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A new family favorite game . . . Annie makes it worth watching.
She is pretty clueless but sure loves to copy everyone.
Lauren thinks she is way too cool for it but after they play a few times she can’t stand it anymore and must prove that she is smarter than they all are.
And Daddy always gets to be Simon.
Somehow they believe me when I say I don’t know how to do it.


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good times

Busy weekend.
Friday was full of “stuff” – school, groceries, doctors, soccer, packing, cleaning, piano, etc.
But then Friday night I took Lauren and her two friends out for her birthday (yes – 3 weeks late). We went to dinner and bowling in Wichita. 12 year old girls are very funny.
Saturday after JAM basketball we headed to Lawrence to see my parents. One of our Christmas gifts was 2 tickets to a KU game. My parents watched the kids while Craig and I went by ourselves! It’s always fun to be out alone. I decided that KU basketball needs to move way up on our priority list! From now on we will watch it as a family (the last 2 games and tournament). We’ll see how that goes.
We made it home this afternoon and our bible study ended up being cancelled so we are working on house projects tonight. I should say HE because I don’t think I will actually get around to doing mine. He is stripping wallpaper if you can’t tell. Go Craig!


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i wish i could

If I could . . . if it was acceptable for a mother of five . . . or any adult . . . to have pink hair I would. I wish we could have hair like the Barbies with a button in their backs to make it longer or shorter whenever you want. But in real life this bright pink wig is as close as we get. It’s even the same style as Talby’s real hair.
Just added my photo album to the blog and it has my scrapbook vacation album that I just finished . . . very fun. Img_0926_1

Amanda - I know this post is old… but go for the pink hair even if it’s only for a little while. You only live once and you’ve mentioned pink hair several times. Heck do it in October and say it’s for breast cancer awareness month. Pink hair is awesome to have though even when you do have to go to PTA meetings with it.
Do the pink 🙂

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funny girl

When Jenny was here she got quite a laugh out of Annie’s bed. I am so used to it that I didn’t notice anymore. This is how she sleeps every night. Sometimes if Talby falls asleep first Annie will sneak over to her bed and take her blanket and pillow or any toy she has with her. So last night it seemed worse than normal. In her little toddler bed she had 3 baby dolls, 3 blankets, 3 pillows, her sippy cup, an entire deck of oversized Old Maid cards that she is obsessed with and 20 books. 20!!! She is a very funny girl.

Nichole - This is so funny! I used to sleep the same way! My bed would be up in the corner of my room, and I’d have my matress set up so that there was enough space between it and the wall, then I’d put all Barbies in there. I’d have all my favorite stuffed animals around my head and at the foot of the bed would be (haha) MY BOOKS! It was as though surrounding myself with the stuff I loved made me feel safe. 🙂

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