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Soft Stretch Cable Knit Beanie

Rainbow Colored Playing Cards

Ice Cream Cone Lamp
battery operated light – 9″x 4″ (ish)
i already ordered one!

Mini Kareoke Microphone
this is fun!

PopSockets – Expanding Stand and Phone Grip

String of Christmas Lights Phone Charging Cable

Portable Phone Charger
it seems that every kid is needing to charge their phone all the time…

Selfie Stick
these make getting group shots so much fun!

Rainbow Phone Case
it is for the iphone 7 but in case you didn’t already know… the 7 and 8 are the exact same size!

Cozy Slipper Socks
i loved the colors of these…. and ordered them too!

Bath Bomb Gift Set


Nail Polish

Beauty Blending Makeup Sponges

Eyebrow Kit with Stencil
eyebrows are a big deal to teens these days…

Turbie Twist Hair Towel 2 Pack
these are soooo great!
they stay on your head easily and keep the laundry down a bit with less big towels too!

Waterproof Facial Cleansing Brush
these really do help get a deep clean for fresh faces.
we love ours!


Lip Smacker Lip Balm Collection
these are THE CUTEST!!! Annie has them and they are truly adorable!

 Unicorn Snot Glitter body gel

Striped Pajama Set

Comfy Cozy Robe

Happy Feet Slippers
there are over 50 different animal slippers to choose from!

Rainbow Bag 
this is the absolute cutest little bag in the whole world!!!

Color Me Cat                                                    Color Me Dog                                              Color Me Wild 
these are neat Color-by-Number Artbooks that look pixelated and cool!


Star Wars Felt
how cute are these little tiny felt star wars people???

Star Wars Crochet Kit and Even More Star Wars Crochet
i mean… how adorable is this???

Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine
i have been telling you for years how much i love this machine!
it’s great for beginners AND old pros… it’s solid and steady… very easy to use!
And i saw that today it’s on sale for only $100!!!

World’s Smallest Poloroid Camera Keychain

Exploding Kittens
this was a new & fun game we played this year!
annie gave it her seal of approval.

Watch Ya Mouth

Table Topics
Questions to start great conversationsDevoted                                                           Adored                                                           Graceful
You’re God’s Girl                                                    Whatever is Lovely                                            For Girls Like You
You’re Worth It                                                 Made to Make a Difference                                        Girl Defined
Beautiful Word Coloring Bible – teal                  Beautiful Word Bible – Hardcover              Beautiful Word Coloring Bible – pink

Ice Cream Cone Pens

Big Book of Girl Stuff

Clip-in Hair Colorful Extensions

Makeup & Toiletry Bag
red & pink is my favorite combo so i loved this one!

Maybelline Eyeshadow Palettes

Rejuvenating Facial Wipes
these are great to keep in their gym bags so they can wipe that sweat off right away after practice or a game.

3 Minute Miracle 
i know that this isn’t very fancy BUT this stuff is truly amazing on your hair!
it’s the perfect stocking stuffer!
Wet Brush Pro
everyone looooooves the Wet Brush for detangling all types of hair

Conair Infiniti Pro Curling Wand

Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer
This is the hair dryer I use and I love it – powerful and quick!

Makeup Organizer

 Makeup Brush Set
in rainbow colors of course!!!

Boho Braids
a book with 40 modern free spirited hairstyles

Phone case and Wallet – all in one!

Unicorn Fur Seat Belt Cover

Chunky Knit Cardigan Sweater

Master Chef Junior Cookbook for Young Cooks

Ceramic Letter Dish 

Unicorn Squeeze Popper

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera

Instax Camera Strap

Handi Squirrels, Unicorns, Cats and more!
these would make super funny stocking stuffers.

Unicorn Mug 
this makes hot cocoa magical  🙂

Pencil Case for 120 Colored Pencils

120 Colored Pencils to fill up that cool carrying case

Ryan Gosling Coloring Book

Cat Bonnet

Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Colorful Hand Knit Hats 


Ronda Opipery - I have purchased so many things from this list. They were all hits as gifts. May have purchased a couple for myself as well. 🙂 Thank you!!

Iris Brown - I don’t know why I laughed out loud for the cat bonnet gift. I want a cat just so I can use it.

Erin Hughes - Awesome list! Thanks for sharing!

Christy - This is the BEST list! Thank you!! Please say you’ll add a list for tween/teen boys tomorrow! 🙏

Erin - Best list ever! Just ordered 4 of the charger packs!!

Jen - Just ordered the braid book! Great gift idea that I wouldn’t have thought of myself. My daughter is going to love it!

Heidi DeGroot - This is amazing!! Thanks so much.

Makila - I love this list soo much. Thank you!!!!!!!

Kristi - Ummm…I think I need that Ryan Gosling coloring book for myself!! 🙂

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Camp CREATE coming april 2018

April 26-29, 2018 is our next CAMP CREATE!
I am so excited to spend time with all these women and with… YOU!
Registration opens at 5:00 pm (CST) on Sunday November 19 – CLICK HERE FOR TICKET INFORMATION.
In the past Camp has sold out within a few minutes so be sure to be ready at 5:00!

in 2014 i began dreaming and praying about what kind of place this camp could be…


– a place where women could come for a longer stay for a true break from the everyday routines.
– to create & feel confident that they were created for a purpose.
– to be reminded that they are God’s Masterpiece.
– to learn more about the plans God has for each of us.
– to explore WHY their art and gifts are important.
– to feel empowered as artists.
– to be in a beautiful space that sparks inspiration in every corner
– to see that WHO they are..right now just as they are… matters and means something!
– to know that the desire to create is instilled in them by God and it’s REAL.
– to feel safe to share their dreams
– to be taken care of and pampered (women are always care giving… this is a time to be cared FOR)
– to grow spiritually, emotionally and creatively
– to uncover what their dreams might be if they don’t know
– to have a restful place to CREATE & PLAY
– to discover more about our identities in Christ.
– to be encouraged to SHINE everyday no matter their life circumstances

and God is continuing to make this happen!


CAMP CREATE is a place where we focus on the gifts of creativity, learning about God’s unique design for each of us and how God makes us artists.

even if you have never painted a painting or sculpted a pot… you are still an artist!

If you don’t consider yourself a “real artist” you will still fit perfectly at camp.
all skill levels are welcome!  beginner to professional!
you have a purpose and goals and a heart that is worth fighting for!
God put a need to create inside us…there are endless ways that it can show itself…not just paint or pencils.
He made us in His image – the CREATOR!
He filled our hearts with Dreams!

i am so thrilled to have author Jenny Randle as our speaker!
Each day she will share in the morning & evening, challenging us with questions to answer in our quiet times and thoughts to consider while we are creating.  She is passionate about helping women understand their God-given identity and purpose.
Her book is FABULOUS!!! You can purchase it here whether you come to camp or not.

our art instructors are Megan Wells,  Carol Spenst and ME    🙂
we will teach skills and techniques that are unique to each of our giftings.
our days at camp are full of creating art together that is centered in our joy of using our hands to MAKE stuff!
our time is very free flowing and open ended… it is WONDERFUL!

Kimberlee Jost always prepares amazing meals for camp.
she is so talented at serving delicious food and making it look easy and effortless.
i am so happy to eat anything she serves!

each camp we have had has been so GOOD!
we can’t wait to watch how God moves in our hearts this September.

we are so thrilled to be able to invite YOU to be a part of CAMP CREATE 2017!

if you still don’t know what i am talking about you can read here about our past camps:

Camp CREATE 2017 – fall

Camp CREATE 2017 – spring

Camp CREATE 2016 – fall

Camp CREATE 2016 – spring

Camp CREATE 2015

Camp CREATE 2014





1. Tickets go on sale at November 19 at 5:00 (CST) in my shop.
there are only 11 spots available for CAMP CREATE… last year we sold out in ten minutes.

2. Registration is paid in installments.
– First payment of $250 will be on Sunday November 19 through Paypal in my shop.
This payment is non-refundable but will go towards your total registration cost.

– Second payment of $625 is due on Friday January 26, 2018

– Third payment of $625 is due on Friday March 2, 2018

OR if you want to pay more or the full the remaining amount after Novmeber 19… you can do that as soon as you’d like.

3.  Airfare and travel is not included  in the price but we will take you to & from the airport on wednesday & sunday of camp.

4.  If you do not get a spot and would like me to keep your name in case of a cancelation – leave it in the comments.  I have had to use these names every camp so it’s worth a try!

5.  Leave your questions in the comments and I will try my best to answer them in the comment area.

Heather Honeycutt - Would you post a Christmas wish-list?
Yours are always full of great ideas!

Sarah Ferguson - Please add me to your wait list.
I’m just never fast enough!

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Volleyball 2017

what a great season talby had this year!
we truly enjoyed watching these girls play together every game.
they played hard but also got along so well!
watching teammates encourage each other and enjoy their time together is such a joy.

they won several of their tournaments during the season.
they won substate and went all the way to the semi finals at state taking home 3rd place in 3A.

volleyball is talby’s favorite sport and i love watching her do what she loves.
she’s competetive and works hard.
i really enjoy when all my kids are together supporting each other.
we are all so proud of talby!
we’re bummed the season is over and already looking forward to next year!

Pam Weaver is a wonderful photographer in town.
she does family photography but she also takes photos at the high school sporting events.
i am so grateful because it lets me watch the game and not have to think about pictures.
she is a blessing to so many parents here in Hesston.
if you are in the kansas area… definitely check out Pam’s website for any photography needs you have!

Marcia (OrganisingQueen) - I just popped on to say that pic of Talby about to hit the ball is amazing and should be framed 🙂

Jo - Wow great photography! she captured the emotions and the action.

Brady W. - Dang! Your girl can get some air!! That is such a blessing to have a photographer take care of the pictures so you can just watch and be in the moment. Volleyball is so fun to watch! Congrats, Talby!

Kelly - Congrats girls! So fun to see these pics! Kelly

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things i am loving…

Salon Perfect –  Stick To Your Guns
this is my current favorite nail polish color!
i do currently have this color on my nails but this lady’s nails look so much better than mine.
i found this at wal-mart – $4.

these cookies made me super happy.
and i ate A LOT of them!

have you seen some of katie daisy’s new work?
painting in her fabulous style on top of beautiful photos!!
she makes EVERYTHING beautiful!

I saw this a few months ago in the theater and just wathed it again at home last night.
such a good movie!!
two thumbs up!

this advertisement for this tee came across my IG feed and i LOVE it!!
it was from The Pink Lily.
this isn’t an ad on my part… and i have no idea about this shop but this shirt is perfect!
i am ready for all the christmas music and cookies and movies!!!

Slow Cooker Mac & Cheese
i made this recipe for our church potluck today – SO EASY!!!
i doubled it even and there wasn’t a single bite left to bring home.
i love my crock pot!!!

i think i found my halloween costume…. HA HA HA!


i have new Mini Scrap Bunting in my shop in FALL COLORS!!!
this was so fun to put together!
go check it out!

Heather - Just got my bunting in the mail this week and I ADORE the size of the squares and the length of it!! I hope you make some more for Christmas in this bigger size! Have a bunch of places I want to stick it! Thanks!

Iris Brown - I love all these suggestions. Especially the mac & cheese recipe!!!!! 🙂

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