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everything on my lists are from Amazon to help you do all your shopping in one place.
i hope you like the ideas i came up with this year.
feel free to suggest something you would add in the comment section.

Funny Socks 

Unicorn Power Bank Portable Charger
I mean… how cute is that?
there are a few other animal options and a cookie too if you click over to that link.

Brushed Fleece Onesie Pajamas
Sony Bluetooth Portable Speaker
my kids use these ALL the time!

Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone
This is coming our house this christmas and it’s going to be FUN!
Mini Disco Light 
Uses USB charge that lasts for 4-5 hours, protable and easy to take anywhere.
I think this together with the Karaoke microphone are perfect!

Wallet Phone Case with Credit Card Holder

Christmas Lights Phone Charging Cord 
It lights up when in use! So cute!


PopSockets grip & stand for phone and tablets.

Dutch Blitz Card Game
This is very popular at our house.

UNO Emoji Game

Rainbow Colored Jenga!

GIANT UNO card game

Crosley Record Player

Lauren Daigle on vinyl to go along with the record player

Fleece Plush Robe

Fujifilm Instax Mini 70
Instant Film Camera available in 10 different colors

Star Wars Tsum Tsum Lipsmaker Set

Light up Magnifying Makeup Mirror
Counting Sheep Sleep Mask
Unicorn Snot Lipgloss 

ORLY nail polishYes to… Grapefruit Brightening Mud Mask

Bath Bomb Set (in rainbow of course)
CC Knit Beanie
i have seen these everywhere this season!

Bed Head Curlipops Spiral Curling WandRevlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler
I have heard this is amazing and I may have to try it for myself!

Temporary Hair Coloring Mascara
i love when kids can have fun with their hair and then wash it out when they’re done.

Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer 

Velvet Hair Scruncies

Bed Head Deep Waves Curling IronHair Styling Storage Unit


Hammock Swing Chair
i LOVE this!

Color Changing Heat Sensitive Unicorn Mug
The mane is purple when the not in use and turns into this bright rainbow mane when filled with a hot drink.
This is always a favorite mug of guests at The Craft House.
Warm & Cozy Slippers 

Snowman Popper 

Sherpa Hoodie
everyone wants one of these this year!Mini Fridge
Keeps contents cool or warm, holds 6 cans of sodaand it’s portable.

Eyeshadow Palette Matte Eyeshadow Palette Face Matte & Shimmer Eyeshadow Pallete Shimmer Beauty Sponge Blender


Beauty My Way Lip Gloss Set

Contour Makeup Palette
Makeup Palette Organizer

Pretty Pink Makeup Brush Set

Makeup Brush Cleansing Shampoo

Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

Facial Wipes
The Bob Ross Coloring BookColored Pencils in Zippered Carrying Case

Paint By Sticker Activity Books
These are the coolest!

I love ALL of the craft kits they make!

The Kids Book of Hand Lettering

Star Wars Felties Crafting Kit
Marvel Character Felt KitThis entire series of Doodling Books are so much FUN!Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones
My kids had to buy these on their own because I always thought they were silly… and then I tried them!
I get what all the hype is about now.

Mint Green Retro Microwave
maybe for college or college-bound kids?

Single Cup Coffee Maker
It uses K-cups and it’s half the price of a Keurig Single Cup Machine!

Hot Cocoa Sampler K Cups

Emoji Waffler & Pancake Griddle

super cute set of Star String Lights 

Soft & Cozy Columbia Jacket in lots of color options

Whatever is Lovely           Jesus Today          Lies Young Women Believe          Perfectly Unique
10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know         Beautiful Word Bible         Kisses from Katie           Daring to Hope
Be Unstoppable          Priceless           Live Fearless           The Baking Cookbook for Teens

Adored              Speak Love            Love Does             100 Days to Brave

Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

Addidas leggings
(every girl in my entire family would love to get these)

Lori - Enjoyed this post. Such fun ideas!

dixie romano - Thanks so much!!! I always look forward to this post of yours!! 🎅🏼🎄🤶🏼

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On Instagram this week I mentioned how I was missing my blog so here I am.
there’s too much to cover if I make myself go back and write about everything I skipped so I am starting with today.
I can tell you WHY I stopped blogging. There are several reasons – time, bigger kids, different season, etc.
But I think a huge part of it was feeling like I had no more words.
My energy for words was gone.
You’ve heard the saying “little kids – little problems, big kids – big problems”
For awhile… parenting big kids really felt like a punch in the gut.
The emotional energy being poured out all day every day took all that I had.
It’s not been a smooth & easy path so I really felt like I had no words left to say at the end of the day.
I felt defeated & exhausted.
I certainly don’t have it all figured out now but I have been able to find a new rhythm.
It sounds crazy but what has brought back my energy has been taking of our sweet foster baby this past year.
He is all light & joy & fun all day long!
Caring for him has been life giving for me and helps me smile 100 times a day.
He’s brought our whole family closer getting to love on him together.
There’s plenty of stress that comes along with foster care too (because of all the adults not Tiny) but with so much happiness surrounding me it is so much easier to handle the highs & lows of foster care, parenting and life!
So that is where I am today.  It may change tomorrow… who knows?!

Here’s a bunch of pics from the past few months!

Our daughter Lauren had a baby in July!  He is so much fun!
His name is Lowry.
It’s weird having a baby at the same time as your daughter… but weird is not bad.  🙂 
Tiny’s favorite thing in the whole world is lawn mowers.
And getting to sit on it with Craig is better than anything!

who needs parks when you have a mower?

On my 43rd birthday I was serenaded by waiters singing mariachi and it scared Lowry!

Tiny can walk now (when he feels like it) and reading books is the way to his heart (unless you have a lawn mower…)

we celebrated Tiny’s 1st birthday! He came to our home when he was 6 days old.
He did not like the cake, was confused by the singing but really loved the new ride on toy that plays music.

Talby has had a full season of volleyball.
I’ll post all her volleyball pics on another post but these were from a tournament day where they won everything and played with Tiny inbetween all their games.

kansas views… at the end of my block.
I can’t take the cuteness!!!!

I got to spend a weekend at the Craft House with these friends.
I love these girls!!!

Sean’s (#53) also had a full football season…  more pics to come on that too.
He is a senior so football is over forever.
SO SAD!!!!

Craig & Sean went to a Chiefs game.
That’s A LOT of red!!!

Annie turned 14 – WHAT IS LIFE??
How is this possible?  She is just a tiny baby… how can she also be 14?
She and my dad share a birthday so we sang to them both and they sang to each other.

we made Tiny a crown out of the chip bag at Chipotle.
and wore him out with all of our birthday shopping.
i love wearing sleeping babies!!! their little kissy lips breathing baby breath on my neck??? HEAVEN!

Annie started basketball and has had 4 or 5 games already!

Talby turned 17.
She’s the sweetest kid!
NONE of her birthday gifts arrived in the mail on time so she had birthday WEEK – getting different packages each afternoon after school.
we went to dinner with the whole family to celebrate…not quite as easy now that we have another baby (Lowry) and a toddler who doesn’t want to sit at the table (normal).  But it was wonderful to be all together none the less.

Lowry & Tiny are 9 months apart.
Tiny is smallish/average for his age and Lowry is a tank.
They are so cute together.

So that is my post easing back in to blogging.
I want to FINALLY answer the loads of the questions I got about foster care.
There were over a hundred and it overwhelmed me.  Foster care itself overwhelms me on certain days…
so I gave up on the post.
but I will do it because there are kids out there that need a grown up to stand up for them.
It can help more of you consider foster care or helping a foster family so I will do it.

And as far as Tiny’s future with us… in the next week we should know a lot more.
I love him.
he’s changed our lives, our hearts and our family.

and he just woke up from his nap so I will be done with this post.

thanks for reading for all the years!


Michelle - So great to hear from you, Meg! I’ve been reading along for years…

Rebekah - I am giddy that you’re coming back to the blog!! Yay!! Your pictures and words always bring me joy and I know it’s the joy of Jesus shining through you!

Patti Mullican - Thanks for blogging! I love your blog and instagram feed and I am so inspired by you as an artist, mom, Jesus lover, etc. Blessings on you and yours this Christmas season! P.S. I hope you do a gift buying guide this year – I always end up purchase at least one or more items from your list! LOL

Karyn - I am glad you are back! Will you please post one of your gift giving or stocking stuffer ideas for Christmas! I love reading them.

Jenny B. - OH, wow!! This post was bittersweet for me. I mean, not really bitter, but there was a tinge of sadness because my oldest just turned 14, and he and Annie were so little back when I first started reading. Sigh… To quote you — time is a jerk. 😉 Also, Sean has changed SO much. He looks so grown up now! This just tells me I need to follow you on Instagram! Hello! Why have I not been?? I miss blogs, but IG is good too… Congrats on your grandbaby, and I hope things go well with Tiny and your family! Thanks for the update!

Beccy - Congratulations on your new Grandbaby!!! Parenting is not for the faint of
heart. Looking forward to your foster care post.

Becca Groves - I’m so glad you are posting on your blog again! Thank you for sharing this way! And I will be praying for Tiny this week with earnest prayers, for him and for all the adults making the decisions for him. And especially praying for you. Love and Peace to you.

Toni :0) - I have always loved your blog. The colors, the family, the babies, you are just fun and so inspiring. It brightens my day. Thank you for being a flashlight 🔦 in a depressing world. Look up Kristen Hampton on Facebook. She’s funny and joy filled and she will explain the flashlight. It’s because of you that we love Jim Gaffigan and got to see him last summer in person. God bless you for fostering Tiny. 💜

Andrea - Loved the post. Love your blog….love to follow you on insta…. update us on Tiny. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Rachel Jeter - MEG! So glad to see you back on here blogging. Sometimes I browse thru your old posts. I’ve loved your blog since 2010! Praying for you guys on this foster care journey. What a blessing you are to Tiny and no doubt Tiny is blessing you. Lots of love from Arkansas and hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Lindsay - So happy to see you back! Looking forward to more blog posts! ❤️

Erin - Love to you, Meg! Long time reader who is praying for you all and so thankful for each time you do share.

Linda - So happy to see you blogging. I know what you mean by having no energy after dealing with big kids! Wow it is tuff. But I love your blog and the happy spirit it always has. Glad you are back!

Dana - So good to see you on here, Meg! We have 6 kids and our youngest is 4, so I’ve always looked to you to have a glimpse into what life could look like in the future. I completely want to do what you’re doing when all our kids are bigger, too- foster a baby! I know I would end up wanting to adopt, but I’ll leave that part up to the Lord. What you are doing is so important! I too have been a little bit disillusioned by foster care and DHS, but these kids are the ones who lose when we give up because it’s too hard. Keep up the super important, life-changing, good work!

CathyMA - Love this update Megan ❤️

Michelle - I saw one or two other people say this, but I also have been reading your blog forever and I’m wigging out at how big your kids have gotten! Congrats on making it through (I feel like we all need congrats on just getting by sometimes.)

Michelle - Welcome back, Meg! I don’t feel like you’ve been too far because I follow you on Instagram but this was a lovely update and I was grateful to read it. I hope this week brings the best outcomes for everyone involved. Not sure there is such a thing, but as close as you can get it my wish for you and Tiny. xoxo

Kelly - I loved “catching up”. I pop back into my blog and I do love it when I do it. Blog as much or as little as you want! Kelly

Heather - I’m so happy you’re blogging again! I have followed you for YEARS and always look forward to reading your posts. They are real, encouraging, and always helpful, from parenting to paint colors! 😉 I look forward to your Christmas gift ideas for teen girls each year and my girls get great gifts from your suggestions.

I’ve had the hardest parenting year of my life. I’m raising two teenage girls (15 & 16). And while they are great girls, teenage years are HARD! I found myself wishing for the days of sippy cups and Dora the Explorer. But God is good and makes good of all things. Lifting your family up in prayer!


Kayla - I can complete relate to your reason for stepping away from blogging because I have done the same thing. We have 6 kids and blogging about our lives was easy and fun when they were little. Now they are big-ish….and I feel like I can’t share “their lives” or candid moments anymore without their permission. I also had to pick and choose my words carefully, which made it more like work than fun! But, I am happy to get an occasional glimpse into your lives – from someone who understands the struggle!

jennibell - I’m so glad that you are blogging!! I’ve missed you so much. . .but know how seasons change and all that. I’m rarely on Instagram but have kept up a bit through that. Great post. Happy Holidays!!!

Debbie H - Thanks for the post, Meg! LOVE all the photos! You must have even gotten out the BIG camera for the flowers and butterflies! 🙂 . Pray for you and Tiny that the best decisions are made. . . although I know from experience the system sure seems flawed. Hugs! And thanks for sharing yourself with the “rest” of us. So great to have you “back”. Happy Thanksgiving to your entire family. We all have so much to be grateful for. xoxo

Melissa - Are you going to adopt Tiny?

Lorri - Welcome back to this wonderful home you have made here on the Web and invited all of in for a visit. Thank you for sharing your home, business, family and journey these many years. Please know total strangers are out here rooting for you and your family, and sending prayers to all. God bless.

Tracy - So happy to read your stories again!! Makes me so happy! Can’t wait for the next post 🙂

Lisa - I feel like a creeper saying this but I randomly discovered your blog when Annie was like 4 years old! Which means I’ve been following your life for 10 years. The internet is a weird place. But I do want you to know your blog and Instagram and family has been an encouragment to me. Even your story of getting pregnant with your oldest. My 17 year old is pregnant and due soon. Your story encourages my mama’s heart! Also your comments about big kids is spot on. So thankful their stories don’t end during those teenage years. Xoxo

Beth - Love this and bless you for fostering!!
Nice to read about what you have been up to lately. I’ve been reading since tabby was like 3!!!

Shannon - Thanks for posting Meg. As the parent of four kiddos 13-24 I needed to hear this. I thought I was tired when my kids were little, but I had no how emotionally exhausting it is to parent big kids. Hang in there and know you are not alone!

Sue - Loved this. Thanks for the update! Thanks, too, for the confirmation that parenting big kids can be as draining as it has been for me! Will look forward to more whenever you’re able to post. Absolutely love seeing and hearing about Tiny.

stephanie ackerman - love EVERYTHING about this you more and love #tiny even a little bit more than all of that #auntiesteph

liz c. - So fun to see a post from you, and so many beautiful photos. Tiny and Lowry are both darling. Sending good wishes to you and your family.

Tiffany - My energy for words was gone. – Sheesh, I hear you. But delighted to hear that you have more energy and looking forward to the Foster Care information.

Kristen - I’m newish here. I started following your Instagram because of Selah Signs. Visiting the craft house is on my bucket list! I didn’t even know you had a blog. But I feel like I could have written this. Except for the foster baby and the first grandchild. I have a kid who recently turned 17 and another who is 13. And another teen in the middle. I used to keep a blog too. And in this different season of motherhood, there’s just not words. But I sense God is doing something big. I don’t know what it is yet, but maybe it will come with a return to my blog.

Susan - So glad to be reading this!

Amanda - Life at Cloverhill - Lovely catch up. Nice to see everyone is doing so well 🙂

Melissa - Welcome back!

Cara - So glad you are back!!!!!

Rachel - So lovely to read your words again – I’ve missed your blog 👍😄

Jennifer - Welcome back! It was the perfect post. Thank you!

Kim - Just wanted to say “you’ve got this”. I don’t have teenagers yet but my 3yo is giving me a run for my money. Glad you came back to this space, it will be here when you have time for it. No pressure. 🙂

Kathi - Thanks for the post! I’ve missed you, Instagram just isn’t the same as a good old fashioned blog post:)

Lynette - I am so glad you posted. I so enjoy your words and your pictures are always so colorful! I have five kids, ages 5-16 (17 at the end of the month) and while the teen years are so much better in many ways than I anticipated, I love my teen girls, it is also such a challenging parenting season. We are so busy and life is full of weighty issues. In some ways teens feel just as needy as toddlers but their needs are more emotionally draining. I find myself completely done in at the end of most days!!! Mommying is hard. 😊 So inspired by your foster care story. It’s always been a dream of mine to be a foster mom.

Michelle - Thanks for sharing! I loved seeing all the pics!

Rachelle - So glad you are back. Much love and light.

Lisa Anderson - It made me so happy to read this post. I’ve missed your blog. Thank you so much for being honest about the big kids, big problems. I feel ya and sometimes I think I’m the only one having problems. It’s good to be reminded I’m maybe normal. Love your beautiful family and adventure with Tiny. Thanks for giving us the time!

Emily McNulty - Thank you for blogging again! I sure have missed you🌻

Kimberlee - I hope it felt good to write that. It felt great to read it! ♥️

Sara Neufeld - So good! Love reading the update! Reminds me of the old days when I read your blog every single day and Annie was a preschooler! Time just flies on by. Have a great weekend!

Shanna - Loved loved loved this wonderful update! It’s so beautiful to see this season of your life and all the joy you bring to it!!

Rebecca W - Thanks for posting all these years!

Jenn - Loved reading this post and seeing a bit of family life – thanks for sharing!

Laura - I loved reading this! I love your blog and I have missed it 🙂

Astrid - <3 Thank you so much for returning and sharing bits and pieces of your life with us. I truly have missed reading your posts. (PS…you helped to inspire me to paint our stairs in rainbow colors <3 )
I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts and learning more about foster care.

Amy - Yay!! I’ve missed your blog. Thanks for sharing!

Rita - So nice to catch up a bit! Good luck with it all!

Angela - This made my day!! Your family has grown so much! I was thinking about all your wonderful Christmas posts today while I was putting up our tree. So glad to see you back at it!

Catherine - Welcome back!!! So nice to read a post! Thanks for sharing so much! Life can keep us really busy and trying hard to figure out all that comes our way. ❤️❤️❤️

Kelly - Love all those sweet pictures and all the color and rainbows we know you for!

Rachel Boers - So glad you are “back.” Yes, life with “bigs” is a challenge, and in a different way than the physical exhaustion that came when the kids were little. And the stakes are so much higher too! Its not always easy (or right!) to ignore that and act like everything is fine, yet you have to respect their privacy at the same time, which can feel deceptive. Not to mention there is a grieving when kid after kid leaves the nest. Every year there is a new normal, not just for me and my husband, but also for the kids left at home. I’ve said to my husband over the past five years, “I just don’t know how much more change I can take!” It’s a season of transition, and while it’s necessary, and, in the end, good, it’s also still messy and JUST PLAIN HARD. But I’ve learned that I can’t let it steal my joy, and it looks like you’ve learned that too! There are still lots of great things happening, of course, and I am getting better at being content in this season of life. Please keep writing!

Mary Byberg - welcome back xo you were missed

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Camp CREATE coming March 2019

March 21-24, 2019 is our next CAMP CREATE!
I am so excited to spend time with all these women and with… YOU!
Registration opens at noon (CST) on Wednesday November 14 – CLICK HERE FOR TICKET INFORMATION.
In the past Camp has sold out within a few minutes so be sure to be ready at noon!

In 2014 I began dreaming and praying about what kind of place this camp could be…


– a place where women could come for a true break from the everyday routines.
– to create & feel confident that they were created for a purpose.
– to be reminded that they are God’s Masterpiece.
– to learn more about the plans God has for each of us.
– to explore WHY their art and gifts are important.
– to feel empowered as artists.
– to be in a beautiful space that sparks inspiration in every corner
– to see that WHO they are..right now just as they are… matters and means something!
– to know that the desire to create is instilled in them by God and it’s REAL.
– to feel safe to share their dreams
– to be taken care of and pampered (women are always care giving… this is a time to be cared FOR)
– to grow spiritually, emotionally and creatively
– to uncover what their dreams might be if they don’t know
– to have a restful place to CREATE & PLAY
– to discover more about our identities in Christ.
– to be encouraged to SHINE everyday no matter their life circumstances

and God is continuing to make this happen!


CAMP CREATE is a place where we focus on the gifts of creativity, learning about God’s unique design for each of us and how God makes us artists.

Even if you have never painted a painting or sculpted a pot… you are still an artist!

If you don’t consider yourself a “real artist” you will still fit perfectly at camp.
All skill levels are welcome!  beginner to professional!
You have a purpose and goals and a heart that is worth fighting for!
God put a need to create inside us…there are endless ways that it can show itself…not just paint or pencils.
He made us in His image – the CREATOR!
He filled our hearts with Dreams!

Our speaker will be Stephanie “Honey” Holden.  She will bring wisdom, experience, truth and SO MUCH FUN to Camp Create! This is her third time speaking at camp!  Our art instructors are Catherine Freshley, Carmella Calhoun and ME    🙂
We will teach skills and techniques that are unique to each of our giftings.
Our days at camp are full of creating art together that is centered in our joy of using our hands to MAKE stuff!
Our time is very free flowing and open ended… it is WONDERFUL!

Kimberlee Jost always prepares amazing meals for camp.
She is so talented at serving delicious food and making it look easy and effortless.
I am so happy to eat anything she serves!

Each camp we have had has been so GOOD!
We can’t wait to watch how God moves in our hearts this March.

We are thrilled to invite YOU to be a part of CAMP CREATE 2018!

If you still don’t know what I am talking about you can read here about our past camps:

Camp CREATE fall 2018

Camp Create spring 2018

Camp CREATE 2017 – fall

Camp CREATE 2017 – spring

Camp CREATE 2016 – fall

Camp CREATE 2016 – spring

Camp CREATE 2015

Camp CREATE 2014




1. Tickets go on sale at November 14 at noon (CST) in my shop.
there are only 11 spots available for CAMP CREATE… each time we’ve sold out in ten minutes.

2. Registration is paid in installments.
– First payment of $250 will be during registration through Paypal in my shop.
This payment is non-refundable but will go towards your total registration cost.

– Second payment of $625 is due on January 15, 2019

– Third payment of $625 is due on February 15, 2019

OR if you want to pay more or the full the remaining amount after November 14… you can do that as soon as you’d like.

3.  Airfare and travel is not included  in the price but we will take you to & from the airport on Thursday & Sunday of camp.

4.  If you do not get a spot and would like me to keep your name in case of a cancelation – leave it in the comments.  I have had to use these names every camp so it’s worth a try!

5.  Leave your questions in the comments and I will try my best to answer them in the comment area.

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Camp Create September 2018

Camp Create September 2018 was so much fun!
We had several ladies returning to camp and I wasn’t sure how that would turn out but it of course was wonderful because THEY are wonderful!
The Craft House is the place to be to make new friends!

The campers arrive, traveling from as far as California and Florida.
It’s a treat to see everyone come into the house and smile so much.
I think The Craft House is sort of like a Barbie Dream House for grown ups.
It’s got color everywhere!

Our speaker was author, podcaster, business coach, and mama to five boys, Alli Worthington.
She led our evening and morning time sharing what God says about being busy and having a fierce faith that overcomes fear.
A quote I wrote down that caught my eye again today:  Jesus says “You are enough because I am everything”
We all enjoyed our time with Alli.
Alli’s newest book is a devotional and it just came out this week!
The Year of Living Happy – Finding Contentment and Connection in a Crazy World

We enjoyed delicious meals made by Kimberlee Jost.
There is so much good food at camp!!
From morning till night she feeds us the best meals!
Doesn’t a meal that was prepared for you taste so much better than one you make yourself?

Artist and author, Megan Wells of MakeWells taught her Funky Florals Workshop for us.
She taught us her technique for art journaling and we created all afternoon.
It’s always a good day when we get to get out all the paint & brushes and get messy!
You can take her online class yourself and get messy too!

We made covered button necklaces and they were ADORABLE!

We used flannel and felt in fall colors to make this THANKFUL banner.
I always love to see everyone make their own version of the project.
I made a pattern out of cardboard for the bigger and smaller pieces.
We printed out the word we wanted in huge font on paper and then used it as a pattern for the word on felt.
Then we hot glued it all to twine.
It was a fairly simple, no-sew project with a big impact.  🙂

Artist and blogger at Pitter Patter Art,  Laura Kelly taught us how to make covered rope rainbows.
She was inspired my @mandismoothhills beautiful rainbows.
We used all kinds of textiles to cover our rope making the rainbow in any color way we liked.
They can be made as big or as little as you wanted.
This was relaxing and was great for creating while chatting with friends.
I wanted to make a hundred of them!

On Saturday we ventured out of the house in search of antiques even though there was a chance of rain.
I take all our groups to Bearly Makin’ It in Marion, Kansas because it is unique.
I have never seen a store as clean & organized as this one… everything together in groups.
There are always so many treasures to find.

And sometimes we get lucky and the bakery next door is still open when we get to town!

We look for all the best junk and we take lots of fun photos.
The red door is everybody’s favorite!

I bought a huge yellow lard can that I plan to use as a flower pot next spring.

Sonic is on our way home and we always need a caffine fix by this time of the day.
or a milkshake…

Shelly and Briget are sisters and they got to come together all the way from California.

All four of us are foster moms – we had plenty to talk about!
Another project we worked on was decorating our bags from Pen & Paint.
We stitched on them… some people painted… some people added fabric and tassles.
It’s more of a long term continuos project that you can keep adding and adding as you have time.

Megan covered the chalkboard in the kitchen with beautiful flowers!

For each Camp Create we have awesome & generous sponsors that gift our campers with their products.
I will tell you all about each one of them in the next blog post coming soon.
The Adopt ShoppeFed By BreadDayspringEleventh Candle Co.Jeanne OliverJamie IveyMilk & Honey TeesPen & Paint

Thanks to each of these 4 ladies for teaching, planning, cooking, cleaning and everything else that goes into making these retreats so amazing.

Such a great weekend with the loveliest women!
I am so lucky to get to work with the coolest creative people and I get to meet the most kind and sweet women at every camp.
There’s something special about the Craft House and the people who gather there.
We share about the little stuff and the BIG stuff.
It’s a place to be with other creative souls who love the same stuff.
It’s the gift of time away from the chores of daily life to rest, find inspiration, to laugh and have fun.
Camp Create is the best!


The next Camp Create will be March 21-24, 2019 – Registration details to be announced soon(ish).

You can read about past Camp Create:

April 2018 with Jenny Randle, Megan Wells & Carol Spenst

September 2017 with Honey Holden, Rachel Denbow& Tara Steele

April 2017 with Jessica Thompson, Rachel Denbow & Mary Wangerin

September 2016 with Ruth Simons, Stephanie Ackerman & Ashley Campbell

April 2016 with Amber Haines, Jeanne Oliver & Laura Kelly

September 2015 with Honey Holden, Jenny Horn & Stephanie Ackerman

September 2014 with Holly Gerth, Michelle Allen & Stephanie Ackerman

Nancy Lehman - As always—looks like so much fun!!!

Marilyn Turnley - Number 1 on Bucket List. Saving every cent I am able. Meanwhile soooo enriched by the beautiful spirit and inspiration you share. THANK YOU. From Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

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rainbow everything!

It’s no secret that i love rainbows and color.
recently i found a few cute rainbow things on Amazon and that made me wonder how many more things are out there?
i love shopping for fun things that make great gifts or just fun to enjoy.
so…. I complied a list of All Things Rainbow!
it was so much fun to make!

Rainbow Drink Tumbler

Rainbow Sweater

Rainbow Backpack

Rainbow Popsicle Floatie

Rainbow Sunnies

No Spill Paint Cups & Brushes in Rainbow Colors

Rainbow Key Chain

Rainbow Sneakers for Women

Rainbow Wall Hooks

Girls Rainbow Sweatshirt

Rainbow Watercolor Hearts Pillowcase

Rainbow Baby Onesie

Unicorn Sprinkles Sugar Shaker

Rainbow Pool Floatie

Rainbow Maracas

Rainbow Head & Wristbands

Rainbow Leggings

Rainbow Sticky Notes

Kids Rainbow Tube Socks

Rainbow Art Book

Rainbow Striped Body Pillow

Rainbow Popsicle Art Puzzle

Rainbow Bath Bombs

Rainbow Tape Dispenser

Rainbow Stripe Tote Bag

Rainbow Kite

Rainbow Cloud Floatie 

All the Colors of the Rainbow Nail Polish Set

Curved Rainbow Stacking Blocks

Rainbow Pool Floatie for Babies  (i got this for Tiny)

a different Rainbow Art Book

Rainbow Glitter Nail Polish

Rainbow No Tie Shoelaces

Rainbow Painted Xylophone

Rainbow Striped Backpack

Rainbow Coffee Cup

Rainbow Eye Shadow Palette

Rainbow Waterproof Rechargeable Camp LED Light

Rainbow Purse

Rainbow Colored Coasters

Rainbow Shaped Pool Floatie

Insulated Rainbow Lunch Box

Set of Rainbow Washie Tape

Universal Rainbow USB Charger

Rainbow Umbrella

Rainbow Calendar

Rainbow Throw Rug

Extra Tall Rainbow Birthday Candles

Rainbow Wooden YoYo

Rainbow Swim Trunks

Rainbow Swing

Rainbow Ukulele

Rainbow Playing Cards

Rainbow Glass Wind Chimes

Rainbow Tinsel Eyelashes

Hair Dryer in Rainbow Chrome Finish

Rainbow Make Up Brushes

Rainbow Rain Boots

Plastic Rainbow Party Cups – Set of 8

Wasn’t that fun!?!
Surrounding myself with colorful things makes me happy.

Christy - I have those no tie laces, not in rainbow, but I love them! They are so awesome.

Jeanie - Hi, Meg,

I’m not on Instagram but saw your daughter is at 40 weeks with her baby. Congratulations on the upcoming grandson, and godspeed to Lauren in her delivery!

Jen - I was soooo disappointed to see that first rainbow sweater is only for children. 🙁

Kate - ❤️💙💜💚💛🧡

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For each Camp Create we have companies that sponsor our event.
They send their product as gifts for our campers and it’s like christmas morning – grown up style!
We are so grateful to all our sponsors!
Thank you for always being so generous to Camp Create! makes beautiful artwork in the form of prints, greeting cards, notecards and calendars.
I love her style!
I love having Katy’s art in my home – it’s cheerful and fresh!
use the code: CAMPCREATE for 15% off your order

. is artist’s Michelle Allen’s whimsical art shop.
She designs all the products – handpainted clocks, bags, house wares, dish towels and more.
I have several of her shopper bags that are covered in her artwork and I LOVE THEM!
everything in her shop would make an excellent gift!
Use the code: whatever15 for 15% off your order good through May 15

. is a new sponsor and I couldn’t be happier!
Their candles smell amazing but their mission is AWESOME!
This company employs women who have been trafficed or incarcerated while simultaneously supporting a village in Ethiopia.
Listen to the company’s founder on the Mom Struggling Well podcast to hear more.
But definitely use the code: CREATE for 20% off your purchase.

. is Megan Wells’ website and shop filled with so much color!
Megan was the artist instructor who taught at Camp Create this April.
She taught her Funky Florals class that you can take at home!
AND it’s on sale right now too!
Click Here to be taken to that class link!
Use the code: SPRINGSALE for 30% your order in her shop.

Illustrated Faith is such a cool company!
They make all kinds of supplies to help make Bible Journaling even more amazing.
Washi tapes, journals, pens, paints, stickers and even the bibles!

Use the code: IFSHIPSFREE for free domestic shipping on your order.


Feather & Birch makes the best wood cut outs!!!
I love their fonts!
Feather & Birch sent their mini word cut outs for us to use on a project we completed at camp.
They have big words too! And signs and all kinds of neat stuff!
they are cut with heavy duty wood too – it is a true quality product!
Use the code: HAPPY15 for 15% off your order.


Our speaker for April’s Camp Create was Jenny Randle, author of 31 Day Create.
Jenny is a Jesus-loving, book-writing, storytelling communicator who loves to make stuff with her creative-ninja like ways.
This book is really fun to dig into and learn about creativity through lots of different exercises while spending time with God.
Order her book HERE: 31 Day Create


Author Meagan Rotan and illustrator Rhonda Elder sent a copy of the book “Goldie” to each of our camp guests.
You can purchase your own copy HERE: Goldie – the parable of a broken heart made whole


Dayspring is the best!!!
I love working with such a great company with pretty gifts, wonderful books and great resources.
They make gift giving so EASY!
Sign up for the Dayspring newsletter to find out about their special offers!


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