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mucho selfies…and other things

lots of phone pics of happy things the past week or so….
those mint green converse were at tjmaxx last week… run go get them for yourself!!!

talby has officially reached my height! IMG_3717
scott is now working at subway and yesterday he told me:
“this job at subway has opened my eyes to a whole world of sandwiches that i never knew existed!”
how adorable is that???
my friend shannan came to speak at a conference locally and i got to host her!
we laid around and talked.  and ate.  the end.  i loved every second.

im so glad i said “stop.  stay there.  one second.  smile.  thank you.” and i have this memory forever.
prom is this weekend!
he is so cute and confused with how this all works and wants to do things right but is a boy in this crazy prom world and so we all know how that goes.  it’s a lot like a wedding… i told him “just show up and look good”  since the planning is all being done for him.
lots of selfies.
lots of animals.
lots of flowers.
lots of smiles.

Lynette L. - I just love your posts with lots of pictures. They are so colorful and fun!

Krys - Such great pics :) I hope prom went well for your kiddo, and that pic of the puppies sleeping in the crate together = adorable!
– Krys

Jenny B. - You are so cute! :) Your glasses make me wish I wore glasses. Well, not really, but you know… they rock! And your family is so cool. :D

Andrea - Lovely spring, happy family! You and the Mr. do a good job Meg!

My oldest worked at Subway in high school – while her uniform always smelled like sandwiches, there are worse things to smell like! And she was great about bringing her mom a cookie now and then – Subway cookies are pretty darn good!

Sarah Wolfe - I love all of this. Lots of Joy and Gratitude in these pictures :)

Nanette - LOVE your hair! Maybe you could do a tutorial? I could use the help. :)

Tammy - Love the red shoes. Where are they from

Jen - What’s the deal with the puppy?? Why do you have him? ARe you keeping him??

Amy Woods - What a lovely family you have. Your awesome mommaness shines through in these photos! :)

karen brown - YES…the hair! So good! Perfect curls.

Lori Sammartino - Beautiful pics. It always feels like an escape when I visit your blog. Thanks for the eye candy and whimsy!

Jen - lots of love for the selfies with you and your girls. :)

angela - Love all these pics! And your hair looks GREAT curled!! Mentioned you today on my blog as one of my favorite bloggers!

Julie - My daughter checks her height against me every day now – talk about the perfect motivation for standing tall. She has about 2 inches to go before she has caught up. Love your photos.

natalie - Love all the color! Also….hair help! I’m about to cut mine and you have what going for! How do you get the curl? Please!

Dana - Where do I begin? Those shoes! The ducks! The sheets! I love all your pictures so much. I love how you love color!

Lizzie - you have a beautiful life. every picture and post is so inspiring and lovely. i’m raising two boys and hope my husband and i create the same kind of happiness and love that is so apparent in your photos <3 you need to teach a course on parenting!

Suzanne - One time you had a shirt on that said something like “your story matters” or something like that. Can you help me outt please? Have a friend who could use one. (And me too!). Thanks!

Kathi - I love your blog and photos. You have an awesome family, animals included!

shar y - So, just everything!! Love these. Even the animals look happy!

Julie - So this is a random question…How do you groom Waffle? I think you mentioned once that you do it yourself. We have a golden doodle and when I take her to the groomer, they make her look more “doodle”. We would like her to look more “golden”. I can’t remember if Waffle is a golden doodle or labradoodle but he certainly looks less “doodle”. We have clippers…any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Sandra K - What a FABULOUS post! The whole thing just made me happy. :) Blessings to you and your family!

Lisa - Great pictures, all! Especially like all the animal pics, and the photo of Mr D (in Old Town, right?).

Lisa - These pictures are so cheery!

Lori - Your photos are so bright and fun! I always love them :)

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old lamps are rad.

if i was a good DIY blogger i would have thought to take a photo of the lamp BEFORE this project.
but i was too eager to start and my phone had just died.
i found this lamp for $3 at a thrift shop probably two years ago.
the big round part is ceramic.  (awesome right??)
it was already white.
the base and the tall skinny part were a black-ish brass color.
i tried to live with it but i just couldn’t… so i took the lamp to my garage… i took Press-N-Seal and wrapped the ceramic part with sheets of PNS until it was completely covered.  i put PNS over the cord and the electrical parts too.

then i spray painted the brass with white spray paint that was already out from another project.
it was satin finish.
So then the lamp looked like this….
this is the only picture of have of the old original nylon-polyester shade that it came with… grainy and dark but you can see that it was like any old lamp you would see at a thrift shop or garage sale.
when i buy an old lamp i am looking for one with a shade that has a wire frame underneath.
if you bought a lampshade now at a store the shades are made from a plastic form… which is fine and i have lots of those.
but if you want to recover it.. that is hard!
so with old lampshades.. the heavy duty wire base make recovering much easier.
honestly i wouldn’t even bother trying with a newer lamp shade.

i went through my fabric stash and chose ANY that i thought might possibly work in my living room.
small b&w dots – michael miller/spearmint green with birds – joel dewberry
green birds – heather bailey/red flower – suzy pilgrim waters/gray pin dot – wavily
butterflies – anna maria horner/BIG dots – moda/
multi color dot – laura berringer/cream & black dot- riley blake/gray dot – jackie studios
mint green dots – michael miller (lilypad)/green dot – michael miller (mint)/large green circles – joanns
charcoal & white birds – robert kaufman/small black dot – hobby lobby/green &turquoise floral – anna maria horner

i love ALL of these fabrics!
(i order almost all of my fabric from
i draped them over the shade to compare.
i took a picture for myself to look at all of them to help me decide.

my top five were: b&w birds – large green circles – big black dots – butterflies – red floral

i chose the red floral “panel”
it is printed like this.. in a panel not a continuous pattern.
and i got a close up of the designer so you could see it.
it really is a beautiful print!  it makes me want to paint when i look at it.

and then… i sat in bed and watched a show with my glue gun and made this lamp shade.
i showed a basic tutorial on how to recover lampshades HERE about three years ago.
and while i’m at it i will show you the whole room in it’s current state.IMG_0903
oh hey look! we hung pictures on our wall!
one year later but we did it!

i got the africa map from @sparrowmercantile on instagram.
the other map was from Bearly Makin It.
i made the curtains from the ikea fabric again to match the dining room ones.

the be Brave sign is from Salty Bison.
i found our piano on craigslist in december.
the couches and chairs are the ektorp from ikea.
they are holding up well… white isn’t perfect but i love it so much.
there is lots of pattern going on in here… i know.
but i like pattern.
and color.  :)

the chalkboard is just MDF painted with chalkboard paint that i used to cover up some ugliness at the farm house.
talby wrote song lyrics on it.  :)

our buffets are matching and they were also from craigslist.
craig painted them.  (you can see them from last summer HERE)
the pictures and canvases are up but they will be changing/moving/rearranging  all the time.
(i order my canvases from all the canvas places… mpix – canvas on demand – canvas people – all of them)
and i think i will fill in that whole wall on the left.
i have a thing for photos.
i will keep adding “stuff” on this left side but for now it looks like this.
complete with Wii cords hanging down… so fancy.
the ‘glass is half full’ print is from Studio Mela.

i moved it over to the door way for better light and i loved it over here too!IMG_0948
those red flowers make me so happy!
and how cute is that print from KatyGirl?!
the flower vase is from world market… table from Bearly Makin It… mirror was thrifted & spray painted.

i can’t wait to find the next great lamp!
it’s so much more fun to recover and revive an old ugly lamp than to buy one done.

Heather S. - You’re doing great? One year to get pictures up? No biggie! We’ve been in our home 5 1/2 years now and just finally did our master bedroom the way I wanted it done. It’s a fabulous little retreat for me now. Ektorp chair from Ikea, new duvet and cover also from Ikea, basket with blankets, and the best part…..a coffee station right in the bedroom! On Saturdays and lazy days we can have the coffee right there while we lie in bed and look out of our window watching birds…and this past Saturday – hot air balloons that floated past our hill. It’s dreamy!

Nanette - That was my fabric pick for you too! I love it! Again, you have inspired me. I was thinking about recovering the inside of one of our lampshades…I might try it now!

Jennifer - Your lamp turned out so nice, and I love how warm and comfortable your home looks. Like a place where you would be welcomed in and visit without being worried you were going to mess something up!

KirstenP - You covered the whole lamp with Press-N-Seal – is that the plastic food wrap that comes in a roll? How did you get it all so smooth? The lamp is beautiful!

Lela - Where did you buy that fabric used on shade? I need it!

Julie - There is nothing wrong with liking colours and patterns. It is so nice to see a home that looks like someone lives there. One that is not just looking like it is painted and decorated for resale. One that has personality and makes you want to explore. Love it.

Amy K. - I spy a “before” picture of the lamp in the ones with different fabrics draped over the shade! =)

Kirsten J - Ok. Love it! I’d have gone safe with black and white polka dots prolly. And genius on the PNS. Are you kidding me?!?! Why have I never tried that?

Lisa - I like all your patterns and colors, and I don’t think it’s overpowering at all since you have white backgrounds. It all looks very nice and inviting.

Sarah Wolfe - It all looks fabulous… love ALL of it!

Erin - I love your blog. Your home is gorgeous. It seems so happy and fun. I have a big family too. So I love to see how you set up your house to meet the needs of your family. Wish you could come to California and help me with my house!

sharon / - no kiddin’ just bought myself the coolest mcm (goes with your mad man crush! lol). it’s blue, tall, totally boss! funny story: it replaces the broken sunny white and green one (i loved) of which i asked/blamed just about everyone i know for breaking . . found out it was husband! never thought of him!! ha-ha.
you shade here is a beauty :)

Kelly O. - this post inspired me to look at my home in a different light…. we moved from our fabulous forever home due to a job transfer and I’ve never felt that this house “fits”–but after reading this post I will have a new living room full of colour pizazz and my style by the end of the month! thanks for sharing your inspirations and your quickie fixer uppers to thrift store finds!

lisa - Your home is so bright and cheerful… and looks so comfortable and welcoming. I say that means you’ve done a great job decorating!

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monday goodness.

mad-men-header929b038a-6373-8d48-531a-7b863025428f_Mad Men_Staircase_Grou.jpg224164-mad-men-mad-men

did you watch it?
i am kind of agonizing about it starting again because i know it’s almost over again!
i am tired of everyone quitting on me.
i read this and then announced i wanted to start over and watch every episode from the beginning.
this show has some crazy stuff but i love the clothes and the time it’s set in for women.
and don.


i saw ashley’s blog post from like a year ago and taught myself how to do this to my hair!
other than it takes longer than putting my hair into a messy bun… i love it.
ALL hairdos (when it’s long-ish) require time.
kind of the bummer about long hair.


i saw this in Better Homes and Gardens a month or so ago.
my boys would’ve loooooved this! and me too!
i think it’s so creative.  She even sells them on her site now… cause she’s smart!


i’m craving summer salads with girly drinks while dining outside.
(click on the pictures for the link to the recipes)
they each look delicious!
and i am dreaming about making the backyard nice, decorating it and the deck too.
but my energy level hasn’t caught up to my dreaming level quite yet….








our puppy sitting is still going on.
probably more like a foster care program…
FullSizeRender-21 copy 3IMG_3655FullSizeRender-21FullSizeRender
he’s very bitey but he’s fitting in just fine.
he mostly sleeps all the time which is the opposite of stanley at this age.
so what is one more animal… right?
oy veh.

ok…gotta go and watch One Shining Moment.
i may not have watched any of the basketball tournament so far… but i love One Shining Moment.


melissa stover - i love mad men so much! I don’t know many other fans so it thrills me that you love it too. it is one of the only shows I’ve been able to watch over and over again without tiring of it (besides friends). it’s so layered and the dialogue is so rich. there will never be anything like it.

Jen - I am SOOO sad about Mad Men. I love it so much! If you want a fun read about the show, go to the blog “basket of kisses”. It’s fascinating. And if you need something else to watch, try Breaking Bad or House of Cards or The Walking Dead (don’t knock if til you’ve tried it! I learned the hard way on this one!:-)) If you enjoy English TV, try Doc Martin. All so good! And you know what they say about “all good things…….” :-(

Happy puppy sitting!

Michelle Deckert Richmond - I agree with you about The Walking Dead. I would never have thought I would enjoy a show about zombies….but I am hooked. Can’t get enough.

Megan - “but my energy level hasn’t caught up to my dreaming level quite yet….”

Um, are you in my brain? This describes my whole life right now. sigh. Stop dreaming and start doing stuff (I”m yelling at myself now…)

Wendy - We did go back and watch the whole thing again and it was wonderful! I love MadMen! My fav. I will probably do it again sometime. -Wendy

Abby - YES!! One Shining Moment is my FAVORITE part of the entire tournament. I may or may not have DVR’d the game last night to watch it.

Kathryn Goertzen - Ha! We must be sisters from some way back generation or something! I slept during the game (had been up super early for a yoga class AND don’t particularly like BB that much if nobody I know is playing) I set an alarm for about the time I thought the game would take. I woke up and 3 minutes were left. Perfect! Watched the ending, ONE SHINING MOMENT, and went back to bed!! Love that One Shining Moment.

sharon / - puppy envy puppy envy puppy envy (and screen salad licking).

that is all.

angela - One shining moment is my favorite….especially when my team wins!! Go Duke!

Lisa - Those puppy faces…I can’t stand all the cuteness at once! Love Stanley and puppy cuddling. :-)

Jennibell - “My energy level hasn’t caught up to my dreaming level” – love it! I can certainly relate….love, love, love the lampshade :)

elisa - Please tell me you are keeping that puppy….

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hope spoken weekend

well i am home from a really good weekend at Hope Spoken in Dallas.
i have been trying to write this post for three days but life is busy!
appointments and carpool and dinner and groceries and puppies and chickens and everything!
take me back to Dallas!!!

kimberlee and i drove down together and talked our heads off every. single. minute.


when we got to dallas we ate at Lyfe Kitchen for lunch.
hummus on a salad? quinoa and cucumbers? avocado AND hot sauce?!
and i tried my first radish!
this salad was not only photo worthy but memorable.
i wish i could eat it every week!
over this meal kimberlee said “i always forget how good it feels to get away and do something out of the norm”
YAY for leaving the routine behind and having fun outside our everyday lives!



the first place i went for the conference was the Speaker Dinner.
the other Hope Spoken speakers were there and i met them for the first time.
We met at Neighbor’s Table with Sarah hosting us in her back yard.
(go read about her Love Mission!)IMG_3572


the table setting was beautiful and made us each feel so special.
i loved hearing Sarah’s heart in what she does… how she serves.
she made me want to be more intentional about sharing and gathering!
it was a relaxing way to start the weekend.

not hope spoken related but still weekend related:
we ate lunch on friday at the Rusty Taco.
the #2 Roasted Pork Taco with cotija cheese and pickled red onions was something i can’t stop craving!
we tried to go back twice but it was closed on the weekends!

Hope Spoken opened on friday night with Jen Hatmaker.
now… i knew she would be good.
but she blew me away.
i have read her books but i’ve never heard her speak… it was the best thing i have heard in possibly years!
she’s the real deal.
this is a terrible picture of her… but i wanted you to see the stage and the set up… SO lovely.
i don’t think it was recorded but if it was you have got to hear it!  i will keep you posted.

these were my roommates.
i mean, they were ok i guess…
ha ha ha.
ashley, shannan and kimberlee are so nice to room with me.
they make me so happy.
i wish we all lived in the same state… in the same town…. on same block… with adjoining backyards where we can hang out every night!  :)


this is my small group i got to be in.
i always feel anxious when joining a group of women… (will this feeling last forever?)
and as usual… the group was totally lovely full of sweet women with stories that matter & big hearts.
Crystal was our leader and i have been wanting to meet her in person for a long time.
our group even had a smiley baby mascot.


i spoke on saturday morning.
i was a sweaty mess but i made it through!
and i did cry… but not out of control.
they did not record the break outs so literally “i guess you had to be there”

(thanks for picture kimberlee)
i felt like i needed a nap when i was done!
but i am so glad i did it!!!
at 10:55 i tried to get the other break out speakers to go out for coffee with me.
(we spoke at 11:00)
ha ha ha
i shared about how Jesus wants us right where we are, no matter what we have done in our past.
there is no one “qualified” to be used by Him… none of us are and He uses us anyway!
i shared that it’s O K  and even good to DREAM with God & the setbacks we encounter when we do.
about how it’s really hard to see ourselves the way God does – we focus on our sins but God sees us clean.
and about how all the stories & events in our past are about God changing us for His good.

i also told them i was super worried that my spanx were showing since i was on the stage instead of the floor.

Stephanie (Honey) Holden spoke on sunday as our closer.
it just couldn’t have been better.
i had never met stephanie but i think she & i should have been friends forever.
she has the best accent!
i loved her stories, the way she read the bible and how she walked us through the verses.
and yes… i had been the crying just before this picture.
it’s not like i just walk around and burst into tears but when someone says something that touches my heart or hugs me when i need it or tells me good news (or sad news too)… the tears come.   it’s just me.  it started in seventh grade and i don’t think its stopping anytime soon.

jeanne and i have been friends for a LONG time.  :)
she’s super cool.  i always enjoy my time talking and laughing so much with her.
you should take her online art classes!
at the very least you should take part int the Becoming Class – it’s free and awesome!

we ate across the street by default at the Rodeo Goat.
it looks like a 4H building and i was very skeptical.
but like with most fun places… it looked weird but it was really GREAT!
i was wrong.
once i saw this wall… it was my new favorite place in the whole world.

isn’t this a funny picture?!  we all had such a good time together!
i got to meet Paige for the first time after ‘knowing” each other online forever!
blogging rocks.
so many online friends are every where!  it’s so fun to meet in real life!
paige i loved our meals together.  :)

i follow Ruth on Instagram but we had never met until thursday.
she was F U N!  i loved her from the second we met!
(partly because she walked up and said “oh my gosh you are so beautiful!” or something like that)
if you don’t follow her you are missing out!  her shop is RAD too.
she has 6 boys! (with a body like that) (inside joke)


just now i went to the #hopespoken on IG and stole all these pictures!
i wish i had thought to take each of them… and about 100 more.


the speakers each were given “gift bags” which was kinda dreamy.
better life bagskatygirl designspersimmon printsintentional homelovishly25:40 Loveeclectic joy the lovely words

i felt spoiled! thanks to all the sponsors and to the Hope Spoken crew!

Danielle, Casey & Emily – THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!


so dear readers… you should go to hope spoken next year.
be brave!
meet new people!
get away from the everyday routine!
have FUN!
worship together.. grow… hear… experience!

i had heard how good it was and i was still skeptical… and it was SO GOOD!!!
i am so glad i went!
tickets go on sale May 1 for Hope Spoken 2016.

Jenny B. - So glad it went well! I knew you would do great. :)

Eugenia from Southern California - Oh my goodness, you are all so beautiful. My job sucks so much out of me, it’s nice to be reminded that there is purpose. I pray and my co-workers pray to remove the darkness from our workplace. Sometimes, its the one claiming to love Christ that cause so much havoc and suffering. Reading your witness really helps and encourages me to press on. Thank you for reminding the rest of us to answer His call. To have Hope and to feel worthy.

xxxooo e

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Your black dress – wow! You looked stunning. I so wish I could have been there to hear you. I know it was amazing!

Karen - Can you still attend if you aren’t a blogger? :-)

Lorraine - One of these years I’m going to get there!! It looks like such an incredible time of fun, fellowship and love!!

Jenny - Sounds amazing! Can you share links to the shops for the swag you got? That shirt!

jessica - Thank you so much for mentioning us in this post! It seems like such a lovely time! We are working on going next year! Hope you enjoy your shirt!

Jen Dahl - i was looking at those tacos thinking, yeah, that looks pretty great. so I clicked on the locations, and wouldn’t you know there is one near me. guess what I’m having tomorrow night for dinner? YUM.

Tere - I so love you. Thanks for being you and always filling my heart with your amazing words….xoxo tere

Rebekah - I’m the same with the tears. There’s a Jewel song that that I think about sometimes that says, “I’m sensitive, and I’d like to stay that way.” That’s me. :) Not in a bad way, just tender-hearted.

Flower Patch Farmgirl - OMJosh. Hahaha
I’m on a mission to recreate that pickled onion taco… Fyi

Necole@seriouslysassymama - This makes me miss living in Dallas. Now we live in the burbs and it is jut too far to drive for all that yummy food!

Lasso the Moon - I was so happy to meet you, Meg! I’ve been a reader for such a long time. You did great, and your talk was so inspiring. When you are in Dallas again, look me up! Let’s be friends!

Mindy - What a beautiful group of ladies. Good things happen when God gathers His people and open hearts are filled (and I am with you as far as the tears go…) to overflowing. Thanks for sharing! And what a lovely backdrop you all had – so sweet.

natalie - I hate to ask this here, but didn’t find the info on the hope spoken website. Does anyone know what the cost will be for 2016? Thanks!

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