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i have three things for you today.
two for listening and one to watch.



I absolutely loved this whole series of podcasts!
I miss the oprah show!  or at least i miss that time period in tv… and maybe in my life too.
I came home from school and watched oprah – pretty much every week day.
I was home with babies for years and years and every day at 4:00 “who’s on oprah?”
it was part of life!
I even got to go to an oprah show when we lived in chicago!  🙂
I loved hearing so much about the early years and behind the scenes in these podcasts.
if you enjoyed the oprah show – you’ll love this!
and i liked all three bonus episodes too.


we watched this documentary and i couldn’t stop thinking about it.
it will stick with you.
plot: After he is diagnosed with ALS, former professional football player Steve Gleason begins making a video diary for his unborn son, as he, his wife, and their friends and family work to raise money for ALS patients as his disease progresses.
it’s not an easy movie to watch.
but i am glad we did.



This American Life Podcast – Switched at Birth

I have listened to lots of these the past month or so.
It’s been around for years and years but i never checked into it.
So i started current and have been working my way back.  This particular one was so interesting!  I made craig have a whole conversation with me about it and he hadn’t even listened to it.  I just needed to talk about it!  It is wild!



Ronda - Yes, podcasts are how I survive my commute everyday. Totally adding Making Oprah to my lists. I second the Mike Rowe’s the way I see it as it is like 10-15 minutes and man is his voice mesmerizing. And if you aren’t listening to the The Popcast with Knox and Jamie then you need to go and do that immediately as they are the best and are like two best friends in your living room that keep you laughing.

Emily - I love podcasts and listen on my runs and any time I’m the driver on a road trip.
This American Life has been a favorite for years! One of our very favorite episodes is House on Loon Lake. Fun, creepy, nostalgic….I think you would LOVE it.
Stuff You Should Know is also fun and quick….and you feel kinda smarter after you listen.
This Is Criminal is a true crime podcast without being too dark.
Of course there’s Serial season 1 (NOT Season 2) which got lots of people into podcasts for a good reason…it’s excellent!
Checkout Radiotopia for lots of great podcasts.
Thanks for the share on the Oprah podcast, I listened the other day while I folded laundry and pulled weeds. I am so productive when I have a good story to listen to!

Cassandra Heck - YES! The switched at birth podcast was very interesting!! Have you listened to Mike Rowe’s The Way I Heard It? Short little random history stories, good stuff. 🙂

Shelly Reil - Just got done watching Gleason. Thanks for the suggestion! I watched it with my son and it wrecked both of us. My great uncle passed away from ALS probably 15 years ago (?) And now his son is battling it. It is so debilitating to everyone involved.

Renee - Love these posts because I’m always looking for new stuff! Keep ’em coming 😊

Christine - I LOVE podcasts too. I could listen to them none stop if I allowed myself. I too have listened to This American Life. Right now I am hooked on Good Job Brain. Hubby and I will talk about the podcasts we’ve listened to that were particularly good. Have a great day. Love your blog, have followed you for years!

Kimberlee - I listened to Making Oprah this Spring too and LOVED it!

Whitni Frasier - Hey Megan,
I sent you an email through the link on your website. I had a few questions about how you started your business. I know you’re very busy but if you ever get a minute I would really be so thankful for some wisdom from you. My email address is

Thanks so much and have a great week!

Elz - That podcast episode drove me crazy. The mom just kept her mouth shut for decades and seemed so ambivalent to the daughter she raised. My girls and I were going crazy about it. WHY? Huh? Wow? What?!

I’m a podcast nerd, I listen to so many. It’s a great way to learn all sorts of stuff.

Kelly Sites - I’m OBSESSED with Podcasts. It’s my treat to myself for when I’m working out, and it really makes me GO to the gym, and stay longer, because I want to listen to Podcasts. I have many favs, but I’m so super excited to listen to the Oprah one you mentioned. I LIVED for Oprah back in the day. And like you, every day at 4:00 was my time.

Podcasts I’ve loved:
The Simple Show- episode 64 A year off the internet

Smartest Person in the Room- all episodes on behind the scenes Hollywood (so fun)

The PopCast with Knox and Jamie- die laughing every single time….all of them are awesome.

Up and Vanished- great true crime (edge of your seat)

Embedded (great stuff)

ENJOY (and keep sharing great stuff like this)

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