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10 things i am loving.

well my MAC is giving the blue screen of death.
my husband thinks he can maybe fix it.
i was planning on blogging about Camp CREATE but all the pics i have are on the laptop.
so… let’s hope it comes back to life.

so for today… i will share my recent 10 faves on pinterest.

i want to make comfy lounge pants!!
like maybe 25 pairs… think that seems like a normal not excessive amount of comfy lounge pants.


i love this painting of paints.
it linked to a tumblr with no link.
and that is sad… someone painted this and the credit is lost.
any ideas where the credit belongs?  please share.
i think its super cute!

update: it is painted by emily forland! 


that shannan… she has the magic touch.
for true.
this is her closet.   whaaaat??




i  love red gingham.
and red houndstooth.
and cozy beds.
and forever…. green tables.  :)



i think i need a cookie as big as my face right now.
yes please.
and hey… they are even gluten free!




oh…. this project makes me HAPPY!
i want to make this right now!  i think it’s the colors… but it could be that you know every single one will turn out different!




how cute are those painted log cut stepping “stones“???

makes me miss those sandbox days.
and my ocean view back yard and astro turf lawn…..

just kidding.
but i do love kids playing in a sand box.



hmmm…. new ideas for the globe collection i have accumulated?
she shows how she made the middle globe.
i LOVE love LOOOOOOVE the green, white and silver one.
like really love…


this picture is just happy.
and you can’t help making the parrot sound in your head when you see it.
it makes me want to color.


crayons and watercolor... two of my favorite things in the world.
i think this is a SUPER cute project!


so… i am off to get groceries, take a kid to the dentist and make lists.
i made a list of things to put on my list.
so i wouldn’t forget them.

i often wonder what the mind of an organized person feels like….  and then i get distracted.

not kidding.

have a super day!

Liz R. - The watercolor painting of the watercolor set is by Emily Forland. (I did a little research..) She has some really beautiful illustrations!

Jenny B. - So funny! And so many pretty things! :) So sad about your MAC! They are not supposed to do that! Now, I’m scared for mine… (I know, silly… I tend to worry about how the bad things that happen to other people could happen to me). And I chuckled when I read that you want to make comfy lunge pants. I know it’s a just little typo, but I totally pictured you doing lunges in your new pants (which would be a perfectly appropriate activity). Ha! :)

Lisa - I’m in love with the bedroom with the red accents and green side table! And the painting of the paints. Glad you found who to credit cause she deserves it!

Tanya - I often wonder what the mind of an organized person feels like too – for realz.

Tara - We share a brain most days

Tanya H - ohhh the lists I make…! and the piles they accumulate in… :) Thanks for the dose of happy things!

Flower Patch Farmgirl - I love these posts you do, maybe because we seem to have the exact same taste in all things.

I’m DYING for that green/white globe.

And would you make me a pair of comfy lounge pants? In a Tall?

ps – WHAT??? WHEN?!!!!

april R - if i paint something like the projects does that mean it’s ok to have the cookie as big as my face?
bc both are sounding really awesome. right. now.

Meredith Feisel - Love all of these. Going to make the crayon and watercolor art with my daughter tonight!

heather m. - *a list of things to put on my list* <— oh how I understand this!
I'm tardy to the party as in I just found your blog (oh my gosh what have I been missing!!!) and you're too funny! ♥
I also pinned the FPFG closet! (and her living room and her kitchen months ago…)
And I am loving your site- your craft house! Oh my! Be warned it shall be pinned too! And I'm sorry about your MAC : ( We have a definite love/hate relationship with technology in our neck of the woods. Blessings on it for healing! haha
Happy Friday!

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kansas glory

we are deep into Camp Create right now (oh-my-gosh-it-is-so-much-fun!!!)
we are creating… listening to holley speak…. processing…. and eating so very well.
that kimberlee has such a gift for choosing the best foods to make women feel loved.

we went to the barn and shop today.
i thought it was so full of everything amazing.
i always love what the ladies find but today was especially good.
old chippy junk makes me so happy.

everyone is creating with stephanie right now so i have a moment to post.
i was having trouble with the tech-y side of the blog all week so now i have got it figured out (thanks to the Pro-photo peeps).
i have been dying to share these sunflower pics.
this field is 2 miles from my house.
i had a moment of complete awe when i drove by it… i mean… W O W!


Andrea - meg…..glad you are having a creative, fun time!!!! These pictures are so pretty….please sell copies of these prints……. pretty please

Lori Byrne - Wow, all these sunflowers facing the sun gives me goosebumps. What a world we would live in if we all faced the ‘Son’…..Hope Camp Create is awesome – sounds like it already is!

Tricia - Lovely! I would love to see these in your shop! :)

CathyC - WOW! Just Beautiful!

Michelle from Australia - Every time I see a sunflower I have a ‘How Great Thou Art!’ moment. Only a wonderful God could have made something so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. LOVE the pics!

Lisa - These pictures are beyond gorgeous! Always love your sunflower pictures. :)

Amy - Oh soooo pretty!!! It’s amazing how much beauty you can find in a simple field. I hope there are prints in the future:)

Jenny B. - Man, they are HUGE! And you are so brave out there with all those BEES! :D

Pam - Wow! Just. wow!!!!!

martha - The bees in flight are awesome! Job well done!

Gail - Sunflowers are just another reason I love my state. Your pics are beautiful.

stephany - Oh, how I love sunflowers.
Your photos of them always make me smile.
I especially love the one of the pollen laden bee flying away from the flower.
I might have to go look for some sunflower fields here in Oregon this weekend!
Thanks for making me smile this morning.

Jenn - Amazing!

kimberly oyler - oh my gosh!!! can you believe that in all my life of living in kansas i’ve never seen a sunflower field?

Marjie - Please print the “Bee in Flight”!!! So awesome!

amelia w. - Why is there a field of sunflowers? Does somebody plant it just because its pretty or do they sell the flowers? They are beautiful!

La - Meg! Please sell these prints!!!!

Jenna - I have always wanted to stumble upon a sunflower field! Next year I am just going to come sleep in the middle of this field and bask in it’s glory 24/7! Beyond breathtaking!

Michelle Ludt - Gorgeous pictures! Moved from Kansas about a year ago, so these pics are making me VERY homesick! Miss my sunflowers and deep blue skies! Thanks for sharing! Made my day!

shushi - Amazing !! love love sunflower and your beautiful photos ;-)
Did you use macro lens?

Penny - Meg-I passed a field of sunflowers the other day and you popped into my mind. It was not as large as this field, but beautiful just the same. You take some fantastic photos! Thank you so much for sharing these.

Kathi - Beautiful! You do a wonderful job of capturing that beauty, thank you :)

tracy - Meg, those sunflower pictures are simply stunning. What lens did you use ?


Melissa - Soooo pretty!

Carrie Kiser - I spy a little buy playing peek a boo in the 5th picture!!

Heidi Jo the Artist - You made my Monday a little more happy. Thank you. :)

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh Meg, I’m so exited for you. This is just awesome.

alison - amazing photos!! good luck with the new project .
did you take the photos with 100 macro lens? thanks

Lilly - oh what glory! i hope you will sell some of these as prints in your shop – I would love to buy some, they are just full of joy!

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“women who do”

I was asked to write about Vanity Fair®‘s campaign: “Women Who Do.”
I thought, “I am a ‘woman who does’ and I wear Vanity Fair® bras!”  It seemed like a perfect fit to me!

For 100 years, Vanity Fair® lingerie has been the brand that women look to for undeniable support, lift and a little bit of luxury.

Isn’t it kind of crazy to think about what kinds of bras our great grandmothers might have worn?
I know we have it much better and more comfortable than they did.
Especially with all the amazingly soft and slinky fabrics that are used now!

Making style and comfort effortless for every woman, Vanity Fair® offers feminine and beautiful lingerie available in styles that are trend-right and feature sleek fabrics with clean lines for a smooth look under clothes. Remember back when we didn’t have that kind of underwear?  I am so glad the styles have moved towards comfort!  Vanity Fair® bras and panties are great for everyday wear and feature minimalistic prints and sophisticated color palettes.

I like that Vanity Fair® is more than just pretty undergarments. They are taking action to empower and improve the lives of women!

The “Women Who Do™” Campaign: The “Women Who Do” initiative is a powerfully uplifting campaign dedicated to praising and celebrating everyday triumphs of women everywhere while highlighting the brand’s long-standing commitment to producing quality, luxurious lingerie at an affordable price-point. Ultimately, Vanity Fair® hopes to spark a movement that inspires women to support each other and live their lives according to what makes them happy.


One of Vanity Fair®’s partners is Dress for Success® – an organization dedicated to promoting the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, career development tools and a network of support– noticed a need for more intimate apparel to provide its clients. Vanity Fair® saw a welcome opportunity to lend its expertise, resources and extensive product offering to help replenish the lingerie of the non-profit organization. Through this partnership, Vanity Fair® hopes to provide women with the support they need to be successful.

Imagine the joy Vanity Fair® provides to those women getting their first GOOD bra! (in a long time or maybe ever?)  That is big!  I know how nice it feels when I find THE ONE when I am bra shopping.  I love hearing how Dress for Success is providing that to women getting on the feet and into the work force.  What a great gift!

On July 17, 2014, Vanity Fair® and Dress for Success kicked off the national LiftTOUR – a nationwide bus tour with a focus on fit and philanthropy. The LiftTOUR will travel across the country conducting bra fittings at major retail locations, and for every woman fit, Vanity Fair® will donate a brand-new bra to the local Dress for Success Affiliate. Between July and the end of October, the LiftTOUR will plan to stop at 70 different locations in 12 major U.S. markets.

I would LOVE to be a part of that! Not kidding. A good bra is a game changer! It changes how your clothes fit. It changes how you look in the mirror. It affects the way you feel! a good bra can give confidence! I hope to find the LiftTOUR near me!

Do you remember the Oprah show where everyone was fitted and got a new bra? Everyone always says they want to be on the My Favorite Things Show… I dreamt about the bra fitting show.

Have you ever been fitted for a bra? Tell me about that experience in the comments for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card.

Sweepstakes Rules:

No duplicate comments.

You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods:

  1. Leave a comment in response to the sweepstakes prompt on this post
  2. Tweet (public message) about this promotion; including exactly the following unique term in your tweet message: “#SweepstakesEntry”; and leave the URL to that tweet in a comment on this post
  3. Blog about this promotion, including a disclosure that you are receiving a sweepstakes entry in exchange for writing the blog post, and leave the URL to that post in a comment on this post
  4. For those with no Twitter or blog, read the official rules to learn about an alternate form of entry.

This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. The notification email will come directly from BlogHer via the sweeps@blogher email address. You will have 72 hours to respond; otherwise a new winner will be selected.

The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 9/8 -10/19/2014.

Be sure to visit the Vanity Fair brand page on where you can read other bloggers’ posts!


beth larson - Meg….umm no I am 56 and I’ve never been fitted for a bra- I’ve always been self conscious and not much of a girly girl… is it time do you think? haha

Anita - I’ve never had a real bra fitting, I’ve had suggestions from Macys employees.

dixie - never. been. fitted.


Kathleen Grace - I have never been fitted, how do you even find someone to do that who has been properly trained?

Iris - I am Canadian so I can’t enter the sweepstake-but that’s okay. I have to share that 16 years ago, at the age of 21 I had to have a rare form of cancer removed from my chest wall. This obviously affected my bra fitting as the surgery left me ‘lopsided’. I heard about the Bra Bar in Winnipeg and went for a bra fitting. The ladies there were absolutely amazing. The atmosphere was so beautiful and serene in their shoppe. They were sensitive and whisked me into a private fitting room, beautifully decorated and spacious. They taught me tricks of what to look for in finding a bra that will fit properly and helped me feel feminine again after feeling like a very feminine part of me had been disfigured at a very young age. I would love to go back there now, 16 years later, and be pampered like this again and recommend it to everyone!

Wendy - Love a good bra. Thanks for the sweeps entry!

Kristin S - Absolutely! I get refitted every 6 months. It makes all the difference and takes no time at all.

Heather - I was fitted at Victoria Secret once, but honestly I didn’t feel like it made much of a difference because I don’t think the girl really knew what she was doing. I’ve heard of fancy schmancy stores where they do bra fittings and I’ve wanted to try those, but that store is not in my state. One time when I was traveling to a state where there is that store, I tried to plan a stop there but it just didn’t work out.

Sarah - Wow…so many paid posts lately. This blog is turning into a commercial. :(

Sandra K - I’ve had bra fittings at major department stores and the “big name” lingerie store – it makes such a difference! A good bra is the start to a great wardrobe.

Liana - I’ve been fitted several times in the past, but am way overdue now (after weight gain and loss and 3 kids). It all depends on the skill of the fitter, but usually well worth the time. The first time what I thought was my size changed dramatically and really made a difference. I’ve bought my last few bras at Target, so no option to be fitted. :(

Mrs. B. - I’ve never been fitted. I think I should but I’ve just never had the opportunity…

Aimee - I had a fitting once at a Victoria’s Secret. I was surprised, as most women who have a bra fitting are, that I wasn’t wearing the right size. I was also surprised when she said that I could wear either a 36 B or a 34 C (I could be getting the numbers wrong, it was years ago)because they fit the same. I don’t know if that is always true or was just true at their store but it was a good experience and changed they way I shop fro bras.

Crystal - I have been fitted but feel like it was an awful experience. The woman at the store didn’t take much time to explain anything and differences in sizes etc.

Leslie - It’s been about two years since my last bra fitting so I’m definitely due. There’s also explanations online if people are too shy to go to the store (although you may need a husband or friend to help hold the measuring tape). But the results vary by store sometimes, according to victoria secret I’m a 36B and according to Macys I’m a 32D and by my own measurements I was a 34C. Those sound like big differences but once you understand how sizes work you understand. The smaller the band size, the bigger the cup size (letter) for the same volume of boobies :). The trick is finding one where the underwires are big enough to hold everything but not so wide they dig in or stick too far back under your arms. Do yourself and favor and get fitted!

Jenny B. - I’ve had professional fittings before, (at Dilliard’s and VS) but it wasn’t that helpful. Plus, I dislike shopping with an attendant. I know I shouldn’t, but I feel pressured to buy when someone is helping me. Another frustrating thing is that sizes are not standard from one brand to another or even from one style to another of the same brand (just like clothes). My best bet has been to have a general idea of what size I need and try on a few different styles in that size. Then, determine if I need a smaller band size or a bigger cup size or whatever, and then go get another batch to try on. At the JC Penney here, in the lingerie section, the dressing rooms have posters on the wall that show what things look like when the fit is wrong and when it’s right. That’s been more helpful to me than getting measured. All that said, I think it’s really great that good bras are part of the Dress for Success program. They definitely make a difference (good bras AND the program). :)

jodi - I was fitted a few years back at a local bra store and what a difference indeed! I wish companies made cuter nursing bras, as I’ve been hanging out in those for the last few years, and with #4 on the way, that won’t change anytime soon. One day, when past the nursing years, I look forward to cute, matching bras and panties!

Laura H - I’m 51, and never been fitted for a bra. I would imagine it makes a huge difference, but I have just never done it. One more thing to add to the “bucket list.” Also, I don’t think I have ever paid more than 20 dollars for a bra!

Mami2jcn - I’ve never been fitted for a bra.

Mami2jcn - tweet–

Jessica To - I have never been fitted for a bra but I would love to.

Erin - I have once, and I was a totally different size! Crazy. Much more comfortable now.

Elena - I have never been fitted for a bra

Julianne B. - Yes, I have been fitted. Most recently at Lane Bryant and it really did make a difference.
Nothing feels much better than a good fitting bra.

amyjupin - i haven’t been fitted ever.
major adult woman fail.
i need that soo badly.
my target bras weren’t made to support these things.
p.s. i love how you styled these photos. ;)

nicole - Yes I have been fitted for a bra before, and it was really fun, got to learn a lot about my bra size.

Robin C. - When I was in my early 20’s I got fitted at a department store by the most lovely saleswoman. I was self conscious but she made me feel comfortable and at ease. Fitting my full size bosom into the perfect bra made all the difference in the world. it set me on the path to always finding a good bra. There’s nothing like it!

Kelly D - I have never been fitted for a bra although it has been something I’ve wanted to do.

Tiffany - I never have! I’m too chicken… Too modest. I really should though. I’m sure I don’t wear the right size.

laurie magpie ethel - I got fitted a few years ago at Nordstroms. After two kids I was tired of guessing where I was size wise and that area had done some shifting about. It made a world of difference and I would so recommend it. I came with a more comfortable fitting bra and a new perky look! Well worth the time!

heather - Yes I was fitted for a bra one time and the woman was a total idiot and did not know what she was doing or talking about! I do better on my own thank you!

Rebecca - Thanks for the entry! I’ve been fitted at VS before but that was a long time ago. Should do it again…but who has time for bra shopping?

Kari - I had a bra fitting at a department store years ago (probably ten years ago). I probably need to have another one. I always wished I could’ve been at Oprah’s big fitting!

Maegan C - Yes, I did several years ago! Probably time for another tho :)

Adrienne - I have never been fitted. I uaually go to Target and purchase my bras. Is that terrible. With two teenage girls it is probably something we should all do together!

Jennifer - I’ve never been to a bra fitting before, but what a dream that would be! I love the idea of knowing you are properly outfitted from the inside out. With the right foundation every shirt you put on top will look and fit better!

Amy - No, I haven’t had a “real” bra fitting before. But I have looked up how to do it, and had my husband do it! It helped! I had been wearing the wrong size and what a difference the right size makes.

Ashley Cook - I have never had a fitting because I can’t stand the thought of it.

Cynthia C - I have never been professionally fitted and probably should be.

nancy beach - never have been fitted. Now with 3 boys it may not ever happen till they are old enough to stand outside the fitting rooms by themselves.

Meredith - I remember being fitted for a bra last year when I started breastfeeding my daughter. Boy, was that an “uplifting” experience. lol

trisha wolgamott - Yes, i have! It was actually really helpful. I had been wearing the wrong size, fit so much better!

Jenn Amano - I have been fitted for a bra a couple of times. The most recent time was after my first baby girl turned one, I stopped breastfeeding her, and I worked my hiney off to lose 50 pounds. Getting a bra thta truly fit and offered support for my “never the same again” post-baby body was a huge confidence builder for me.

Kathi - I haven’t been fitted by a pro, but a very nice sales lady helped me last time find a bra that fit.

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Nicole - I’ve been fitted before but I’m pretty certain the girl was not trained. The bras were super tight. I need some well fitted ones. Oi!

Julie - i had a fitting last year. it wasn’t the most comfortable i have ever felt half naked in front of someone, but the results were wonderful, because i finally found out what size i am supposed to be wearing, and i feel so much more comfortable every day now!

Tanya H - Due to basically a family crisis, by the time my mom was able to take me to get my first bra at 11, she insisted on me having a fitting, so that’s how I learned to buy bras. When I got married I didn’t feel like I could afford “nice bras” and bought them at Walmart. After I had my second baby, and my bras all broke within a couple weeks of each other, my mom took me shopping and had me fitted again. Wow- what a difference that made!!
I hate standing there naked with a stranger measuring me and wanting to see how the different styles look on my body, but I do so appreciate the result. I barely notice when I’m wearing a well-fitting bra! I’ve never had a bad experience getting fitted at JCP or Dillards.

Alamama - I was fitted for a bra and it helped a lot. I probably could use another fitting since I have lost some weight. Thank you for the chance to win.

Lela Pohlmann - I got fitted at Ann’s Bra Shop in Wentsville Mo and guess what bras they recommended for me? Yep, Vanity Fair! I have been wearing their brand ever since!

Laura Williams - I just remember being surprised at how “off” my bra size was after being measured. I was wearing the totally wrong size!

Jessie C. - I got fitted at Nordstrom a few years ago, the whole experience was pleasant, learned more about how to get the right fit.
tcarolinep at gmail dot com

Jessie C. - -

Christy - ooh this hits home, I am a buy a bra cause its on sale kind of girl. Never been fitted before., raised by my father so no mother to help me out either. I am surviving with my
sale bras but sure would love a sure fine feel great bra

s - Yes have been fitted at a few different times of life and only one of them pleasant!! Not my favorite thing to do.

Casie B. - I’ve been fitted many times! and I ended up learning how to measure myself when it came time for nursing bras, and because I have such a small ribcage my cup size was always a ridiculous large letter that frightens nursing mama’s with their C cups. I’m happy to be back to a relatively normal 34DD :)

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this is a Watershot Phone case for using your phone camera UNDER WATER.
we have the basic model.
you open the case (shown above) and set your phone inside, close it up and it seals it in tight-tight-tight.
i was nervous but it worked perfectly.  :)

there are different models depending on what kind of smart phone you have.

we wished we would have gotten it at the beginning of summer because this thing is SO MUCH FUN!!


the last time i went underwater…. may have been years ago.
but this camera made me want to play with my kids.
it was fun to get silly with them again.

and now we are figuring out how soon we can go swimming again!

the Watershot is AWESOME!

Charlton - That looks like so much fun! I bookmarked the website to show my husband later. I think we might need to invest in something like that for next summer. I’m always so afraid to take pictures of my girls at the pool for fear of dropping my phone! This would be perfect!

Hanny Norton-van der Valk - Love the photo’s, but what is your husband doing with his glasses on under water?????

Jenny B. - That looks like so much fun! My MOST favorite picture is the one of Talby’s smile with her braces. SUCH a great shot!

Kathryn - MY question is what was your husband about to grab that you had to hold his hand with that apparent deadgrip?! ;)

Stephanie - These shots are SO cool! I’m gonna have to look into that before our (possible) trip to Hawaii! Love it!!

Kristi Rediske - Great pictures-i just can’t believe how great everyone of you look under the water! I am checking into this case! I want one! Oh-what phone do you have-it works good.

Mindy - How fun are these pictures?! Oh I wish we would have had one of these when our daughter was small. Technology is amazing…

Laura h - Crazy fun!! I could never open my eyes under water!!! Jealous of people that can do that! What great family bonding!

julie - meg, you look awesome underwater!!

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