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rainbow everything!

It’s no secret that i love rainbows and color.
recently i found a few cute rainbow things on Amazon and that made me wonder how many more things are out there?
i love shopping for fun things that make great gifts or just fun to enjoy.
so…. I complied a list of All Things Rainbow!
it was so much fun to make!

Rainbow Drink Tumbler

Rainbow Sweater

Rainbow Backpack

Rainbow Popsicle Floatie

Rainbow Sunnies

No Spill Paint Cups & Brushes in Rainbow Colors

Rainbow Key Chain

Rainbow Sneakers for Women

Rainbow Wall Hooks

Girls Rainbow Sweatshirt

Rainbow Watercolor Hearts Pillowcase

Rainbow Baby Onesie

Unicorn Sprinkles Sugar Shaker

Rainbow Pool Floatie

Rainbow Maracas

Rainbow Head & Wristbands

Rainbow Leggings

Rainbow Sticky Notes

Kids Rainbow Tube Socks

Rainbow Art Book

Rainbow Striped Body Pillow

Rainbow Popsicle Art Puzzle

Rainbow Bath Bombs

Rainbow Tape Dispenser

Rainbow Stripe Tote Bag

Rainbow Kite

Rainbow Cloud Floatie 

All the Colors of the Rainbow Nail Polish Set

Curved Rainbow Stacking Blocks

Rainbow Pool Floatie for Babies  (i got this for Tiny)

a different Rainbow Art Book

Rainbow Glitter Nail Polish

Rainbow No Tie Shoelaces

Rainbow Painted Xylophone

Rainbow Striped Backpack

Rainbow Coffee Cup

Rainbow Eye Shadow Palette

Rainbow Waterproof Rechargeable Camp LED Light

Rainbow Purse

Rainbow Colored Coasters

Rainbow Shaped Pool Floatie

Insulated Rainbow Lunch Box

Set of Rainbow Washie Tape

Universal Rainbow USB Charger

Rainbow Umbrella

Rainbow Calendar

Rainbow Throw Rug

Extra Tall Rainbow Birthday Candles

Rainbow Wooden YoYo

Rainbow Swim Trunks

Rainbow Swing

Rainbow Ukulele

Rainbow Playing Cards

Rainbow Glass Wind Chimes

Rainbow Tinsel Eyelashes

Hair Dryer in Rainbow Chrome Finish

Rainbow Make Up Brushes

Rainbow Rain Boots

Plastic Rainbow Party Cups – Set of 8

Wasn’t that fun!?!
Surrounding myself with colorful things makes me happy.

Christy - I have those no tie laces, not in rainbow, but I love them! They are so awesome.

Jeanie - Hi, Meg,

I’m not on Instagram but saw your daughter is at 40 weeks with her baby. Congratulations on the upcoming grandson, and godspeed to Lauren in her delivery!

Jen - I was soooo disappointed to see that first rainbow sweater is only for children. 🙁

Kate - ❤️💙💜💚💛🧡

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Camp CREATE coming september 2018

September 5-8, 2018 is our next CAMP CREATE!
I am so excited to spend time with all these women and with… YOU!
Registration opens at noon (CST) on Tuesday May 15 – CLICK HERE FOR TICKET INFORMATION.
In the past Camp has sold out within a few minutes so be sure to be ready at noon!

in 2014 i began dreaming and praying about what kind of place this camp could be…


– a place where women could come for a true break from the everyday routines.
– to create & feel confident that they were created for a purpose.
– to be reminded that they are God’s Masterpiece.
– to learn more about the plans God has for each of us.
– to explore WHY their art and gifts are important.
– to feel empowered as artists.
– to be in a beautiful space that sparks inspiration in every corner
– to see that WHO they are..right now just as they are… matters and means something!
– to know that the desire to create is instilled in them by God and it’s REAL.
– to feel safe to share their dreams
– to be taken care of and pampered (women are always care giving… this is a time to be cared FOR)
– to grow spiritually, emotionally and creatively
– to uncover what their dreams might be if they don’t know
– to have a restful place to CREATE & PLAY
– to discover more about our identities in Christ.
– to be encouraged to SHINE everyday no matter their life circumstances

and God is continuing to make this happen!


CAMP CREATE is a place where we focus on the gifts of creativity, learning about God’s unique design for each of us and how God makes us artists.

even if you have never painted a painting or sculpted a pot… you are still an artist!

If you don’t consider yourself a “real artist” you will still fit perfectly at camp.
all skill levels are welcome!  beginner to professional!
you have a purpose and goals and a heart that is worth fighting for!
God put a need to create inside us…there are endless ways that it can show itself…not just paint or pencils.
He made us in His image – the CREATOR!
He filled our hearts with Dreams!

Our speaker will be Alli Worthington. She is an author, a business coach, a speaker and has her own podcast! She’s co-founded small business confereces, co-founded a Media group, started a magazine. She is going to bring wisdom, experience, truth and fun to Camp Create! I am looking forward to our time together.

our art instructors are Rae Missigman, Laura Kelley and ME    🙂
we will teach skills and techniques that are unique to each of our giftings.
our days at camp are full of creating art together that is centered in our joy of using our hands to MAKE stuff!
our time is very free flowing and open ended… it is WONDERFUL!

Kimberlee Jost always prepares amazing meals for camp.
she is so talented at serving delicious food and making it look easy and effortless.
i am so happy to eat anything she serves!

each camp we have had has been so GOOD!
we can’t wait to watch how God moves in our hearts this September.

we are thrilled to invite YOU to be a part of CAMP CREATE 2018!

if you still don’t know what i am talking about you can read here about our past camps:

Camp Create spring 2018

Camp CREATE 2017 – fall

Camp CREATE 2017 – spring

Camp CREATE 2016 – fall

Camp CREATE 2016 – spring

Camp CREATE 2015

Camp CREATE 2014


Alli Worthington is the author of Fierce Faith: A Woman’s Guide to Fighting Fear, Wrestling Worry and Overcoming Anxiety and Breaking Busy: Finding Peace and Purpose in a World of Crazy, speaker, business coach, and host of the Alli Worthingtonton Show. Her goal is to help women live the life they were created to live.  Alli’s no-nonsense, guilt-free take on business, family, and balance lead to appearances on The Today Show and Good Morning America.  Alli, her husband, Mark, and their five sons live outside of Nashville, TN with the only golden retriever who refuses to retrieve.

Rae Missigman, mixed media artist, author and instructor is known for her vivid colors, intricate layering and signature repetitive art marks.  As an artist, Rae believes that creativity can be accomplished in bite sized pieces during even the busiest days. She focuses on embedding her distinctive mark on each piece leaving no doubt of it’s creator. As an instructor, Rae strongly encourages all artists to trust themselves to fearlessly do what they love. She champions a bold voice, continuing education and finding inspiration in the everyday. As a woman, Rae lives in central FL within a large family of creatives. She now shares her love of all things handmade with a new generation of young makers.Hi! Laura Kelley is a love of Jesus and all things creative.  She is married to her high school sweetheart, mom to 7 kiddos living in Nashville, TN. Laura is an artist & teacher and blogs at One of her greastest joys is using her creativity for God’s glory – creating and sewing as much as she can.  She teaches women to use the creativity through Bible Journaling. She’s passionate about the people of Swaziland, Africa and serving the people of her local community through foster care.  She loves color, believes baked goods could change the world, adores being a mama and uses running as free therapy.

Kimberlee is a strategic, idea girl who loves the perfect question, red lipstick and change.  Hungry people are her favorites slong with Instagram, popcorn at the movies and pajamas.  She believe a good meal can turn day around and that meal would NOT include lima beans! She’s passionate about bringing more Kingdom to the here & now and she feels food is one way to do it.She chases spectacular sunsets in Kansas with her husband & two daughters.

Meg (that’s me!) is the mother to five big kids & wife to Craig for over 23 years.  I have found great joy in preparing a space for women to gather; enjoying time away for rest, refreshment and inspiration.  To keep busy I blog, photograph, create, cook, sew, thrift, paint, drive, read and bake.  Every night I fall asleep looking forward to coffee in the morning.  I am not fond of schedules.  Sleeping late in my favorite indulgence.  I LOVE COLOR! I’ve discovered that being a mom to teenagers is surprisingly fun and enjoyable.  I am a work in progress – striving to give more grace.  I press on towards the goal of more Jesus & less me – an dmore rainbows!


1. Tickets go on sale at May 15 at noon (CST) in my shop.
there are only 11 spots available for CAMP CREATE… last year we sold out in ten minutes.

2. Registration is paid in installments.
– First payment of $250 will be during registration through Paypal in my shop.
This payment is non-refundable but will go towards your total registration cost.

– Second payment of $625 is due on June 15, 2018

– Third payment of $625 is due on July 15, 2018

OR if you want to pay more or the full the remaining amount after May 15… you can do that as soon as you’d like.

3.  Airfare and travel is not included  in the price but we will take you to & from the airport on Wednesday & Saturday of camp.

4.  If you do not get a spot and would like me to keep your name in case of a cancelation – leave it in the comments.  I have had to use these names every camp so it’s worth a try!

5.  Leave your questions in the comments and I will try my best to answer them in the comment area.

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For each Camp Create we have companies that sponsor our event.
They send their product as gifts for our campers and it’s like christmas morning – grown up style!
We are so grateful to all our sponsors!
Thank you for always being so generous to Camp Create! makes beautiful artwork in the form of prints, greeting cards, notecards and calendars.
I love her style!
I love having Katy’s art in my home – it’s cheerful and fresh!
use the code: CAMPCREATE for 15% off your order

. is artist’s Michelle Allen’s whimsical art shop.
She designs all the products – handpainted clocks, bags, house wares, dish towels and more.
I have several of her shopper bags that are covered in her artwork and I LOVE THEM!
everything in her shop would make an excellent gift!
Use the code: whatever15 for 15% off your order good through May 15

. is a new sponsor and I couldn’t be happier!
Their candles smell amazing but their mission is AWESOME!
This company employs women who have been trafficed or incarcerated while simultaneously supporting a village in Ethiopia.
Listen to the company’s founder on the Mom Struggling Well podcast to hear more.
But definitely use the code: CREATE for 20% off your purchase.

. is Megan Wells’ website and shop filled with so much color!
Megan was the artist instructor who taught at Camp Create this April.
She taught her Funky Florals class that you can take at home!
AND it’s on sale right now too!
Click Here to be taken to that class link!
Use the code: SPRINGSALE for 30% your order in her shop.

Illustrated Faith is such a cool company!
They make all kinds of supplies to help make Bible Journaling even more amazing.
Washi tapes, journals, pens, paints, stickers and even the bibles!

Use the code: IFSHIPSFREE for free domestic shipping on your order.


Feather & Birch makes the best wood cut outs!!!
I love their fonts!
Feather & Birch sent their mini word cut outs for us to use on a project we completed at camp.
They have big words too! And signs and all kinds of neat stuff!
they are cut with heavy duty wood too – it is a true quality product!
Use the code: HAPPY15 for 15% off your order.


Our speaker for April’s Camp Create was Jenny Randle, author of 31 Day Create.
Jenny is a Jesus-loving, book-writing, storytelling communicator who loves to make stuff with her creative-ninja like ways.
This book is really fun to dig into and learn about creativity through lots of different exercises while spending time with God.
Order her book HERE: 31 Day Create


Author Meagan Rotan and illustrator Rhonda Elder sent a copy of the book “Goldie” to each of our camp guests.
You can purchase your own copy HERE: Goldie – the parable of a broken heart made whole


Dayspring is the best!!!
I love working with such a great company with pretty gifts, wonderful books and great resources.
They make gift giving so EASY!
Sign up for the Dayspring newsletter to find out about their special offers!


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april 2018 Camp Create

another wonderful camp is done and i am loving looking through all these photos.
i asked all the women to send me their pics from our time and that’s what most of these are.
i wish I’d taken more myself – i think i had one too many things on my mind.
but thankfully we all have phones and sharing pictures is so easy!

all the heart eyes for these ladies!!!
they made it look EASY to just show up to a house they’ve never been to and hang out with 16 stangers!
they all seemed like they’d known each other for years!
i love watching the groups that God brings together at each camp.  🙂

one of the first things we do at camp is talk about all of our Camp Sponsors.
i love getting to share all these beautiful gifts with our ladies from some fabulous companies.
i will post about our sponsors in a seperate post very soon.
katygirl designsfeather & birchdayspring makewellsallen designs studioeleventh candle co.illustrated faithgoldie –  jenny randle

our camp speaker was Jenny Randle, author of 31 Day Create.
she spoke about creativity and faith, what fuels us and what holds us back.
Jenny was a lot of fun to be around and was super easy to talk with!
I am so glad she was there!

Megan Wells is an artist and taught a workshop of her “Funky Florals”.
you can find her class online and you can take it yourself!
her technique of painting freely is really relaxing.
Megan is a great teacher!

Carol made us a rainbow cream tart.
it was a labor of love for sure!

our mugs at the craft house make your morning coffee so happy! 
i’m hugging this lady like my own kiddo because i used to be her youth leader when she was in high school and she babysat my kids when they were little!  So it feels like she IS one of my kiddos!  She is a mom to three boys now and came all the way from seattle to get crafty with us!
Jessica you are AWESOME!

this map is filling up but we obviously need some more women from nevada, wyoming & north dakota!

we took our field trip out to the antique shop and barn in Marion, Kansas.
i always love to see what people collect or find interesting.
and the weather was absolutely PERFECT for us that day which made the whole trip more fun.

the cutie in the denim jacket with me is my bestie from high school!
we lived across the street from each other… were on swim team together… we were cheerleaders together… double dated with our high school sweethearts and married them!  It was special to have her at camp with me.  And WOW can she clean up a kitchen like no one else!  She’s amazing!

Carol Spenst of @WillFlowersBakeShoppe taught us how to decorate cookies with royal icing.
it was so fancy!
i loved learning how simple it was and at the same time how time consuming and detailed it is.
i said “i will never complain about the price of a fancy cookie again! these take forever!”
it almost felt wrong to eat them.

i taught how to make these covered button necklaces.
and we made the wood signs with the word cut out from Feather & Birch.
i LOVE to see how each sign was different and each so colorful!
we decorated the wood pieces with decoupaged paper and fabric, washi tape and paint.

the rainbow stairs make for a great photo!

Kimberlee Jost fills us up with delicious meals at every camp.
she makes the kitchen feel so welcoming and smell so good!
how can you not be happy when you get cinnamon rolls AND crafts?!

strangers just days before and we all leave camp as friends!
the craft house brings people together!!!

i wish i’d remembered to take photos of every single person before we said goodbye but i missed a few – darn it!

i’m so thankful for the women in this picture!  we were a great team together!  Megan – sorry we missed taking a team photo with you in it!
thanks for teaching & cooking & cleaning & speaking & praying & traveling all weekend with me and the campers!
it is such a joy to be able to share the house and the camp experience with each of you!!!

now… how about Spetember’s Camp Create?!
do you want to come?
details coming very soon!  I will hopefully open registration beginning May 11 or 12th!


Camp CREATE coming september 2018 - Lizzie Arden - […] Camp Create spring 2018 […]

meg duerksen - the mug is from 🙂

jill - where in the world did you get the awesome mug from? thanks

Stephanie - OMG! I would love to be the first person from North Dakota! I’ll have to work on that!

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let’s have a baby shower!

I know I still need to write the q & a about foster care.
I have started to write it several times but I get overwhelmed!
But I will definitely get to it!

Today I have something super special that I already know you’ll want to be a part of.
Mr. Tiny is transitioning to go home with his Mama in the next few weeks!
She has worked so hard to get to this day and I am so proud of her!
She loves him beautifully.
Foster care is new to me and it has been a roller coaster of emotions all along the way but right now I am filled with hope for his future and hers!

Let me tell you how rad this kid is:
1. He is happy ALL THE TIME!
2. He loves life from sun up to sun down.
3. He smiles at everyone he meets.
4. He rarely cries and he sleeps all night.

He has been the biggest JOY for our entire family.

I know that so many of you are in love with him just from his pictures!
I thought one way to show love and support for his mom, for Tiny and for me as his foster mom would be to throw her a baby shower!
Soooo…. you are invited to a virtual baby shower!
All of the gifts with none of the cheesy baby games.  😉

I made an Amazon “registry” for all kinds of things that would be a blessing to Tiny and his mom.
It’s got big items like a crib all the way down to little bitty baby socks.
There are clothes for the coming summer & winter, books and toys.
And even the very practical items like formula and diapers.

I want Tiny’s mama to know that she has support and that she is loved.
Let’s bless her socks off!


********YOU GUYS BOUGHT EVERYTHING!!!*********

If you see something on the list that you’d like to give you click Add to Cart and purchase it.
It will be shipped to me.  I will not see your credit card information.
I don’t even know if I see who did the purchasing.

My family will make sure everything is given to Tiny’s mama.

Thanks for being a part of my life through this blog!
I hope you feel inspired to help others today.
Giving generously is the best feeling!!!
This verse was the focus of the sermon at my church on sunday and I’m gonna leave it here for you too.

I want to be that kind of giver… “always ready to share with others”.

Laura - Just love this. <3 Awesome!! Our local ministry #chosenforlife is having a fundraiser assisting adoption, fostercare <3. I'll commit the $ there since Tiny is covered in Love & diapers. Thanks for standing in the gap!

cornelia krahn - I live in Colorado but was in Kansas last weekend. I saw Meg and Tiny in a store and became like a stammering groupie. I actually asked Meg if I could approach her because I didn’t want to violate Tiny’s privacy. She’s right-he smiles at everyone and is a beautiful baby. He and his mother are very lucky!

Tracy - I have a feeling the reason Tiny is so happy and well adjusted is a tribute to you and your loving family!! His life (and his mama’s) have been blessed by you. <3

Jen Gallizzo - I was too late!! What an amazing idea of a virtual shower. You are full of love and this baby and mama clearly blessed to have your support!!

alice h - how amazing of you to do this and that everything has been bought!! I came to buy something and felt so happy for Tiny and his momma!!

Robin Allen - This is great, my friend is an amazing foster mom, this support is so crucial for everyone to be successful in reuniting…so proud of mama for working so hard…both of their smiles are have been such a positive in their lives…

You make us all want to foster these precious kids..

Jill - Our sermon was based on the exact same verse!

jenn - MEG! TINY! i’m in freakin tears reading this news. way to go, tiny’s mom❤️ and way to go meg and friends…. what an amazing showering of love and hope. tiny, i love you. meg, i love you and i’m sending the hugest hug❤️

meg duerksen - They were there but already purchased. He’s got diapers forever! 🙂

meg duerksen - everything is purchased! It’s so cool!

Jerri - Meg how awesome the list was fufilled so quickly! I noticed even doubles
of many items. I was wondering if there is a Women’s Care Center near you that any extras could go to? Here locally the Center has a Shepher’s Fold and when the women come in for weekly Bible study they earn points to “shop” with. This is a wonderful ministry that has saved so many of the innocent unborn. Blessings! ❤️💙💚💛🧡💜💗

meg duerksen - I’m guessing another opportunity will arise at some point. Thanks!

meg duerksen - NO you aren’t challenged! I refilled the list several times and everything is purchased! It’s so awesome!

Laura - I a truly technically challenged or your list is empty. Want to make another one?

Amber - Hey Meg!

Everything is gone!! How awesome! Any way that I can still help?


B - Thank you for doing this!! My mother in law did more than 65 foster babies and one of them was at my baby shower for my first born. I was given everything for my son, and that poor baby had NOTHING of his own. My little one was celebrated and anticipated, and that little guy was at the mercy of kind strangers. It made me so sad about the injustice in the world. I am so happy mama is going to be reunited with her lovely little one!!!!!

Katie - I don’t see anything on the list – does that mean it’s all purchased?

Betsy Frost - Are there anymore items that could be added? The last thing that’s out there is the Desitin, but I’m guessing it’s not being ordered because it’s an “Add On” item and one must purchase at least $25 worth of items in order to buy it and send it. I’d love to help!

Kelly - What a beautiful gesture and I am happy to be able to participate. I am so glad that they are being reunited though I am sure that his absence will leave a hole in your hearts until the next little one that needs love comes your way. Thank you for sharing this journey with us all.

Kate - Meg,
I missed out and the list is already fulfilled, Can you add additional items? PLEASE!!! I really want to support this amazing Mom!

Monica - Meg-

What a wonderful idea! The list is almost fulfilled. Could you add more diapers, maybe in bigger sizes? You know he will need those soon!

rebecca - just a note…if you are trying to donate and get sent to Meg…make sure nothing else is in your amazon cart otherwise your non donated stuff will get sent too 🙂

Ashley - I could hardly check out fast enough! Had to keep removing and picking new items because someone already purchased them. 🙂 Hope to see the list totally wiped out shortly!!

Jennifer S - I love foster care moms and all of the good it can do, especially when families can be reunited! A little something is coming from us here in North Carolina. So much love and hope for Tiny and his sweet Mom!

Holly rice - I have a little boy that is 10 months old… would you accept gently used items from a boy who has way too much and would love to share?? I could easily come up with a box of toys and clothes to send your way if you’re willing to accept them! Let me know. Thanks!!

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three things

I got to talk with Haley Williams on her podcast “Kindled”
we talked about creativity, the Craft House and lots of other stuff.
Click over and check it out.

this looks really good and fun to make too!
i like the Tasty site because of the videos!  I am a visual learner who enjoys instant gratification.
i love being able to see the whole recipe so quickly.
the recipe is here: Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie 

i have been searching for inspiration to remodel our master bathroom so i have been thinking about allllllllll the tile.
the only thing i am almost sure about is a freestanding bathtub.
but everything else is still undecided.  
i am going to choose something white and maybe some black (but probably not).
but if i was the kind of lady that got to redo things majorly whenever i got tired of them… i would choose something really colorful.

i love all of those colors!
how fun is that pink vanity?!!!

Jill - Does Mr. Duerksen get a vote on a pink vanity in his master bath? ;-} Asking for a friend.

Tracy Koeppen - I like the green vanity! Paint is easy to change so you could easily change it once you decide to move on… green tile not so much.. Lots of pretty choices!

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happy pics

these are instagram accounts i follow that make me smile and inspire me.
click on the photo and it will take you to their IG account.   🙂


I am positive you are feeling more happy than you were one minute ago after seeing all these beautiful pics!
and i hope you enjoy following their instagram feeds.


Laurie - You make me smile!! Thanks for the inspiration! I love new feeds to inspire me to create

Alisa Workman - We follow some of the same accounts. It’s always great to have color in your life.

Heather - Love these! I love colorful pictures in my instagram feed, thanks for sharing! Do you follow @studiodiy? I feel like you would love it / it fits in with all these other ones!

Lorri - Such sunny goodness – thank you for sharing! They will be a definite lift, just like your IG feed is. 🙂

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