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my 41 year old fresh face

soooo… 6 months ago i became a Rodan & Fields consultant.
but less than 10 people in my life know that.
i didn’t (and don’t) want to pressure anyone or make anyone feel weird about it.
so i am just going to be totally honest and tell you all about it.

last winter i got a FB message from someone i knew online… sort of.
her name was familiar but i wasn’t sure why.
she asked if i’d ever considered trying Rodan & Fields skincare?
i answered “it’s funny you asked me that because YES! i am wondering what all the fuss is about”
we chatted a bit and then i looked at the website… it’s pricey.
she messaged me a few weeks later “did you get a chance to look it over – what were your thoughts?”
i said “hey thanks but i am not ready to invest that much into skin care.”
she was kind and understanding.

a few more weeks later she said “i’m mailing out some mini facial kits and i’d love to send you one”
i thought “you’re not going to change my mind but i’ll take the free facial”

it arrived in the mail and sat on my counter for probably a month.

the past few years i have been frustrated with my skin.
it looked dull, my freckles had all merged together to make big splotches, still breaking out often and leaving scars, my pores were big and i suddenly was oily when my whole life i’ve had normal to dry skin.  i was needing more make-up to cover up the spots and scars.  i was increasingly bummed at my skin every morning and every evening.
i have always used the most basic face washes & lotions. (aka: the cheapest)
my skin care routine was not fancy…  but also not working.

one night i picked up the mini facial kit.
i had no expectations whatsoever.
i put the micro-dermabrasion paste on as instructed then washed it off and put on the night renewing serum.
it was AMAaaaaaaazing!!!

you guys…   seriously.

my face had NEVER felt like this before.
never ever.
it was the softest my skin has ever felt.
it was smooth and fresh!
i was freaking out on in the bathroom talking to myself  “what is this stuff?! it feels like rainbows and unicorns and angels washed my face!”

i couldn’t believe how it made my skin feel!

my next thought was “well dang it… now i want to use this stuff everyday!”
but i was still not in love with the cost.

i asked my three girlfriends that i talk to every single day “has anyone tried Rodan & Fields?  is anyone interested in trying it?”
all three had been wondering about it and all three said they were ready to try it.

and so i decided to become a consultant for all of us.
the girl who didn’t want to even try it a few months ago was convinced to sell it in one use?


i also knew that everyone would love it as much as i did when they tried it.

i like discounts.  i like sales.  i like paying less!
after researching it a bit i realized the most inexpensive way to use R&F was to become a consultant.
i figured i had really had nothing to lose so i signed up.
my husband used the phrase “it’s a no brainer”
my consultant who i didn’t even “know” and had never met was quite surprised by that text.
ha ha ha
i started with the Reverse regimen and each of my three friends picked a regimen as well.
and it has been sooooo great!
i have used it morning and night since may.
my sun spots/freckles have almost completely disappeared!
my break outs are 99% gone and when i do have a blemish it is very top surface layer and they go away very quickly.
my skin looks even and fresh!


i also got my mom started on it… then two more girlfriends… and even my teenager on the Unblemish regimen.

i asked some of them to share a quick thought on their feelings of R&F the past 6 months.

“I have a lot of redness and sun damage. Since I started using the redefine it is so much better!!!  I don’t feel like i have to makeup every day to cover it up. Definitely feel happier in my own skin! ”

“I am a grandmother; I have very mature dry skin. I have been using the Rodan + Fields Reverse for 3 months. I love it. My skin still has wrinkles but the age/sun spots are much lighter and my skin is much softer.”


“I love the way the entire texture of my skin changed. My skin is so smooth now. I feel like my pores are smaller and less noticeable too. It also smells so clean and feels so light on my skin. It’s an investment for sure, but after 40 years of cheaper products, I can really tell a huge difference in using r&f for just a few months.”

“The products are so amazing that I finally have found a skin care regimen I can stick with!”

here are the products i am personally using:

meg duerksen - Hi Christine! I can still be your consultant even if you live in Canada. Yay!! But if for some reason you have trouble just let me know. 🙂

Christine Birch - Hi Meg,

I’m back in Canada now. Should I find a local consultant?


kasandra - Hi Meg! I am interested in becoming a consultant and am having trouble finding this info on your website. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction? Thanks and Happy New Year!

Julie Briggs - Meg can you email me about the lash boost special going on??

Wanda - I am very interested in the reverse regimen but I need to know if the products are unscented?

Michele - I’ve been wanting to try…esp. that roller?! Any way I can get samples to see how my skin reacts?

meg duerksen - Annette – R&F suggests talking to your doctor first about rosacea

Annette - Is there anything for rosacea?

Amy T-Y - Sent you a Facebook message!

Patti - Charlene – I can relate! Is there a way to get a sample before we invest?

Patti - I will turn 51 come January…my skin is very dry all of a sudden and is splotchy…..any reviews for *ahem* women of my age? i’m definitely interested.

Carla - Hi Meg, thanks for your review. You’ve sure piqued my interest. Could you please contact me via email, I have some questions for you. Thanks!

Laurie McNeil - I am so excited about this product. I have sun spots that I would
love to see go bye-bye. I have a dry face. I do get a little bit of oil on my forehead. I think I need the package you are using.
Do we buy it from you?

meg duerksen - Marjie – you definitely can switch! after you correct your skin then you keep wearing sunscreen and can use the Redefine. great question! let me know if you have more questions!

Suzette - Oops…spell check changed Unblemish to Unblemished.

Suzette - Hi Meg, I looked at the site. If I became a consultant, would I be under you? And how do the prices differ? I’m thinking of Reverse for me and Unblemished for my 17-y-o. Email me when you get a chance.

Laura - Meg, I used the solution tool and now need to get started. Help?

Lindsey - Hey Meg- I’d love to have some information about becoming a consultant! My skin has always been a problem for me!

Marjie - I am wondering if I use the Reverse line first, can I then switch over to Redefine for long term use? Or do you choose one and stick with it indefinitely? Thanks!

meg duerksen - Hi Abby. I would start with Soothe then add Unblemish in later. After a round (or two) of soothe you could use soothe in the morning and Unblemish at night.

meg duerksen - I will email you Terri! Regimens last 60 days – usually more.

Terri - Hi Meg,

I also have freckles that are merging together. Would love some info on being a consultant and wondering how long the supplies last – one month?

Lori - Your before and after pictures are amazing!

Heidi - I have to say, I keep seeing people that use R+F and they post before and after photos, and I always wondered because it was just a random person. Putting your OWN photo out there is what sells it! Good luck with your business!

Abby - Do you know if any of these (I’m guessing the soothe regimen?) work well with psoriasis? My skin gets irritated easily and I get psoriasis (chronic dry skin) breakouts across my forehead and nose sometimes… but along with acne so I can never figure out how to treat both. I’ve been curious for a long time about Rodan & Fields..

Leia - I would like info on becoming a consultant as well 😊

Jen - Meg, thank you always for your honesty. You were beautiful before you started R + F, but I see what you mean, spots are gone. Your skin looks great! If it weren’t for the high price, I would order from you today. I see how many people I know that have earned a Lexus SUV from R + F in less than 2 years and I feel that’s what my money would be going toward. It’s just really too expensive, but yes, the results are clear.

meg duerksen - Mary I’ll email you later tonight 🙂

meg duerksen - Hey Sara!!! What did you want info on specifically.

meg duerksen - A regimen will last 60 days and often more. ☺️

Mary Hanna - Meg, I am interested in information about becoming a consultant. Would you please send me some info? Thanks, Mary

Amy - How long does the $199 system last you? That is a huge investment, but depending on how long it lasts it may be doable.

Sara - Info please! 🙂

Jenny B. - Oh, I just saw that you linked the “Solution Tool,” so I am looking at that for my son’s acne. 🙂

meg duerksen - i sent you an email tammy

Jenny B. - Your before and after is insane! R+F has been flying low under my radar other than the Facebook posts I’ve seen from other consultants from time to time. I am not ready to try it (no $$ to spend right now), but your post certainly made me give it more thought than any other I’ve seen. 🙂 I’m at least happy for you that you are happy with your skin! I do have a couple of questions… Proactiv always bleached out my towels and sheets. Does R+F do that too? Also, my almost-12-year-old has started breaking out a lot. What products would be recommended for him (would have to be LOW maintenance as he is still struggling with basic hygiene at this point). 🙂

Tammy - Hi Meg,
I saw your instagram post – I am 52 and concerned about wrinkles but also have developed what is called cystic acne (acne under the skin). Will any of these products help the cystic acne?
Thanks _ Tammy Allen

meg duerksen - i just sent you an email charlene 🙂

Charlene Carlascio - Hi Meg,
I follow you on Instagram and saw your post….I am 62 and have dull skin with blotches and dry spots and some redness….I did look at the RF website…and wasn’t sure where to start….can you help me?

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this week

it was a late night!


but totally worth it!
i do not claim to be a huge baseball fan.
BUT i have been to some Cubs games when we lived in chicago and Craig has always loved the Cubs!
i remember the first time he took me to a game we walked out of the tunnel area to our seats and we were practically on the field!
i couldn’t believe it!  we were SO CLOSE!
Then the other games he took me to were usually work parties on the rooftops.
such fun memories!
It was fun to watch game 7 last night with craig, annie, sean and talby – even through the rain delay and the 10th inning!
of course craig had watched all 7 games… i watched ONLY game 7.
and all day this week i’ve been humming “go cubs go! go cubs go”

halloween this year – we are down to only annie dressing up.
apparently it was the year of the onesie.
easiest costume ever!
i whipped up some new curtains for the Craft House this week.
(fabric from hobby lobby)
and now i’m ready to get started on Christmas Bunting in my shop.
i LOVE all these fabrics together!!!
(fabrics from joanns, hobby lobby and
annie turned twelve!
so crazy to think my tiny baby girl is now twelve.
time is just FLYING by!
someone on Instagram asked what 12 year old girls want for gifts.
she got some Nike & Under Armour clothes, silver Converse high tops, a basketball goal for her bedroom door, a KU blanket and colored pencils. Just listing that makes me smile because it’s SO very Annie.    🙂

see??? HOW has this time warp happened?
this was yesterday.
i’m sure of it.


Kimberly Dial - That last one tugged at my heart strings. Such a precious pic. My oldest granddaughter will be twelve in December so I know what you mean. It’s as though time has sprouted wings.

Beth Larson - Oh Meg, this last pic is so sweet, and YOU look 14!

Melia - Life-long Cubs fan, here! My entire family is SO excited! And tired from all of those late nights in October 🙂

Also want to comment on how much you have NOT aged in 12 years. Wow! Time is on your side 🙂

Laura - I must have some of that bunting!

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halloween memories

fall is so full of memories!
i got lost in the fall photos and blog posts over the last 9 years.  🙂
and then got into the photo albums too.
i couldn’t find ALL of our halloweens because half of our photo albums are still at the Craft House – oops.
we have had 21 Halloweens – that is a lot of costumes and pumpkins!
img_0081img_2869 – wonder woman

fullsizerender-13– panther, princess, cowboy & a boxer

6a00d8341c469c53ef0133f5521a67970b-700wi6a00d8341c469c53ef010535e1fda2970b-640wiimg_9348pp_w775_h516fullsizerender-20 – princess leia


6a00d8341c469c53ef010535cec9da970c-600wi – super girl

fullsizerender-23 – lauren was a mama cat with four kittens

img_9736pp_w775_h7756a00d8341c469c53ef0120a5e92c19970b-640wi6a00d8341c469c53ef0133f57db249970b-700wifullsizerender-18559446_10151236509704771_1030187947_n6a00d8341c469c53ef0154371065db970c-700wifullsizerender-17 – robin

6a00d8341c469c53ef0120a645fa9a970b-300wi – annie wearing this lion costume that ALL five kids wore at some point

6a00d8341c469c53ef010535d9aff9970b-640wi6a00d8341c469c53ef0120a6168984970b-640wi6a00d8341c469c53ef010535ceca0b970c-600wi sean as….. death?

6a00d8341c469c53ef01348871f823970c-700wi6a00d8341c469c53ef010535d4d6ff970b-300wiimg_6649_2fullsizerender-12img_6328_2 – a bat

img_0811pp_w775_h5166a00d8341c469c53ef017ee42cf537970d-700wifullsizerender-16 – sean as a strawberry   🙂
that was the first costume i sewed myself!

6a00d8341c469c53ef0134889deb9d970c-700wi– football player, bat girl and Dorothy

6a00d8341c469c53ef0154369bcb16970c-700wi – cheerleader

fullsizerender-96a00d8341c469c53ef0133f57db8a5970b-700wiimg_6319_2 – professional skateboarder
fall4pp_w775_h484– cow girl, gorilla & witch
6a00d8341c469c53ef010535c8d647970b-650wi – pirate
img_3013pp_w775_h581fullsizerender-11 – dalmatian, black panther, cheetah & lion
my mom made the panther, cheetah, tiger and a bumblebee costume over the years
we still have them!
img_2936pp_w775_h581img_0086fullsizerender-10– 8 months pregnant with annie at the pumpkin patch

img_7698 – unicorn
fullsizerender-14 – tiger
fullsizerender-7 – princess leia, darth vader, pirate, blue power ranger and a cute baby   🙂

6a00d8341c469c53ef0120a69b71e6970c-640wifullsizerender-8fullsizerender-15 – cheetah

gosh i love these people like craaaaaazy.
my heart is full.
filled to the tippy top with love right now.

Octobers are THE BEST!!!

Jenny B. - Aahhhh! I love when you do these posts (I think you did one for first day of school recently too?). Anyway, I love them, but they make me cry! And they’re not even my kids! Sigh…

se7en - Oh my word I think I have been following your blog forever and memories of little superheroes came flooding back!!! How rich are these memories… tooo sweet!!!

chrissi - love each photo. you do halloween so well.

KWolff - Reading through this post made me want to curl up in my office and start going through boxes of old photos to find Halloween shots. If I hadn’t had to stroll the neighborhood with my favorite 5 year old werewolff I probably would have.
Your photos are great. I love that the costumes varied from homemade to store bought to everything in between. That’s the way our Halloweens are. It sure makes for some fun photos!
Thanks so much for sharing.

sharon / tpt - sooo full of memories. there is something so so special about fall. it makes a momma cry! our babies…
happy fall season to you! enjoyed the memory lane~

cathie w. - This was so fun! My kiddos are still pretty tiny – so I’m looking forward to being able to flip through all our photo memories when they’re big ole’ teenagers.

Jenny Joy - I loved this so very much!!!

Renee Cook - Omg. Stop. I have 3 under 4 & this makes me want more so that I can haveadorable photos of many many children in 15 years!! They are all so cute.

Tiffany - What a kick in the pants to get my photos organized!!

tasha roe - so many great memories! makes my heart happy

Jamie Burdorf - These are absolutely priceless. A good reminder you can never take too many pictures!!

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fun finds this fall

i love this super cute fall take on the monogram!

i LOVE these Squeeze Paint Pumpkins!!! WOW!

chalkboard and chevron pumpkins are both great ideas!

there is a tutorial on how to make this monogrammed pumpkin HERE.

i don’t think i’ve ever seen a Halloween entrance like this!  Pretty cool!

love the colors on this fall garland!

this scarf would be PERFECT for fall!

of course Oh Happy Day has the coolest ombre pumpkin centerpiece!

emoji pumpkins?! YES!!!  Raising Up Rubies has the best ideas!

“rainbow” pumpkins! love this easy idea!
Ikat patterns on pumpkins?  AWESOME!

using leaves as stencils!

this wreath is a mix of fake and real leaves to make it look GREAT!

this pumpkin garland is very sweet.

velvet pumpkins GALORE!  I love the deep colors of this table!

Alisa Burke has very fun painted pumpkins every year!

cute fall display with a tutorial at Happiness is Homemade.
more velvet pumpkins but in a totally different color scheme.

PopSugar shows you how to use watercolors on coffee filters with your kids to make this leaf garland.

how cute are these leaf paintings?!  love that!

every photo in this post looks like a movie set!  it’s crazy!

such a simple and beautiful way to say Happy Fall!


Cassandra - Using leaves as a stencil, genius…why didn’t I think of that!!!

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