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since january is usually the month where we make big plans to get organized, i thought i’d share what is working for us.
i am not an organizer.
i do not get excited about planning or purging or goal setting.
but by necessity i have to attempt to be at least SEMI-organized to keep us from missing practices, appointments, birthday parties & deadlines.
and because i am a grown up.

last year i bought these big dry erase monthly calendars.
these have been great for me because i am very visual.
if i see it on the calendar – i usually don’t forget that event (not a guarantee… but 90% of the time it works).

at the end of each month i erase and then add the next month so we can always plan in three month segments.
(in theory i do that… sometimes i forgot)
it’s not fancy or pretty but it’s what i need to keep up with these people.
i just pinned it to the wall with thumbtacks.
it’s hanging right in the kitchen so everyone can easily see it, add to it & answer their own questions about when & where events are.

we use wet erase markers which is important because if someone walks by and wipes their hand on the calendar or leans onto the wall… it doesn’t erase!
can you imagine?! that would be terrible!
these have each been erased many times and the calendar still looks very clean with no staining.

i ordered this set of markers at the same time as the calendars and just pinned the whole set to the bulletin board so i didn’t lose any.
my black marker is missing because a certain basketball coach borrowed it and didn’t put it back…

pretty planners are awesome! I love to look at them! but in reality that hasn’t worked for me.
phone apps are awesome too! my husband only uses his phone for all organizing & that’s a great system for him!
but what works for me is WRITING it myself and SEEING it often.
and seeing several months at a time.

happy january!

source – calendars / markers / bulletin board


Joy - I totally agree with you! I need to see it right in front of me daily without effort. I bought a planner at the end of last year thinking it would be so handy, but it hasn’t yet been touched. Deciding on a personal system and sticking to it always seems to work the best!

sharon / tpt - HAS to be on my calendar. From little to big.

Stephanie L. Robertson - Meg,
I’m with you on all this, Girl. I’m not inherently organized, but had to learn to be when I got out in the “real world” a hundred years ago. And yes, it is a wife/mom-requirement.

I’m also very visual and have to write down stuff so that I can remember it, too. I’ve got all of these little yellow legal pads to help out. As long as I don’t loose them in a clutter pile, I’ll be ok. 😉

Best of luck in 2017!

Jenny Logan - My husband is always telling me to just put stuff in my phone. I’m like you though, I need to see it and it definitely helps if I write it down. I’m glad I’m not alone! I love the dry erase idea, that way when things change you don’t have scratched out writing!

Sharon - I’m a pen and paper on the wall girl. I was at Michael’s yesterday oogling their day planners, wishing that I was actually the kind of person who used these gorgeous inventions. But what works for me is a calendar with big squares, in a high traffic area. If it’s not on my calendar, it doesn’t exist. Love your blog! 🙂

Lisa - That is a great idea! I HAVE to see my stuff hanging on a wall, as well!! 🙂

S - I am the same as you – I have to physically write it, see it, refer back to it in order for it to stick in my brain. What works for me is my wall calendar to capture activities and appointments and school events and then right near that calendar is a dry erase week at a glance sticky – each week I write it out and add reminders (lunch account $$ for A, library book for B, pick up C at 4:45 – don’t forget water bottle) on the day we have to remember something that wouldn’t really “make it” on my regular calendar. I also use a separate dry erase board for a running grocery list so the family can add to it. Love that your black marker is missing – good thing the thief is your favorite guy ever!!

Jackie O'M - Back in my Mama days, each family member was assigned an ink color so I could tell at a glance who had activities each day. 🙂

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