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best ever chocolate chip cookies

okay…i know everyone knows how to make chocolate chip cookies.


but these are really good.
my favorites.
my friend jonelle gave me a book of handwritten recipes for my wedding.
this recipe was in it.
she called them the best ever…and i do too.

first thing to do is cream together crisco and sugars.
i like butter flavor crisco.  
(there is so much wrong with that sentence – i like butter flavor crisco.)
but to make these delicious cookies…you need it.
or regular shortening is fine too.

then you add your eggs and vanilla.
this is what i think is the key to the yumminess of these cookies –
you add 1 and 1/4 tsp. baking soda dissolved in 1/4 c. water.


then the dough looks kind of funky like this…

kind of seperated…
i think it's hard to see.
maybe this.


then you add the flour salt and baking powder.
then the very best part….


the chocolate!
make sure you sneak plenty of dough while you bake.

and if i am feeling nice…i save a little for lauren…her favorite part.
now to bake them.
if i am feeling lazy i put all the dough in a sheet cake pan and make bars.
(i don't know why my blog is double spacing! it's making me crazy!)
but i didn't have sheet cake until last year.
it's just something i never bought.  weird right?
so for the past 13 years i just make regular old cookies.
i like them just as much but i tend to burn things (ADD) so the bars are easier.
now just sit back and wait for someone to ring your doorbell
with 50 balloons, a tiara and a plaque that says Mother-of-the-Year.
surely it will happen one of these days right?
recipe is on the sidebar.
*edited: the family thing by the cookies is a sweet gift from my MIL.
it says "family is born out of the laughter of Heaven. 
why else would we delight in wiping runny noses 
and birthdays that aren't our own."

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playdoh cookies

i found these at little momma and company.

she has such creative fun in her kitchen.
i was in love with the color…of course.


i doubled the recipe since there were four of them.
and i think if i ever do it again…i will make some for me to play with too.
ours looked nothing like little momma’s but that’s not important.
(hers were pretty.  ours were not.)
this was just for fun.
and so we could check something else off the summer list.


it is real cookie dough that looks like playdoh.
it was good enough to eat.
and they did.



they each got their own pan.
there was no wrong way to make them.
if we make these again i will add more flour…it was quite sticky.



annie was the only one who wanted to eat annie’s.



they turned out pretty good.
kind of flavorless…but so colorful.
it was a little strange to eat a bright blue cookie.

but they managed to get it done.

and for those of you who will comment that i am “such a fun mom…”
they were all grounded from tv and video games yesterday
and this was to keep my sanity.
and 20 minutes after this….
they all got sent tho their rooms till their dad got home from work.

but i am still a fun mom.
just want you to know (in case you doubted) that we have plenty of UN-fun here too.

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going on over here

i posted this picture on Instagram a couple of weeks ago.
talby called me after she’d left with sean for school and said “MOM! HURRY! GO OUTSIDE! There’s a FULL RAINBOW! HURRY!”
so i ran out to the driveway in my pajamas and saw THIS!
i mean – whaaaaat?!
and just as i was taking the photo it began to rain.
the rain lasted about 2 minutes and the rainbow was gone.
but i was beaming with joy about it for hours.

and this was the sunset on the way home from ball games later that same day!
the sky was getting so fancy for a plain old tuesday!

we have a new kitten.
there have been many names thrown around for her but i chose Yzma from Emperor’s New Groove.
the kids still disagree with me but no one will make up their mind any other way so Yzma it is!

talby’s club team has a tournament every weekend for like… ever.
but it has been SO fun to watch them find their stride.
it’s a really great team that talby loves to be with – which makes me happy to see too!

we were in lawrence for a volleyball tournament and decided to catch a KU game the same day.
(omg – the guy behind us!) ha ha ha
we had just the youngest two kids with us which is always fun to change the dynamics a little.

it was a GREAT game!
craig was loving every minute.
watching a game in Allen Fieldhouse is always awesome – A L W A Y S !

another great sunset last week!

i made these monster cookies last weekend.
i already bought everything to make them again.

more volleyball tournaments and more hugs.

in the last week i have seen all three of these movies.
YOU MUST go see them!
all three of them!

ok… my list for the week is slightly depressing.
i just want to snuggle into bed and not be prodcutive… is that so wrong?

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september is over???

one of my top favorite summer/fall experiences is finding a sunflower field.
and some years i never do.
in case you don’t know… sunflowers are a crop that farmers plant like they would with wheat or corn or soybeans.
they are BEAUTIFUL but serve a purpose with their seeds.
“the seeds are used to make cooking oil, margarine, mayonnaise, salad dressings, snack food, hair oil, swine and poultry feed, fireplace logs and low-grade furnace fuel.” – i googled that.
they are always in different fields each year – which is why they can be hard to find.
i have yet to see sunflowers in the same field two summers in a row… but i don’t have the knowledge to explain exactly why that is.
it has to do with dirt and stuff.  (that’s a farmer-y word – “stuff”)
we get lots of questions when people come to kansas about sunflowers so i am just passing on my helpful info.
ha ha ha
talby was my willing model.
seriously though????
this was with my phone and the sun had just set.
i wish we’d taken it with the big camera 10 minutes earlier.

waffle is such a lover.

this super cute puffy vest is at Sam’s club!  whaaaat?!
and take a selfie for your friends in the feminine products & bread aisle like me!

donuts are my weakness…. they are just too pretty!!!

sean is about halfway through his football season.
i am actually starting to catch on to what is going on out there!

scotty stopped by one of talby’s volleyball games.
i was trying not to hug him TOO much.
but i can’t help myself.
the second time i went out to photograph the sunflower field i had a wonderful experience.
i was alone and walked out into the field about 50 feet maybe.
i was clicking away with my camera and i noticed a monarch fluttering around me.
then i stopped looking through my screen and looked at the field and there were butterflies EVERYWHERE!
it was so quiet.  the only sound was the leaves flapping, bees buzzing and butterflies wings flapping.
it felt like a dream.
garden spiders are so gross and so cool.
everyone says they are harmless but they still creep me out so much.
this one was all the way at the back of the yard by the chicken coop so i felt okay about it.
it was as big as my palm.
these yellow flowers are weeds/wildflowers that are 7 feet tall in the back yard.
and that sun really did look like that.
i had to edit it my photo a lot to get that to show up but that is pretty much exactly what my eyes saw!
fourwaffle was not in the mood for selfies.
hugs for scott after he stopped by the house for a haircut.  🙂

talby got to go to her first homecoming dance.
it’s been a long time since i have dressed shopped with a teen.
the thing i forgot is that the stores are full of other teens shopping as well.
and it’s loud.
and they slam their dressing room doors over and over.
and play music on their phones.
oy veh!
but it was fun to spend time with talby and find a pretty dress!

sean is in red… third one in that is bent down on the ground.
i don’t know his position.
i just know his number.
i focus on that.
“where’s #53?”  that is pretty much ALL i think about during his games.
it’s working for me.
waffle always prances around so happily after a haircut.

this pumpkin???
crazy town.
i bought it at sams when i bought that buffalo check vest.  🙂
i had a birthday last week.
my parents were visiting to help me celebrate.
i got my hair colored that day too!
i haven’t colored my hair for three years and made the decision to do it for some self care.
i remembered how much i like getting something new – a cut or a color – so i booked it.
i almost cancelled 20 different times.
money… time… upkeep… fear… energy….  but in the end i went!
it doesn’t look too different but it’s a little darker… with some red in there.
but it is shiny and fresh and healthy now and that feels great!
yay for self care!!!
my friend shelley sent me a box of rainbow frosted sugar cookies!
what in the world???
it was the sweetest gift!
i shared a few but i made sure i got the most!
i also got the most amazing vintage green polka dot quilt/blanket in the mail from a friend.
it was such a wild birthday surprise!
i couldn’t love it more!

and there was cake and candles and singing happy birthday of course.
forty one.
here’s hoping forty one is a year of learning and graciously accepting growth and change.
and lots of fun.
and losing 20 pounds and becoming a marathon runner/mountain climber/disco queen.
just kidding!


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