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my favorites this week

have you tried this ice cream???
not to be overly dramatic… but it is epic.
they were passing out little samples at our store and my girls got one and said “this is so good”
we circled around again (not on purpose) and this time i got a sample (and they got another).
i put the bite in my mouth and said “OH MY WORD! WHAT IS THIS?”
we bought it on the spot.
and maybe… possibly… got plastic spoons from the deli area and ate it straight from the carton on the way home from the grocery store.
it could’ve happened.


paint details
have you seen Alissa Burke’s beautiful painted deck?
W O W!!!
i absolutely adore this project!
definitely click over and check it out.
her whole blog is filled with inspiration, beautiful photos and creativity with everything.


Kathy Weller Art has really FUN mugs!
i love her style.    🙂
it makes me feel like doodling.



have you ever used Hollywood Fashion Tape – it’s double stick tape for your clothes?
i use it all the time!
this last time i put it on “i wonder if everyone uses this or hardly anyone?”
i have trouble with button up shirts gaping open across my bustline but when i put the tape the problem is solved!
or to keep your jacket or cardigan in the spot you want…
or to keep your tank top on top of your bra strap.
it’s the best!


FullSizeRender 6
HOW CUTE are these cookies?!!
I found @hellolunchlady through my Instagram Explore page.
so creative! and the two with beards?  LOVE!


my new favorite tshirt… ha ha ha!
my chicken is such a poser.
she looks like she’s smiling even!


i thought this rainbow yard art was very fun!
it’s made of pvc pipe, chicken wire and ribbons.
what a fun project that would be!


Jenny Joy - I haven’t tried the Edy’s KitKat ice cream yet! But just a few days ago my husband brought me “I’m sorry you had a really terrible day, here’s some sugar, sweetpea” ice cream. It was Edy’s Frozen Custard in butter toffee brickle. Oh. My. Word. I have to say it was the best ice cream I’ve had in… ages.

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Craft House Colors

we have switched a few rooms around at the Craft House so i took some pics to update the Craft House Details.

we moved the queen bed into the bedroom with the yellow striped floors.
It’s the only bed in this room.
At Camp Create we use this room for our speaker so she can have some extra quiet time between all her leading.
For your group stay it can be for someone who is a light sleeper or for the gal who snores a little too loudly.

the master bedroom now has five twin beds but still plenty of room to move around.
and the map room has five as well.
it’s like summer camp for grown ups!
no change in this room for now.
and no change in this room either.
“if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it” right?
the Craft House is such an awesome place!
i love that so many many women have gotten to enjoy time here.
i have loved all the work we have put into it!
100% worth it!

Looking at the Reservation Calendar… there are only TWO fall weekends open for 2016!
October 28-30 and November 18 – 20.
Get your girls together and take one of those dates!
You will love having something to look forward to with your friends.
(there are also two August dates left if you can’t wait that long!)


email at to reserve a weekend stay.

right now 2017 is very open so it would be a great time to reserve the date you WANT.



Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - I think we need a reunion. With Sonic. And Pam’s cheesecake. And Pam.

Elma Riedstra - Love it all but the pink room is my favorite!!!!

meg duerksen - Cassie – We are taking a break and aren’t sure yet when we will start up again. 🙂

Cassie - Meg,

Are you do longer doing craft weekends?

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busy summer weeks

the days of summer are just flying by!
i’m loving the sunshine and that heat… everyone likes to complain about how hot it is but the heat is SO MUCH BETTER than the freezing cold winters!  Give me summer heat forever!
First of all… i’m still loving the Paperworks Kit that comes every month!
each month’s design is different and fun!
CLICK HERE to find all the information you will need about THE cutest stationary, calendars & lists.


and then i wanted to share all about the amazing fire pit area that craig made for us!!!
our yard backs up to a field that is used for crops each summer.
this year is corn which i am soooo thrilled about.
i really really REALLY hope that someday it will be sunflowers.
can you imagine that?!
it would truly be a dream come true to me.
like seriously…. that is a bucket list kind of thing!

we already had the railroad ties on the back of our lot and the landscaping stones as well.
alllllllllllllllll the flower beds around our house on all four sides were filled with this rock.
so many rocks!
i get what its purpose is but it’s not what i like in a flower bed for my garden.
first craig mowed and killed the grass/weeds where the rocks would go.
next he laid down landscaping fabric to kill and block new weeds.
then he moved this rock from the flower beds to the fire pit area.

i feel super loved every time i look outside and see it.
now if we could not be so busy that we could sit out there more often…
we ended up getting the chairs and cushions from World Market.

it’s wonderful in the morning and the evening!

we can watch the sunset from here every night!
it is so perfect.
i could not love it more.
i got to have some very fun visitors to the Craft House!
my girlfriends, Tara, Kimberlee and Amy and i hung out for a long weekend doing absolutely nothing and loving every minute of it!
we watched movies, ate junk food, painted our nails, went antiquing and even stopped by to see the chickens.
talby made it home safely from her missions trip to honduras.
everyone missed her… even the dogs!
IMG_8168IMG_8515IMG_8713FullSizeRender 4
we have a jungle of wild sunflowers in front of the coop!
since i only have to go in there every few days it isn’t that big of a deal.
unless it’s going to become grasshopper invested… then i will freak.

i encouraged this chicken to practice a little flying after i loved on her a bit.
i gardened like a maniac last week.
i had over 25 plants to get in the ground!
i was the sweatiest i have ever been.  Literally!
FullSizeRender 7
and these flowers are on the deck in the backyard.
the bright colors cheer me up every morning!
FullSizeRender 6IMG_9019
scott is a life guard this summer!

our friends got THE CUTEST new puppy!
he is soooo soft and has puppy breath too.
thank goodness we have plenty of cuteness over here so we aren’t too sad about not having an adorable puppy.

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - It looks like you are having an awesome summer! Woo hoo! BTW – So happy for your weekend at the craft house! Those people are the bestest people ever.

marcie - Lots of good stuff but Yay!! to Talby for going to Honduras on a mission trip. My daughter and I went to Honduras for the 3rd year in a row in June. I hope it was as amazing for her as it always is for us!!

Chris - I never get tired of your dogs, flowers, chickens or fire pit. Lovely to look at, always!

Kimberly Dial - I loved this post. Looks like you all are having an awesome Summer!

Gabby - Yet another reason to love you and your blog: I, too MUCH prefer the heat to the cold – and I, too want to be outside even with a blanket over my legs in the summer! Thanks for the affirmation!

Jenn N - Love, love, love, the fire pit. What beautiful post; pictures are great. Summer fun!

jennibell - I agree!!! Give me summer heat ANY day over those cold, icy days of winter.
Love your landscaping and your firepit is the BEST. . .lucky you.
Glad you are enjoying your summer. . .your pups are so cute but they are a lot of work — good for you 🙂

Carolyne Hallum - We are in the thick of Winter here so I just love the photo’s you’ve put up today… summery, bright and fun.

Lori - I never get tired of seeing photos of your home. So beautiful!

Sarajane - I will need a copy of the picture of talby and ace. They both are adorable!

Lynne - OH, your yard is amazing. The sky looked a little creepy in one photo dark clouds scary. The chicken good flying. He needs goggles. HaHa. Your beverages look great for morning and night. Do you have a labordoodle? That golden puppy was so so precious The breath I totally know the breath yeah!!!!!
Happy summer!!!!!!! It is passing us by quickly. We are in a drought so our lawn looks like a hay field. SAD You would think on the New Hampshire Seacoast we would have beautiful lawn not so much. Lets hope our garden can make it with tomato, cuke, zuke, summer squash, grape tomato, and spag’s squash. OH all most forgot the butternut squash.


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favorites this week

doesn’t this sparkling sangria drink look so yummy?!!
it makes me want to throw a party!
it’s festive for this holiday weekend too!
you can find the recipe at (she’s got a million great posts over there)



FullSizeRender (5)
this is a candidate i can get behind – TACOS 2016!
ha ha ha…
tshirt from Headline Shirts
and i know what to make for dinner tonight too.   🙂


FullSizeRender (4)
my friend has been telling me about Noon Design Shop for awhile now.
she has raved about the women who run it, their awesome products and branding.
well she gave me some last week and I  AM HOOKED!
the tinted lip balm is the best!
it’s just right for sun kissed face with no make-up summer look.



Home of Caroline Verschoor, Ekster Antiques & Uniques, Summer Party Home of Caroline Verschoor, Ekster Antiques & Uniques, Summer Party

this photo is perfection.
i mean really – the porch… the tree… the sun setting behind the house… the roof… the tire swing….
it’s totally DREAMY!

i’m crushing on this painted chicken print from Makewells.
the giraffe and the puppy are in annie’s room already so i needed a chicken for me.
probably for laundry room… because of course i need a chicken painting in my laundry room!



FullSizeRender (6)FullSizeRender (7)
i have been making this blueberry buckle recipe every 4th of july for 15 years!
i make it other times during the year as well but ALWAYS on the 4th.
it is crazy good.
and it’s EVEN BETTER for breakfast.
i make homemade whipped cream to go on top – please tell me you know how to make this.
it’s so easy and soooooo much better than cool whip.
this is the year that YOU need to make it too.     🙂

*** you can make it in any pan but it just looks so pretty when you cook it in a springform pan ***



PicMonkey Collage
ok now… don’t laugh… but this is my new favorite beauty product!!
it’s an electric pedicure tool.
it will make your feet sooooooo smooth!
and what i love about it is i don’t have to do any work – it does it all for me.
i barely even have to move my arm!
i don’t enjoy getting pedicures at salons (not relaxing and there’s too much small talk)
but I DO enjoy having smooth, soft, pretty feet.
i linked it to amazon and i saw that there is even a $5 coupon with it!
i didn’t get that when i bought mine… it must be your lucky day.
trust me on this one – you are going to L O V E  it.



Seamingly Sarah - I LOVE homemade whipped cream. I totally failed my first time making it, but I’m a pro now. My birthday is my perfect time of the year (coming up next week!) to try out all the new dessert recipes I’ve been eyeing. My favorites so far have been a lemon blueberry cake, s’more cupcakes and cherry chocolate cupcakes.

Lee Johnson - Yes, I know how to make whip cream! My mother only made “whupped cream”! I refuse to use & eat cool whip so I am Whipped Cream Snob and proud of it! 🙂

Kim B - Megan’s artwork is so pretty, thanks for the introduction!
You has me at “I don’t have to do any work” with the Pedi Perfect! Its on my next Prime order!

Michele - I just the bought the foot thing because…well, flip flop feet and I don’t much like pedicures because of small talk either. =/
OH…and hey! I was born in Des Plaines! Small world!

Shanna - I have made your Blueberry Buckle a couple of times. No complaints other than it doesn’t last long enough. It is delicious!

LESLIE - Oh I loved the whip cream discussion. I live in the bay area of california where many moms I know do not make food from scratch. One time I had a friend over and was making popcorn -from kernels!- and my friend asked what yellow liquid I was pouring over the popcorn. When I said “melted butter” she was like “you mean the REAL thing?”. Yup. Fun times. I need to move to Kansas, apparently, where I’d fit in better. Real foods all the way…

Shay @ Whine Less, Breathe More - Oh my goodness! Not a huge fan of chickens in decor, but I LOVE the style of that painting. Thanks for posting! Off to see what of hers I can’t live without…

Lori - My mom bought me a Pedi Perfect for my birthday last year. She swore by it and I love it- especially in the summer. So easy to use!

Also, the blueberry buckle sounds fantastic. So festive!

Happy Independence Day!

Michelle - I think I’m going to try that blueberry buckle! Have you ever used frozen blueberries? Is that just crazy? 😜

CassM - Always love all your ‘Favorites’, Meg!

I had to laugh though … I mean … do most people NOT know how to make homemade whipped cream?? Oh dear. If that’s the state of the modern baker …

I jest … but really … no to Cool Whip! Real cream all the way!

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