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don’t know what i’m doing

okay . . . since i read so many of these blogs and i email so much i thought i would try out my own blog! so now you can all see my pictures or hear my crazy stories at your own leisure – lucky you. i will just start with pictures mainly. i am figuring out digital photos and that whole world. Why couldn’t they have come up with all this 10 years ago when i could learn an new skill a little easier?! here are some pictures from the new camera that craig bought me for christmas.

MeaganBechtel - Started two weeks ago, and I finally made it through the whole. entire. blog. I feel like I’ve just finished a really great novel. I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I love this blog Meg! Love your house, love your pictures, love the way you write about your sweet family. Love all the REAL moments.

Pals - I am a recent follower of your blog and one weekend I read all your blogs from start to finish.I love love the fact that you are so creative and yet so unassuming and humble.Your site is awesome and your beautiful house… mmmhmmm,I wish I could trade mine for yours..:-).
Anyway keep up the good work and hope you continue with this forever.

Quinn - wow, hahahah.
i just spend a week or so reading every single entry in your blog.
it was really nice, and i feel like i am right at home with you.
good luck with everything in the future, i will be a daily blog reader for you!

maribeth - I can not believe ow fast those beautiful lil girls have grown up since summer.
The site is awesome and I will continue to look and dry my eyes as they grow right on my computer.
Send them my love-afraid they will forget me……

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