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January CW sponsors

Each Craft Weekend we have loads of super, amazing, GENEROUS sponsors!
These are all crafty small businesses or creative endeavors that i love supporting!

THANK YOU to every sponsor!  You make Craft Weekend even more fun!

click on the photo to be directed to their websites!



Use the code: CW15 for 15% off your order of AMAZING popcorn!!!

i ordered a whole bunch of bags to give as christmas gifts.
it would be great for Valentines too – something different than chocolate!





Courtney’s second book just came out!
you can read about it on her website… and about her too!
and you can purchase her book HERE!
:)   :)   :)   :)   :)   :)



Use the code: WHATEVERCRAFTWEEKEND  for 50% off your order in her shop!
that is a GREAT deal!!
i like to include these in gift bags for birthdays, stocking stuffers, valentines and easter baskets!

Use the code:  CWW10 for a 10% discount in her shop

  Each candle is hand poured by michelle into a cute square mason jar!




Use the code: MEG25 for 25% off your purchase in her shop
how cute is that little Kansas charm she added to these rainbow bracelets for Craft Weekend?!
also be sure to check out her sparkle cuffs!!

Use the code: Craftweekend for 15% off in her shop

i love her painting style!
i mean…. what could be better than a rainbow bike?!!


Use the code:  CRAFT20 for 20% off in her shop

 Lori has hand lettered prints and also she is an AMAZING paper cutting artist!



Use the coupon code: WHATEVER15 for 15% off in her shop

everyone could always use a little more sparkle in their lives.



Use the code:  WHATEVERCRAFTWEEKEND for 15% off your order in her shop

jennifer makes stamped leather cuff bracelets and i love ALL of them!!



Natalie made these super cute headbands for our guests but Natalie’s shop is sold out of everything right now!
BUT  you can go and read her adorable blog!
and follow her on Instagram @nataliecreates




Laura from Pitter Patter Art sent everyone these custom made Key Fobs for Craft Weekend.
Philippians 4:8 is my verse!!
“Whatever is… true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praise worthy… think on these things.”
Laura doesn’t have a “shop” but she takes custom orders all the time through her blog.
You can contact her through email and tell her what you’d like and she’ll make it!
She is super talented and sweet as can be!



These frames are SO awesome!!
The Organic Bloom sent every CW guest a different colored frame and i was LOVING that!
This company’s use of color, quality and fun shapes makes me really happy.

i think the hardest decision for me will be choosing what color i want to use.


Enjoy shopping at all of these fabulous shops!

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craft weekend 2015

our 10 week break seemed to fly by like breaks usually do.
but with Craft Weekend being my job it’s pretty easy to enjoy getting going again.

we had another sweet group who were so nice to spend the weekend with!
i love meeting all these new friends.
they always ask me “is it so weird for you to have people know so much about you?”
i answer “no… i actually like it because the pressure is off for me.  you already know all my stuff and you chose to come anyway so i know we will be friends!  it makes the nervousness go away for me completely.  i love it!”

our routine to get the house ready…. light the candles…. open the curtains… turn on the lamps…. turn on the music… make the margaritas.
it’s a the perfect equation for welcoming guests.
(but really i think it’s all about the margaritas… recipe HERE)

on friday night we eat dinner and then we head straight for the swag!
we have SUPER sponsors that i will tell you all about in the next post.
after we talk about our sponsors and oohhhh and aahhh over everything they send, we start right on the aprons.
we don’t mess around.
no time to waste.

I love friday nights while they sew their aprons.
some of them are sewing for the very first time in their life!
they learn new things… they make new friends… they eat dessert… it’s so fun.IMG_2396IMG_1115FullSizeRender-2 copy 3FullSizeRender-2 copyFullSizeRender-2
i loved this collage that Jill made on her Instagram – SO SUNNY!

FullSizeRender-2 copy 2every plate at craft weekend looks like this – completely empty.
i can’t tell you enough how well we eat!

one of our projects was this pillow made from felt triangles.
i used this tutorial on and we used the fabulous Benzie Design felt for all of it.
some of the girls switched up the design which i loved because they were making it their own.
i am always happy to watch where they take the projects.
it’s always fine to make the exact copy of the example but it’s so cool to watch where everyone’s creativity take them.

IMG_2331IMG_2620IMG_2242FullSizeRender-2 copy 5IMG_2415
we had slightly chilly weather to head over to Bearly Making It Antiques and The Old Mill.
i always find the colorful things… orange sewing machine… yellow pencil sharpener… and even yellow livestock fly spray? yuck.
umm….this cabinet is A M A Z I N G.
i keep looking at it over and over!?!  it has cutting boards?!

so many treasures were brought back to the Craft House!IMG_1112IMG_2444
no one thought they should bring any of these skulls with fur still attached back to the craft house though, thank goodness!
although… a little glitter.  a little yarn wrapping… some paint… you know we would make those RAD!
i was jealous of Lola’s find of the WEST sign.
i really liked it!
it was Sooooo WINDY!
but wind will not stop die hard #whatevercraftweekend.
how cool is that trunk that Kelly was eyeing?!
it’s an old ice box!

kimberlee spoiled us again with delicious meals and snacks and desserts.
after we ate those beans i said “who knew green beans could taste good?!”
she makes it all yummy.
we even had personal chicken pot pies in jars!
FullSizeRender-4 copyIMG_2492
we made the leather cuff bracelets with stamped metal tags.
everyone had a blast with this!
so many people asked on IG how to make these and where to get the supplies?
i ordered the metal stamps on amazon.
the belts are ALL from thrift shops.
the snaps, rivets and blanks are from hobby lobby and michaels.
then from there… google it and see if you can find a good tutorial.  :)

it’s not difficult once you get over the fear of the hammer and the metal parts.

IMG_2508FullSizeRender-2 copy 4IMG_2511IMG_2522IMG_2521
SO MANY awesome color & pattern combos at Craft Weekend!

squeeze in annnnnd…. JAZZ HANDS.
ha ha ha


all the beautiful roomies!
our helpers this Craft Weekend were Taryn – a friend i’ve had since 2nd grade
and Jami – an online friend that i met in real life on friday morning.
AND I LOVE THAT about Craft Weekend!
all my old and new friends all mixed together forever!  it is a gift from God to me!
our helpers are so great.
they work hard for these ladies and keep everything running smoothly!

i know everyone wants to be a CW helper… i get email after email after email about it.
but unfortunately… that’s not the way it works.  :)


look at all those happy ladies!!!
i love each one of those smiles!
i kinda wish i could give each them one of them a hug again… i miss you girls!
if you want information of how to get to come to a craft weekend…. READ THIS FIRST.

then email us AT THE CRAFT WEEKEND email HERE to get on the wait list.
the list is very long  but we use a lottery system so you never know when you will get picked.

i hope to meet you someday!

AND… if you can’t wait to get picked for Craft Weekend you can reserve the house for yourself!  Bring your friends and have your own crafty girlfriends get away!
for all the information on The Craft House you can click HERE!  
(or the button on the top right of the blog works too!)

and one more thing…

this sign was a gift from The Lovely Mosaic.
she’s super talented!


Julie - Such a fun colourful weekend. I always want to try a Margarita after seeing your CW posts. One day I will.

Lola - LOVE this post Meg! Thank you so much for opening up your heart and craft home with all of us! It was a magical weekend and I wish it could happen at least once a month! Missing you ALL and trying to have a look at everyone’s blogs and online presence to keep in touch! Hugs!!!

Su - what did y’all make with the yarn? pom poms? speaking of yarn, I got some pom pom makers in my stocking (to me from me) and I am addicted to making pom poms. . .so fun, so easy. . all the kids can make them too. . .we actually decorated a friends wedding with gray and yellow pom poms. . glued them to branches and stuck in mason jars and made pom pom garlands. . .i’ll have to post pics on my blog and send you the link. . .it was so eclectic and fun! so thanks for recommending those clover pom pom makers :)

Katie P NC - can I place an order for that set of Jade-ite bowls that are sitting on the hutch at the antiques place? Please dear sweet loving readers pick that up and mail it to me, or call me so I can pay over the phone and have those shipped! I broke my beloved bowl that belonged to my grandmother and have searched high and low for them. Only to find them costing ten million dollars. :(

Chris - I just love your craft weekend posts. Wish we could have a big craft weekend reunion. And so funny that you mentioned all the emails you get about being a helper – as I was reading I was thinking, “I sure wish I could help at craft weekend”!

Kori - The craft weekend post was fun to read, but what really grabbed my attention was your awesome navy polka-dot sweater! :) So cute with the bigs and littles! Any chance you got it recently at a chain store?? *fingers crossed*

Jenny B. - Can Kimberlee share the green bean recipe? :)

Kelsey - My grandma had one of those cabinets! It’s a baker’s table, and the big bucket=style drawers underneath are for sugar and flower. LOVE!

Kelsey - *Make that FLOUR lol

Barbara (WA) - Meg – what always strikes me the most when I read your blog are your photographs of COLOR, bright, happy color. Thank you.

Five on Friday - […] Keeping it super simple and going through 5 of my favorite swag items we got at Craft Weekend! […]


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what 2015 means for me.

well… this is a big year for me.

i turn 40 in september.

(pause for effect)

that’s ridiculous.

i certainly don’t FEEL like i thought i would at 39.
it always seemed old.
my teachers at school were 40!
i remember my parents turning 40?!
how am i this age already?
my friends and family have all turned forty but i am the young one?!

last year my 2014 word was HEALTHY.
this year… energy?   intensity?  strength? action?

i pick ACTION.

it works for exercise & health but also for some other things i want to do this year too.

this is not a new year’s resolution because i didn’t start in january.
i was just too tired.
but it’s time to get serious.
i can’t turn 40 right now… i don’t feel physically ready!
i have some things to accomplish.

for me – 40 = fitness.

i am currently using the Les Mills PUMP workout.

(you can order it through that link and have Marta be your coach!)

i was using PiYo and i liked it but i missed the weights… so i switched over to pump.

i’m drinking a ton of water.

eating lots of protein and veggies.

limiting wheat and dairy and sugar.

i have 249 days to feel different.

i want to “LIKE” exercise.
and healthy food!
so i am faking it till i make it.:)

and of course i would like to lose a little more weight but that would be a happy bonus.

i want to keep running!
i have been SO LAZY about it.
so that has to stop.

obviously this outfit would help me perform better…right? (from dicks sporting goods)


i’m signing up for 4 races in the next 8 months.
for reals.
because that is a great way to stay motivated.
you have to register for the race ($$) and stay in shape so you can RUN it without bumming yourself out.

and the more PUMP i do… the stronger i will be so it’s a win-win.

Marta has a helped me so much this year.
she has taught me about food & health and is such an encourager.
i’m sticking by her side this year too! (virtually… not in real life;)
she has a nutritional group starting feb. 13 that YOU could join and feel better in a matter of days!
contact her through her Facebook page.  You won’t regret it!

but the main thing i have to do is JUST DO IT.
i have a million excuses that go through my head every day but none of those will help me reach my goals.

what about you?
what’s your word for 2015?
what are you doing this year… reading more?  massage?  rest? getting involved?  working out?

share with me! i’d love to hear that everyone else is working towards something too!



molly - well. we just welcomed baby #4 on jan 6th. so 2015 is going to be a year full of change and milestones in our family. so right now my words for jan and feb. and possibly beyond are relax and enjoy. i am trying not to sweat the small stuff, make sure i am focused on what is important, and enjoy this time in our life. the days are long but the years are short.

Jenny B. - I didn’t choose a word this year, but I really like yours! I was just joking with my husband this evening, calling myself a woman of inaction. So, maybe “action” would be a good word for me to aspire to this year! :)

Janine - “i have 249 days to feel different”
Aak! We have the same birthday. It’s in 249 days? I’ll be 37 and that means I need to be in a better place physically to try to have another kid before 40. My word for the year is “improvement”. I want to improve on areas of my life. Health, fitness, organization, home improvements, etc. so Improvement it is.

Tricia @ The Domestic Fringe - Oh, man, I’m turning 40 in February. I’m like, “Say what?”
How did this happen. It’s still like I’m 30! Anyway…I started a new year long blog series called, Conquering Forty, because ya, I’m gonna conquer this decade. You will too. I know it!

Love your “action” word. You’re quite the inspiration for me with your health and fitness. I admire the work and dedication you put into being healthy. Way to go!


Lynette - Hi! I turned 40 last year and I am working so hard on becoming healthy this year. I did Marta’s sugar detox in December and it rocked my world, I felt so much better and had so much more energy. I have since started running and exercising and it has been so good. I have cheated a little with my eating and need to work on that a little more but I learned so much through that detox. I don’t love exercise yet but i like it more than when i first started and i definitely appreciate what it does for me! Good luck with your races in the next few months. My husband and I are running a tough mudder in March and I am nervous and excited as I train for that!

Amy am - Action is my word this year too! I’m trying to do less planning and dreaming and thinking about things and just do them – big or small. Health and fitness is a big part of that.

I turn 30 in March, and I’m having a pretty hard time with it. The joys of major milestones…

janetg - Oh to be forty again!! And whether you believe it or not I thought being in the 50s’was the best!! Oh shock of shocks! I will be 69 on my next birthday!! Where did the time go? Other than some aches and pains I still feel 40–but have none of the responsibilities of 40!! Enjoy every minute of each year.

Crystal - I love LM Pump!! A friend introduced it to me last summer. We both feel like you see such great physical changes fast. ( Or faster than other forms of exercise). Can’t wait to hear how you like it!!

Elaine - Turning 40 isn’t so bad….it really is just a number :-) I love your attitude and the energy you are approaching it with, it is going to be a great year! My word for this year is STRONG. I want to be strong spiritually, emotionally and physically. Mostly I want to set a good example of a strong woman for my kids. Have a great day!

Meghan Elkins - Races = ACTION! Can’t wait to continue to follow your year of action! :D

Barbara (WA) - I’ve got to get my health back in 2015. I’ve had a series of misadventures including a broken wrist. Working on getting strength back so I can do what I love – gardening, growing flowers to sell, lifting my grandson!!!

Bethany - I don’t have a word, but the main thing I am focusing on is making time reading my bible and playing a priority. It seems that all the other things fall into place better when I make that a priority. Of course I have goals for my health and fitness, my kids, my marriage, my business, but first things first…it’s God.

I have been doing PiYo and love it, but also bought Les Mills Pump for the weight training. I like the combo of the two.

Jolene - A great blog I read (Katie from Runs for Cookies) covered this recently. Here’s the link…..

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - I turn 40 in March and canNOT believe it!

My word for the year is background – making sure I give the glory to Him!!

Kristen - i absolutely LOVE les mills pump! it might be my all time favorite workout. i love how it makes me feel athletic and strong even though i am completely uncoordinated! i have gotten some instructor dvds off ebay so i can keep adding a variety of pump workouts to my rotation.

i adore that outfit… super cute!

Lesley - I feel ya! I’m turning 50 in August! I have no idea how this happened, like I haven’t even decided what I’ll be when I grow up yet. I still feel young (er). Fitness is key! I’m so glad you steered me to Marta. She’s the bomb and I love Pump…it’s one of the best things I’ve done for myself. Don’t you feel so strong when you lift that bar?…love it.
My word for 2015 is…..quiet…for thinking, reading, creating and maybe even figuring out what to be whn I grow up. Love you Meg! xox

Stephanie Wilson - I turn 40 in April and it is motivating me like nothing ever has! I am in the process of posting my first novel on my blog, which is so scary for me. And like you, fitness is very important. My goal is to run a 5K this year and hopefully do more after that. I started doing Blogilates (on Youtube) workouts this month and she kicks my butt! But I love the feeling of accomplishment when I am done. If I had to choose a word for 2015 it would be happiness. I am finally figuring out what makes me happy and that I am worthy of it. Love your blog, it is always a bright spot in my day.

Denise - My words for the past few years have been “grateful evolution” I love that it makes me focus on the gifts I’ve been given and in and through the tough things God is changing me. I’m evolving, becoming who He knew I was all along. I’m 53, I did a Spartan this year and we are signed up for a half marathon in April. I asked my husband if he thought maybe we should do a 5k first! He said go big or stay home! lol I’m excited for you in your action days and look forward to being even more inspired by you as you press on toward the goal God has in mind for you!! You got this

marcie - My word is Balance. I’m looking to balance so many things in a much better way this year… I’m striving for balance.

Elizabeth - I am turning 30 this year! Totally freaking out, not where I wanted to be at this point in my life. I am glad I have until December to make this my year!
I don’t have a word for this year…
My focus is family, spending more on purpose time with purpose.

Susan A - I turn 50 in April. Our 8 year old keeps me young(er) and tired(er). :) My word is FOCUS…I need to focus on eating healthier, exercising, organizing, better sleep, family time, GOD, work, me…and not necessarily in that order. It’s only 83 days till 50. It just doesn’t seem possible. I remember sitting around at college back-in-the-day joking with friends that we’d be 35 in the year 2000. We thought that was an eternity away…then BAM! There it was and life marches on. Love your blog! ~Susan~

Kathie - Since I just turned 44 last week and I have a 6 month old at home (first, surprise, miracle child). I think this year the only word I have time for is “Mommy”. With it taking us so long to have her, I want to enjoy every little second I can while she is so little.

Lee Ann - I turn 40 in March! And I’m just finishing my first week of LesMills Pump. Loving it! I missed the weights too. Can’t wait to see what “action” looks like for you this year!

kelly - I sign up and pay for races that is how I keep running…posting on instagram (@fireflygirls) keeps me accountable too!! Good luck…I have a big birthday in January of 2017…add ten yoars to your 40…my goal is to run the dopey challenge at the WDW Marathon weekend…YIKES!!!

vanessa - Have you ever tried T-25? It’s horrible but it’s only 25 minutes of horrible and good all at the same time. I’m on week 5 and never been in better shape – sometimes I even feel like I can do a short run afterwards just to put in 45 minutes/day. I could only do half of about everything when I first started, but stuck with it and now can pretty much do the entire 25 minutes without stopping on most days. It’s hard – a good hard, but I feel STRONG! (And I turned 40 last week)

stephany - I also turn 40 this year…in June!

My word for the year is LOVE.

I am also trying to get into great shape. I am using the hashtag (along with a lot of others) #fitbyforty on IG.

Madelyn - My mom is a pump instructor- she’s my fitness inspiration! Good luck with your goals, races are such fun motivation!!

Necole@seriouslysassymama - My word is strength. I was diagnosed with MS back in October, and it threw me for a loop. I have always focused on everyone around me, and now have been forced to focus more on me. I have to have the strength to keep going with my new diet, meds, and exercise. I do not want to be in a wheelchair. I was never really overweight to begin with, but I am down to 120 from 140 and feel great. I am also back to work full-time, so I really need the strength to keep everything organized.

Kathy - My word for this year is one that I really want to focus on. It is Christ-like. I’m not sure if it’s actually one word or a hyphenated word, or if it’s two words. But I know all things are possible through faith in Jesus Christ, and I want to be more like Him. I have a laundry list of areas in my life that I could improve in, not the least of them being my body. I’m ashamed of what I’ve let my 55 year old body become and I intend on improving it and getting it stronger. One day at a time.

Jenni - My word for 2015 is rhythm. In 2013 we moved to a new state. In late 2014 we bought a house in the new state. We are finally feeling settled and at home in our new state, so I really want to find our rhythm again. I thrive on routines in every way…health, money, housekeeping, grocery shopping, family life…but routines are very rigid and make you feel guilty when you break them. I need grace and flexibility. I need rhythm.

Ekta - This was on my fb timeline….thought of this post of yours I read this morning….had to come here and leave the link.

patti - Hi! If you ever want to change things up, try Fitnessblender. It’s free workout programs online. Dare I say that it has changed everything for me! I despise exercise, and it’s the only ” program” that I’ve ever really stuck to. And I’m 44! I think it’s because I saw results right away…not necessarily in weight loss, but in how I felt. Like an athlete, which I’m not! Anyway, just thought I’d share what has worked for me. This year, for me, is about being fit. Not what my scale says, but how I feel inside and out. Hopefully, strong, positive and healthy! Good luck!

Lisa - My word this year is intentional. I am trying really hard to be present in my little world. MY little world. That means no more Facebook (which surprisingly I don’t miss at all). That means staying off the phone and away from the television. That means more time with my husband and kids. That means more time spent taking care of myself. All really great things, and I super excited about this year. I am ready to be a better me, and to leave a legacy of love for my family. I am going to be present….

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ok… thank you so much for watching Alex’s video and liking it.


so i need you to click over to the ACU LIVEUP website and vote on that site.

and share it again if you’re able using the tag   #ACUAlexandria   

the sharing counts as one vote for her also if you use the hashtag.


the page looks like this… click on it and it will take you to Alex’s scholarship video.



You are voting  for Alex to win a full ride scholarship at Abilene Christian Academy.
She is an awesome kid and will do so much with this opportunity.

read the post below if you want more information.  :)



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