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father’s day gift ideas

i’ve been thinking about all the gifts we have given or received over the years.
i thought it would be helpful for some of you to get new ideas for Father’s Day gifts this year!
these are all things my husband, father or friends would enjoy.

this was by far the best gift i have ever given Mr. Duerksen!
i surprised him many years ago with the White Mountain Ice Cream Maker like the ones we had when we were kids!
he LOVES it!
i have never even made ice cream in it!
it’s all his job.
ice cream is his thing and i am totally ok with that.

these recipe books make homemade ice cream even more fun!


Sweet Cream & Sugar Cones      The Ultimate Ice Cream Book      Ample Hills Creamery      Lomelino’s Ice Cream

and if the White Mountain machine is not quite the investment you are ready to make…

this Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker looks so totally cool!!!
get a box of cones and you’ve got dessert!    🙂



Bean Bag Toss is a favorite game over here.
it’s great for all ages…  great for parties… and it makes a great Father’s Day gift!   🙂
(or some people call it Cornhole? but not me)


a grill basket is wonderful for cooking veggies on the grill!
it is so easy!

any dad that grills needs a spatula!
this gift set makes it clear who runs the grill.


Bear Paws for shredding meat are a great manly gift!
we have these and they get used any time that craig smokes meat but i also use them when i cook meat in the crock pot.


this book Franklin Barbecue is great for dads who like smoke to meat!


The Ultimate Book of BBQ is for all grill loving dads.


81kqdrosWNL._SL1500_ dads and tools go together.
this tool set has all a dad needs to fix your stuff!
and at our house we are always looking for a screwdriver or the pliers… so extras are a good thing!  🙂

if the dad in your life is into fitness… or wants to be – everybody LOVES the Fitbit!
it tracks your steps, distance, activity, calories, heart rate and even your sleep!
i know couples who have competitions between husband & wife to see who gets in more steps per day/week.
that’s pretty cute.
i am positive i would lose to craig every week… no doubt.


don’t all dads need corny shirts?


give dad a gift card to go see a movie together!
you can package it up with popcorn and candy to make it really cute.

OR make a a gift basket to stay home and have Family Movie Night at home!
you can pick up a few of dad’s favorite dvds together with his favorite snacks and cuddle up on the couch!


618mpZ1zZoL._SL1000_ if your dad is outdoorsy… maybe a back pack for hiking would be a good gift?


a new gym bag would be a hit at our house!
they get a lot of use here.
and they need replacing because… they eventually start to stink.


the camera lens coffee mug is such a fun gift to give to photographers!


any Star Wars loving dad would love to get one of these funny Star Wars aprons!


these stadium seats have made ALL THE DIFFERENCE for all the sports we get to enjoy every week of the past decade.
if you have kids in any sports…. if your own dad comes to your kids’ games…
there are 32 different color options too.
these are probably our favorite “thing” we own.
your back and booty will thank you for finally getting these seats.


books make GREAT gifts!
these are books that are good for dads, some of craig’s recent reads and some that are just plain good for everybody.

books1Love Does                                             Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters                                       The Heroic Path


The Grace of God                                    Tattoos on the Heart                                Courageous Leadership

Boys in the Boat                                               Elon Musk                                              Mere Christianity


illumibowl_editorial what about this for dad!?
The IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light – it lights up your toilet at night to eliminate turning on the light!
it’s sensor activated and has 9 color settings.
brilliant…. and a good gift for dudes.

this Bluetooth Speaker is a favorite at our house.
this speaker is wireless, weatherproof and rechargeable.
this is currently sitting right in front of me as i type.
but Mr. Duerksen takes it to the gym with the kids… golfing… out in the yard while he’s working.
we love this!


my own dad really enjoys feeding the birds in his backyard.
and while searching for something in that category… i found these!
Unicorn Squirrel Feeder or the Horse Head Squirrel Feeder
it’s so funny!!!


81OsarIA1PL._SL1000_a Hammock is such a great gift!!
we had one at our last two houses but there are no trees here!
sad face.
i guess we could get the kind with a stand…. maybe?


i know 5 different kids who would give this mug to mr. duerksen.


a basketball net trash can for all those basketball shots in the office…   🙂

of course you can always give an Amazon Gift Card and let him pick whatever he wants!


AND i am giving away a $50 Amazon gift card too!!!
Yes!  For reals!  So exciting!!
leave a comment below telling me the best father’s day gift you’ve ever given
(or received if you’re a dude)
to be entered to win.

winner chosen on Tuesday May 31st.


Megan CC - I admit, I stink at giving gifts. And now that I live across the country from my family, I almost always default to an Amazon e-gift card. Helpful for my big time procrastination!

Margaret - I gave my hubby the day off to play golf for as long as he wanted to!!

Taren Davis - One year I made my father-in-law a custom Monopoly game. I found an old one at a thrift shop and then decopauged our own properties (lots of inside jokes, places of meaning to our family) on top of the original spaces. I completed it with playing pieces that represented each member of the family. It was super fun to give and to play.

Elizabeth C - I gave my Dad tickets to a baseball game, fun for everyone!

Lynee Rigdon - A picture of my kids’ handprints in such a way that they look like deer with a saying “Dad’s hunting buddies.” We gave my dad a really nice pepper mill grinder

Debbie M - Hi! The hammock the kids and I got my husband years ago is the gift he has used more than any other! Of course, the homemade things the kids made for him when they were little are high on the list! One of my daughters painted a large rock to look like mu husband..haha! Its still out in his garage on display!

Amanda - Wow! Thanks for those great ideas! I actually bought my husband’s Father’s Day gift after one of your last few posts inspired me! I saw the wash basin you had your mom pick up for you to serve ice cream in and thought “that’s what is missing from our patio!”. While not as charming, it is more manly and has an attached bottle opener! I ordered this for my husband – hoping it is a hit.

Just ordered those Bear Claws – love!

Sabrina - My dad always wants practical gifts for the farm they live on. My husband, only ever wants gift cards, but this year he wanted a fishing pole! That was fun to get him!

Meg - Last year my siblings and I gave my dad play lists, and we made it into a competition. We each did 20 songs and then we made him pick his fave. It was fun for all of us. And it turns out we don’t really know my dads favorite music as well as we thought we did…

Janna - Traeger grill HANDS DOWN!!!!

heidi maggard - Last year I took my husband and fathre in law to a Royals game. They loved it! Thanks for all the ideas!!!

Jen Higgins - I always make cards for Father’s Day, between my family and my husbands, we have a lot of fathers/grandfathers. I always take time to write something personal in the cards, thanking them for all of their love, help, and sacrifice over the years and every year it brings tears to both my dad’s and my grandpa’s eyes. My grandpa says that knowing that he has made such a difference and been such a blessing is the greatest gift anyone has given him.

Lee Ann Willis - Hand painted coffee mug

Brandi - Real talk, I always look at lists of suggested gifts and quickly scroll through thinking, “nope. nope. nope.” because no matter how great the list is, they just don’t fit my fellas. I found four things I bought from your list. FOUR. Easiest shopping, ever. Thank you very VERY much!

Jermaine D - Sadly I can’t remember a single Father’s Day gift I’ve given. I’m thinking the Family movie night kit for my husband this year though.

Liz R. - This year’s father’s day present is a kegerator. 🙂

Shelby Graber - The best Father’s Day gift I ever gave was as much an awesome gift for me as I hope it was for my dad. We took a day trip to Kansas City and spent time shopping at all the stores we never used to let him go to when we were younger. We ate at his favorite restaurant. It was great to be able to just spend time together.

Missy Erstad - 19 years ago on June 18th we became parents~hands down our first born was the BEST gift I gave my hubby❤️💜💙

Tobi Layton - My husband would say the best gift I ever gave him was a gun one Father’s Day.

Sarah N - I gave my husband a really nice scrapbook of pictures of our son and him for his first father’s day. It’s been downhill in the gift department ever since. :/ I am eyeing up that bluetooth speaker for him.

Vanessa - Golfing – anything golfing for my guy – he just loves to spend time in nature like that!

Jazz - This is my hubbies first Father’s Day! These suggestions are so great! The best gift we have given to my dad was buying him fence pickets so he could finish his fence!

abby - My dad is so hard to buy gifts for… I usually opt for an easy solution and get him a book- one year I found a signed edition of a favorite biography of his (can’t remember the title now… but I do remember him loving it!)

Tracey - My hubby & I aren’t great gift givers, but I did get him a card this year thanking him for not wearing skinny jeans. 😉

Brenna - Hammock!

Bre - Beer ingredients! My husband loves to home brew. =]

Shawnette - I believe the best gift I have given to someone was a hand made photo album. ❤️

Ashley K - I made my dad a cake with candy that looked like a sweater with a tie when I was little. it was my favorite thing to do for him. 🙂

Ellen Landreth - Last father’s day, I told my husband that we were expecting our first child. 🙂 He gets to enjoy this father’s day with her!

Meredith Feisel - My daughter’s first year we have him a 3×3 in canvas with her tiny (5 month old) hand. It hags on the wall by his desk.

Jenna Whipp - Last year my kids and I bought my husband a camping grill. He loves it and so do we when we go camping.

Wendy Van Der Meersche - Thank you for all the great ideas! Probably my hubby’s favorite gift was a family trip to the water slides. 🙂

Valerie - One of the gifts my husband has loved the most was a subscription to the Dollar Shave Club!:)

Sarah Casella - Best gift was a surprise trip to Saratoga racetrack with my dad! He was sick with cancer and we payed for a special VIP experience for our whole family. Dad felt like a king! The memory is even more special now as he passed away three months ago.

Sarah Rogers - I love to hand make gifts! A few years ago I made my dad a ladder golf set and outdoor tic tac toe – he loves it!

Sarah - I don’t even know the best gift I’ve ever given for Father’s Day. Definitely not a tie though. 😉 Although, he could use some new ones.

Sarah - These are great suggestions! My husband would probably say that his favorite Father’s Day gift has been his safety razor and shaving kit that I got him a couple of years ago.

Karen - New grill that is now old and needs to be replaced.

Becky P - I always had a hard time deciding what to get my dad. One year I got him puzzle books along with snacks that he could pack in his lunch bucket. Years later after he was retired, I stopped in for an impromptu visit and he pulled out a puzzle book and told me to start working on one. I didn’t get too far along when I needed his help and we spent the next hour working in the puzzle book. It was a great memory that I’ll always cherish.

Allison - Best gift I ever gave was a handmade book for my dad and my husband. I asked the kids – and myself – questions about Dad. Their answers were adorable. And I included pictures. They LOVED it. I am totally loving those squirrel feeders!!!

Carrie - I have young kids, and every year I ask them questions about daddy, and write them all down and give them to my husband for Father’s Day. I asked my almost 3 year old what daddy’s favorite game was and he said “Golf. He tells me to stand back and I do!” I asked my 5 year old what daddy’s job was and she said “He makes a newspaper!”. He actually sells insurance… 😂

Gina - What great suggestions! I would say a golf club!! 😀

Rachel R - Far and away my favorite Father’s day gift I’ve ever given…telling my husband, my father, and father-in-law that they were going to be a dad/grandpa. It’s not often you stumble upon the perfect gift like that. 😂

Nadine - The best gift that my kids and I gave my husband was a hammock for the front yard. He doesn’t get to slow down and relax much, but when he does, he really enjoys napping in the hammock!

Helen - I didn’t actually give this gift to my husband, but I think he would say it was the best, our son and daughter-in-law told him he was going to be a grandfather for the first time on Father’s day.

I think he will get the toilet light this year – that is awesome!

Dani M. - My dad is really cool and sends a lot of handwritten notes and letters, so new stationery is always a good gift for him.

Janel :) - We give the Dad at our house Fleet Farm Gift cards! He likes buying his own hunting gear and he loves it a lot!!

Trish - My siblings and I went together and got my dad tickets for a tennis tournament in Ohio a couple years ago and the rest of the surprise was it was a guys trip and all the boys (sons and son-in-law) were going with him. It was the first time we have successfully pulled off a surprise like that and we will probably never manage it again. He was as excited as I’ve ever seen him and I think they will all talk about that trip for years!

Annie Duerksen - Great ideas mom!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope I get that $50 dollar Amazon card!!!

Jennifer Nanninga - I gave him a child. Ha!
He loves activities, so I sent him to take his Datsun racing!

Hope - I best I’ve given are photo books of memories throughout the year!

Amy Coose - The best Father’s Day gift I ever gave was the gift of time. I sent him to play golf and have dinner with friends.

Lindsey probst - It’ll be this year, to my hubby from the kids:a recliner. My poor fella fought to have the couch face the tv in our weird shaped room but he lost that battle. As a result he has to sit in an old chair he hates in order to watch tv. NO LONGER! Daddy gets a recliner!

Shannon Chappell - The best Father’s Day gift I ever gave was 2 years ago when we got my husband KanJam! Such a fun backyard game. 😊

Kindall wilks - My dad loves cigars so that’s typically a hit for him! This year I’m giving my husband a brand new baby daughter due right around Father’s Day!

Anneliese Kliewer - I can be a really lame gift giver. but 2 years ago my husband was so touched by what I wrote about him in my caption with him & our boys. I guess I need to say more often that I hope they are just like him!

Kerry - the gift of birthing his children 🙂

erica - We have 2 of those stadium seats. The first year our son wrestled I came home from the first tournament and told my husband that a seat was the ONLY thing I wanted for Valentines Day. I returned the favor and bought his for Father’s Day that year. They are the best thing ever for sports parents!!!

FYI the lady at the local store here suggested we buy the xtra wide seats because it gives you a little elbow room in crowded bleachers.

Stacy Mc - Love all these ideas. My husband, Dad, and son enjoyed getting tickets to a New Orleans Pelicans game one year for Father’s Day.

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loving this week…

i came across a blog this week i had never seen called

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

they are practically babies and i have been married for 21.5 years.
BUT i love the idea of their website!!  (and they might have a tv show? i haven’t figured that out yet)
it is a sweet blog about marriage – and not just newlyweds.
these 6 questions were great AND i liked the 50 date Ideas under $50.
and i am excited to explore their site a lot more!
because marriage is wonderful but it’s also work to keep it that way so all the resources we can get is GREAT!


this shirt wins at everything!



this is hysterical.



i love the Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey.
this past week Jamie interviewed Elyse Fitzpatrick.
i loved it and i wished it was longer!
i wanted to hear more!
it’s definitely worth your time to listen to this one.



this very light but bright shirt at Old Navy.
i wear it with the sleeves rolled up but it’s cute either way.
and it definitely needs a cami or tank underneath… very sheer.
but isn’t it so fun?!



isn’t this A M A Z I N G!?!?
Samantha French’s paintings are making me so happy right now!
i can’t get over the details… this is so beautiful!
she’s so freaking talented! WOW!



this is my summer project inspiration photo.
i want this scene in my backyard.
we’ve picked where we want to put it and i am obsessively shopping the interwebs for deals on adirondack chairs.
bring on the s’mores!

Lorie - I can’t wait to check out the blog! And LOVE the Golden Gorls shirt. Bought a similar one for my SIL!!

Mandy - Little People Big World!!! A show that I love and have watched since its beginning.. You should go check it out!

meg duerksen - Christ thank you the link! i betcha that is what we will go with – seems like a no brainer.

meg duerksen - GOOD ADVICE! 🙂 We actually have an actual firepit with a metal surround and stone to go around it that is made just for fire pits. But good to know! i had no idea!

kathi - I love the fire pit inspiration picture. Be careful what type of rock you select for the fire pit. Some rocks will explode when heated fast with a fire.

Alice - Love Jer and Auj! They are on Little People Big World, both of his parents are little people and his twin is also a little person.

Do you have an Ace Hardware in Kansas? My Ace in Oklahoma has those chairs often for $50 each. Do NOT buy them at Target, they had some listed for $200 the other day. Crazy!

marcie - We have a firepit in our backyard and we use it year round. It’s actualy a lot of fun when it’s cold, too. I found adirondack chair kits ( they came flat in boxes and we painted and bolted them together) at Harbor Freight, Lowe’s and Home Depot. Harbor Freight clearances them every so often and I got a couple of them for $20.00!!!They are under $40 at Lowe’s and under $50 at HD here in Atlanta Good luck and stock up on S’more’s stuff once you install it!!! All ages want to make S’mores 🙂

Stephanie - Oh! I am so encouraged that Jeremy and his wife are following the Lord! Reality TV is sometimes SO not reality, but on the rare occasion I watched the show, I would worry sometimes how the parents’ relationship would affect the kids. I love what these young people are doing!

Mindy - I will definitely check out the blog. Your summer fire pit idea looks like an ideal place to relax and talk and laugh and dream.

angela conklin - So, that’s Jeremy and Audrey from Little People Big World and I have a major crush on BOTH of them! Her hair is GORGEOUS and I LOVE that they ask each other six questions every Sunday!

Happy Hour is my happy place when I walk every morning and I cannot WAIT to hear YOU soon!!

I just had my DIL’s father build me two Adirondack Chairs and I am in love with them! Have you seen the circle of porch swings with a fire pit in the middle? Google it. It’s awesome.

Mel - They also have the unfinished, unassembled chairs at Home Depot. They are boxed and usually run about $35. We have some more expensive ones but the slats keep breaking on them!

Kelly Sites - I LOVE the Happy Hour Podcast, and have listened to every single one (except last weeks, which I will listen to today as I work out).

And I love the Roloff website, too. They are on Little People, Big World, on TLC channel. Love what they are doing.

Have a great day. Update on what you’re reading, I love books, and love those posts. Happy Summer.

Christi - Meg, you need to checkout for your chairs. They come unfinished & have to be assembled – but it’s a SUPER good price!

Lynette L. - The first couple are Jeremy and Audrey Roloff. He is the son of Matt and Amy Roloff and they are all on a show called “Little People Big World” on TLC (show airs on Tuesday nights). Matt and Amy are going through a divorce, and Jeremy and Audrey have been talking about how they want to have a strong marriage right from the start. I have been married for 23 years, and Jeremy and Audrey are teaching me some new ideas as well.

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scott’s big week

we have had a BIG week over here.
all scotty focused.
he had his 18th birthday.   🙂
FullSizeRender (9)
he signed to play basketball next fall at Tabor College.
we are super excited for him!
i think it’s going to be a GREAT fit for him.
AND HE GRADUATED from high school!!!
it was such a fun day!
the ceremony was short and sweet… and then it was time to party.
his grandparents were pretty proud of him.
FullSizeRender (8)
annie made a sign so everyone would know to go to the back yard.
and we hung his banner from the gym on the window.
ha ha ha!
we did lots and LOTS of yard work last week.
and i am so glad because now it’s ALL DONE and we get to enjoy it all summer!
lots of the grad parties had cute photo displays and slide shows playing.
well… i forgot about all that stuff.
but i did put out his two photo albums and took two pictures off the wall.
i guess i will be more prepared for the next kid’s graduation party.
but i DID get all my pots planted!    🙂
planting flowers is one of the best parts of spring.
i did forget to take pictures after we brought out the food.
we served pulled pork, baked beans, cheesey potatoes, watermelon, veggies and my mom made a million deviled eggs!
i didn’t get any of it… but i heard it was yummy.
also… next grad party we now know to make even more food.

(think how amazing annie’s party will be after so much practice?!)
i asked my mom to find me an antique wash basin or some kind of neat cooler to hold the ice cream at the party.
she totally rocked that mission!
and then… i didn’t get a picture of the ice cream in it!
you can kind of see it in this photo.
it was perfect!
craig made three different kinds of homemade ice cream!
he loves his White Mountain Ice Cream Maker.
and so does everyone that gets to eat the ice cream!

all the plant containers are vintage.
the polka dot cushions are/were from last year.
the orange rug is from world market.
the yellow D is from Michaels.

scott had lots of family come to celebrate with him.
lots of his friends stopped by and so many special adults in his life.
it was really cool to see so many people that care about Scott or our family all in one place?!
literally – hashtag blessed.IMG_6008IMG_6006IMG_6005FullSizeRender (2)
the weather was a little chilly but no rain and no wind!
we were able to leave the door to the house wide open so people could just go in and out… LOVED THAT.

we had the best time!
i love having parties.
i love having a deadline to get a whole bunch of stuff done before the party.
but i really loved watching my son welcome everyone to his party and tell them thank you for coming and talk with each one.
that made my heart so happy!

it’s crazy to think that i have another child that is through with high school.
how does time go so quickly?

Mindy - Congratulations to you son on his graduation and his college signing! You have many more bleacher sitting ahead of you : ) Your plantings are just the cutest as is that score your Mom found for the ice cream – homemade even – wow!

Kasey - Your patio and plants are lovely!

jennibell - Wow!!! I have 4 kids graduating in the next 5 years and am thinking that it is time to start getting ready! Thanks for the heads’ up on the slideshow. . .I can start that this summer and then just add his senior moments to that. Your yard is beautiful — stunning. Any chance you could walk us through it one day? I’d love to be able to container plant like that — yours always looks so fresh and lush and full. . .mine never do. And how do you take care of them all summer — I’ve seen in the past that they always look great.
Have a relaxing summer — congrats on the basketball. . .know your family will enjoy watching him play next year!

Chris - Your flowers are beautiful!!! Quick question about your pos! Do you plant directly in them or in pots in the bigger pots!!! Congratulations to Scott!!

jamie - i love everything about this post. drenched in beauty and happy. can you share craig’s favorite ice cream recipes soon? maybe we should invest in that ice cream maker. and is that scott’s entire graduating class in the photo? if it is WOW i love how small it is! we have huge graduating classes at our school {400+} so it’s fun to see a small group of kids!

Jessica - Congrats to your son! You must be incredibly proud!!
Totally random question… I see you have outdoor lights hanging and am dying to do the same but WHERE do you have them plugged in? :/

Kathi - Congrats to all of you! The graduating class is SO TINY! That must be wonderful. My youngest has one more year of college, I’m not sure how that happened so fast either! Love your blog, thank you for sharing. Your posts and IG always inspires me.

Jennifer Carlisle - Your planters are absolutely beautiful. The colors and designs made me happy!

barb c - Congrats on your grad! Your patio is MAGICAL!

Kimberlee Jost - Annie’s sign still makes me laugh.
Such a good time and such GREAT ice cream!

Linda - Thank you for being so honest. The party looked amazing and perfect as does everything you do. But it is sometimes nice to hear that there was more you wanted to do, that it didn’t get done and that its ok. I am really struggling with that now. Thanks for the inspiration as always.

Lynn - I always have the opposite problem-WAY too much food and then we eat leftovers for a week!

KWolff - Congratulations to you son! That is exciting about him getting to play post HS basketball. Your party looked great.
My oldest is going to be starting his senior year in the fall and I have already put my hubby on notice that our backyard needs to be ready. 🙂

Amy Woods - Wow! Y’all’s school ends early up in Kansas! My one and only graduates on June 4! EEEEP! I thought I’d be more sad…but I’m too busy being excited for him and his upcoming college career. It helps that he will be going to school only 45 mins away from home. And although he will be living on campus, I work at the same university he will be attending so I might even see him more than I do now! (hehehe…I need a giggling emoji!)
I told him I expect him to bring me lunch and to run and get me sonic drinks during happy hour. He says – you do know I’m going to be taking actual classes, right? Whatever.

Love your yard and flowers and the party looked lovely and fun!!

Tiffany - Congratulations to your family and your son!

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seven fun links

i absolutely love this watercolor backdrop from Oh Happy Day!
it is so much fun and i want to make it just for the sake of making it!!!


this new song/video from the Avett Brothers is on repeat over here.
over and over.

this blog post by Scary Mommy about giving your kids a 1970’s summer gave me all the feels.
i loved summer so much as a kid and this post made me remember why.


this was a fun video that my kids and i enjoyed this week.
it’s just funny to see storm troopers whip and nae nae.

i love amy tangerine and this post was very pretty and inspiring.
you know i am huge fan of those watercolors too!


Sean played this for us this week and none of us could breathe.
we laughed so hard we cried.
it is so dumb but soooooo hilarious.


i thought this was a super creative idea.
Kara from Kailo Chic Life has a tutorial for making these typography vases.
i’m thinking you could also put little skinny vases inside it too… like test tube vases?
and then you could use real flowers too!
Yay vase-9

jennibell - We all *loved* the storm troopers — thanks for sharing!!

nakcus - Ooohhhh that Avett Brothers’ song is FUN! Thanks for sharing.

Iris Brown - I don’t know what it is but I love these random post of things cracking you up or inspiring. I love, love, love!

Kristin S - This reminds me of Joy the Baker’s Sunday posts. My favorites of you both.

Meghan Buchman - Scary Mommy nailed it. I loved that article. That was my childhood in a nutshell.

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