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q&a part 3



if this song comes on in the car i can PROMISE you i am belting it out right along with these guys.
(the video is acoustic but on the radio it is more rockin’)

and the whole album is great!

also….Secret Life of Walter Mitty Soundtrack

and no one asked me about movies but if you have not seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty… YOU HAVE TO DO IT!!!
it’s on dvd now so you don’t even have to wait to go out.
and your kids will like it.
not little kids… they might be bored but my kids… ages 16, 14, 12 & 9 loved it.

also…the new U2 album (that everyone got ticked about getting for free on iTunes)
thanks bono!!!!

and of course… Avett Brothers:)




A: NO.

but compared to a few years ago when CW did not exist and i didn’t talk about it at all (because it didn’t exist) and i had little(r) kids and they weren’t all at school all day… i had more kid stuff to blog about.  Now… i run a separate house for my business – Craft Weekend, renting out the craft house, Camp Create and my shop so that takes up a BIG portion of all of my days.  so i tend to write more about that.
it is not my intention to talk less about my family.
but school age kids are doing a lot of the same things each day… and once you’ve seen one post about volleyball… do you want to see another the next week?
bigger kids are awesome.
but maybe less…. “adorable”
and they don’t want their picture taken by me  (as often)
they also need more privacy.
so i can’t necessarily share all the funny things they say or experiences because they would be embarrassed and sometimes not everything needs to be said.
it’s interesting having a blog now compared to “then” and treading into uncharted territory.
i don’t know what it is like to blog with 4 teenagers. (next month)
i am figuring it out as i go.


none of these photos have anything to do with any of the questions….



A: we use a primer first… Kilz 2.  You just paint it right on.
we have never sanded.
but i guess if your wood trim was really shiny or oiled… you may want to run some sand paper over it and then clean it with a damp rag.
THEN use the Kilz 2.
then after it’s dry… we paint several coats of Behr Ultra Pure White Semi Gloss paint.
it takes awhile (a very long while!) but everything around you is brighter and whiter and feels light and airy!
and my husband agrees.

i NEED white.
living in a house with dark wood makes me feel sad after awhile.
i don’t know why other than to say it’s just NOT me.
when you are living somewhere that doesn’t feel like “you” then it can affect (effect?) your feelings.
at least that is how my brain & body respond.

i don’t dislike it in YOUR house.
but i strongly dislike it in mine.



A:  yes and no.
yes because the outside was so pretty and we LOVED that and that barn was amazing.
no because of
1. we love the new house!
2. the farm was farther out and the kids couldn’t go very many places without needing me to drive them.
3. the toilet was 5 feet from my bed and the walls were very thin.
4. the dark wood  :)
5. i have a new kitchen in the new house:):):)
6. we didn’t own it…. it was a rental and that can get tricky after awhile.


these bath rugs were at…. Walmart?!!


A: we live in a really small town.
there were technically no houses on the market for a family of 7.
the house we bought was not listed.
we literally looked at this ONE house.  :)
a couple heard we may be looking to move into town and they asked if we would you want to buy their house later in the year.
so we walked through it and decided yes we would like that.  :)
it didn’t end up being as long of a wait to move as originally planned which was good for everyone.
and with it being such a small town… there is no rush on everyone knowing your beeswax before necessary.


Q: WHY DID YOU (and how could you ever) MOVE OUT OF THE CRAFT HOUSE?

A: we had switched our kids to a different school district in the town we are now living in.
we were driving to this town everyday and that was getting old.
craig and i grew up in a really small town & we wanted that experience for our kids.
where we had been living was not what we had envisioned.
we wanted a small school and a small community.
we were ready to move… even if that meant moving out of the craft house.
we had been looking for housing, discussing building a house for many months and then we found out about the farm house that was available to rent and we decided very quickly to go for it.
and 3 weeks later we moved.
it was FUN!
we don’t regret it one bit.
and then…. after that… Craft Weekend was able to really become something cool.
it freed me up to dream and think big.

i don’t think we will ever move back to the Craft House but never say never.

and one more video… just for fun.

craig sent this to me and i LOOOOOVE it.

Vonda - I just love your blog & you & your family:)!!! You are so real & you make me laugh! The dogs especially tonight-we have a pug,(who is very much like the little french bulldog you posted on instagram) & he makes me smile everyday:) I hope someday to be able to come to one of your craft weekends or camp create. I had a flower shop with my mom & sister for almost 20 years and I was full of dreams-then my little sis & her baby died and it changes life. But, my daughter is full of dreams & my 3 wonderful boys, & I’m sure God has plans for me yet?! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your blog is my fave:) Oh-and I love those rugs!!! Where did you see them at?!!

Shaun - Hi! Can you post a link for those rugs? They’re beautiful!

Bethany - I love Needtbreathe! My best friend and I met in Charleston for a girls trip in Sept and they just happened to have a concert while we were there. It was a great show!

Angela A - You probably knew this was coming but what stores sells those bathrugs?!

Carol S. - Always interesting…and thank you big time for that most excellent Need to Breathe video. Lifted me up today!!

Kerri - I very much agree with your comment about living in a place that is not “you.” My husband became a pastor a few years ago, and we now live in a parsonage (a house owned by the church). It is small, old, dark – oh, I could go on and on. I still miss the home we owned for 20 years in our previous life: it had lots of natural light, a fireplace mantle to decorate, an open staircase. And I ditto the comments about info on those fabulous bath rugs :)

Michelle - Just a second request for a link to the rugs! I love them!!!

Beth - I love the NTB song. I just jammed at my desk. Yes, your blog’s content has changed slightly, but you haven’t. You’re still funny, bright and quirky-cool (yep, just made that word up.) I enjoy checking in and seeing what you’re up to. Keep up the good work!

Kristin - I have loved U2 since before most people knew who they were, so I was thrilled to see this interview. Who knew that they were so funny! And I had no idea that Bono had glaucoma. Thanks so much for sharing this. Now I think I need to go see if I can find a longer version!

Lynn - Love the song and REALLY love your comments about stage in life of kids and giving them their privacy. Knee deep in that and totally identify with the need to respect it… even though I want to boast about the albeit occasional sweetness I thankfully still see with my tee and pre-teen boys. Your blog is my FAVE and you’re the bomb, Meg!

mandy - needtobreathe has been my favorite group for YEARS. If you don’t have the album the Outsiders {it was 3 albums ago} it’s my fav of theirs. love that they’re getting more recognition!

Karly Shelton - I just want to tell you how much I have adored your blog for the past 4+ years! I originally cam across it when I was a first year art teacher and found a few of the colorful art projects you did with your kids. Thanks for being such a great inspiration.

One day I’ll make it to craft weekend! ONE DAY:-)

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this stenciled floor.

this Big k on that cement wall.
i love the font!!
there is nothing that makes sense of why i would love that picture but i just do.

this tank top.

this mug would be in my cabinet.
clever isn’t it?
i love it.

this spring i want to get this kind of chicken – Blue Laced Wyandotte
isn’t she a beauty?!

i could never and would NEVER attempt to make this “cake” but i would happily eat it.

this picture makes me want to make my bed.
and take a nap in that sunlight coming in the window… like a cat.

this needs to be posted in my bathroom – like 6 feet tall.
reminding me to get out there already.

yes please.
this drink looks perfect for a beach and a lounge chair but i think my kitchen will also do just fine.

and the same for this drink.. holy cows.
i want this pronto.
chips & salsa on the side as well.

how cute is that pumpkin??

and there is another great font!
that pumpkin is so good… simple… classic.  :)
remember when we did these pumpkins a few years ago?!
oh that was a great memory.
i think we will repeat it this next week.



and now i am literally out the door for Craft Weekend.
new Crafts to make!
flowers to pick out!
swag to set out!
cookies to eat!
new friends to make!
all my favorite things.  :)



heather m. - I dig the last picture with the polka dots the best : )
Have an awesome craft weekend! Very cool thing you’re doing with that! : )

Jen - I remember the year you did the painted pumpkins. Love. Such beautiful vibrant color! Can’t wait to see if you do them again w/ the girls!

Tracy - I want both the “k” and the “t” pumpkin! My last initial and my first!! They were made for me ;)

Laura - Those painted pumpkins are how I found your blog, a few weeks ago, linked from pinterest, when I searched “painted pumpkins”. I gasped as I saw them, and then proceeded to begin stalking your every move, via Instagram and blog! I painted our pumpkin….but it looks a little like an Easter egg. :) I’m just obsessed with your craft house. And your green painted cabinet inspired me too… husband got on board, and we’re painting our dark wood China cabinet a cheery shade of Aqua! I’m beside myself with happiness! :)

Aubrey - I love the painted pumpkins! What kind of paint did you use? I’m slightly Leary to let my kids go at it with craft paints, but the sacrifice of their clothes would probably be worth it! :)

Kathi - Thank you so much for mentioning NEED TO BREATH. I hadn’t heard of them so I watched the video you posted and have been listing to them since. Their music is feeding my soul exaclty when I needed it most. THANK YOU!

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q&a part two

FIRST –  the winners for the canvas gallery wraps:

Whitney – Paint in a fun color. Thanks 

Cara – Construction paper!

Andrea Johnson – Pretty scrapbook paper!!!

give my your email addresses ladies and i will hook you up with MPIX!
(my email is cdduerksen at yahoo . com)
back to the questions you asked me….



A:  Ummm…. their favorite meal that i make is lasagna.
the boys also LOVE the bbq meatballs…. the girls favorite is Noodles with Ham.
it always looks gross for photos but they love love love it.
now that i am eating healthier i cringe at all of these recipes… so i am working on ways to make these kinds of recipes in a more healthy real food kind of way.
as with everything else food/health/change related – it is HARD!

my favorite meal to actually make?  spaghetti.  because i could do it in my sleep.
after 20 years of dinners… i think i am kind of burnt out.
it’s not my most favorite thing to do but i do it.
i don’t like to think about food really at all or planning & thinking through ingredients & what goes well together.
i am more spontaneous and like to eat what i am in the mood for right then.
which is hard to do when you don’t like planning cause we don’t have those ingredients!



A: my mom came up to visit when my kids were little.
we went to a fabric store and to sears and bought a sewing machine.
she showed me how to make curtains AND buttonholes and we made dining room curtains and a shower curtain out of an old chenille bedspread.
and after that i just kept trying.
just making things up and figuring it as i went along.  :)

BUT… i just got to see my friend Shea’s new book School of Sewing: Learn it, Teach it, Sew Together this past weekend and if you have sewing questions or want to learn YOU NEED THIS BOOK!

this is the machine i use at home for me & my girls   SINGER Heavy Duty Sewing Machine
annie just started a sewing class for girls her age.
she feels pretty grown up.

if you are looking…a sewing machine could make a pretty sweet christmas gift!



A: well first of all… we are still in the beginning phases.
and second… i don’t technically know how to make a quilt.
we are winging it.
like i do with almost any crafting projects i am just figuring it out as i go.
i find examples i like and then try to copy it.
taking a class would be EASIER but i like the thrill of figuring it out.
so these are some of my inspiration pics for the quilt they are making.

then i will probably pay someone to have it actually QUILTED.



A: I am an introvert.
i even just took this personality test to make sure even though i KNOW that i am.
it’s fun… you should take it too!
i am an ISFP according to this and reading through the overview i thought it was super creepy because it was like they knew me.

i don’t care too much for the weaknesses of this personality but i bet whatever your personality comes out as,  even if it the complete opposite of me that you don’t like the weakness part either.

and really… a blog is the perfect place for introverts.
we can quietly say what we want in our own time and in our own way… thinking, re-thinking, editing, tweaking until it feels right all in the silence of our own space.
and we can show our true self that we may have a hard time showing in the presence of others?
i think i do ok at that in real life… being “outgoing” when expected but then later i am exhausted!
that means i am an introvert.  i recharge by being alone.  a crowd exhausts me.  if a crowded party or event recharges you and you leave feeling great then you are an extrovert.

i am not shy but i am an introvert.
and for YEARS i thought that was a bad thing.
but if that is how i am wired… then it is how God made me… so it can’t be bad?
all types are needed to make the world an interesting place right?
im ok with it now.

also… texting?! oh my goodness.
it’s an introverts dream technology.




A: ha ha ha
this question is interesting to me.
i do not think i can answer how i am cool.
i think my kids are great and genuinely like to be around them and like them as people.
i don’t even want to say anything more than that because it’s hard enough to be a mom… or a kid.
we have all the same things happen at our house as at yours.

there is talking back & fighting, complaining and disobeying and all that kid stuff.
we are no different.
i am trying to be myself… and reinforce how they need to be themselves and that i like them.
but also… behave.
and tell the truth.
and be kind.
and stop making that face.
and make good choices!

do you ever stop and think about all the “mothers” we’ve had as examples:

Carol Brady
Claire Hustable
June Cleaver
Elyse Keaton
Mrs. Garrett
Claire Dunphy
Kate & Allie
Christina Braverman

I’m just trying to keep up with all that coolness….



A:  this is an easy one – 95% of the time i go here:
1. Target – shirts, cardis, dresses, shoes,  workout clothes (using cartwheel app & my target card)
2. Old Navy – shirts, pjs, dresses sometimes (always with coupons – NEVER pay full price at ON!)
3. GAP – jeans & occasional sweater (with 40% off coupon using my gap card)
4. tjmaxx – workout clothes

and really…. that’s about it.
occasionally i find things at Dress Barn (moo) and Cato since they are in my town.
i try other places and very rarely find things that fit me right or that i want to spend the $ on.

here are a couple of things i am loving TODAY.

Traci - I learned that we are VERY similar reading this! Except I don’t know how to sew (yet!), and I’ve never made a quilt. But I’m with you on the introverted but not shy thing, trying to make favorite recipes healthier, and general good style. ;]

Kristin S - Kate and Allie! I loved that show.

Kimberlee Jost - I just took that personality test.
This will not shock you—I was in the middle for nearly everything.

Stacey - Hey Meg! I recently started quilting, taking a few local classes in my town. I am no expert, but I would love to help if you have questions. Love the quilt top you are working on. My favorite part is actually quilting….you may find it easier/more relaxing than you think! I was terrified of it, but after I spent hours perfecting the tops, I just wanted to keep going. Good luck!

melissa - IFSP/ISFP unite! Same here. Those shirts cracked me up. I think I need the first one.

Stephanie - Thank you for answering my height question last week. You have a tall family!
I am an ISFJ–had to take that test for my psychology class. Interesting and fun!

melissa - i hardly ever comment but am making two comments on one post? weird. ;) anyhow, it’s so interesting to take the test frequently throughout your life, because sometimes I’m an ISFP and sometimes I’m a INFP. love those tests.

Kimberly - I like the q & a! Keep ‘em coming! :)

kimberly oyler - i have taken tests like that over and over again. i almost always get the opposite results as the last time. this time i got ISFP. i know i am an outgoing introvert. people do not understand that.

Kristen K. - I teared up while reading that if ‘God made me an introvert, then it’s ok!’ I am supposed to be getting ready to attend a women’s weekly Bible study at our church today (instead of checking email!), but the thought of the crowds and the remembering-all-the-names-and-prayer-requests exhausts me…and I feel like such a bad Christian sometimes. I’m not shy, either, just introverted…and most people would be freaked out to know I need to hide in quiet to ‘recover’ from the narthex crowd after church! :-) I host an annual craft/fair trade open house in our home each November, and it’s such a spiritual battle during the planning to trust that God will work out the deets and keep me focused on why I’m doing it…I love to plan it and craft for it, but then I just want to hide in the pantry! Thank you for sharing your heart – always! – and thank you for encouraging this sister today! ;-)

s - Have you read the book Quiet? I heard her speak at a webinar and it was fantastic. I am shy and introverted…and hate talking on the phone so loved Kermits face! And did you know target has a card option to link to your debit account vs credit card? With free shipping anywhere and anything and you still get 5 percent off? Awesome!

Are you still taking questions? If so that is NOT my question..haha. how do you make time for friendships with busy family life?? I work, have an active family, and am an introvert/home body. Other than book club and infrequent dinners out (twice year max) with close friends I don’t socialize beyond chatting at sports activities etc yet many moms around me do. The thought exhausts me but I worry about not cultivating friendships.

Lisa - Your introvert answer is very helpful to me (that was my question

Lisa - Your introvert answer is very helpful to me (that was my question

Elizabeth - I just bought that Limited sweater last night in both colors because they had a 50% sale :)

Tracy - I am a classic introvert too. Have you read this book?

You should!! It makes you feel okay (even good) for being introverted. I want my husband to read it because most of the time he wants to be more extroverted…like being introverted is a bad thing. So wrong!!!! I know what you mean about the exhaustion.

Many of my friends can’t believe that I’m introverted. That’s because they’re my close friends and I’m usually with them one on one or in a small group.. that’s when I talk and talk and talk!! haha

Kristi Rediske - Love reading all your answers-It seemed by reading your blog that you were an extrovert so this was interesting. I have a question-do old people ever come to the craft weekend-like 50’s or early 60’s, be honest, won’t hurt my feelings-just turned 60!

Jenny B. - Fun post! I’m an outgoing introvert too. ISFJ. I always enjoy going out with friends or to small parties, and I usually feel better when I’ve spent time with other people, but I also know what you mean about the exhaustion. I have told my husband after coming home from a baby shower that it was fun, but all that smiling and talking wore me out. :) I had to chuckle when I looked up your personality type. The little graphic of the lady with the paintbrush is just so appropriate! :)

Carol S. - Thx for seeing machine link, just bought it on sale. Nice! My expensive huskavarna Viking has a jazzed up bobbin that has been fixed before. Big project? Turn all my king size pillowcases into standard, which is the only size pillows we have in our home (but king size come in all the bed sets.). I will pay for the machine in pillowcase savings! Fun post. Agree on meal prep…so done on that front!

Joy - I have a quick question…what is your favorite Sonic drink…always curious what all the crafters order when you go on a Sonic Run…sorry if this is a repeat or I missed previous blogs addressing this..btw…I like Sprite Zero with Cranberry…

Heather - I had a friend who went to one of the craft events at the craft house. The first thing she said was “She isn’t a really loud outgoing person, she is more shy”!! when I asked about you! I died!! I would have never guessed! We need all types in the world!! I am out going and so shy mixes w/ me most!! Thank goodness for shy!!

Amy Woods - OH goodness! Those shirts! I want one. But then it might draw attention to me so, nah!! Lol I’m such an introvert. And a tad shy too. Texting, Facebook, Instagram….best inventions ever! Please don’t call me! Text me!!!;)

Mindy - Enjoying the Q&A and a fellow understanding introvert…

Patti K - Yay introverts! You should watch Susan Cain on YouTube on the Power of Introverts…it’s so interesting. And I should make myself a tshirt with that pic of Kermit the Frog…I thought I was the only one! Love it.

Kristin - I suspected that we were kindred spirits. I like you even more now than I did before, if that is possible. Or at least I feel very close to you…but I won’t call! :)

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - I love the kermit picture. I so relate. The first thing that I tell people when I become friends is that I am a terrible phone friend. I blame it on my first job in customer service – terrible. horrible. mean people on the other end. I still HATE when I have to answer the phone.

Julie - From one “I think I can make a quilt” quilter to another, I adore your fabric scraps. If you have any extra, maybe you could sell them in your shop. And let me know first pretty please ;) Seriously loving the yellow bikes and tea cups.

Lisa - This has nothing to do with this post but I thought you’d love how this painting is made. I’m not very artistic but thought it was so cool! You may have already seen it on FB.

Grace @ sense and simplicity - I love what you wrote about introverts (and the tshirts). I’m also an introvert who gets along fairly well in this extroverted world. I laughed outloud at the texting comment. I have a theory that the phone is preferred by extroverts and email (or texting) by introverts. Sounds like you agree.

Tanya H - I am a complete introvert myself and I LOVE the shirts and Kermit pic you shared! :) The other sign I love says:
“Introverts unite!
In your own homes.”
:D And I totally agree- blogs and text are the best inventions EVER. and facebook messenger. :) Whatever it takes to NOT talk to the person.

Megan - I was also going to recommend the Quiet Book. It’s good. I am an introvert and I’m constantly speaking in front of people for my job. It’s strange how I got here. But, I guess somehow right. I’d really love to be a writer, but then I worry I’d be holed up in my house all the time and never talk to anyone. And what would I write about? Thanks for sharing so much of yourself to us.

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i have been hesitant to write this post…it’s taken me an entire month!
camp was SO GOOD and everything i had hoped it would be.
i don’t think my words can describe our time at Camp CREATE well enough.
i don’t want to miss anything.
and during camp i barely took any photos because i was having such a great time i forgot!
so this post is made up of pictures taken by me and the whole group.

it was an awesome group of women.
i kept smiling when i would remember that this was the group God picked to be here.
He put us together.  That meant something.
God is in all the details.

when you bring a group of strangers together who know they are coming to focus on dreams and God’s plans & desires… amazing things happen.
none of the guests knew anyone before coming.
none of them were able to come with a friend because it sold out so quickly.

these girls were vulnerable and strong.
they were asking God “what do you want me to do next?  what is your plan for my life… right now?”
and that is B I G!!!

Each evening and morning our speaker, Holley, talked with us about dreams and God’s purpose for us.

Holley Gerth is the author of “You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream”.
(she has written lots of books and you probably need them all)

she taught us that a “God-sized Dream” means a dream that perfectly fits your heart.  it’s not about how big or small it is, it is about saying YES to the dream God has for you.
she shared with us about “pursuing life with passion and purpose and going with God where he leads.”
those are her exact words.
i wanted to write down every. single. thing.

we talked about our strengths and our skills.
we discussed how are we using those to serve others?
and where do our dreams fit into that picture?
we talked about fear – the fear of failing… fear of it not working out…. fear of rejection… fear of success.

Holley’s words were just what my own heart needed to hear.
and i’m pretty sure every one in the room was thinking the same thing.

Stephanie Ackerman & Michelle Allen lead our creative workshops.
we created art journals, encouragement cards, carved our own rubber stamps and made ornament pillows from our stamps.
it was relaxing… refreshing… and oh so fun!!

they were both fabulous teachers.
i enjoyed how their style was totally different and i learned so much them both!
i am now a huge fan of art journaling AND i want to carve a million more stamps.

we were spoiled with such wonderful teachers.
it felt great to create projects with endless possibilities for hours at a time.
and then go to bed and be able to leave it all out!!
no kids to come & get into our mess or family needing to eat breakfast on the same table  :)
getting freedom in the time and mess is so nice.

we shopped at our very favorite barn and antique shop.
some went to other local shops in newton and sonic for happy hour drinks!
some went for a run in the mornings… some went out for evening walks.
we brought in massage therapists for those who wanted massage… oh yeah… ahhhhh-mazing!!!
there was a big focus on RELAXING at camp.

having shannan as our “official helper” for the week made everything EVEN MORE EPIC!
she is as wonderful as she seems on her blog.
she is the real deal.
i like her so dang much.
she’s a writer so i am positive she really liked that last sentence… it’s very professional, intelligent and well written.
shannan… i am so thankful for you.
the week before camp we pushed hard and finished out the backyard area.
we gave away our swing set and cleared out the weeds…
my strong sons and husband did most of the hard stuff.
i hung lights and bunting and made it pretty.

it was perfect for a fire and s’mores for dessert!


kimberlee‘s food was possibly the best it’s ever been.
the way she plans a menu is a creative gift!
we ate like queens.
and in case you didn’t know… kimberlee is the organization behind our events.
she thinks of details in the details.
things i never could come up with and she has ideas and answers.
i love her brain and her giant heart for hospitality.
i am so thrilled we get to work together AND be friends.
she’s rad.

michelle graciously gave us a new sign for the Craft House kitchen!
definitely time well spent.
it was really cool to watch it come together!
for part of the art journaling, stephanie had us cut words from old book pages.
any words that caught our eye… those above were some of my words i cut out.
and i also got caught up  in reading my pages.
mine was about a president that was ill and the wife having to hold it together for everyone… i looked up during our workshop and said “my page is making me cry!”
i was supposed to be looking for words not reading!

Holley found the phrase “Great Jumping Mullets Grandpa!”
it stuck.
we said it all week.

tara took a selfie with everyone at camp.
and i thought it was so adorable to see it all in one collage!

we had some lovely sponsors who sent gifts for our guests………………………………………………..

Faith & Life Bookstore is my local book shop.
they are in Newton, Kansas.
they wanted to give our guests a gift!  It was so kind of them to do!
everyone at camp was able to go home with Holley’s book!

CRAVE Popcorn Company.
they sent their popcorn for our girls to snack on.
oh my goodness i love this stuff!
you can order online and have it shipped right to your door!


Lisa Leonard Designs
Lisa sent this necklace to our guests.
i love that they can wear it and remember their week at Camp and how they ARE loved!
You can order this necklace for yourself too and wear it anytime you need a reminder!

The Honaker HomeMaker
Lauren made a few of these creative signs for Camp Create.
one gets to live at the Craft House forever and two went home with two of our guests!
We love your shop Lauren!

i even got to take them to the sunflower field that i love so much!
i don’t think there could be a better backdrop for pictures.
nothing can compare.

PicMonkey CollageIMG_8837
Holley told us that “the Dream itself (whatever it may be for you) is not the point.  The adventure in the relationship with God is what matters. ”
Being together with Him, ready for whatever He asks and brings to you next.
Remembering that we are His, we are loved and we can dream BIG.
Saying your dreams out loud can be a scary thing.
But He has given us what we need to be all that we need to be.

(you should go read Holley’s story about her daughter Lovelle… God is so good!)

this week for me was about giving these women a time and a place for their creative gifts.
time to rest… dig deeper… make friends…. and to be heard.
we shared together what our dreams were and what the next step was.
everyone encouraged each other in so many ways.

having this camp was my God-Sized Dream.
i was scared… scared it was a dumb idea…. that no one would want to come… that i was crazy…
while reading Holley’s book it was made clear to me that this was not something i came up with but that it was God ‘s idea and HE wanted me to do it.
and then at that point… what choice did i have?
to run away scared or say YES to his plans!

it was humbling to see this group of women come together and hear them share so intently.
it was a w e s o m e.
and i am so happy that they could have time to focus on their dreams.

and this may seem silly to some but i felt like that sunflower field was a treat from God for me.
it was breathtaking.
like God was saying “you did what i asked.  you gave me your fears.  you trusted me.  Look Megan, your favorite flower…. a MILLION of them.”

sometimes God choses to practically knock us out with his goodness.

this camp… was one of those times.

if you are interested… here are other camp create recaps.  :)

michelle –  part one and part two
stephanie  – part one and part two

coralee - *sigh*! in a sounds absolutely delightful kind of way!

Mary Beth Hunt - Right now, I don’t HAVE a dream. I’m a semi-retired mom…..and I’m not sure what is next. But this, Meg, is making me CRY UGLEE TEARS….
“and this may seem silly to some but i felt like that sunflower field was a treat from God for me.
it was breathtaking.
like God was saying “you did what i asked. you gave me your fears. you trusted me. Look Megan, your favorite flower…. a MILLION of them.”

Sending you love and encouragement from Nebraska

Kellyn - I know I have said this before to you but THANK YOU. Thank you for following your God-sized dream and making it possible for all of us there to dream with God. It was life changing for me and oh so needed! I miss all of you girls so much and it feels like a dream that we were all there. So thanks again Meg and keep dreaming!!

stephanie ackerman - I still don’t have all of the right words to put it together justly. EVERY time I start to talk to someone about our week it turns into a three hour conversation.
It was just
so good.
so right.
so blessed.
My heart still overflows with every moment and I am really FOREVER grateful for the opportunity to be part of your GSD (God Sized Dream) Meg.
It is very easy for me to say that I love the heart of every single girl that was under the Craft House roof and I am a better girl today for the experience.

Sarah M - Meg, I’ve been reading your blog for about 2 years now, I think. I’m pretty sure you and I are kindred spirits (except for the whole exercising thing lol). I just love all the energy, realness, and encouragement your blog exudes. I’m thankful for you so much! – Love from Ohio (we have fab sunflower fields here too! They are my fave!)

Jaime ♥ Raising up Rubies - wow Meg. this is beyond amazing. to watch you grow … your His girl, living out your life loud for Him … for us all to see. to be encouraged.
the last part about the flowers got me all choked up girl.
can’t wait to see that Jesus light in your eyes in a few days ♥

julie - What a beautiful post! So happy for all of you!

Flower Patch Farmgirl - What we had was really something special. I loved every second. It’s fun to relive it now. Miss those faces!

Like you so dang much.

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - I love watching girls I love have a wonderful, blessed time! Tara is the bomb. That is all.

Michelle - Could you please share the menus that Kimberlee prepares. I feel very challenged putting together a menu for weekend company and would love to know what she makes. Looks like a glorious time!

Lisa - “the Dream itself (whatever it may be for you) is not the point. The adventure in the relationship with God is what matters. ” Wow! Could not love this more.

Keetha - Camp Create sounds like a dream! Are there plans in place to have another one (or more) next year? Thanks!

Rhondi - What an amazing week you had! I’d love to come to something like that!!

KWolff - What an incredible opportunity for everyone involved! I have been patiently waiting for you to post pictures and a run down of the week. It was well worth the wait.
I am so glad that you lived your God sized dream. I know that I may never be fortunate enough to attend Camp Create but just having you share it is almost enough. Almost. :) Thanks so much for all you do!

Camp Create – part 2 | Close2myArt - […] check out Meg’s blog post that has a lot more details and fun […]

Karina - It sounds like an amazing experience. I really wish they had something like this for atheists. Seriously. I feel *this* close to finding people who like the same stuff I do…but then they open their mouth (or fire up the keyboard) and say God. Ugh. Anyway, I am glad YOU got something out of it – this is not about me! – and I am a long-standing fan of your style and your love of colour.

Heather - Jealous times 10!!

Laura h - I was on vacation in a remote part of the country so I couldn’t read your blog for 10 days. That killed me, but yours was the first one I checked in on when I got back. I love this post about camp create!! xoxo
I remember you once posted a picture off of Pinterest of a backyard with bunting, and you loved it sooo much! You said “someone needs to have a party, and invite me.” Well, you are THAT person! The one who threw the party with the bunting! I think that is adorable! Love your blog, love it!

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