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weekend in chicago

way back in june, mr. duerksen & i caught a flight super early in the morning and hit chicago for the weekend – no kids!
our airport is pretty small but we DO have a dunkin’ donuts so i make sure to start a flight off right!

our first stop was brunch at Hutch American Bistro.
we were just walking by and it was packed so we figured it must be good.
9 times out of 10 if the weather is even halfway decent we choose to sit outside to eat.
and i always choose sweet and he chooses savory.
i ordered the Strawberry Croissant French Toast filled with mascarpone cheese and an Iced Macchiato with vanilla & carmel vodka – YUMMMM!
i have wished for this meal again so many times since!

on the flight that morning we decided to go to a Cubs game.
it had been probably 15 or more years since the last time i’d been to one!
we walked from brunch to Wrigley Field and it was as wonderful as i remembered.
it was a perfect day for a baseball game!
and the Cubs won!
it was such a fun environment – everyone was so happy out in the streets afterwards!

the rest of our day was spent wandering around the city.
we did some sight seeing, some shopping and lots of people watching. Β πŸ™‚

on sunday we met up with old friends for lunch which was relaxing and sweet.
and the best guac i’ve ever had!
i’m so glad they had time to see us!

and then we finally got to the whole reason for our trip…
the U2 concert at Soldier Field!

we did the math and figured out that this was our 7th U2 concert with our chicago friends dave & jenny.
we’ve been doing this together for a long time!
i remember bring pregnant for at least one concert and it wasn’t with annie.
so many memories from all those years!
we had such a good night!!
the best weather…hanging with our besties all day… the lumineers opened… Β and then U2!

before we left the city we were sure to get some chicago style pizza too.

i love any time that i get to escape with craig.
he’s my favorite.

jennibell - Glad to see you back blogging again (and a little time for me to sit down and read). Loved your summer pictures. . .you make me feel close to you when you pour your heart out (that’s weird, I hope you know I’m not a crazy stalker — bloggers become “like friends”). . .and then you inspire me to plan a weekend with MY love because in all of summer’s gloriousness, and working through “life”, and just makingdinnerrunningerrandsplayingchauffer I forget how important time away together is too. Thanks for the inspiration! Glad we’re in sort of the same parenting phases — you used to inspire me to create with my kiddos. . .now you are reminding me not to forget the one I made those kiddos with — ha πŸ™‚

Lori - Looks like an awesome weekend!

LaurainSacto - Boy does U2 know how to sell out a stadium or what? That is a great picture!

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