m LOVING my fine point sharpy markers in rainbow colors! So much fun!

Liana - Markers!

Tracy Hefley - Oh this is a hard one, but I guess craft paint…..we use it A LOT!!!

Brenda DeStefano - My favorite is Creative Memories personal trimmer. I am a scrapbooker and my kids borrow it for school projects!

Jenn - Fabric! You can create so much with it! Quick gifts, baby blanket, zipper pouch, tote or pretty up a store bought dish towel. Or stripe it up for a quick gift wrap option. And really I just love to touch and look at 🙂

Juliana - Acrylic paints…and glue gun…and fabric…and sharpie… I can’t decide!! 🙂

Sarah - I’m always inspired when I look at your photos, Meg! Gorgeous indeed!
I’m a ginormous fan of craft supplies… hard to pick one, but I’m thinking it would be craft paper. We paint, cut things out, write notes, make gift tags, and just make things better with it. Its bff is baker’s twine, which again makes things happier.
Don’t wannna be without my craft paper!
Happy Wednesday to you! 🙂

Angie Lee - I don’t get to be creative with my boys very often but just started painting using watercolor paints with them a couple months ago. I wish I took more time to be creative with them. At barely 7 years old and just turned 4 today, they think I’m a pretty great artist! Ha! The 19 month old couldn’t care less, he just likes playing with the water!

Heather - By an indoor out door rug and spray it off when spilled on!!!

Chris Krueger - My new favorite craft supply is washi tape. I love it!!

stacey joransen - Wasabi tape!!! I can’t make cards without them.

Jennifer Jennings - I cannot live without my scissors. I have at least 10 pair!

Amy - stitch witchery hem tape – or any fusible interfacing. I use it all the time!

Wendy - My favorite supply is my sewing machine. I know I can turn anything into anything with it. I love it! I love your crafty cabinet and table and chairs!

Jill - I never want to be without my good sewing scissors. Why oh why did I wait so long to buy them?!

Katie - I love this makeover! As for art supply that we love right now– the “do a dot art” paint for my littlest ones. It’s all self-contained and not a nightmare to clean up so I can let my 3 year old use it anytime– independently. Thank you for the opportunity to win a canvas!

Wendy C - Mod Podge is my go to – everytime!

Bronwyn - Probably yarn 🙂

Amy - My watercolour paints I could never part with…L-O-V-E them!

Kelly - Right now, with an almost 2 1/2 year old Picasso, we can’t live without washable markers and finger paint (I love the smell of finger paint – is that weird??!)

Allison @ It's My Life - Oooh I’d have to let the sewing machine and glue gun fight it out – they are my favorites 🙂

Megan B - Oooh, I don’t know! I’ll say Sharpies. I really love them.

Kim - ooooh, tough one…….it would have to be sharpie markers. In EVERY color–thick, thin, metallics, just love them.

Jermaine D. - Looks wonderful! I’d say just plain old craft paint is my go to.

Lori Tacchino - Sounds funny but GLUE STICKS! we use them so often 🙂

Mollie @Sprinkles of Life - I’m such a nerd, but I almost love the storage containers more than the supplies themselves. My daughter- complete opposite. She is so artistic and creative. This post has inspired me to get her supplies out from the plastic totes under her bed and get them in fun containers and jars so she can see them and create more often. Yay, so excited! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Heidi - My favorite supply is paint.

jenny hutcheson - I love all arts and crafts supplies, but I think my favorite would
Be spray paint (is that considered arts and craft) if not, sharpie markers!!!!

Elizabeth - Buttons, buttons, and more buttons! I have thousands!

Leigha Seese - I couldn’t be caught dead without GLITTER! Big glitter, little glitter, fine, chunky, you name it, I’m glitter-in it. :)By far my favvy.

jaimie - your house looks fabulous!

thanks for the chance!

hot glue gun 😉

Amanda - Spray Paint!! It makes anything look better. 🙂

Robyn - Beads! I love making jewelry with all my beads. I just can’t resist.

Sandy - I couldn’t live without Sharpies or Scissors!! Your room looks great!! Love your furniture!!

Shelly - Scrapbook paper!

jennifer - this is a tough one… I would have to pick craft paint. I love to paint random chairs that I find.

Hope - So hard to choose…Paint, fabric, modgepodge!

Jessica Netherton - Acrylic paints!! So many colors and so many uses. Doesn’t hurt they are easy to clean up as well! 😉

Rachelle - We are loving smearing and smudging oil pastels. We have lots of fun just making whatever comes to mind!

Becky Kerr - Your house is gorgeous! Love all the green accents. My absolute must have craft supply is fabric. So many pretty colors and prints and so many uses for it.

Meredith Nelson - ribbon 🙂 thank you for the giveaway!

Analia - My Sewing machine!

Jen - Sharpies…the boys think they are so grown up when we use them!

Heidi M - I would never want to be without my fabric!

Sara Cotrone - Watercolor paints are at the top, but I love all supplies!

Amy Fair - Decorative scrapbooking paper!

Chelsi Krause - I actually really love the brass chandelier! But then again, I am a brass/gold loving fool. I think it works well in your space though! It’s a nice contrast to the crisp, clean going on elsewhere. Keep it!

Penny - I would say I couldn’t live without Markers–good quality markers!

Deb Meyers - beautiful work and thinking… just love it Meg!


Kathy P - Any kind of markers or gel pens! I love your new craft cabinet.

Nichole - My favorite craft supply is a vinyl tablecloth! Even though I have a craft room I always migrate to the dining room table (better light) the tablecloth has saved my table many times! Let’s face it I’m messy;-)

Jolene - Glitter. Hands down. The more glitter, the better.

Jessica H. - My hot glue gun 🙂

Sara G. - That’s a hard one, but I will have to say paper. Solid colors, stripes, polka dots, you name it. Just plain old paper. I use it all the time for projects. I use it in frames on my daughter’s bedroom walls, for little banners, for cards, for online printables and all types of glorious little projects. I love colorful, thick paper!

colleen from Alabama - Man, that is a tough question. I think hot glue gun and glue sticks. I know that is technically two but you gotta have one to use the other 🙂 You can make ANYTHING if you have hot glue!

Sarah H. - Hmmm, markers! We never stop coloring and drawing around here

Amanda P - Spray paint! If you can’t find a light you love, spray paint the one you have Kelly green! I have a purple one in my house:)

Jacqui Warren - Glue Gun and Spray Paint!!

Michelle - My favorite art supply would have to be paintbrushes.

Watts - Grosgrain ribbon

Gayle - My sewing machine!

Shann - My favorite arts/crafts supply would have to be my sewing machine. I am a quilter and I need her to complete all my projects for people I love. I love her so much that I even gave her a name. Betsy the Bernina. 🙂 Thanks for the give-away Meg!

Cara - Construction paper!

Lisa - i would love to win a canvas! I would below with out my glue gun. Its such a problem solver!

Peggy - Paper… Especially patterned paper!

Benay - Black sharpie.

amanda o. - Stickers!!

Kari Shadrick - I wish I could paint well, I can paint walls, but not pictures. I love the way paint looks, but I’m just not good at it. If I had to choose one craft supply that I actually use, I’d say crayola markers. :] Yes I’m a brand snob when it comes to Crayola.

Ana Hogan - Sharpies! All sizes and colors!

Kelsey - I just bought some watercolors for my toddler to use. It’s messy, but he loves it! (Which means I love it too :))

Anna - markers!

Lori - Green, green, green! Love it.
Fav arts & craft supply – my glue gun. Hands down!

Rita - Sewing machines. There is such a wide variety of wonderful fabric just waiting to be made into “SOMEthing!” Love your use of color…it is very inspiring!

Jenn Briggs Russell - I could not live without crayons. Especially a NEW box!

stephanie c - love my sharpies! thanks for the chance to win!

Sarah - Sewing supplies:)

Dawn - I love markers of all colors and sizes.

Liz - I love any kind of paint!! Oh and some high quality drawing pencils, oh and a sharpie!

Nat Schofield - ultrafine sharpies. They are on my desk, in my purse, in the kitchen. My fav.

Heather Hall - all the paints and all the pens are my faves!! Love the green hutch!!

Kaci - Glitter glue. 8 )

Joyce - Markers!!!

Amber - Have to go with crayons. They make the kiddos so happy!

Beth B. - My favorite craft supply is craft paint. It comes in handy having a stash of various colors.

Annie - I love me some water colors. As well.

Allie - I would hate to have to live without Sharpies… They are my go-to for everything from art to organizing, list making, scuffed shoes, bleach stain repair…

jamie wassell - Colored Pencils!

Debby Graber - Camera – Is that a craft supply? And my Fiskars cutter!

Katie W. - Mod Podge! I love it!

Whitney Russell - I love my good old graphite pencils.

Tina Jacobsen - Fabric!

Carol S. - Love my glue gun. Your rooms are beyond fab. Love the cabinet back green. Brilliant. Form and function. Maybe large lantern over dining table?

Melanie - Water color pencils for art journaling!

katherine - love my hot glue gun!

Wendy - Acrylic paint!

Eleanor - Prisma color pencils! taking my 1st art class this year and we are currently working on a project with prisma. It is SO HARD but I love a good challenge!

Lisa Moore - My favourite art supply is my roller adhesive! I started using it for scrapbooking but now it gets used for just about everything! 🙂

Michelle Aldrich - My favorite supply would have to be … really awesome scissors. I’m forever trimming and cutting paper for all kinds of artsy/craftsy reasons. You’re drawing the winner on my birthday so that’s lucky, right? Thanks Meg! xo

Laura Conway - Tape runner, and lots off it!

Shelley Paden - I am 100% positive that my answer will receive looks of dismay and expressions of “lame.” However…my go-to all-time favorite would die if I lost it in any way shape or form is without a doubt my Brother Label Maker. I can hear you laughing. It is true. My craft closet is an OCD sufferers Disneyland courtesy of my little friend. Now go about reading all the not embarrassing contributions and have a glorious day!

Jan - Always need to have cute cardstock papers!

Toni :0) - Crayons-hands down-crayons!!!

Courtney - mine would be watercolor paints, too!

Mia - My husband told me to enter “pretty paper” and now that i think about it, he’s right!

Kirsten - What a faaaaabulous giveaway! I just read “the Nesting Place” and it inspired me to actually put pictures on the wall, how awesome would it be to have a huge canvas! Our go-to craft supply is markers. They are everywhere (and on everything, thanks to my toddler). They are so versatile and they make my kids so happy. But I am also falling in love with washi tape – so many uses!

Love how your house is coming together! Can’t wait to see more.

Lori - LOVE the art center, the dining room, the new house…….. and GLITTER! Messy, but so worth it!

Eli - I’m craftiest with some pretty paper….or a sewing machine.

Melissa - I absolutely love fabric!

Melissa - Fabric!! I even love to “pet” fabric.

Shannon White - Just picking one craft supply is hard there are so many. But I would be heart broken to run out of my favorite Sharpie Markers. Fine point in every color they have available!!

Kristin - You may be weird, but I love your weirdness. I looooove fabric!

Cheryl - Oil pastels are always a must in our house!

Jessica White - My favorite crafty supply is anything vintage Christmas! Especially ornaments.

Julie Briggs - Markers…simple!

Tracey Garcia - Fabric—I have a bit of a problem/addiction. I have to stay out of Hobby Lobby because I can’t walk by the remnant baskets without finding something.

Lauta - i love oil pastels! The colors are so vibrant and add a unique texture to any art work.

Ryan j - Love your GREEN!! Favorite art supply? My skinny box of markers that belong to just ME! :/

Amy Covey - I cannot live without my glue gun and E6000 glue!! And little rhinestones. I have a very girly girl daughter and so everything gets rhinestones!!!

Andrea - Scrapbook paper! I use it all.the.time…picture mats, gift card holders, quick birthday cards, etc.

Valerie - In our house right now, it is paint. My boys love to paint. I’d like to say my sewing machine, but sadly, it doesn’t get much use right now. I love Mpix though! I have the most perfect picture of my boys hugging in the backyard that I’ve been wanting to put on canvas

sharron - Paper is my craft supply that I love to hoard. All colors, sizes and patterns. It’s fun and versatile too.
A quick fix for the back of the hutch is paper or fabric covered cardboard cut to fit. Easy peasy and you can change it out on a whim.

Jenna - Oil pants to make canvas art!

michele fry - I just put one of my favorite photo’s in our local farm show, waiting to see I win, but even if I didn’t I would love to make a canvas of the old barn and hang it up.

Krista - My favorite art supply is my camera!! I find I’m most creative with a beautiful photo in front of me…the possibilities for creativity with a printed photo are endless! Oh, and I <3 washi tape! Photos and washi tape are a match made in heaven!! 🙂

Jennifer R - We love colored pencils around our house! My girls use them every single day. And I have a strange obsession about keeping them all sharp…cause dull pencils are just frustrating. 🙂

amy - Definitely my sewing machine and a pile of pretty fabric 🙂

Cortney Hardy - I gonna say a tape runner. Its multipurpose in my book!

Jolene @ Homespun Heritage - Tacky Glue and brand new sharpies! Weird I know but I just love having them around because I use them so much!

Kelly - my go to is washi tape right now, I love that stuff, it’s the BEST!!

Madison H - I could never go without my fabric scissors!

Debi - spray paint

Nikol - It would have to be TACKY glue – the kids and I use it for so many projects!

Sarah - fabric scissors! Such a great giveaway!

Kim - I’m a huge fan of Sharpies!

Ashley H. - Colored pencils are my fav! Thanks for a great giveaway!

Kristen D - We always have and use beads. The crazy plastic beads whether pony or pulled off of old costume jewelry. My 7 year old and I use them in everything we can from making Christmas ornaments to gluing onto picture frames 🙂

nancy cresser - Markers!

Julie Fischer - I love the look of watercolor paints but have never been bold enough to try! I love scrap booking supplies

Erica - A glue gun! 🙂

Lyndi - I would have to say Mod Podge – I use it most often in projects. I used to buy small containers, but realized I used it often enough, I should just buy the big one!

Lauren Stead - I cannot live without hot glue! If I can’t get it to work, then hot glue is my trick. It’s like the duct tape for crafts! 🙂

Marian - Watercolors and sharpie markers!

Lefa - paint!

Abby - Crayons!

Christy - My computer is my favorite supply – it’s where I get ideas and inspiration!

Jennifer Ely - I couldn’t live without blank canvases and washable paints! As a mom of two under 3- I’ve found that their “masterpieces” on a rainy day not only keep them from climbing the walls, but also make them proud of their work- which typically gets hung in their room or our kitchen. I usually buy various sizes in bulk!

kimberly oyler - a hot glue gun of course! i left mine in kansas and i have missed it so much.

Erin - Scrapbook papers.

Andrea - Favorite art and craft supply is… MODPODGE! I feel like it’s a creative emergency if I’m out!

Gevay - paint- spray paint, craft paint, watercolor paint- it fixes everything and makes the world a more colorful place!

Shannon J - Life without sharpies is unimaginable! We use them for art projects, name tags, writing freeze dates on food my fiance cooks. Bright sharpies are my jam :).

Angie - Twine

Karen Roque - My hot glue gun. 🙂

karen - Hi Meg,

I love your blog. Right now it is my knitting needles, I am knitting lots of dishcloths in all kinds of colors, someday a sweater. Thanks!

christie - probably acrylic paints…

Tasha - Milk paint!

Kathy - Tough choice!!! Probably my scrapbook paper!

ira lee - my favorite art supply- that’s like asking your favorite color or favorite dessert!! its so hard to pick just one. my answer is paint. yup, just paint. its so versatile, there are different paint types, and for different surfaces.

and id love to win an mpix canvas. my daughter graduates high school this year and I’ve got a whole bunch of photos uploaded there so I can order prints.

Jess Behe - I would totally say scrap booking paper. I absolutely love all the different patterns and colors!!

Danette - Glitter!
PS I love your Craig’s list find!!!!

Ginny - Crayons…I love crayons they make me so happy. A new box of crayons is the best gift to give and get because who doesn’t want that??? Even as an adult just some good old coloring with crayons can be so relaxing and soothing.

Maria M - I have a sharpie problem. Especially the thin ones. But now there are brush tipped ones that I have been collecting.

And this week I have to add a new one to this…my new toy…a silhouette cameo.

Jill - Oh, gosh, probably yarn. But Sharpie markers are a close second.

Carly - With three littles at home washable markers are a daily necessity!

Carly - I would have to say washable markers and construction paper at this point in my life…three young kiddos at home, those are daily necessities!

Kayla - My favorite arts and crafts supply is crayons. My kids are little and love to color!

MyLinda - My favorite art & craft supply is spray paint. I love that in just a few minutes I can transform trash into something I love!

Claudia - Love mpix too! My favorite craft supply would have to be glitter. A girl can’t live without that now can she?!?

Autumn Zuraiqi - Paint and Glue are a must for all my 3 year olds art projects 🙂

Kim - I could never live without chalk!

Janae D. - Paper Cutter – seriously use it more than any other craft supply!

Megan Crume - I love my art erasers…. And Mod Podge… And German Glass Glitter. Do I really need to pick just one?

Meg - Googly eyes- I have a preschooler so we googly eye a lot of things. I love your dining room, it’s just so happy!!!

amye - LOVE circle punches!

Aimee - Asking me to name my favorite arts and crafts supplies is like asking me who my favorite child is. Seriously. ALL OF THEM!

Ariella - scrapbook paper

Karyn - I think my staple gun is my favorite craft supply. If it will hold a staple, I will cover it in fabric. And the best place for fabric on earth? Sarah’s in Lawrence obviously! (Please pick me – we finally had family portraits done and I’d love a canvas of one of the poses.)

Jacki Balderama - My favorite arts & craft supply is definitely scrapbook paper!

tasha roe - amazing job on the furniture make over!!!!! and that hutch is perfect for craft/art supplies! i don’t think anyone really owns a set of china anymore. it’s all an urban legend. lol

my favorite craft supply that i can’t live with out would have to be paints. they are so versatile and can go on a lot of different mediums. 🙂

Natalie - My sewing machine!!

Joy - My paper cutter…can’t cut straight without it! Love your green art cubbard…fabulous!

Brandi - I’m a ribbon girl! And a photo girl…who uses MPIX a lot. Thanks for such a cool giveaway!

Tanya H - The whole room makes ME happy!! I loooove it! The only thing I’m not wishing I could duplicate is the floral on the chairs, hahaha….
I think my number one craft item would be ink. I love to stamp cards and scrapbook pages but the ink is usually what makes it. And I can use ink without stamps too.
Thanks for the tip on MPIX too!

Heidi - Oil pastels in all heir squishy loveliness! I just can’t get enough of them!

Lori L. - Oh boy, there are so many but right now I would have to say washi tape!

nora - Glitterglue. Glitter glue? Glitter-glue. Whatever, you get it 🙂

ashley - My daughter and I love those fun silver and gold sharpies!

Nakcus - My favorite arts and craft supply would be…….hmmm, hard to pick just one….okay, a brand new box of crayola crayons. Opportunity awaits as the box is opened! Thanks for doing the giveaway and all that you share.

Jamie Merkel - Can not live without ribbon!

Alice H - I have 2…spray paint and a glue gun! Thanks for the giveaway!!

theresa douma - Probably paper. Because u can do so much with a great piece of paper

leslie - Favorite art supply- oh my how do I pick just one? Here’s a few favs

1. Ric Rac and pom poms
2. a nice black pen (sharpie or other)
3. markers
4. glitter

Amanda - metallic pens! useful in so many projects and ways. 🙂

Kelly Clarke - Raffia is my go to art supply!

Heidi - Hi Meg! You don’t know me, but I live just down the street from the Craft House. 🙂
I’ve got three little ones and work, so don’t have much time for crafting, but when I do, I really enjoy painting with acrylics. That’s my go-to for craft supplies.

Emily C - My glue gun…. although my husband would guess Spray paint (he says i’ll spray anything I can get my hands on!)

Gretchen - mod podge!

Nikki - i love how fresh and happy your dining room is! color = fun & happy! i probably couldn’t do without my scrap pile of fabric. actually, my kiddos use it more than i do…to make clothes for stuffed animals, as “bandages” for big bad horrible wounds like a tiny bruise (hehe), bunting, blankets and wraps for plastic animals and dolls. my cat daisy even digs in the fabric scrap bucket in the middle of the night and leaves us presents of pretty fabric at the bedroom door! we love our scraps.

Rachel Schumacher - Your house is looking beautiful. That hutch would make me so happy to look at every day! I love MPIX, too. I used them for my daughter’s senior pictures and they all turned out awesome. Well, my favorite craft supply- probably my sewing machine. A cheaper second-hand one, but it works for me.

Rebecca - This is hard to answer. But I always love a brand new fresh colorful set of sharpie markers.

Lisa - Does Hobby Lobby work as an art supply?
It is truley my happy place.
We thought about relocating, and the first thing I did was check for a nearby Hobby Lobby.
If I have to narrow it down, I always have to have paper and a fine marker. I was a doodler before doodling was cool.
Love your kitchen.

Amy - Hmm, that is a tough one! I have to say my washi tape collection. Love all the different colors and options!

Rebekah Wright - Sewing is like therapy for me so I never like to be out of cute fabric!

meg pitts - I’ve started bible art journaling and my fave thing are my Precision Pens. LOVE them!!!

Gretta Randolph - I could never survive with out my sewing machine! It has miles and miles and miles on it but it just keeps on going! Love your house!

Valerie - My hot glue gun! Love that thing! Crazy, I know!!

tammy - My favorite “art & craft supply” item is actually the die cut machine at the local library. Free for everyone to use, just bring your own paper! So many choices, it’s creativity gone wild, I tell you! So. much. fun.

Jody Bennett - Sharpies! We love them with watercolors, crayons, colored pencils–anything! They provide great contrast and clean lines!

jill - glitter..i love how messy it is and it brings joy every time when I use it. thank you.

Michelle Whitlow - Everything looks so pretty in your hutch! It’s so hard to just pick one favorite arts & craft supply. But right now I’d have to say it’s fun markers. I’ve been having fun stamping & coloring…makes me feel like a kid 🙂

Carol - My camera:)

Makila - Sharpies! All widths, all colors! Love Sharpies! 🙂

Samantha D. - Modge podge!!

Jenn - So colorful! The Sunflower print is just awesome! I’m a papercrafter, so for me its cardstock. I use it for everything.

Becky B. - Old-school label maker!!! Or colored pencils. Or felt. Wrapping paper too!

Ashlie - Colored Sharpie Markers!!

Shelly hinds - I need paints…all kinds and every color!

Kelly - A glue gun, of course!

Katy - My favorite craft supply markers!

I love your craft area…its awesome!

What do you put in your white wicker basket by the front door?

Kaye m - Your room is beautiful! Right now my favorite is scrapbook paper. 🙂

Michelle - I LOVE Prisma colored pencils. I have been using them for about 17 years. They are sooo soft and blend together so well! My 15 year old daughter just found a brand new metal container full of Prisma colored pencils at the thrift store last week for 2 bucks! $$ 🙂

Erin - Without a doubt my favorite art supply/craft goodie would be fabric 🙂

Sylwia - What a great giveaway. I love markers! there are so many ways of using them:)

Maria O - Micron pens!

Courtney - command strips!

Vicki I - My sewing machine!!!

Sarah Osborn - Glue Gun 🙂

Jamie P. - Fabric!

Tamra - My favorite art and craft supply is a hot glue gun! 🙂

Heidi Henderson - I Love washi tape.

Heike - My favorite art supply for sure is markers! I just love markers! The brighter the better!

Andrea - Fabric and a sewing machine. Oh,and pretty paper!

RachelD - My favorite art supplies are felt tip pens. I love decorating with them. And if we’re talking tools, my eXacto knife!

ellen patton - I couldn’t live without FABRIC!

Dana - Oil Pastels – Love Love how Bright they are and how they glide across paper!

Amy M in Indiana - scissors, glue, paint and my sewing machine!

Lisa - scrapbook paper – all sizes, all colors, all patterns. I can never have enough!

Melanie F - Holy Moly this is awesome!! Btw… adore all your pics & especially ALL your pretties! that green hutch is heavenly & I had to pin a ton of your ideas… thank you for the rad inspiration! I would LOVE to be able to decorate w/ a pretty new canvas of my adorable little man! Lol… sorry for the rambles, this post just got me excited! Haha)

My fav craft goodie would have to be ribbon & my handy dandy glue gun… oh spray glue rocks too! )

Kimberly - colored pemcils

Kathie - It is a toss up between, my loom (a small rectangle one) or paint/canvas…I do not have a talent in that area, but I LOVE to pretend. I just get out the paint and throw it on and see what comes out!! Love it!

Julie B. - Sharpies, of course!

Linda G - Right now I cannot do without glue and tape, but my kids are a little young for arts and crafts. They like fingerpaint, but I need the glue and tape to fix toys and books!

Tracy - I love having a big supply of Sharpies!

Alena - Hot glue gun for sure!!

tere - My favorite craft item is time. Unfortunately I don’t have nearly enough of it. xoxo tere

Wendy Poole - My camera is my absolute favorite!

Maureen S - My sewing machine and hot glue gun:).

Karina - Washi Tape!!!

chrissi - a good drawing pen.
love your green hutch. such a great color. love how it plays off your kitchen (which is just perfect).

Holly - Fiskar’s paper cutter/trimmer. Great for scrapbooking and card making for those of us who can’t cut a straight line.

rachel p - Sharpies. I love to draw with my sharpies 🙂

Amy T-Y - I love MPix! & they’re located in KS, in the town where I went to college (Pitt State)! Favorite craft supply–pom-pom trim!

Kelli P. - My favorite supply would be washi tape – I use it for and on everything 🙂

Faith Buss - I would be lost without my hot glue gun!

Dara Miller - Love that print!! My favorite supply is hot glue gun, i would be lost without it!!1

Jill - Paint the backs of your green cabinet SW ‘Urbane Bronze’ – all you art stuff will POP! And the color will ‘talk’ to grey on your drapes! Just my 2 cents if you were interested 😉

Erin - Color crayons!!

julie b - I actually love painting on canvases. that’s not really an art supply…so ribbon. That’s my favorite

Michelle - Does my sewing machine count? I’m a quilter (when I have time, opportunity, motivation and fabric). 🙂

Amanda - picture frames are my must-have arts & crafts item!

Stephanie Z. - Favorite art supply: Sharpie Markers. And wahsi tape.

Cindy Singer - I would have to say it’s fabric! I can’t get enough of it!

Donna - 1 art supply????? Oh my goodness, I guess I’d have to say my glue gun. But I also love my scrapbook paper…..the colors and designs make me happy 🙂

Molly - Paint markers! I love the detail you can get without needing killer tiny paintbrush skills 😉

Erin - glue stick!!!

Chelsea - Mine would have to be paint and pretty paper! Thanks

Heather M. - Love your kitchen/dining room. So darling. I couldn’t live without hot glue…it’s my friend!

Katherine - YAY GIVEAWAY! my fave supply would be markers in all the possible colors!!

Lynette - My favorite craft supply is cardstock patterned paper. Especially if it has glitter on it. Or embossing. Thanks for the giveaway!

Sandy - I love acrylic paint, it’s my favorite art supply! 🙂

Abby - Glitter!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christy - I love Sharpies with a sharp point!

mary liz cawley - Acrylic paint … can make anything pretty

Jenni - multi-colored pens are my favorite…

Katie - Spray paint… super easy and versatile! 🙂

laura wilder - Watercolors and sharpies!

Siffster - Rafia and fabric. Love.

Julie H - My camera!!

Liesl - Sharpies. There is no such thing as too many. They might be the key to world peace – who wouldn’t be happy if everyone had sharpies??

shannon stinson - i would say paint of ANY kind. LOVE paint!
i love the “whiteness” of your kitchen, too! : ) so clean…..

Dee - Sewing machine and hot glue gun

April - Sharpies – in pretty colors!

Kari - I love watercolor paints right now! They are so easy to use with my two daughters and are always beautiful!

Kristina C. - I love playing and creating with good old Play Dough.

Sarah - My favorite supply is glitter! Thanks for inspiring me to start printing some photos. What a happy and colorful corner in your house!

Michelle - Must be glue sticks for the little ones.

Cindy - Since beginning to teach myself how to use watercolor paints, they have become my favorite too.

GB Jost - My favorite craft item is my sewing machine. Saving up for a new one…

teresa - I love my micron pens!

Ali Dufur - Finger paint!

Rebekah Mathis - It’s is hard to choose one! I’m gonna go with watercolors also. Pretty much anything with color wins!

Becky - My favorite craft supply is patterned paper. I use it for everything: quick bunting, handmade gift tags, photo mattes… the list goes on and on. I have stacks and stacks of it and I keep buying more. I even have a few especially pretty pieces framed as art!

Kathy M. - Sharpies and colored pencils….brighter the better!!!

Malinda - Sharpies!

rachel - Hands down. my watercolors. I love how they blend!

Emily B. - Hmm…that’s a hard one, but probably my most used item would be thrifted fabric–love it! That, and brand new crayons.

Amy Huff - Charcoal pencil so I can age anything instantly!

Jennifer - That’s a hard one! I think right now it would be my stash of bright colored fabrics. I’ve been making happy flags, fabric acorns, ripping strips for a quick garland, and strips to tie on presents. I only buy a 1/4 yard and then move on to other patterns and colors when I run out!

Stephanie - I cannot live without my staple gun, spray paint and my favorite paint brush!

Sharla Stockwell - As far as craft supplies go, I would say the oil crayons. We started using them by making your “Crazy Owls” and both boys loved how they looked like markers and were so bright!

Holly D - I love my spray paint!

Elizabeth - Blank cards and a pens. Love to make handmade cards for people.

Linda - Different sizes of canvas, paint & grandchildren!!

kariane - Lace! Adding lace trim fancy’s just up about anything. It makes the small thing feel extra special. Excellent job!

Karin - I use PHOTO SPLITS all of the time.

Deb A. - Scrapbook supplies!

ry - i love those perler beads…until they get spilled all over the floor…but it’s fun to do with my daughter. even my sons get in on the action sometimes! but watercolours do run a close second. thanks for the giveaway!

melissa ann - I love, love, love The Dollar Tree. Yes, you read that right and yes, I am cheap. I taught school for several years and now stay home with my sweet 2-year-old son. So while The Dollar Tree isn’t necessarily known for the highest quality arts and crafts supplies, it is affordable for little ones who quickly turn a nice 8 count watercolor pain set into all black. 🙂

Julie - Tempera paint!

Becca Valone - acrylic paints in a rainbow of colors, yep. My favorite supply. Love your most recent post. Thanks for sharing.

Katelynn - Hot glue! Pass me a hot glue gun and I can turn just about anything into a craft.

Ashley - Paint in general, you can always change something with a dab of color!

Karina - Love your house, as always!! My favourite arts and crafts supply is my self-healing cutting mat. I use it for fabric with my rotary cutter and for paper with an Exacto knife. To be fair, it is next to useless without a cutting ruler (I love Speedy Strips), but you said one, didn’t you? lol 😉

Maureen - It is ridiculous to try and choose one. But I love coloring with oil pastels.

Stephanie - I love acrylic paint. After reading your blog I have started painting again! It has been years since I have done anything crafty!

Meredith - My glue gun!!!!

Denise S - Ribbon!!! My favorite art & craft supply is ribbon of any color or design. I hoard ribbon like its candy….especially vintage ribbon!!!

Ann Wagner - Acrylic paints! I am a hoarder of all bright colors.

Ali - Lovely patterned paper and a paper cutter! So much versatility – scrapbook pages, cards, bunting and more!

kelly - Sharpie markers in allllllll the pretty colors…so fun to me for some reason. They make me smile.

MH Toth - ribbon … I love it

Anna - It’s a tough choice between acrylic paints and hot glue. They are essential for all my crafts. 🙂

Heather L - I couldn’t live without paint! I love the way you use color in your home, it has inspired me to make my home more colorful 🙂

katie jones - I think my hot glue gun, I use it all the time and I burn myself all the time but I think thats the one item I use most often!!

Nicole - I’d have to say my Martha Stewart craft paints!

Kari - I’m afraid I’m not crafty at all. Not even a bit. But if I had to pick a favorite arts/craft supply I would have to say colored pencils.

Susan Harris - My fabric samples from a local furniture store. Lots of crafts can be made with them!

Erica - acrylic paint and a blank canvas!

Becci L - I cannot live without a good pair of fabric scissors and a good pair of paper scissors. They cannot be used interchangeably!

Janet C - My sewing machine! A 30 year old, hand-me-down from my mother, tank that just keeps keepin-on.

susan - my favorite would have to be washi tape. So much to do with it not enough time. Thank you for the giveaway.

Jenny B. - I do most of my crafting digitally, so I’m going to say Photoshop! 🙂 I get all my prints from mpix too, and they are the best!! I would love to win a canvas. Thanks for the chance!

Becky J - Oh, Meg…your craft room/dining area is scrumptious!! How inspired you must feel 🙂 My favorite crafty item right now would be washi tape- i use it on boxes of baked goodies, gift tags, my journals, picture frames and on and on! Pretty makes me happy !!Thanks for the giveaway- my girls took some beautiful photos of a Monarch butterfly that we watched break forth from its chrysalis- a miracle!!

Livlife - My camera! I go nowhere without it because you never know when you’ll find beauty.

jill - My assorted fine point sharpie marker set is my absolute favorite art supply… versatile, so colorful, so fun AND easy to carry with me at alllll times!! 🙂

Julie J - I love those little foam brushes. Inexpensive, small and great for so many projects.

Tammy Jane - My hot glue gun!

Karen - I love fabric. I love to make quilts from everybody’s scraps. Whenever I’m sewing with my friends, I always follow them around and say, “Can I have that?” from their pile of scraps.

Heather - Love seeing your home updates! You have such a fun style. 🙂 My fave craft supply is probably Mod Podge. Use it all the time!

Ry - My good paint brushes…crisp, clean lines are the best!

Kate - My Sharpie pens in a RAINBOW of colors 🙂

kt - I could not do without my spray paints…they can make everything look new!

Rhiannon - Yarn – no question!! I would hate to be without a lot of other things, but I need my yarn. Oh, and I guess my crochet hooks then too. Sheesh…how do you pick just one?!

Jenn - Washi tape!!!!!

K - Could not do without my paints!!!! Color makes me SO happy and they can transform anything into a work of art! 🙂

barb c - sharpees!

Robyn - Oh, so hard to pick one….maybe my glue gun. Seems I use it a lot. I really don’t sew, so any little projects that have fabric is usually glued 🙂

Danielle - Ooh, I love MPix!!! I don’t know if I could live without my sewing machine…

Lisa - I love watercolor paper! So I guess that means I love watercolors, too!

Ariela B - So many great craft supplies to pick from but I would definitely have to say BUTTONS!!!

Susan A - Colored paper – card stock, construction, scraps, tissue, wrapping, etc. etc.!

Jayme - My massive roll of brown craftsman paper. I use it to wrap gifts, cover tables, and to draw on for my toddler

Kathi - Thank you for the chance to win! I wouldn’t be without glue!

Erika - markers and spray paint

Amber Peters - I also love watercolors!

Beth Ann - Glue Gun!!! I keep my glue gun handy….. my kiddos are into creating with boxes & junk (and paint, tape & glue), but I find it is waaayyyy easier to hot glue something then use a roll of masking tape.

Carrie K - crayons! just good old crayons 🙂

Sky - Crayola crayons for sure

Amber - Vintage sheets all the way. Not technically a craft item, but you can make them into ANYTHING!

Are you putting the sunflower print in the shop? Because people would buy it. 🙂

megan - i love those heart rocks!

def could not live w/o spray paint!!

cyndiloohoo - my glue gun.

Candice - Gotta have my good scissors.

Ruth - Definitely Sharpie paint pens!

Liz Butler - I’m with you…take it all, but please leave the watercolor paints!

Heidi Devereaux - That is like asking me to pick my favorite child! I guess for me it would be my good pair of fabric scissors. Everyone in my house knows they are OFF limits! Haha.

Charly - I’m quite fond of washi tape. I use it on everything! I’ve got a nice size collection…and I can’t stop buying more!

Jeannie P - Truly, a pencil. Like you, I have always drawn since childhood. My pencil is the start to colored pencils, paint, embroidery designs, etc. By the by, your photos are truly CHEER-ful!

Karrin - I have to have a canvas and acrylic paints! I’m not the most artistic girl in the world, but I love love love painting!

Cari - What a beautiful space!! Very cheery and FUN! My favorite craft supply is a hot glue gun. I love it. And I love it’s stringy mess. 😉

Jessica Shrock - Ribbon

kribss - washi tape!

jenny - I love Sharpies!

Marita Mast - Hot glue. Makes everything stick together.

Julia M - I love colorful markers and pens… 🙂

Monica K - Does my sewing machine count? Because that’s my answer! 🙂

Pam - I would never want to be without my hot glue gun! I’m sorry but just as a side note, I keep getting an error message so it may appear that I am trying to enter more than once.

Pam - I would never want to be without my hot glue gun!

Jen Tucker - I love my paper punches.

Marlie Byrd - Acrylic paints!

Maegan C - My old favorite would have been cute scrapbook paper but now i love washi tape!

Ashley Smith - Just one!?!?! Aaaahhhh. Washi tape. Nope. Twine. No. Spray paint. Yes. Spray paint.

Amy - Oh! I love it! It makes my heart so happy to see so many familiar colorful things done up this way. The furniture looks amazing, I am so inspired! Keep doing your thing, I love it!

Ps. On a total side note, while I was shopping online this morning, I saw a watch that reminded me of you, if you wanted a fancy watch. Had to share! The rainbow of stones said, “please show meg, we’re fancy!” 🙂

Sarah - Crayons and colored pencils! I have a stash of “grown-up” coloring books for when I get stressed. I just sit down and color. So relaxing! (MPIX is an awesome company! I hope I win!)

Jennifer B. - I love a glue gun. I needed one for a project recently and couldn’t find mine. I had a coupon, so I splurged on a new one … it’s cordless and rechargeable! Love it.

Bethany - I love my sharpies… the ultra fine points!

Amy - I don’t craft much but I could never live without a hot glue gun! Your canvas is lovely!

Stephanie - Oh I just know I won’t win but I’ll comment anyways. My favorite arts & craft supply is a simple old pair of scissors. Not fancy but oh so necessary for so many crafts. I moved this summer and stupidly packed all my scissors away and then couldn’t find them until I fully unpacked. It was like someone ripped off my left arm. I couldn’t do anything. Ode to the scissors.

Lori Guggisberg - Love some jute/twine! Good for so many things!

Beth in Utah - Yarn and a hook! I love to crochet!

Paige - Sewing machine and markers!!

Cassie - my favorite….ultra fine Sharpies!!!

Laura F - My sewing machine. And knitting needles.

Michele - Paint! And probably glitter!

Rena - Oh my goodness! Your house looks amazing! How did you paint the green design in the windows of your cabinet? Such detail. I love it! I cannot live with out my bakers twine. I use it for everything and have it in so may colors. And I LOVE MPIX. Such a great company. Hoping I win a canvas! 🙂

Amy - I love glitter and sharpies!!!

~kris - Colored pencils!! So versatile and I use them for a “pop” of color while addressing envelopes too! They’re not just for drawing anymore! Thank You for this opportunity!

Jude - My favorite is that same paint set from Micheal’s! We all have one, and we love to take them outside and paint 🙂

Amy M - My sewing machine, on the rare occasion that I have time to sew. Also, burning question – how do you get your washi tape to stick to the wall? I keep trying and it keeps peeling away!

Krista Wiehle - My favorite arts & crafts supply is fine tip markers!! LOVE THEM! 😉

Janel - Instruction sheet…I can’t craft on my own but I can make a mean ‘anything’ if I’m following instructions 🙂

Nicole Frick - My favourite art and craft supply is scrapbook paper! There’s so much you can do with it besides scrapbooking!

Melissa - Ceramics; Painting 🙂

Stephanie - I love multi-colored Sharpie’s. You can always make something pretty with colorful makers and plain white paper.

Julie h - Fabric!!!! And a sharp pair of scissors!! 🙂

Ashlea Catalana - The old and faithful hot glue gun! 🙂

Sarah - Glitter Glue!!!–It always dresses everything up:)

isabelle - I would say watercolor too !

Kristen K. - Vintage Fabric and findings….oh, and JUNK! Nothing is ever too shabby to be repurposed, to be made part of a new ‘journey’… But vintage fabrics (like the one on your chairs!) remind me of my childhood, my Grandmom, simple things. I, too, break out in a sweat when I visit my favorite thrift shops and see the PERFECT fabric /granny squared throw / vintage sheet / unfinished quilt top / tacky upholstery fabric samples…you name it!

Jenny Logan - That’s a hard question! I love so many art supplies! But I guess we use acrylic paints the most. :0)

Janna - Hmm, probably paint or fabric for the ability to change something up quickly and make it all fresh and new again!

Jamie - Acrylic paint. My son (who’s 4) and I paint almost every night after dinner. A great way to spend time together just creating.

Alexandra Ziegler - I would have to say my photo and craft paper cutter. I make a lot of homemade cards and photo spreads and it’s been a life saver!

Cindy M - It’s a tie for me between pattern paper and fabric!

wendy - My favorite is a No. 2 pencil. Seriously. I know it’s boring … but I couldnt live without it! For me … the No. 2 is where it all begins.

Brooke - Letter Stickers for my scrapbooks are my favorite supply!

Jori - Paint, usually white! It makes everything FANTASTIC!

Meredith W. - Construction paper!

katie - Hot Glue gun!

Emily - Felt

Maureen - I love to use colored pencils and dip the tip in water before coloring to make bright vibrant colore! Oh and also googly eyes!

Nan - Rick rack! It’s just so fun to look at. You can sew it on or glue it on or use it as a ribbon on a package. Rick rack rules!

Tasha - Baker’s twine! Weird, but it ends up on most things.

Corrie - My favorite craft supplies are CRAYONS. I remember years when that was all that was on my Christmas list. There’s nothing better than cracking open a new box of crayons!

Jessica - Having a 2-year-old, we could never make do without CRAYOLA paints….they wash off so easily and my little just loves learning how to mix colors with them.

Kelley - Washi tape!!! Well that’s my current fav

Kelly W. - A good can of spray paint can change your entire outlook on life. 🙂

Mary - A craft supply I can’t do without – Modge Podge!

Brenna - My fav arts & craft supply is washi tape. It’s just so pretty!!

Cali Kliewer - How do I pick just one? Fabric! No…my sewing machine! No….sharpies!

Micah - NICE watercolor pencils. Freshly sharpened, of course ;). Your dining room is gorgeous. I’m inspired!

Virginia - I had never owned a hot glue gun until 2 years ago…I’m not sure how I lived the first 30 years of my life without one! Hot glue guns are the best 🙂

Megan - Spray paint!

Charlton - I LOVE sharpie markers! It’s crazy, but that is my go to marker when drawing/coloring something. 😉

Flower Patch Farmgirl - It is perfection.
Good job! And I love the canvas, esp after seeing that field myself.
Oh, and my favorite supply are those SAME watercolor paints. I feel so fancy with them!

Heather - Id say glitter or ribbon. I wish i could glitter everything! hahah

joanie - sharpies….got to love a good marker!!

cathie w. - Asking me to pick my favorite craft supply is like asking me to pick my favorite child… I love all my craft supplies equally! Ha! 🙂

Becca - Sharpie markers? Glue gun? Spray paint? No, definitely the markers!

Beth - My current favorite is watercolor crayons. Give them a try!

Jessica - This sounds really random and I hadn’t thought of it until now, but I would have to say twine. I make fun bunting with my kids, use it on gifts, add it to collages, tie homemade bread bags before giving away, and I’m sure other things I’m not thinking of right now. I would love a canvas made of a pic I took just yesterday! Thank you.

Jenn - Fabric….and burlap…and yarn.

Linette - I love pretty paper 🙂 I have stacks and stacks of it. I rarely have time to do anything with it, but I just love taking it out and “organizing” it (which really means just looking at every piece and putting it back exactly the way it was…lol).

Kim K. - My favorite arts & crafts supply would be markers! I love fat, skinny, washable, permanent – in all colors!!!

Robin C. - Paint, glorious paint! I love all kinds.

sara - What a great craft area you have ! LOVE the green hutch. I have so many favorites when it comes to craft supplies…I think I am like you, I love watercolors….but also sharpies.

Thank you for the giveaway!! 🙂

Katie S - Hot Glue Gun! I can make anything with that bad boy 😉

Tracy Rizzo - My favorite supply is hot glue!Love the sunflower print!

Julie B - I love fabric and spray paint equally!!

Julie Boldry - I have to say fabric AND spray paint. I heart them!

jennifer murnane - favorite art supply…sharpie!

Marjie - My hot glue gun. I like to hot glue everything!

Kathleen Miller - Fabric, and paint 🙂

Jessica Meith - scissors!!

Kristiina - Tape is my favorite supply—it can help fix many problems and is easy to use! :).

Queen Lisa - My hot glue gun!! The thought of going without one makes me itchy!

Mary - definitely all of my paints!!

Karen H. - Glitter! I’m pretty sure my seven year old agrees with me!

Allison - THIN THIN black water proof markers…sharpie or micron or lepen!

Julie McCrary - Definately ribbon… adds the perfect touch to many things:)!

jennifer - I LOVE markers! I keep buying them for my kids…but they’re really for me. LOVE this room. It is gorgeous! ~Jennifer

Kassondra - Crayons! We color every single day!

Lori S - Crayons, simply because the smell and feel can bring me back to my childhood so quickly.

Amy C - Sharpies!

Lori H - Love love your kitchen! I wouldn’t want to be without hot glue 🙂

Lindsay - Paint

Jody - I love Sharpies and Mr. Sketch markers 🙂

ingrid - crafting for baby and bridal showers….that’s my favorite kind of craft….so fun to make something pretty for someone.

Carrie - Spray paint! I have transformed so many ugly things with it.

Lynda M. - Fabric! I can’t sew, but I love making mini bunting. It’s so relaxing and they are super cute!

Erin West - I would never want to be without felt. We use it for everything!

Adrienne - Crayons!! You can do so much with them!!

Jenni & Andy - double sided tape

Lisa Wilson - MODGE PODGE! Of course it’s so hard to just pick one

Katy Jo - Oh! My fabric scissors. They’re pretty handy!

Patti Mullican - I am crushing on washi tape these days. You can use it on just about anything! Your new home is stunning. I love the green goddess!

Katy Jo - My hot glue gun! I’d die without it!

Ruth - Washi tape! I just can’t stop–there are do many colors and patterns. I’m always finding new uses for my washi tape, too. Amazing stuff.

Cindy - My favorite craft item would be paint (with a side of fabric). I use both all of the time. Your house is beautiful!!!

Molly B - MOST definitely yarn

Carrie C. in VA - Markers and construction paper because my kids make beautiful drawings with them!

Susan - Your canvas is gorgeous and so is your home! Definitely watercolor paints. I found some metallic and shimmery ones at a local teacher supply store. They rock!

Trindin - Patterned paper

Susan - Paper. It is amazing all the wonderful things you can make with a little imagination and a piece of paper.

Heidi Jo the Artist - Love my cameras. But paints are right up there too!

Now, maybe just maybe I will be brave enough to paint our china hutch…maybe.

Kathleen - Sharpies!

Denise - 100% cotton fabric!

Rachel N. - How to nail it down to one?…fabric or paint & the possibilities are endless! =)

Melissa Fankhauser - My kids are still fairly little, 4 and almost 2, so I would never want to go without construction paper and crayons!

kate - Keeping it real..adhesive of any kind…it makes or breaks a good craft day…

Rhonda G. - So hard to choose just one. I don’t think a camera is a supply, so I will say yarn. I love to knit! Thanks for sharing your home. I love it!

Jennifer Nanninga - Just one? My fabric scissors. They are fancy and amazing and work so, so well!

Amber - Ribbon! I keep a big jar of it in my crafting area. ❤️

Mignon Jones - Wool felt and a glue gun!

Jessica B - Hmmm…probably my extra large stash of scrapbook paper. 🙂

mollie's mom - tough one- colored paper and glue!! but paint is up there too!!

Tara - Ribbon or sharpies!

Sarah - I couldn’t do without fabric!

Heidi - Paper of all kinds and fun scissors!

melissa shepard - Any kind of PAINT!!!! Thx for the chance.. Meg!!! Love your craft cabinet!

Carrie - I gotta ditto the “my camera” comments as my favorite art supply. Oooo, and rainbow sharpies.

Kirsten J - Paper. All paper….

Trina - Sewing Machine!! ;))

Gina - Card stock, boring but true!

Elizabeth Ann - Hi there! Mine would probably be water colors!

Traci - WOW. That’s intense! I love odds ‘n ends!

Lindsay A. - Sharpies!

Amy K. - mpix is amazing – I get all my prints from them too. My favorite craft supply is either my sewing machine, or my rainbow set of sharpie markers. =)

Shelly Clark - I just can’t be without polk-a-dot ribbon, I LOVE it so much, itty bitty polka-dots, big polk-a-dots, it does’nt matter. I love me some polk-a-dots.

Jaime - I can’t do without acrylic paints!

Becky - Dare I admit, I’m not crafty….but still love you and your blog!

Christy B - Back to basics with Crayons for me! Forever and always

Courtney Hohimer - Fabric – handsdown!
Followed closely by acrylic craft paints.

Jamie Weathers - Mine would be photo splits, since I still do the old style scrapbooking.

Andrea - glitter!!

Bethany - Scrapbook paper! I do everything with it but scrapbook. Love finding books of it for cheap at Ross.

Terri - I’ve got to have my glue gun!

Shari McNiff - My favorite art supply item that I could not live without is a mechanical pencil and a big fat eraser. I can’t start anything at all till I have my pencil! Not terribly exciting, but I go nuts!

Sandra K - I love new markers!

Barbara (WA) - Fabric!

Adrienne - Markers, all kinds!

Christy - My gift tag punch, random, but one of my favorite investments.

camille - so I must admit I thought you were a little crazy with that bright green. But now I am green, with jealousy! haha, jk. Seriously though, the whole room is amazing. I could not live without notebooks. I plan and plan and plan crafts and projects in there. 🙂

Kathie M - I love my hot glue gun!! It’s the best!! It’s my favorite. We’ve done so many projects together!!

Stephanie - I love your house. White is such a clean backdrop to colors
My never-be-without-it craft supply is fabric. It is like art to me. Love it!

Courtney L - My sewing machine! (Though I don’t get to use it nearly as often as I would like these days…)

Thanks, Meg!

Heidi DeGroot - my favorite craft supply is construction paper. Lots of room to be creative.

Angel/TaDa!Creations - My sewing machine. Couldn’t live without it.

Cindy - FABRIC!

Gina - I’m with you-water colors for sure. Unless I could choose fabric scraps. Hmm. There are too many fun craft options!

Liberty - My grandmother’s Singer sewing machine. It’s old. And needs to be retired. Maybe I should consider a new heavy duty one 🙂

Michelle - Sooooooo hard…. But markers?!? Yes. Markers.

Katie - My glue gun and I are pretty tight.

Amy Jo - LOVE Mpix!

My can’t-be-without craft supply is glue sticks. I love to make collages out of magazine clippings and random things that catch my eye, and I go through glue sticks like crazy. I love them. Weird.

Amy bounds - SHARPIES!!

Jenny - craft paint. or ribbon. or modge podge?

Jennifer - Acrylic paint!

Erin - Fabric! I swear I can’t walk through any store with fabric without buying a yard or two!

Sarah P - Fun, blank tags – for labeling or attaching to a gift. I love them!

Cheryl - Scrapbook stash

Rachel - LOVE my paper cutter and glue dots!!!! Best inventions. Love your dining room/ crafting room! Looks like a lot of hard work that has final paid off!

jamie - markers. all over. in jars. so many of them!

Susan C. - Crayons – love em.

Liz M. - Fabric, beautiful fabric!

Su - Oh what a generous giveaway! My favorite craft supply. . bright colored pattern paper.

Susan - acrylic paints

AmandaK - Washi tape is so easy!

Marie - No doubt about it- a glue gun!

Hannah - watercolor paints or our new favorite is water color “crayons”

Bree - Fabric. Colorful happy fabric. That is in part, thanks to you. You’ve given me so many fun ideas to use it.

Melinda Redmann - Water colors!!

Mallory Oosterhouse - Arts and Crafts supply I couldn’t live without would have to be a tie between tape, burlap, and paper!

Christy - Glue gun and glue sticks for the kids, fabric for me!

Lauren Black - I could never live without colored pens! I love using them to make my calendar all pretty!! 🙂

Allison - RIBBON!!! Totally have a crazy addiction to cute ribbon! : )

Tonya - Cardstock!

Sarah M - Colorful fabric. Endless possibilities!

Jenna - I’m a teacher, so … Chart paper markers and a hot glue gun get me through my days!

Alicia @ Investing Love - This all looks soooo good, meg! and those old can with the supplies is perfect! I would die if I won a jumbo canvas! At our house we love oil and chalk pastels…we need those! 🙂

Deanna - Since I love working with felt, I love a nice set of sharp scissors!

Jennifer Ensor - Fabric!

Amanda K - fabric! I can never bring myself to throw out any little scraps either!

Lacey - Chalk paint! I’m obsessed 🙂

Katie E. - Honestly? Sonic. With a big pop, anything crafty is possible!

midwestmomm - The one craft supply I want to never be out of is probably washing tape! We are in love with it right now. (My 12 year old daughter and I.)

Gina - I’m not a big “crafter” but I would say paint. I do paint something occasionally. 🙂 When I visit your blog I feel inspired to make things though!! Love your dining room! 🙂

ranee - My favorite would probably be new sharpies and washi tape. And maybe brown kraft paper. ☺

Kimberly - Spray paint– or milk paint– or both!

Julie A - My hot glue gun!!

Shawna - spray paint

April - Iridescent glitter!

Tricia R. - My favorite arts and crafts supply would be Sharpie markers. This summer we did a lot of tie-dying and I loved the nametags we made at camp with the Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol. 🙂

Amber - Ooo, I love my embroidery stuff. And my crochet stuff. But I love my painting stuff too. Sigh. Thanks for the opportunity Meg and Mpix!!

Verna - hot glue 🙂

Laura Oyler - hmm…..i don’t know if this counts as craft supplies, but i’m going to say a sewing machine!

Gina - Spray paint!

Courtney - watercolors are our jam right now. I have the same set you have in the hutch.

And mpix is the bomb-digity. Their quality is amazing.

Sarah D - My glue gun or markers. (Can I get that sunflower on a canvas if I win?) 🙂

Angela K - Crayons!

Hilary B - My hot glue gun!!

jpb in tx - Paper. Anything with color or a fun pattern:)

Caitlin - My rotary cutter…my quilts would suck without it 🙂

Morgan - I could never be without oil pastels. I LOVE them even if they are messy!

Mindy - Solid 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock. In every color Michaels carries! A close second would be the little bottles of craft paint – also in every color imaginable!

Chelsea - Modge Podge… or tacky glue… or my sewing machine!

Bree - My hot glue gun.

BriBedell - I love me some mpix!! I couldn’t live without crayons. Plain ol’ regular crayola crayons! I have three kids under 7, they are a must for ❤️

Molly Alvarez - I’d have to go with glitter!!! My 6 year old has started rubbing off on me!;)

becky z - Hmmm… those cheap craft paints that come in the little bottles. All that color makes me oh so happy.

Emily W. - Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.

I love that quote, and it seemed fitting for your table flowers.

Favorite art supply? Probably just a ball point pen. I’m a doodler.

Torey - My camera. I used to love painting but haven’t had time for ages.

Elisabeth - Acrylic Paints! Easy and fun! Your new home is beautiful!!!

Katie Merrill - Sharpies!!!! Always sharpies!

Daina funk - I absolutely love my paints. I love using words in all of my crafts, whether on wood, paper, material or burlap. I love how brilliant that sunflower is on the canvas. Looks amazing!!

Christy - My favorite is my vintage stamp set that was my fathers I love making handmade cards and gift tags

the chubby dove - love the green cabinet!

i’ve got a thing for black sharpies. they’re kinda my love language….

Hannah S. - Glue gun! And I love Mpix!!

KirstenP - Good quality blank white cards to make greeting cards with photos for family and friends.

Laura Hit - Fun! I love this room and want to keep my eye out for a hutch. We are using a tall dresser for our craft stuff…but its a little cramped! I would say favorite is just good ol’ pencil crayons and markers. Likely cause my kids are totally into coloring right now and always want to do that.

Maura McCurdt - Sharpies!

elma - Fabric!!!

Kelly - Since you are going to pick on the 13th and that’s my birthday, you should for sure pick me. Yes !?!?!

sally - Glitter!

Linda - Funny mine is watercolors too. I am not an amazing artist or anything I just find them relaxing!

Jill - Markers!

kiley - Your room is gorgeous!!! All those supplies right where they’re easy to find and use. Crafter’s dream. And, I can’t live without spray paint!

Lindsey W. - Washi tape and brush pens. With those two items I could rule the world 🙂

Becky m. - My fave is craft paint 🙂

Jennifer W - I cannot be without ribbon. 🙂

lacey - good, thin markers are a must. and colorful paper. and ribbon.

Vanessa - Watercolors for me too!

kris - An old set of broken pastels I bought at a garage sale. I’ve used them down to the nubs! Don’t know if I love them or the vintage, smudgy box better.

Jen S - Glue gun!

Lauran Frank - Ink and rubber stamps!

Sandy W - mine would be colored sharpies – I love sharpies!


boom. 🙂

Bre B. - I couldn’t live without glitter!

Jessica B - My favorite craft tools are my rotary paper cutter and a plain lead pencil. I still need to get your crayon photo on canvas just like the one at the Craft House! One of these days… The dining room looks great! And your rocks are dope!

michelle - Hot glue gun!

Erin M - Glue gun, use it almost everyday!

Sharilyn - Elastic thread… It changed my life. Love me some ruffle goodness.

Sierra - Watercolor paints! The kids can make craft and make a mess and it’s really easy to clean it up again.

Kendra, The Sugar Box Lady - Washi tape. I have a problem.

Gretchen - My new favorite craft supply is acrylic paint. I just picked up the paintbrush after many years and I’m having a ball mixing the colors?

Kathy T - Glitter!! Everything looks better with a little bling, don’t you think?

Jamie - Mine would have to be crayons… pretty basic but a must have!

kristen - My favorite picture is the dandelion. My girls call them “blowers” so they will always be that from now on…despite their correct name.

Kendra - My favorite craft supply is fabric!

Siew - Glue gun. There’s nothing that a glue gun can’t do!

Lyn - Spray paint!

Southern Gal - Great job on the furniture! I hate painting furniture myself, but love seeing all the beautiful color combinations.

I have to have fabric scraps at all times. Thanks for the chance. The canvas turned out gorgeous.

(We used Mpix for my daughter’s bridal portrait prints with excellent results for $30 five years ago. No one can believe it when I tell them that.)

Lina - With 3 boys they love markers, crayons and chalk. But for Easter, Halloween and Christmas I crack the glitter and the glue. And they even love all the sparkles. Love the green hutch and your new print.

Lee Ann - Fabric and a sewing machine.

Jen Allen - Crayola crayons. I love the smell of a brand new box at back to school time and all their uniform tips, all perfect and pointy!

Katie - Thanks for the little glimpse into your house! The dining room looks great!

The supply I can’t live without is funky and fun and bright and awesome fabric! I think I just buy fabric to look at sometimes. 🙂

Heather H. - I’d have to say fabric right now. I am obsessed with all of the fun Etsy shops and the thousands of options!

Megan CC - Crayons!

Kristen - Such a happy space you created! Our favorite craft supply is “oops ” paint from Home Depot. Someone else’s discarded colors become our rainbow treasure! We paint rocks, furniture, paper, each other…anything goes. So fun and so cheap!

Betsy berre - Sharp fabric scissors. The photo looks beauty-full on that big canvas!!

Marnie - Can’t live without the basics: crayons and paper and scissors! My faves.

Heather S. - My favorite craft item is wrapped canvases. I buy them in bulk whenever they are on sale so that we always have canvases to create on. I am constantly putting them up in our family room and my girls love everything we’ve done so much that they have created an art gallery in our guest bedroom from their past masterpieces!

Heather L. - Such a tough one! I’d have to say my favorite supplies are twine and craft paper … wrapping is a craft, right?!?!? 🙂

Sara Husser - I have little ones so glue sticks are like pennies around here! I’ve got them in every random drawer, cupboard, box, etc!

Chrissy - Staple gun!!

Liz - I love fabric!!! So many possibilities!

Chris - FABRIC! I could not be without fabric!

Anne W - Watercolors and/or oil pastels!!

Cindy McAllister - Toss up between fabric and paper. I love to sew and I love to scrapbook my photos.

Christy P - Fabric has endless possiblities!

Sara - Washi tape!

Bekah M. - My sewing machine for sure 🙂

Sabrina - I can’t live without fabric!

Crystal - I hot glue gun all the things. So yeah, hot glue gun fo sho!

Liz - I love fabric! You can do so much with it!!

Robin Riley - Really good fine-tip pens and markers!

Heather - Not sure if this really counts but Legos. 🙂

Kimberly C - Love washi tape!!

Heather E. - Always have a fine point Sharpie pen on hand!!

Maggie Matusofsky - I’m living without one but dying to get one… A cricut!

Julie W - Glue gun!

Danelle - Crayons…sharp, nobody has used them yet but me….crayons!

Lauren Duke - I’m not a good crafter, but I’d be lost without my modge podge!

Michelle - Ribbon is my favorite! I’m especially digging all the neat burlap variations lately! Your dining room is so bright and happy! That canvas is beautiful!

Jackie - My sewing machine for sure!

shannon - Fine sharpies… in rainbow colors!

Maggie - I love modge podge and magazines!!

sam - Felt! I love that you can make beautiful things with minimal sewing!

Elliottsurf - I have all kinds of art supplies, but the one that I could never do without is rubber cement! Weird I know but I use if for collages and attaching stuff together to make cards! It smells bad, but is very useful!

Michelle Naomi - Washi tape!

Stacy Tat - I love colored paper!

Michelle - Ribbon is my favorite! I’m especially digging all the neat burlap types lately. Your dining room is so bright and happy! Love the colors and the great canvas!

Anna B - Ribbon! I love making hairbows.

Whitney - Paint in a fun color. Thanks 🙂

Kristi - My glue gun. I could fix the world with my cordless glue gun

beth - any supplies organized by color lure me much more than the rest.

Summer - I need to have some good plain white paper. From there the sharpies, paint or mod podge might make an appearance. Starting with that blank canvas that could become anything is very exciting to me.

Peg - My camera. Not real crafty but take lots of pictures.

Biz - Sewing machine!!!

Melissa - Chalk paint & chalk are my fav!

Laura h - I love colored sharpies!! All the better if they are stored in a glass jar so I can smile at them every time I walk by! Your blog is the BEST, seriously, you need your own TV show!

Lori - A hole punch! I know it’s simple but I use it all the time on almost every

Veronica - oh my what a hard question! Let’see…I think I’m going to have to go with my prisma pencils because I’ve so loved working with them over the past year. I’ll have to add a second one though, spray paint! I pretty much always have a can of something on hand.

DeeAnn - embroidery floss

Aimee W. - I could never live without my hot glue gun. It’s almost like an extra appendage!

Bebe Dance - Fabric & paper!

noodle and lou - oh! and my fave-can’t-live-without arts and craft supply? paint!

KaRol - My colorful Sharpie pens. Fun giveaway. Thanks.

CassM - I am not an artsy person AT ALL … so I let my camera make pretty things for me.

And those lovely things for making a gift special: kraft paper and bakers twine. I do love those!

Suzanne - My favorite art supply….my glue gun. I can fix, make, design, stick together anything as long as there is electricity, an extension cord (because they never make those cords long enough) and a willing participant. Yes, I have sustained some serious blisters but one thing is for dang sure, once I am finished, it is stuck for good! Just finished assisting with building a beaver dam for a habitat project and the glue gun saved the day…..and the dam.

Becca - I love rolls of tulle…so many colors. And Valspar spraypaint!

Kelly - You’ve got a gift for this decorating thing. It looks so great! Love the chairs! I need to recover mine so desperately.
Favorite art & craft supply…well, I’m in the midst of a great craft room purge and apparently I love all craft supplies. I have way too much stuff in that room!

On a different note, if you love watercolors you need to check out these awesome, shiny watercolors called Inklingz from Shimmerz Paints. ( In fact, if you shoot me an email, I can hook you up with some to try out. (no, I don’t sell them but I do work for the company doing social media 😉 )

Mrs.Anderson - My favorite is probably spray paint! Love it! Would love a canvas too! Yay mpix!

Shannon Heick - Googley eyes!!!!! We put them on everything!

Tara - Scrap paper!! I love the patterns and colors…the options are endless!!

Annie - 12 x 12 card stock – my go to for making cards & other crafts

noodle and lou - aww meg! I am so tickled that my house is in this AWESOME room!! dying over the art cabinet… it turned out SO good. and with the white table and chairs… perfect! and that fabric for the seats!!? I just love every bit. your fabulous sunflower photo is like a window out to your own private sunflower field. love that. xoxxx jenn

Malissa - Fabric!

Tricia - I love to sew and I love to stitch, but since I went back to work full time, scrapbook paper has been my favorite go-to craft supply because it’s good for quick and easy, no pressure projects. I’m a sucker for pretty patterns–especially when they are 4 for $1.00. 🙂
P.S. I love your hutch and I’m happy to see things on your walls! I hope that you are enjoying your new house. 🙂

Jennifer - Ribbon!

Shelly - What craft supply don’t I love might be easier to answer! I’d say paints…but then again I’ve been making a Ton of blankets lately (baby boom lol)…but right now washi tape is kind of fun to add to, well…. Everything 😉

Ellen - Is it weird to say paper? You can do SO much with paper!!

Cindy Douglass - My glue gun. Love it, even if it hates me sometimes.

Kristin Joustra - Spray paint 🙂

Grace L - Love love love the hot glue gun!

Maria - SHARPIES!!!

Kelsey - My favorite, cannot-live-without craft supplies are bright floral fabrics and yarn! I barely know how to knit a washcloth and I most certainly cannot sew but I. Can’t. Stop. Buying.

Katie - I’m not the craftiest craft person…but I can sit down with my girls and a set of water colors and be still for a long time…

Bec - I loooooove acrylic paints 🙂 I use them to paint frames and such.

Andrea - Modge Podge……I love that stuff…….I can’t live without it.

Jill - I love paper – cool patterns and designs and textures. And my sewing machine and sharpies . . .

Nikki Haefner - My sewing machine.

Carrie - I would say wool felt but my kids would definitely say their perler beads. They have made some of the best creations … And they never seem to run out of ideas!

Jody - Glue gun!! Is that weird?! Yes but it does amazing things!!

Arlene - I love looking at your pics because it makes me feel more inspired to do stuff around my own house! My favorite arts and craft item is definitely fabric…lots and lots of fabric!

Jenn - Spray paint! No question about it…

Liz R. - I had so many answers pop up in my head, but a lot of the things I have made recently have been with felt so let’s go with that! LOVE the green hutch and all of those gorgeous craft supplies!

Judy - My sewing machine.

Amber - Does fabric count??? 😉

Allison B - Fabric, for sure. And I have a10 ft wide closet full of it for proof. 🙂

Jenn - ribbon!!!

Donna - Paint!

Katherine - Favorite craft supply you can’t live without? That’s a tough question! I guess I’ll go with fabric.

Kim Walker - I have to have markers so my kids can draw! It is a must.

Amie Long - I’m not very crafty but I never want to be without my camera, and I get all my prints from mpix!

Kristi K - Sharpies 🙂

Robyn - Fabric 🙂

rebecca - my favorite supply is fabric!

Kristen - Sharpies!!!!

jodi - I’m not a great crafter, but I am loving watercolor paints right now… especially the ones from ikea!

Lesta - Has to be my camera.

Shauna C. - Pretty scrapbook paper! We use it for everything.

Jenny Damewood - My favorite arts and crafts supply is spray paint. Especially gold! Once I start, I can’t be stopped!

Rebekah - Right now mine would be felt…I don’t have a lot of crafting time but with a 2 year old running around, felt is such a fun material to play with. And I just LOVE that it sticks together 🙂

Sarah R - Hot glue gun

Sarah - All the colors of acrylic paints!

Kristin Rauch - Love your dining room, all the fun containers your craft supplies are in are so cute! And that fabric!

Rachel Van Horn - I’m so not an artist but I simply love a new box of colorful crayons!

Jaime Oswald - Chalk!!! Lots of chalk!!

Jen Marini - Mod Podge!

Rebecca - GLITTER!!!

Christie O. - I love me some washi tape. Is that a craft supply?? Ha!! I also love my glue gun. : )

Juli - A good pair of sharp scissors!

Kerry - Definitely markets of all colors!

Julie B - Love my oil pastels!

Alisa Biggs - Paint

lauren - sharpies! every color – thick nibs & thin! they are my jam!!! seriously.

Trisha - Hot glue gun!! So so so many uses for that little gem!!

Lydia Culberson - GLUE.. All types of glue. You can never have too many glues.

Amy - I adore colored pencils!!

Camala - Crayons!

Julie - Well I have very young crafters in my house, so it is not my favorite craft item but the one I cannot do without: glue sticks.

Tina Bell - My favorite craft item is spray paint because it is fast and easy to use! Love your blog:)

Michelle - Fabric…..use it in so many ways! 🙂

Kristin S - You so inspire me! I’m stuck creatively and love to paint furniture. Maybe that’s where I should start.

Ribbon. I kinda love ribbon on anything crafty.

And, are your kitchen counters always clear? With all those humans in your home? Sigh.

shelley - sharpies!

Whitney Benson - Sharpie markers and a hot glue gun…no question. 🙂

Debbie S - sponge brushes!

michelle - My camera

lauren - twine. it’s good for bunting, wrapping a candle, tying gifts, a jar to make it a vase. it’s my favorite.

Jena - I just bought some Mr. Sketch markers on sale at Target. I love the bright colors….and the smells….although that’s probably bad for my brain, right? 🙂

Kelly - Spray paint… Hands down….

Katie - my favorite? Soft pastels… Most used? Definitely the glue gun.

Erin - My sewing machine. Or serger. Or fabric scissors. It’s hard to pick just one!

kim - yarn!

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