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november craft weekend

the craft house looks its very best 10 minutes before the guests arrive.
we light all the candles.  we turn on all the lights.  we open all the curtains.
music is playing.
everything is clean and sparkly.
and kimberlee and i are making the margaritas!

the guests arrived… nervously met each other… ate a delicious meal and then we get busy ruffling!
they chose the fabrics and ribbons.
they sewed into the night.
they are always so excited about what they’ve made… which makes ME excited too!

while we were shopping i told myself i didn’t need anything and wasn’t spending any money.
but then i started pulling out quilts i’d never seen before at Bearly Makin’ It.
and i was starting to feel my will power giving in.
but thankfully these girls stepped up and bought all the things i wanted so i could stay strong.
isn’t that orange quilt the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?!

my breaking point is usually when i see something very unique that i love.
because i know i may never see anything like it again.
and that vintage wedding ring quilt in ORANGE? i bet that was once in a lifetime.

and a rainbow quilt?!
it was a tough day for me!

i like to take pictures like this in the barn because when i am in the barn i feel like there is so much and i miss great stuff.  so when i take a picture i can go back “shop” again.  like… i never noticed the stool in front of the desk… the middle table with the cradle on top… or the round table behind the desk!

this green desk.
this was my dreamy idea i had out in the field… a nursery or flower shop should use this for display!
or i should put it in MY flower bed (if i had one…) for more pots to create another level.
OR anthropologie should use it for stacking 2507 dishes on and make a hand written price tag of $3913.00
ha ha ha
bottom line: this rusty desk is awesome.

i died a little when i saw this.
sad sad sad.
i appreciate my electric sewing machines 1000% but this hurts my heart.
after shopping and eating and a little resting it is straight back to crafting!
ashley taught us how to make leather cuff bracelets from old belts!
oh my goodness.
this was a total blast!
i found all different metal stamp sets on amazon…
Lowercase Alphabet 6mm
Lowercase Alphabet Set – 3mm
36-Piece Letter &Number Set 6mm
4mm Letter & Number Stamp Set
Metal Block
Revolving Leather Hole Punch Tool

and all the other supplies you can find at a craft store.
it takes a little while to get the hang of it and it is loud but it was SO much fun!

(my friends joyce & arnie found THE MOTHER LOAD of belts making this project possible!! YAY!!)

i am certainly no expert at stamping but it is too fun to care!
my husband calls me mrs. duerksen.  🙂


the girls made super cute wreaths with fabric scraps and benzie felt.
benzie felt is easy to work with and she has the best colors!IMG_3650IMG_3929IMG_9420IMG_9411IMG_9427
julianna and ashley were our helpers this month.
it’s not an easy job!
there is not a lot of sleep.  there is not a lot of crafting.  and there are very very many dishes to wash.
but the food is amazing!
and new friends that you get to make… i think it’s worth it.  🙂

all three of these girls make me happy!
i just keep looking at those smiles and it makes me smile too.
i always like to photograph the room mates!

what a super group this was!  they were joyful and silly and so kind!
it was the best kind of group to end 2014 Craft Weekends!
God knew just what kimberlee and i needed.

these girls reminded me once again what a blessing this “job” is.
we get to give these women a break from their demanding lives, give them a pretty place to feel refreshed, feed them good food, remind them of their creative gifts and let them be themselves!
they go home inspired and ready to make things again.
sometimes they get teary when they are leaving because they’d forgotten how much they like to create.
our lives just get so busy and creativity takes a back seat to work, kids and lots of other things.  and sometimes it’s not even in the backseat anymore.  it has been put in the trunk under all the other junk and we forgot it was even there anymore!
but at Craft Weekend… Creativity is number one.
front seat all the way!
getting time to sit, have all the supplies you need and just M A K E is a big deal.
i am so grateful that you CW girls agree…. all of you that have come…. all of you on the wait list and all of you reading that encourage me.


if you would like to come to a craft weekend….

1. read this informative post
2. send an email to get on the wait list (address is in that post)
3. wait patiently to get a chance to come
🙂   🙂   🙂   🙂   🙂   🙂   🙂



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mandy - I hope you know how lucky you have it thrifting! A quilt like that here would cost about $200-. a ratty one not as cool would still be above 75-. And I saw that white cupboard in the background. ugh! I love Oregon but we sure don’t have the good, affordable antiques!

Lori R. - It was such a wonderful weekend. I don’t think I stopped talking about it, well…. I am still talking about it. When I was talking to my husband he commented that it was great to hear me talk about something with such passion in my voice. It was truly an inspiring time and the friendships made in such a unique way make it a lifetime memory. Thank you for bringing a bit of me back to me!

Laurel - I cannot wait to join you for the 1st Craft Weekend of 2015!!!!!!! #planestrainsautomobiles all the way from Ottawa, Canada!

Melissa - Always looks like so much fun!!!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - I just love you. And miss you. that is all.

Leslie - I have a kinda random question- approximately how much money were the quilts being sold for? The reason I am asking is that I live in California (bay area), and finding a vintage quilt is SO rare, and SO expensive (hundreds of dollars in antique stores- and even the stained/super hole filled ones at the thrift stores can be over a hundred). I’m just wondering if they are more affordable in Kansas. Maybe I need to plan a trip one day?? Or save up some money and “Hire” you to buy and ship me a few?? 🙂

amy jupin - i loved this post.
and it made me ache a bit.
i miss y’all.
and i i’m definitely one of those that get teary when it’s over because i don’t make time to create.
and i need it!
it makes me happy.
so do you.
and kimberlee.
and cheesecake.

Mel - First: those cuff bracelets? Love at first sight. Please keep doing them forever so I get to make one someday.
Second: if I’ve never said this b fore I’m sure someone has – you should franchise and im not even kidding. This kind of community and rejuvenation is so needed for women.

Sami - So much goodness in this post. SO MUCH!!

heather m. - What a blessing you are to all these women simply by doing what HE put in your heart to do- be creative and share it!! I’m so inspired by you gals ♥

Barbara (WA) - It is all just magical. . . . .

Kate B. - You captured the weekend perfectly!! This weekend was the inspiration I needed and I am so grateful to all the amazing women I met! Keep up the great work, Meg and Kimberlee! You two are a gift to so many women! Can I get on the wait list again?!?! 🙂

Su - orange is my favorite color. . I melted when I saw that orange quilt. . . and those sewing machines. . all I could think of was when we were in Ethiopia those were the machines the men made clothes on. . one of our kids is adopted from Ethiopia. . .and he talks about his dad making clothes on the pedal machines. . made me sad to see them in that pic. . wish we could fix them all up and take them over to Ethiopia. I’ve been waiting for this post 🙂 Thanks.

Jen - LOVE the leather cuff bracelets! How cool are they?! Thank you for all of the color you bring to this earth. I love your colorful pictures! Have a wonderful day, Meg!

Kimberlee Jost - What an awesome 2014 it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And now we rest.

Lorraine R. - I love looking at all of the pictures of your craft house and your whatever weekends. It all seems like a dream – that place is perfect and those weekends….what a gift!!

I covered my mouth when I saw those pretty old singers out in the yard, sad indeed!!

I don’t know how you don’t go broke living near such an incredible place to shop for treasures!!! I don’t think I would have any will power!!!!!

What a gift you give these mommas!! I love it!!

Kathy - How many times did I pass “Bearly Makin’ It” when I was serving a mission in Kansas?? Always wanting to stop, but I was on the Lord’s time and I knew it wouldn’t be right. So now that I’m back home (in Seattle) I totally want to come back and PLAY! Soon!

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