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a path appears

this is heavy but so compelling.
i have already set my dvr.

i read Half the Sky but haven’t read this book yet.
i will be soon!
you can find out more about this series HERE.


Stephanie Wilson - Thank you so much for sharing this. I will definitely be watching and learning how I can help.

Angela - Wow. I will be watching. Thank you for sharing this.

Kelly - I had not heard of either of these books. Thanks for sharing this.

Sarah - Half the Sky just about broke my brain. I just got this one yesterday and I expect it to do the same.

Janet - Thanks for that link-I read half the Sky and also watched the series that was based on it. I don;t remember how it was originally aired, but can be streamed on Amaaon.

BeckyB - Thanks for sharing this… I will be watching. Loved Half the Sky.

Gevay - I will definitely be watching this. Thanks so much for making me aware.

Jill - Thank you for using this platform to proclaim God’s truths and fight injustice! It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day. I appreciate that you keep bringing it back around to this. (I like to read about your day to day too, though.) 🙂

Nikki - Wow. Heavy stuff. Makes me want to hug my children a little tighter ;'(

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