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family photos!

Blue Lily sent us our photos.
and i absolutely LOVE them…. every single one.
wendy you are SO TALENTED!!!!!



and now i need to order some!!

Blue Lily has made their 2015 schedule.
i think you should get on their schedule!!    🙂    🙂    🙂
family photos are such a gift… you never know when life is going to change.
they freeze time.
we will have that night – that hour – forever.
and it was a really good one.  🙂

thanks again WENDY!!!


Jeanie - Meg, you have a beautiful family! And I have to tell you – when I first looked at the pictures – I thought “where’s Meg?” You looked like one of the kids! How do you keep yourself so young – with so many kids, so many activities, schedules etc? I need your secret!

ellen patton - there’s a lot of love in these photos!

tracy fisher - love. just, love.

Debbie - I never get tired of looking at Bluelilly photos. I agree, all are very nice. You’ll be so glad you have these.

misty - wow! gorgeous! the 4th one down needs to be on a HUGE canvas! You have a such a pretty fam!! Love love!

danielle - These are gorgeous! You guys look great!

jen - Such great pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

Mindy - Beautiful photos done in perfect light. What a lovely family you have and great memories captured.

Kristin - Gorgeous pictures, with so much love shining out of them!

jaimie - beautiful! i love the poses, lighting and the outfit choices…you can tell from the pix what a lovely, tight-knit family you are! happy holidays!

iralee poore - these are simply amazing!!!! i love love love the lighting!!!

bethr - oh Meg, it was so fun to see all these beautiful photos of your family! The outfits, the light, the smiles and connection you 7 seem to share- all so touching!

Amy - LOVE!! You guys are gorgeous!!

Lori - Great pictures 🙂

Diana Yarborough - Beautiful family pictures! We need to do them like this one day!

On a totally different subject, is there a sewing machine you recommend? I really want to get one, but am obviously a beginner.

Leslie Humphrey - Absolutely beautiful – your family and the pictures. The love just oozes from each shot – thanks for sharing!

Stephanie - I have tears in my eyes for some reason. Good pictures do that. Your family is so beautiful and reminds me of my own in so many ways (we have seven kids). I love love love when big families are all captured in one shot–looking happy and in glowing light. You have quite a job picking one picture out!

martha - okay…so I’m just commenting to wish you luck picking your favorite picture! usually there is never a shot where everyone looks good and all of these do! ps. we don’t get a glimpse at your eldest daughter very often- she is just lovely! thank you for sharing your family with us!

Flower Patch Farmgirl - Stunning!!!
The one of the girls together…or you and the boys. Agh! Such pretty people. And the stripes were the right choice.

Kristin S - What perfect light. How did you capture so many great shots at that perfect light?

I love that last one.

Jenn - What stunning photos of your beautiful family! Just lovely! These are indeed true treasures that you will cherish and look back on for years to come. Many happy blessings to you and your family this holiday season. I am a thankful reader whose life is enriched by the inspiration you share. Thank you!

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