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happy new year!

2016 was a rough year it seemed.
i heard that over and over every where i went.
but it was so good too!
here’s my favorite pics from 2016 all together in one spot. ¬† ūüôā

i always feel hopeful with the start of a¬†new year…new calendar…a fresh start.
there’s a few big adventures i want to accomplish this coming year.
i am praying for discernment and wisdom as they play out.

thanks for reading this blog all these years.
it’s kind of a crazy thing!
thanks for the encouragement to keep writing or for what i shared.
you guys are awesome.

now – i have to clean out my bedroom from the christmas mayhem.


Angela Atkins - Lovely! What a great way to celebrate the year and your family.

meg duerksen - I love those plates!!! Thank you Cornelia!

cornelia krahn - I check everyday to see if you’ve written something new. I love your blog. I’m the one who gave you my vintage state plate collection so it was fun to see the Alabama plate. Happy New Year!

Kathi - Thanks for sharing for all these years! I love to see an email from FeedBlitz. You inspire me!

meg duerksen - oh Shar… we have plenty of problems – trust me! but we do have lots of fun too! thanks for reading!

meg duerksen - Jennibell – it’s called Praise Like Fireworks by Rend Collective. They are on repeat over here all the time so it had to be the band i choose. ūüôā

meg duerksen - well… make me get all teary heidi! thanks for reading! i love dennis! ūüôā

heidi - Your blog was the first one I ever read and it is still my absolute favorite. You are such an inspiration!!!! Thank you for everything you have done for my father-in-law’s business. What a blessing you are to the entire world!

Cheryl - What a wonderful Flipagram! You have the cutest family! Thanks for sharing. I need to take more pictures! ūüôā

jennibell - Very fun!!! Looks like a great year for your crew!! What is the music/song you were playing?

Tracy Koeppen - Thank you, Meg, for writing this blog!! And taking beautiful pics!! I love to follow along.

It makes me sad whenever I hear another mention of 2016 being a “terrible year”. We had a great year!!

Lori - That was so fun! Love your photos, and I loved that there were tiny videos tucked in there ūüôā Happy new year!

jill - Love your blog and all of your t shirts you wear!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Happy New Years! Have a great, great year!

Shar - U make me so happy! I wish my family could b half as wonderful and fun loving and joyful as yours. It’s a new year a new start

Monica - Thanks for your blog, I love reading it and I’m always inspired by you and your family pictures are so nice. Thanks so much

Heather S. - Yep – I’m one of those “rough year” people. It truly held so much good for us, but it ended on such a hard note with the death of one of our very best friends, only 47 years of age. It has been a very hard month. I am looking forward to moving forward – into 2017 with healing!

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loving my skin for 2017

I had LOTS of people interested in Rodan & Fields when I posted about it in November.  
Maybe you have some christmas money and you’re ready to jump in?
OR maybe now that christmas is over you can think about something other than lists, baking and traveling?
Maybe you are ready to tackle some self care in 2017?
You only get one face!
And none of us are getting any younger.

The newest product that R&F introduced is called Lash Boost.
It’s a conditioning serum that enhances your eyelashes in volume and length in 4 weeks.
Who knew you could change your eyelashes???!!!

You should begin to see a difference in just a few weeks!
For best results it is suggested to use it for 8 weeks.

With the Gift Set you get:
РR+F  Lash Boost
Р Multi Function Eye Cream Mini
Р Exclusive Lash Boost Travel Pouch

But here’s the deal… the Lash Boost Holiday Gift Set is ONLY¬†available until Monday January 2nd!
Like… as in three days from now!

If you want longer fuller lashes from home – this is your answer!

click here to order LASH BOOST!


Many of you used the Solution Tool after my first R&F post.
It’s a great way to figure out the best Regimen for your skin care.
After you finish using the tool it suggests where to begin. ¬†You can order directly¬†from that point or you can email me or ask me in the comments more questions if you still aren’t quite sure or need more guidance.

On May 31,  I started using the Reverse Regimen with the AMP MD Micro- Exfoliating Roller, Multi Function Eye Cream at night and occasionally the Micro Derm Abrasion Paste.

this is my UNEDITED & NO MAKEUP before and after photo.

this is legit.
I had people text me and FB message me saying “is that REALLY unedited?”
that is my skin in all its naked glory – free of the spots and discoloration and no make up.
I had been a consultant since the middle of May but I waited to see if the results were real.
When I saw the difference it made for me is when I decided to share it with you.


Rodan + Fields has a Preferred Customer Program where you receive 10% off each order and free shipping.
To join the program is a one time fee of $19.95.
My first thought when i saw this was – “that’s lame – why would people sign up for that?”
But then i did the math… and it is TOTALLY¬†worth it!
On your very fist order it won’t make much of a difference because of that joiner fee.
But it’s not MORE than your retail order would be either.
By joining the PC program – after your first order… it’s a big difference in price.
I¬†don’t know about you but I loathe shipping fees. ¬†(amazon prime!!!)
As a PC you get free shipping and a 10% discount which is even better!
The PC program automactically ships your product every 60 days for your convenience.
Again I¬†thought “NO thank you… Only I¬†will decide when and when I don’t¬†order products!!!”
Then i researched it more and found out you can change the shipping dates anytime to make it longer or shorter. ¬†You can change what products are shipped to you whenever you need to. ¬†So… that IS actually very convenient just like they advertised.
And it’s kind of nice to have it ready for when you DO run out. ¬†I am the kind of girl who will forget to order more over and over until I’m without what I need for too long. ¬†To ship it automatically is brilliant!

I shared in my November post that I like getting a deal on pretty much anything.
I read everything, talked with my consultant & then finally decided that becoming a R&F Consultant was going to be my best option economically.
Maybe that is the best option for you?
Maybe you are looking for a way to make some money while still getting to set your hours and/or staying home with your kids?
Maybe you want to use R&F products for 25% less than retail?
Let me know if you’d like more information on becoming a consultant.
Leave it in the comments – just make sure that you check the email that your comment is linked too.
Or just email me directly:  cdduerksenATyahooDOTcom
Check out Rodan + Fields for yourself!

Ask me any questions you have – I am happy to help!




meg duerksen - hi debbie.
im emailing you!

Debbie - Hi! Your skin looks amazing!! I am interested in starting this, but my question is, if the products are vegan and cruelty free? Thank you. Happy New Year!

meg duerksen - Products last 60 days and often longer.

Megan - How long do the products typically last for you?

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Last minute gifts for the Ladies

well i wrote this post on sunday night but then my blog decided to break.
it’s back to normal now and it’s probably too late for most people BUT these are still mostly on Amazon Prime so you could still get them by christmas or the day after.
and don’t worry… mot EVERYTHING is rainbow-ed – just some!

Rainbow Colored Knife Set

 Six Piece Silicone Spatula Set

Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File
this is so awesome for smooth soft feet!
i own it and love it!



Living Proof Dry Shampoo
my friend suggested this and i laughed because this is what i’ve been using too!
so YES it had to be on the list.

.Mrs. Meyers Peppermint Candle – seasonal scent


Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

Hollywood Fashion Tape in a Single Pack or the Value Pack of 3 Tins

i use this stuff ALL THE TIME!
to hold my button up shirts from gaping across my chest… to hold my shirt to my skin to keep it from sliding too low… to hold a hem that’s coming loose…. to keep your bra strap from showing… to keep your strapless bra up where you want it…
i love it.
this would be a GREAT stocking stuffer!


Hand Lettering  (An Interactive Guide to the Art of Drawing Letters by Megan Wells
this girl has such crazy artistic talent!
i love everything she makes – including this book.


DIY Woven Art by Rachel Denbow

 another super talent is Rachel and this book!
you will love this book about weaving that she wrote this year.

14″ Weaving Frame¬†or the 20″ Weaving Frame
after reading that book you will definitely need a loom to get started right away!


Gold Converse!!!
these are so dang cute!  i just love them!
they are available at JCPenney – free shipping – receive by christmas!


90 Degree by Reflex High Waisted Leggings

i’ve talked about these leggings many times.
i love them because they are thick and they go WAAAAY up.


Knit Cable Infinity Scarf

i know this is just chapstick but i looooove this candy cane flavor.
i buy a bunch every december to last the whole year.

Mini Umbrella in lots of colors & patterns


Nesting 9 Piece Food Prep Set

this is just happy! ¬†i would love to give this as a gift! ¬† ūüôā

Silicone Earbud Holder
wrap up your headphones quickly & easily Рno more knots and tangles!
available in lots of colors too.


Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine           Fabric Scissors           Sewing Machine Carrying Case

i love this sewing machine! we use these at the Craft House.
good fabric scissors are a must.
and your sewing machine will be much happier living inside a case to keep it from getting extra dusty.


         Self Healing Cutting Mat                    OLFA Rotary Cutter

i use these four products (above and below) every time i sew.

   Acrylic Ruler                          Ruler Grip with Double Suction Cup



Pom Pom Maker Small Sized Poms and Large Sized Poms
these are so fun to use!   you can make all sizes!

Extra Fine Glitter – Set of 24 colors

i just love glitter!


JOCO 16 oz Reusable Glass Coffee Cup


.Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner

this isn’t available by christmas but this is just so great i had to share it!


Wet Brush Pro


Hello Sweatshirt with Rainbow

this is my new favorite shirt… SO SOFT!
i got it this month when they ran a big sale… follow them on IG to find out when they have sales.


Wristlet Clutch Organizer Wallet

this was also on the teen girls post because they are super cute!
they come in over 30 colors so you don’t have to get¬†neon green or hot pink… ha ha ha.

.Long Puffer Vest with Faux Fur Trimmed Hood


 Snow Boots
i think these are all soooooo cute!

these are books i love and books i want to read this year.

Tattoos on the Heart                          Falling Free                           Assimilate or Go Home                   Love Does 

Looking For Lovely                      For the Love                    Giddy Up Eunice                Made Well

Talking As Fast As Can                    Wildflower                        Where Am I Now?                         Riley Unlikely

because crack is illegal                   All The Pretty Things                   How to Be a Wildflower              All You Ever Wanted

Lori - Fun list! My mom gave me a Pedi Perfect, and I thought it was the strangest gift. But, it’s awesome and I really love it. The fashion tape is really useful too!

Kathie - Love your lists each year!! This one is always fun and full of things I would just get for myself ūüėõ

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

i hope these lists help with your shopping!
i know it’s close to christmas but i am pretty sure there are lots of you that aren’t quite done with your shopping.
everything on this list is available on Amazon Prime so you still have time!
there are 2 or 3¬†things that are from Dick’s Sporting Goods¬†but they have free shipping &¬†guarantee arrival before christmas or it’s free!

i love to give gifts so these lists are one of my favorite things to make!
i hope to make one more list for grown ups!

don’t miss my¬†post about Gift Ideas for Tween & Teen Girls¬†


Combine character and attribute cards to make ridiculous fights & argue over who would win
we have this game and it’s quite entertaining!


Sandwich Toaster
we love this!
it’s nice to just wipe it clean and not have to dirty more pans!


 Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker for the shower, beach or pool


Funny Nose Pencil Sharpener



What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions
this is a very cool and interesting book!


Microsuede Slippers

XBOX Live Gold Membership
gamers in your life would looooooove this!

Charging Station for XBOX ONE
if you have an xbox at your house – you need this.
you will finally be able to find a AA battery again when you need one!


Bacon Lip Balm

Bacon Air Freshener


Slouchy Beanie Hat in many different designs


Top Ramen Rapid Cooker  for the boys who looooooove their Ramen!

Balaclava – Windproof Mask
his was a huge hit last christmas at our house.
it’s not something you “need” until all of a sudden it snows or freezes and then it’s the best thing ever!


an Electric Shaver is just a staple for dudes.
shaving with a real razor is for grandpas… ¬†today’s guy want ease, speed and no cuts. ¬† ūüôā

Wall Mounted Mini Basketball Goal
extremely sturdy shatter-proof goal with a breakaway rim… mounts to studs in the wall.
we have this at our house and it’s AWESOME!

if the wall mounted goal is more money or time than you were looking for –
the Over the Door Mini Basketball Goal is a great solution!
easy set up…. portable… guaranteed fun!


Funny Sign T-shirt


Ask Me About My T-Rex T-shirt


Ninja Disguise T-shirt


Ugly Christmas Sweater Bathrobe


or just a regular soft Plaid Microfleece Bathrobe

i know this has a girl in the photo but this Bean Bag Chair is a great gift for guys!
there are also many bigger sizes of these.
sean got the GIANT XXL Bean Bag Chair for christmas last year and LOVES it so so much!


Minimalist Avengers Poster
i actually LOVE this poster! ¬†it’s a classier more creative¬†take on what can often be such a cheesy market.

Movie Theater Gift Card
it’s always more fun to go out to a movie when someone else is paying for it!

.Key-tars Electric Guitar Shaped Key Covers
these are so awesome!


this Microwave Egg Cooker makes one egg the perfectly sized for making McMuffin Sandwiches!
we have this and use it all the time!


GoPro HERO Рa camera that is great for active people on the go!
bluetooth & wifi enabled, waterproof & rugged – completely changing the world of video for this generation of teens!

GoPro HERO Session Holiday Promo Kit
this comes with the camera and the extras to get started right away!


Every Man Jack Body Wash
because boys don’t necessarily¬†want to be stinky.

AAA Emergency Road Assistance Kit
great for teen drivers to have in case of… emergencies!


Toilet Night Light
you totally know that this invention is GENIUS!!!
no more turning on the lights when you have to use the bathroom in the night – blinding yourself or waking others up.
and not to mention the messes that won’t be made…


Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) Hammock
this could be the best thing on the whole list.
these are crazy popular… go anywhere… dry quickly… super heavy duty… SO MUCH FUN!


NBA Star Socks

Lebron  James      Р      Steph Curry     Р    Kareeem


Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook
a humourous book about everything you would ever possibly need to know if faced with wild situations!


Portable Bluetooth Speaker
this is great for taking music anywhere you want!
we have one of these and it gets TONS of use.
it has excellent ratings on amazon AND it’s super inexpensive.


Star Wars Accordion Sun Shade
this made me smile so big!  what a funny gift for a teen driver!


Lego Light Up Alarm Clock:   Superman  Р Batman  Р Darth Vader  Р Storm Trooper  Р Yoda  Р Boba Fett
even though they are growing up… these would make great gifts for those boys in our lives!
they are 7 – 9 inches tall. ¬† ūüôā



Under Armor Ignite IV  Р Nike Solarsoft Comfort  РNike Benassi SolarSoft 2  Р Nike Benassi Swoosh


MLB team logo ball cap


Portable Power Bank to charge your phone anywhere!


an Amazon Gift Card is truly the best gift for picky teens because they could buy almost ANYTHING they would want.

a New Gym Bag to haul all their gear around from practices & games


leave a comment here if i’ve missed anything that you think is a great gift for boys!
and i’d love it if you¬†pinned this post for me too!

Jill - Oh, man, I used to have those keytars and LOVED them! ūüôā

Ashley - Glad you posted this. I laughed hard because we got my boys the TRex and ninja shirts. They’re priceless! The hammock is amazing, too!

Library Momma - I love that you do these lists for both boy and girl. I look forward to the each year! I have an almost 9 year old and wrack my brain but this helps! It also gives me ideas as my kids get older, and even occasionally for my husband or myself! Thank you!! So fun!!

alice h - Great ideas! My 16 year old has a ton of hats so I bought him a hat rack from Bed Bath and Beyond (
He is also getting Madden 17 and a Kayak (cheaper one from Walmart).

Jessica - My husband makes these – a super fun gift for music lovers! Mint tin amps for MP3 players or electric guitars.

Patti Mullican - You always have such great ideas – I love your lists!

Lori H - Great ideas, Meg! My kids are a little older, but I was still ordering and pinning like crazy! Merry Christmas!

Kelly - I bought the What If? book for my brother for Christmas after hearing about it on a podcast. I am glad to hear it gets your recommendation too! Kelly

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