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april craft weekend



this month Kimberlee and I had Amy & Jenny for our helpers.
we laughed so much.
these are awesome women… i am so thrilled to get to hang out with great ladies every month!

the swag that comes in for each CW is always amazing.
such generous sponsors we have!
Next Monday i will share all of their links and even discounts to their shops!
Craft weekend

this group….they were a unique blend that meshed so well.
i love seeing who God brings together.  

we stamped burlap and made them into pillows.
and we made pom poms with all those yummy colors of yarn.

one of our guests has a Popcorn Shop!
she brought some for us to enjoy and OH. MY. WORD!!!
we could not stop.
none of us.
we ate and ate and ate.   CRAVE is such a great name for it too!
you can order it online!
and you should.  :)
Kimberlee made lots of new recipes this weekend.
everything was delicious…. seriously… unbelievably good.
there was so much treasure to be found on our field trip.
everyone came back with something cool!

Jenny taught us how to use a scroll saw and how to make really cute signs.
I mean… REALY cute!

ruffle aprons for days.

all my new friends… squeezing in for roomie photos.

thank you ladies for giving me a beautiful weekend!

if you would like to see more CW posts you can click on the button at the top of the blog.
if you would like to come a Craft Weekend… first read THIS post and then get on the wait list.
i hope i get to meet you someday here.


Amy - Looks like a great weekend:). When is kimberlee’s cookbook coming out??

Amy K. - eeep!!! I’ve been waiting & waiting for this post, so I could see two familiar smiling faces – next best thing to being there myself!

kim - i loved seeing all the new stuff you guys did this time at CW! :) i even ordered one of Jenny’s signs ASAP :) Love it!
Kimberlee’s new recipes look delish! this looks like it was a good one!

Jenny - I miss those faces! And I keep thinking about that popcorn! I need order some. Thanks for the good times!

Kristin S - Oh, Meg, your CW posts are some of my fave. Close second to “randoms”.

I know you get paid and all, but the time sacrifice you and Kimberlee both make is huge. Thanks for serving these women!

Barbara (WA) - I love how everyone is beautiful, each and every Craft Weekend. I think because they are having such a wonderful time!

Andrea - When in the world is Kimberly going to put together a CW recipe book???????

Sarah M - Looks like a blast…hoping my name gets picked one day! :)

Heidi - I’m in love with your gray pullover with the lace. Where’s it from? I could wear that every day!

Lisa - These weekends look so fun! Maybe one day… :)

Michelle Whitlow - Had so much fun & met so many great ladies!!! Thanks for a great weekend…I SO needed it!!!

Gabby - Gosh, Meg! Seeing your gold sparkly shoes in this post confirmed that it was you I saw at Kerri’s barn sale on the 5th. I just wasn’t positive, but if I had been sure it was you, I would have introduced myself and told you how much I enjoy your blog. : )

Jen Smith - craft weekend always looks like a seriously awesome time!

I went back and read your last post about going to st. louis and, although i don’t live there, we visited a couple years ago and i had to tell you to go to Pappy’s Smokehouse if you love good barbecue. it was the best barbecue i think i’ve ever eaten. and their sweet potato fries…don’t even get me started! there is always a line and they run out of stuff towards the end of the day so go early.

tasha roe - we live about 30 minutes from Plano! I am seriously thinking about going to Crave tomorrow!! Ikea is on the way too! ha! :D

CathyC - Awesome!

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my friday thoughts…

hey peoples.

how are you?  how was your week?

i feel like i am not sure what day it is… what time it is… am i awake?

it is getting a little hazy in my brain.  moving is kind of a lot of work.

(the neil diamond playing on the radio at the coffee shop is NOT helping)

let’s talk about… the 21Day Fix.

confession:  i basically took a week off of exercise (other than some walking) and a few days from the healthy eating.
it’s so hard when you let yourself off the hook even one day.
the next day is SO much easier to make an excuse.
and then the next.
and same can be said about cookies or chips.

but last night i set my phone alarm for 6 AM and put my phone in the bathroom so i HAD to get up to turn it off.
it’s about the only thing that can pull me out of my DEEP sleep.
and i set out my clothes the night before too.

i sleepily did the Dirty 30 and 10 minute abs.
My kids had a rough morning… late night/hormones/hunger/rushing so it was really good i had gotten up and exercised because i wouldn’t have handled it the same had i just woken up to the sound of fighting.

one silly thing that helps me enjoy a smoothie (or two) everyday…Milkshake Straws.


i buy them at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
but it looks like you can order Milkshake Straws right here on amazon.  :)
they are big.
i wash them and re-use them if i remember to rinse out my smoothie cup right away.
(it is the little things that change a day isn’t it?)

the 21 Day Fix does not say to do this but i am trying really hard to eliminate wheat from my diet.
It is not easy!
the first reason is craving things i like – duh.  (and i am weak!)
and second… wheat is in EVERYTHING!

how are you doing… are you on the 21 Day?  are you doing your own thing?

i would love to hear about it.


let’s talk about… the new house.

we are getting really close to moving in.
so exciting.
the floors are done and  looks like a different house altogether!


the kitchen is halfway in… they brought in the cabinets so the countertop people could make a template.
so by next week it should all be done.
i love it all so far.


i took these two pictures on the same day.
one in the morning and one in the evening.  :)

in the picture below….

1. the wall we tried to take out.
we opened it up and found it was full of wires.
we considered the options… decided it wasn’t worth the money to move all the wires.
i am still bummed about it.
but it is no biggie… nothing to cry about… not that i did.
(and if i did… no one saw me and you can’t prove it)


2.  this is going to be an A M A Z I N G  island.
i am super pumped about it.
one big shelf for microwave and mixer, the ninja and the toaster.
all under the counter but easily accessible.
and all the rest are drawers.  YES!

3.  new tiles will go around the gas fireplace.
and of course the mount is already installed for the tv.
of course it is!  everyone always starts with their favorite things.
and that is why i bought a daisy chandelier this week….it’s my “tv mount”

4.  the wall we did take out.
just half of it…. lets in so much light just by taking out 5 feet of a half wall?!
so glad we did it.

the girls can’t quite decide how they want their rooms to look.
i am hoping for something like this…


the boys don’t really care.
and i have about 79 ideas in my head right now of things i want to start on today.


at this point i am ready to be done.
ready to be moved in already.  ready to be IN and not have tools and dust everywhere.
but it doesn’t work like that does it?
lots more work to come in the next two weeks.


and lastly…

if you live in the st. louis area… i need you to tell me the best places to go as a grown up lady.
no kids.  no dudes.
where to eat… where are the best places to thrift and antique…. what is a great hotel… what neighborhood?

i know you girls will hook me up.





Debbie - Frontenac Hilton. Across the street from upscale mall (Pottery Barn Teen, William Sonoma, Saks, Neiman, Sur La Table), restaurants across the street, half mile from Galleria mall and shops (Crate & Barrel, World Market, Trader Joe’s, Maggiano’s, Urban Outfitters …), ten minutes from downtown StL. A really fun store is Gringo Jones on Shaw Ave. Crazy wild stuff :) And it’s next to the Botanical Gardens which is a must-see when in the Lou. Have fun!

Debbie - Or….downtown Old St. Charles. Lots of antique shops, great little restaurants…super fun shopping :)

Elena - Hi! About St.Louis… I live in Italy, but I’m from St.Louis… I can Suggest a restaurant… Go to Paul Manno’s.. It’s in Chesterfield and its the best. Trust me and you’ll feel like a lady! (Just forget the 21 day FIX thing for a day!)

Lisa - Ohhhh….I have so many ideas of where you should go, eat and stay in our fair city! I think you should stay at the Chase Park Plaza in the Central West End. It is a wonderful hotel and has an in-house spa where you can get your nails done and then go sit by their beautiful pool with a cocktail! It is a very walkable area with tons of restaurants, bars and cafes, plus right across the street from Forest Park – so gorgeous and fun in the spring! Also, I believe there are many thrift & antique stores in the vicinity – Tower Grove Park area. When are you coming?? It would be so fun to show you around. :-)

Michelle from Australia - Today is my last day of my USA trip. I fly out of San Francisco in a few hours to Los Angeles. And then the 14-1/2 hour ‘hop’ home to Brisbane, Australia.

It has been a marvellous few weeks in San Fran, Upstate New York and Seattle but it’s time to go home to hug my children and get back to our crazy version of ‘normal’ life.

My concern? That my husband and children have had WAY too much fun in my absence and that Mum being home again won’t be as exciting for them as it will for me. Please God they will have missed me….at least a little :)

Lucy - I love the pasta house they even have one in the airport

kimberly oyler - girl that kitchen has some seriously gorgeous light going on!

Emily - I lived in St Louis for about 7 years and moved about 7 years ago. I highly recommend Treasures Aisles Antique Mall. (2317 S Big Bend Rd)
I lived in University City, which I loved, really old beautiful houses, great restaurants and shopping! I haven’t stayed here myself but there’s a newish hotel called Moonrise right in an area called the Loop.
My absolutely favorite restaurant is called “Modesto” in an area called the Hill. If you like Spanish tapas, you’ll love it.

Caroline - There is a restaurant on Manchester near treasure aisles antique mall (stated above) that is called home wine kitchen. It is cute, small and delicious.

Also! TFA (the future antiques) is a place you’ll love in St. Louis City (near ted Drewes!)

I hope you enjoy your stay!

Maria - Here’s a couple ideas – Cyranos for bread pudding and Quintessentials for a little antiquing, only open the first seven days of the month. Downtown Kirkwood has a bunch of fun little shops, Moonbeans, Found, Christopher’s, the bug store and Down by the Station. Enjoy your time in my little neck of the woods.

Bethany - Hi Meg!!
I came to craft weekend in June of 2012 when i was newly pregnant with my twins!! They are 16 months old now and I still love checking in on you everyday! :) I live in University City in St. Louis and I would say you can’t go wrong with staying at the Chase Park Plaza in the Central West End. There are amazing restaurants you can walk to, the area is fun & alive and the hotel is great..beautiful hotel pool and restaurants and even a small movie’s an old, renovated hotel. Beautiful!
For antiquing you would have to venture out the of the Central West End a bit but not too far, there are some along Manchester road & Big Bend that are only 10-15 minutes away from the hotel driving. Also I know there are some great places to shop antiques downtown in the “grove” area although I have not been to any yet. That is also 10 minutes away from the Chase.
Old town St. Charles is really quant and historical as well, although I can’t give any recs on hotels in that area, I haven’t been in awhile :)
Have a great time!

Cassidy - I’m really thinking about doing the 21 Day Fix. It sounds like such a great program. I’m actually on a gluten free diet for medical reasons but YES wheat is in everything. There are tons of substitutes though so it definitely gets easier! :D

The house looks beautiful.

andrea - I’m no help with St. Louis….sorry Your kitchen…Oh my word, I can’t wait to see more. Wheat….I’m with you! It is in EVERYTHING….and it is sooooo difficult. Hang in there…. yes, I am reading Wheat belly….are you?

Lyn - The mud house is a great coffee shop breakfast place & there looked to be several fun little shops right around that area. I’m not from there but had breakfast at the mud house last time I was there on a recommendation & I was not disappointed!

Lyn - The mud house is a great coffee shop breakfast place & there looked to be several fun little shops right around that area. I’m not from there but had breakfast at the mud house last time I was there on a recommendation & I was not disappointed!

Flower Patch Farmgirl - The daisy chandy.
Especially next to that B&W pillow.
You’re the Godfather of colour. You know that, right?
Okay fine, GodMOTHER.
Also, I accidentally spelled “colour” the British way.
Am I secretly fancy???

Kori - Funshine and Freckles??? I would use those colors just so I could tell people the names!! Love. Them.

Meg - St. Louisan here too. Best places to stay are the Moonrise Hotel and Chase Park Plaza. Definitely check out Treasure Aisles on Big Bend Road. And, thee are neat Antique stores all over Cherokee Street. The Mud House is great over there for breakfast or lunch. Get a pretzel at Gus’s Pretzels that way too. If I were doing a me only trip in the STL, I’d also hit up RISE coffee house and Choquette French Bakery. And, visit the Botanical Gardens (not far from RISE and Choquette). Love our city. Feel free to email with questions. Have lived in St. Louis city all my life and have tons of city recommendations!

Barbara - Hi, Meg,

Love how your house is coming along! I am so happy for your family and know many great memories will be made there.

The other readers gave you some great ideas for your visit to St. Louis but I’ll throw this one in if you are serious shoppers. In a western St. Louis suburb, Chesterfield, they just added two new outlet malls – Premium and Taubman. You may want to do something more restful than that but thought I’d throw that out there.

I hope you have a fun girl getaway when you’re here! You’ll sure deserve the break from all your moving activities.

Easter blessings,

St. Louis

Heather G - I am so glad you post about 21 day fix. I have my kit ordered and am just waiting on it to arrive.

Jill - I have been doing the 21 day fix since February – well, sort of. I did the first 21 days perfectly – no wheat, no dairy, exercised etc…felt great. Then we went on spring break and I did pretty good – worked out a lot, ate ‘pretty good’ but since returning it’s been terrible. All sorts of momma responsibilities and work have gotten in the way of working out and my eating has been ok- I need to re-commit. Thanks for the push and the reality check.
Your 40′s house looks great btw.

Lisa Vinograd - They also have those big straws (in a color pallet that is way more you) at ikea! aqua, yellow, red, pink!! So fun!

Mrs. H - Oh what fun paint names!

Elizabeth - I’m impatiently waiting for the 21 Day Fix to arrive. I preordered last month and now they are saying late April. I’ve only read great things about it so I can’t wait to get started.

Your house is looking great. I remember doing all that when we bought our house 9 years ago. Now, it’s time for us to go back and redo some areas and I’m learning it’s so much harder with kids :)

Heather Henricks - Love the new house!! Your style is perfecto! I did the 21 day fix in February too (I met your friend Jill in my group with Marta!) The containers made it easy, didn’t it?? My youngest daughter thought that she should use the containers for her AG doll :). I’m still doing the DVDs in conjunction with the gym. Its fun!! Not too hard . I can’t wait to see the rest of your new house. Its going to be a gem!! Thanks for sharing!

kim cole - Moonrise Hotel in The Loop – boutique hotel with mid century modern vibe, lots of space related zchotkes, an awesome view of the city from their roof top bar, and close to locally owned specialty stores-some of my favs are Ziezo, Phoenix Rising, and Craft Alliance. On Grand So. Grand check out Upcycle Exchange where you purchase post-consumer art and craft supplies at pay-as-you-wish pricing. Close by is Tower Grove Park, a Victorian era walking park with picnic gazebos, ruins then walk to the world class MO Botanical Gardens – bring your camera!

Cathy Barnes - OK.. so here’s a place you CAN NOT miss when visiting STL…

T. F. A. – The Future Antiques. This store features all kinds of cool stuff from the 50′s 60′s, and 70′s. Everything from decor, to kitchenware, linens to furniture. ALL in mint condition and organized thoughtfully. It’s a TOTAL blast from the past. You will LOVE it!


They are not in the location mentioned on the video. They now are at: 6514 Chippewa in beautiful South St. Louis! While you are there, go around the corner to Legrand’s Market and get an awesome deli sandwich, then walk south to Ted Drewes for some legendary St. Louis frozen yogurt! It’s a great outing for sure!

I live 4 blks. from all of this, so if you need a guide for the day… I’m in!

Check out T.F.A. The Future Antiques on Facebook.

ALSO… they’re some great shops on Manchester Ave. in mid-county.

This one, is a bit pricey… but there are two across the street that are really fun!

Another area: Big Bend Ave. near Manchester – Treasure Aisles and another shop immediately next door. You an kill hours in those two.

Hope this helps!

Wendy Cordia - St. Louis is so much fun (but I’m biased because I live here). I agree with the Chase Park Plaza hotel recommendation. Another fun hotel is The Cheshire Inn (English themed with pubs and restaurants) near Forest Park (Art Museum, History Museum, Muny Outdoor Theatre). For dining – try the Boat House in Forest Park or Crown Candy (delicious shakes) for casual daytime dining. For evening, try Jimmie’s on the Park (in Demun area) and on your way to/from there walk to Shasha’s Wine Bar or Demun Oyster Bar (my favorite, and I don’t like oysters!). Demun Oyster Bar has a fun menu of vintage cocktails served in unique vintage glassware (think Mad Men). Plus, to die for Sweet Potato chips. Be sure to get the Beignets there for dessert! Antique shop ideas are: The Green Shag Market (on Manchester) and TFA (The Future Antiques store – all 70s finds) on Chippewa (near the famous Ted Drewes frozen custard). Have so much fun!!! Can’t wait to hear what you do while in the Lou.

kim - I did the 21 day fix with Marta..same time as you because of you ;-)…stopped wheat and my beloved diet pepsi…hit and miss on the exercise. I so agree that once you excuse yourself it is much easier to keep excusing yourself..going to get back on track with exercise.
Would love to see the finished house :-) thinking of remodeling our kitchen and love the island storage.


Jessica Kiehn - You have a God-given gift to take something from boring to beautiful. LOVE the house- I like the way you think!!

Julie Gugel - Zia’s on the hill. Then across the street is St. Louis bakery.

Michelle Deckert Richmond - Too bad about that kitchen wall….think of it as a great location for a “gallery wall”. The place is looking awesome. Bright and open. Can’t wait to see your special style transform it.

Gina - I did the 21 day fix because of you and I am so glad I did. When we started (my husband is doing the food part too), we went gluten free. It was going to be just for the first 2 weeks. It made such a difference that we don’t want to go back. Psychologically, reading “Wheat Belly” helped because it made me think wheat is evil. Imagine “The Water Boy’s” mama saying “It’s the Devil!” I love cookies, cake and pie but haven’t had any since starting 21 day fix 4 weeks ago. It is absolutely amazing how the cravings are just gone. I keep some dark chocolate in my purse so that when I want a little something it hits the spot.

P.S. In the first 3 weeks, I didn’t lose any weight but I think it is because I had no muscles. I lost 6″ but no weight. I am getting stronger every day and hope by the end of 6 weeks some weight will fall off too.

*****ALMOST FORGOT TO TELL YOU!!!!!!!! Target has packs of Bubba straws. You can get a pack of 4 or 5 for $5. I love that Bubba cup mostly because of the rubber straw — plus it’s cute.

Caitlyn - I’m about 30 minutes south of Downtown St. Louis, there’s a historic town called Kimmswick. Its adorable, lots of unique shops and restaurants and of course the world famous Blue Owl. I reccomend Dough Depot they have pretzel bread sandwiches.. yum! Gus’s of course is a must, and Ted Drewes. Soulard is a fun neighborhood too. Chesterfield has everything as well! tons of shops, outlet malls, restaurants, pretty much anything.

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