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happy new year!

2016 was a rough year it seemed.
i heard that over and over every where i went.
but it was so good too!
here’s my favorite pics from 2016 all together in one spot.   🙂

i always feel hopeful with the start of a new year…new calendar…a fresh start.
there’s a few big adventures i want to accomplish this coming year.
i am praying for discernment and wisdom as they play out.

thanks for reading this blog all these years.
it’s kind of a crazy thing!
thanks for the encouragement to keep writing or for what i shared.
you guys are awesome.

now – i have to clean out my bedroom from the christmas mayhem.


Angela Atkins - Lovely! What a great way to celebrate the year and your family.

meg duerksen - I love those plates!!! Thank you Cornelia!

cornelia krahn - I check everyday to see if you’ve written something new. I love your blog. I’m the one who gave you my vintage state plate collection so it was fun to see the Alabama plate. Happy New Year!

Kathi - Thanks for sharing for all these years! I love to see an email from FeedBlitz. You inspire me!

meg duerksen - oh Shar… we have plenty of problems – trust me! but we do have lots of fun too! thanks for reading!

meg duerksen - Jennibell – it’s called Praise Like Fireworks by Rend Collective. They are on repeat over here all the time so it had to be the band i choose. 🙂

meg duerksen - well… make me get all teary heidi! thanks for reading! i love dennis! 🙂

heidi - Your blog was the first one I ever read and it is still my absolute favorite. You are such an inspiration!!!! Thank you for everything you have done for my father-in-law’s business. What a blessing you are to the entire world!

Cheryl - What a wonderful Flipagram! You have the cutest family! Thanks for sharing. I need to take more pictures! 🙂

jennibell - Very fun!!! Looks like a great year for your crew!! What is the music/song you were playing?

Tracy Koeppen - Thank you, Meg, for writing this blog!! And taking beautiful pics!! I love to follow along.

It makes me sad whenever I hear another mention of 2016 being a “terrible year”. We had a great year!!

Lori - That was so fun! Love your photos, and I loved that there were tiny videos tucked in there 🙂 Happy new year!

jill - Love your blog and all of your t shirts you wear!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Happy New Years! Have a great, great year!

Shar - U make me so happy! I wish my family could b half as wonderful and fun loving and joyful as yours. It’s a new year a new start

Monica - Thanks for your blog, I love reading it and I’m always inspired by you and your family pictures are so nice. Thanks so much

Heather S. - Yep – I’m one of those “rough year” people. It truly held so much good for us, but it ended on such a hard note with the death of one of our very best friends, only 47 years of age. It has been a very hard month. I am looking forward to moving forward – into 2017 with healing!

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