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loving this week…

i always enjoy Jamie Ivey’s Happy Hour podcast but THIS ONE with Katherine Wolf was complete Truth.
she talks about surviving a massive stroke at 26 years old when her baby was 6 months old.
she is amazing.
i laughed and i cried and thought hard about my own life.
you have got to listen to Katherine’s story and her inspiring outlook on life.

absolutely LOVED this post from Young House Love!
they gave the paint colors for each room of their house AND linked where to buy the same or very similar items.
i believe i said out loud to my screen “BRILLIANT!”
and i bought something too!
high five to John & Sherry.   🙂
have you read their books?   Young House Love and Lovable Livable Home
they have serious style.


these videos at People Are Awesome are C R A Z Y.
how do they do those things???


i found this magazine at Barnes&Noble and it was SOOOO good!
it was FULL of happy light filled farmhouses with colorful vintage finds.
it was a nice treat to come across.
sometimes i miss the pre-pinterest magazine days.
i used to get SO MAD when anyone would even open one of my new magazines before i did.
what a dork!


US President Barack Obama speaks on the economy in the NanoFab Extension Building on May 8, 2012 following a tour of the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering
this blog post that features politicians and world leaders if they had man buns…. so funny!
i guess it’s been around awhile but i hadn’t seen it until this week.
oh my gosh – it made me crack up!
i couldn’t pick a favorite.


FullSizeRender (3)
my indulgence recently…. DELICIOUS.
i have only tried the coconut because coconut is the best flavor ever made.   🙂
why would i waste time on anything else?
these popsicles seem better for me than some of the choices i would normally make.
but it might not be.
and i don’t really care.

i saved the best for last for this week’s list…. the Amazon Echo.
we picked it up on a whim on amazon’s Prime Day in early july.  (it was like black friday in july on amazon)
it is so cool and we are loving it!
our friends saw us using it and said “well that is pretty slick!”
and it totally is!!!
The Echo a hands free speaker that you control with your voice (it answers to the name is Alexa)
it plays your music on spotify, amazon prime, pandora and iHeartRadio by you telling it to.
you can turn the volume up or down from across the room with your voice!
it can answer questions, tell you the weather or sports scores or traffic and she keeps a shopping list for you!
so i can be cooking in the kitchen with my hands covered in meatball prep and i can say “Alexa – add bread crumbs to my shopping list” and she does it!
it goes to my alexa app on my phone and it’s all there when i go to the store.
it can call an Uber for you!
Or turn down your thermostat or even your lights!
this is like something from The Jetson’s!!!
two thumbs up for the Echo!

soooo…. what about YOU?  anything you are loving this week?
let’s hear it!

Marla Jensen - I kept forgetting to THANK YOU FOR LINKING JAMIE IVEY’S PODCAST! That’s in all caps because I would scream it for joy if I was really with you. We just moved and I took a month off facebook to do ‘better things’ and not sure why I’ve missed the Happy Hour’s existence but I’m totally obsessed! It’s been sooo encouraging! Thank you!!!!

Tanya H - My dad has had the Echo for quite a while, he got it in the Amazon preorder. My daughter and nieces got grounded from asking Alexa to tell them a joke. 😉 I like it most of the time, but I do get tired of “Alexa” responding to us having conversations and suddenly saying “I didn’t understand your question.” ….are you feeling ignored?? haha!

stephany - i also picked up that modern farmhouse style magazine while we were visiting colorado. i loved it! i especially loved that some of the kitchen designs were just like what i came home to in our newly remodeled kitchen! yay!

laura b - loved the man bun photo! thanks for sharing a little humor today!

Kelly Krause - I need to get my hands on Katherine and Jay’s book. I have followed her story from the time that the stroke happened, they were friends of my sister when she was living in LA.

jeri - Don’t waste your time with any other flavor…you will be sad because the coconut is the best! 😉

chrissi - you are so right about the coconut bars….why try any other flavor? the best. echo??? she is my true friend. the grocery list app saves me tears while shopping. her jokes are the best and her games keep us entertained while making dinner. katherine wolf and her cute family…all the hearts forever. great list meg♥

Juli - I visited my nephew’s house recently. He got an Echo while I was there, and he and his wife use it all the time, mostly to listen to music. Because they have three little kids under the age of six, their music selections veer between Gen-X favorites and “The Wheels on the Bus” type things!

cindy b. - if you haven’t read Katherine and Jay Wolfe’s book “Hope Heals” yet, I cannot recommend it enough – it is written by both from the perspective – truly amazing.

Nat - We got an echo for Christmas last year and we love it. My kiddos think it’s extra hilarious to ask Alexa to tell them a joke.

Jennifer - I have become totally obsessed with Coconut Sparkling Water and the Pure from Crystal Light. Mix the two together and its heaven. Like you, I love coconut anything. Of course, the La Croix coconut SW was out and our local store had their own brand and their own brand of CL. Cheaper is better right? Definitely try it out…very refreshing and almost calorie free! I instagrammed about it if you need a pic.

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