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green chippy paint

i am in chicago at the Storyline Conference!!!
i really enjoyed today.
we heard donald miller (A Million Miles in a Thousand Years – i LOVED that book) & glennon melton (momastery)

i have been thinking all day about my life… my story… what’s next… what do i want…
big stuff right?
stuff i don’t quite have answers for just yet.
and that’s ok… just thinking and processing.

but what blew me away today was hearing Propaganda speak… poetry i guess you’d say?
i think it was the lyrics of his songs but instead of rapping to music he just spoke it into the mic.
his 10 minutes were my favorite.

bob goff is tomorrow and i CANNOT WAIT!


my parents came to watch scott play football last week and on saturday we went out to the barn.
how cute are they?
my dad found records and a machete that he plans to use for gardening.

side note: scott did awesome… he had two touchdowns… they won 59-2.
his team is undefeated!
he is having a lot of fun with his team.

the girls and craig came out tot he barn too.
there were bugs flying all over the place.
and i made the mistakes of saying “what are they? earwigs?” to which annie asked “why are they called earwigs? do they go in your ear?”
i said yes.
and she lasted about 5 more minutes like this and then went to the car!
but they were not even earwigs which i said right away.

silly girl.

oggie was high school basketball coach so he and craig were talking about all the games way back when.
they were so funny… they both remembered SO MANY DETAILS.
how do they keep the games straight?!!!!

i mean seriously.

this is what we came home with…. GREEN chippy gorgeousness.
it’s going to be a covering the half wall  in the entryway of the kitchen that will have hooks for kids’ backpacks and my purse
i really excited to get this project going!



Angela - Your parents are adorable!!!

The green bead boards are to die for!! Can’t wait to see the after project. Do you ever worry about lead paint?

Annie favors you so much but i bet you hear that all the time.

jen - It was so fun running in to you at the Barn that day. Thanks for putting up with me fan-geeking out a bit.
My friend and I had the suburban packed tight coming back to Colorado. So many great things out there! We seriously considered renting a uhaul to tow home so we could get the bedroom set that’s on the trailer behind Craig and Oggie. And I think Dennis got a big kick out me thinking he was serious when I asked where the bathroom was and he told me it was out back.
It’s such a great place. Thanks for sharing your wonderful find with us. We’ll be back for sure!

Michelle Deckert Richmond - You have such vision and flair for decorating…can’t wait to see the end result. Michelle from Canada Instagram..michellerich31

heather m. - How fun!!! Can’t wait to see your finished project. I’m seeing this Bob Goff name everywhere the past 2 days… Guess I should go find out what he’s all about..>!

Jo - great post. love the story about your kiddo…too cute!

Angela - Best line: “…and a machete he plans to use for gardening.” This made my day. Your dad seems like my kind of guy. ;)

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pretty messes and painted pumpkins

i was sitting down to write and looked over to this scene.
some would say “what a mess” and… it IS.
but look how pretty?!!
i couldn’t help but smile.
i sewed curtains for talby’s room last night with the turquoise fabric on the table (hobby lobby) so that is still out with the sewing machine.
new pillows coming to the shop… annie’s next project to go to class…. more zinnias from the craft house…newly painted mirror propped on the wall awaiting placement… and of course a bongo drum???

when messes are colorful it is easier to not worry too much about them.

we painted pumpkins on sunday night.
craig was sitting right beside us watching the Royals and we listened.
wood floors ROCK.
there was no worry about the paint at all!

it’s just craft paint.
i am sure they wouldn’t last if it was rainy but our porch is covered and there is no rain in the forecast.

talby REALLY wanted to make the melted crayon pumpkin we’ve seen around.
i will be honest… i tried to talk her out of it.
i am glad she was persistent.
it is AWESOME!

annie had to make one too…. because little sisters always want to do whatever their big sisters do.  :)
we took the labels off the crayons using an exact0 knife.
then hot glued them into place.
we used a hair dryer on high and the whole thing was done in less than five minutes.

then monday night they each carved a pumpkin too.
i don’t care too much for this process so i let them do most of it on their own.
annie needed my help on the face and said “yeah mom… you’re an expert.  you’ve been doing this on your own for like FIVE years now!”
five years?  what a funny girl.

IMG_3075IMG_9339this has nothing to do with pumpkins… but when i look at this picture i think “you need to make this house more “YOU” Meg… cause this porch is NOT”

but then i get tired and think “CUTE PUMPKINS!”

do you have halloween costumes all done?

annie is the only one i feel like i need to worry about anymore.
the others are in charge of their own costumes.
they are old enough.
and they change their minds too much.
so i ordered something off amazon for annie… and it’s checked off the list.


Kelsey - I love that in the second-to-last photo there is a knife sticking out of the pumpkin’s eye! Haha!

Traci - Ahhhhhh, so much fun!!

Angela - I love color just as much as the next person, but I have to say the white pumpkin that someone doodled all over is my favorite!

Michelle - those are some of the happiest pumpkins I’ve ever seen! I’ll have to remember for next year :)

Su - love the polka dot pumpkin :)
and I HATE carving pumpkins. . that is a mess that is not pretty. I cannot touch that slime that comes out of a pumpkin. For many years, my dad came over and carved pumpkins with the kids which I was thankful.

Aimee - I love your colorful pumpkins. When you painted pumpkins a couple years ago I loved it so much that my boys and I did it too. They had fun. We have costumes done. My youngest is going to be a slice of pepperoni pizza (from Target), my oldest is going to be a cheeseburger (from Amazon) and the dog is going to be a hot dog for the third year in a row. This is the first time the boys are doing a theme and it’s going to be awesome.

Julie - The pumpkins look awesome, but I think the pick of the photos is the zinnias and fabric. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

Angela - I love the fabric for the curtains, so pretty! I don’t miss buying or dealing with costumes now that mine don’t trick or treat anymore, I am a bad mom. ;-) lol

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october craft weekend

we had PERFECT weather for the october craft weekend!
it was so nice prepping for CW with the sun shining and the trees turning fall colors.
i am always happy when kansas puts on a good show for visitors.  :)

IMG_2523photo 2-3
our sponsors sent fabulous swag for our guests!
they always do!
it had been since june that i had opened the sponsors boxes… it’s always like christmas!

photo 3
there were lots of new fabrics to choose from for aprons.
picking out apron fabrics is one of my favorite tasks!

everyone was pretty great at sewing!
they were just moving right along… making ruffles like rock stars.

everywhere you look at the Craft House there is color!

photo 1
Homemade Bread Pudding with Caramel Glaze… to die for!!
Kimberlee makes sure we eat well all weekend.
homemade cookies… harvest chili & cornbread…. cinnamon rolls…. french toast… YUM!!!
photo 3-2-2

Back40Life sent these 16″ letters for us decorate.
they were heavy duty!
the chalkboard paint was a big hit too.

we made photo frames out of old books.
Amy from Amy J. Delightful taught us how to cover the books with fabric and cut the covers and pages to make a frame.
These were really fun!

IMG_9043photo 2
We made these SUPER CUTE garlands using Say Hello Shop’s wood banners and Felt Pom Poms from Benzie Handmade.
i love these!!!
we used chalkboard paint on one side of the banners and decoupaged fabric to the other side.
the felt pom poms make it so cheery!
Jaime from Raising Up Rubies led this project based off this tutorial by Bev.
it. was. awesome.
we were all flipping out over how fun it was and how much we loved it.
it is a lot of cutting but seriously adorable results!
we got our hoops at joanns (18″x27″).
you should make this!

photo 2IMG_9053cwmapsIMG_9131IMG_9124
proud crafters… and they should be!!
my favorite = antique treasures and chippy paint!IMG_2575IMG_2573photo 2-5
our trip out to the barn was extra lovely with the perfect weather.
there is always something fabulous for everyone.

i was really tempted by the farm bureau sign because i love my kansas sunflowers.
but it went home with someone else.
i am happy about that… i would hate to have left it there.
IMG_2539PicMonkey CollageIMG_2541
i even got to drive Oggie‘s truck out to the barn since i took so long at the shop!
ha ha ha
the group had to leave in the giant van without me.  :)
i had a few partners in crime along with me.

these quilts are such a treasure!
that green?  i was dying over that one… great score gretchen!

roomie pictures!

my pretty ruffled up friends all lined up.  :)

jaime & amy…truly lovely ladies and also excellent helpers!

Thank you girls for making Kimberlee’s and my job so much easier and fun!

Thanks you to all our new friends that came to Craft Weekend!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


Laura h - A-W-E-S-O-M-E
Love all the details and color! Yes please to everything!!

Cindy Singer - Is there a link to the map that you used for your template? I would love to make these with my girls!

Robin - After 2 long years on the wait list, I finally made it to this craft weekend. It was everything you can imagine and MORE. GREAT crafts, food and fun. And…I could seriously live in Kansas!

Brittany - love, love, LOVE that map hoop!! So fun and colorful! On my to-make list for sure.

Lisa - Meg you look so skinny in these pictures!!!! You go girl!

elma - Love all the crafts and those quilts oh my!! I so Love the ruffle aprons!!!

Michelle from Australia - LOVE the hoop map! Yes, I’m Australian but love all things American :)

Julie - Can you share where you bought the bird fabric? I LOVE it!

Kerri - Oh, I would have loved to snag that Kansas Farm Bureau sign – I worked for KFB at the headquarters in Manhattan years ago.

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Still cute. still awesome. still have NO idea how to pick out fabric and put it together!

Mindy - Such a lovely group of ladies in their aprons! Your craft weekends look like the most fun ever and such cute projects. My Grandma passed away this past week. She was born in Kansas. It makes me happy to see joy coming from there…

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these aren’t all from one day but all very everyday pics.


out of control.

waking up.

we like red shoes.

fashion{able} scarf.

i need a bigger make-up bag.


chicken chores.

for real.  this was up for silent auction.  ha!

i brought home this quilt and this sign because the acorns reminded me of my grandma.


fabric shopping at joanns.

sam’s club.
lunch with lauren.
it was delicious.
shopping for jeans with lauren.

round two.
parent teacher conference.

last MS football game.
working with glitter all over the table on the deck.

squishy vistior.


working on filling up the shop…. eventually.  :)


happy hour for annie.

i can’t quit that song.
i poured in their favorite food… they went bonkers.

wednesday night chore.IMG_2886
my hottie banker leaving for work.
we like nail polish.
and washi tape.

projects for annie’s sewing class.
yellow pumpkins?
driving home.
five pumpkins for five kids…annie’s logic.

taco night.
handstands every day.
new basketball shoes!

wednesday snuck in the house!
required reading.
pumpkin pie.  (which OF COURSE i didn’t cook long enough so it wasn’t all i dreamt it would be… story of my life!)
honey crisp apples.
after the football game.


in case you don’t follow me on Instagram…. i am having a sale on canvases in my shop!

use the code CANVAS20 for 20% off your canvas order.

the sale is through Sunday October 26 at midnight.  :)


Carol S. - Ordinary is very good. Love my new singer heavy duty seeing machine $120 amazon, just shortened 12 king size pillowcases to standard size..the only size pillow I like. Thanks for recommendation.

Julie - Lots of colour and fun. Those dishes and piles of washing just never do them selves unfortunately. Love all those autumn leaf shots.
have a wonderful weekend.

Megan - I am just wondering how much you generally spend on the quilts you buy?

I wish wish wish I could find a good source for old quilts here in Maine. I always search at antique shops but never have any luck. I have seen some for $100 but I certainly do not want to spend that much on one. any advice?


KirstenP - I really like the roll of fabric from Joann’s – gray background with white and yellow flowers. I hope you show us how you plan to use it.

Karen Gerstenberger - These are all fun, but my favorite is the one chicken eye.

Michelle from Australia - My eight visit to the USA is coming up in 7 weeks. Not that I’m counting….much!! In my tripping through much of your beautiful country (my American friends joke that I’ve seen way more of the USA than they have!) I haven’t experienced Sonic. Or a Sonic Happy Hour. Note to self from December/January trip, find a Sonic!

Kristin S - I love your random posts!

1. Who took the last paper towel? That would make me crazy.

2. Where did you get your cute purse? I’ve been on the hunt for two years…

Sarah - Thank you for this post. I was just telling my husband that I’m a bit weary of my vocation as stay at home mom and all that entails. Just seeing everyday life in someone else’s house and the full grocery cart and the overflowing dishes and laundry and the joy and regular stuff is good. So good to remember this vocation is rewarding and hard all at once. Thanks. Also, I think we might have the same paint on our walls. :)

amy jupin - these are my favorite kind of posts.
mostly because they make our lives seem so similar (which they are) and make me miss you all the more (because we could be grocery shopping together!).
and i solemnly swear to pick up my real camera this week and take some pictures.
because this real life stuff is worth capturing.
thanks for the reminder!

Heather S. - Sadly – Shake It Off is my jam.
And your snack, it’s my afternoon snack almost daily. Even better though – I melt the peanut butter. Makes it fabulous for dipping my apple wedges.

Lori - Totally in love with the rainbow sweatshirts! Have been hoping for years that you will make some in adult sizes!!!! Can I special order?!?

Georgia - These are the blog posts i love, and the ones that got me hooked on your blog about 5 years ago!


Tiffany - I like your ordinary!

Jeannine - You inspire me like crazy :)

Angela - You are so skinny now!!!! Way to go! I loved all the pictures. Will you leave the bunting up during the winter? I wish there were Menards in the South my girlfriends are always getting cute things there.

Laura h - Bam! Wow! Thank you for sharing the pictures! I was having a huge pity party..blah, blah, blah baaad day…
I usually go to Pinterest on these types of days because sometimes I just need to SEE pretty stuff. I have a whole board dedicated to your blog, because I love your pictures so much! So thank you for giving me something to make me smile, and smile I did!!

Flower Patch Farmgirl - I like this a lot.
And I miss Cory’s snappy shirts and ties! It feels like forever ago…he does NOT miss them. At all. And I don’t really miss all the ironing…

Tanya - Loved this post. Fave pics are of Annie because she reminds me of my girl so very much :) :) :)

Wendy - The basket of toilet paper … and the empty roll(s) which never make it in the garbage. Story. Of. My. Life.

carrie - you could do an entire post of chicken pictures and i would laugh at every single one. love those ladies!

carrie - ok, so the next post down WAS an entire post of chicken pictures! ha! loved it!

Amber - Oh! Waffle’s eyelashes, I can’t shake off that song either! and your drive home *sigh* beautiful! Thanks for sharing pics of ordinary days, I think they look a lot like everybody else’s too. It’s reassuring! : )

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