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7 things to love on a monday!

i love these shoes?!
i saw them at Finish Line but I’m guessing they are everywhere Nike is sold.
i didn’t buy them but i do love them.


i want to eat this.

i am LOVING these mugs from Emily McDowell!
her work always makes me smile (and sometimes seriously crack up!)
just this morning i had to take my coffee & go outside because the volume of words coming out of my children’s mouths was too much & too loud for the first five minutes of being awake.
i need that mug.

this is my FAVORITE shampoo & conditioner.
every time i wash my hair i stand there and breath in that amazing smell.
i can’t stop myself.
and why would i?!
it’s so good.
i love the coconut scent too but this one is my most favorite.
you can get it at target or walmart or even your grocery store probably.


59f8a5857a89842f7397f68b9410cf2f(this is not me… it’s the stock photo on amazon)IMG_2040this is me! those are my feet and hey look! a dime on the floor! score!

i had someone email asking me for the link for my favorite workout pants that i shared awhile back.
they are the High Rise And Shine Capri on amazon.
they go up OVER the muffin top and hold it all in.
and that is why they are my favorite.
i have black, midnight, jade and the dark magenta.
i wanted to show how bright the magenta is… there is no being shy in these capris.
ha ha ha
but i like pink!
and bright!


have you used Chatbooks?
it’s an app for your phone that makes your phone pictures into albums.
i have been using them for my Instagram photos.  :)
but you can use them for any phone pictures and even make books from hashtags!
how fun is that?
use this code below to get your first book free…. (there are restrictions so check the fine print)
i love how easy it is.


and last but not least for today….
Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine featured my Cow Print in their August Issue!
i love the details they chose for that baby space!

so to celebrate i am having a sale on all prints in my shop!
Use the code 20OFFPHOTO for a 20% discount on prints through July 31.

annnnnd their may just be a bunch of Mini Scrap Bunting over there too.


Kathi - Thank you for being here. When I’m feeling down your blog and images always make me feel better. :) Congrats being featured in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine. You’re Awesome!

mia - Congrats on the magazine feature! That’s awesome!

Jenny B. - Love the photo book! Congrats on the magazine feature! And YAY for bunting!! :D

phyllis - What Kathi said!

Kelly - Love love love your blog! So refreshing !!!

jaime - haaaa!! the best mug is the one that says basically i just want to go home and take my pants off!! that’s so me! #leggingsforever thanks for sharing all this good stuff and the polka dot shoes are in my shopping cart until i can justify buying them for myself. miss you friend xoxo.

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meg’s week of summer… part 2

it feels like a long time ago already but my super-fun-week-of-no-mom-business continued after the beach with my girlfriends.  I got home at 11:00 pm on a tuesday night and left again at 11 am the next day with the Mr. for Chicago.
we had gotten U2 concert tickets waaay back in the fall with our chicago besties & the date had finally arrived!
i love going anywhere with craig and a U2 concert is icing.
he used priceline and got us a hotel room right in the middle of the city.  :)
we are fancy like that.
i tried not to push for it (staying downtown) but it was definitely what i wanted.

i felt like the art work in our hotel was surely an original and hung just that day for me.
hee hee hee
i did really love it and made myself believe that no other rooms in that hotel had the same painting as mine.

i could sit and watch this view for hours.
and at night… ummm people don’t close their curtains.
so i got to watch all kinds of stuff in all those apartments… HA!
the city is so awesome!  :)

we wandered around pretty much every where in chicago.
we looked at buildings and fancy cars and i people watched every second.
at one point i said to craig “can you PLEASE pay more attention to the people?! i have no one to share my thoughts with if you don’t see anything that i see.”  :) we look at different stuff.  he’s noticing architure and i am thinking “where would a dress like that even be sold? it’s so interesting!”

and then it was TIME!!! (worst picture ever but the only one of all 4 of us)
dave & jenny took the train into chicago from the suburbs and met us for dinner before the concert.
this is at least our fourth U2 concert together!
our love runs deep.
i didn’t mean to cover Adam.
or did i?
he’s not favorite.
although i have never actually heard him speak… so that is probably why.
silent people make me slightly nervous.
like maybe i talk too much??
not like he was actually standing there… or ever going to talk to me anyway… just saying why he is my least favorite of the four.
and i promise i would talk to him if we were ever together.
he would probably end up being my top favorite because i am usually wrong about the quiet guy.
you guys… this is how close we were.
that is bono.
he walked right past us.
and then climbed up on the stage right in front of us and it felt so surreal.
we had floor tickets for the first time in all the concerts we’ve been to (which is more than 4 because we have been without dave & jenny too) someone figured out that where the best place to be was and we did that.  we were against the wall in front of the stage!
it was amaaaaaaazing!
another horrible picture but showing that the only space between Bono and me was that security guard.
and that really is bono – not a hologram all lit up.
i clearly needed to change my camera settings but i was too into the concert.
they had two ends of the stage and went back and forth the entire time.
the screen was HUGE and went up and down and from see through to full screen.

they pulled this girl up on stage and sang “Mysterious Ways”
she was totally shocked to be up there but not shy at all.
i always joked that i wanted it to be me up on stage but once i saw her… young and wearing the U2 t-shirt and dancing SO FREE!
she was perfect!
i kept thinking what an amazing memory this is for her.
i felt like a mom.
and she reminded me of my Lauren.

THEN Bono gave her a cell phone and it was hooked up to the huge screen and had her film them to the song California.
and she knew every word!
she moved all around and was singing her heart out the whole time.
he asked her name and she said “Katelyn.”
and asked her about chicago and she said “i actually came from mississippi for this concert tonight”
i mean… what could be better?!

you can see bono’s huge face on the screen above… bono loves the close ups.IMG_0181IMG_0173
that piano came OUT OF THE FLOOR!
the floor just opened up and the piano came up from a laying down position!
like it hinged up.
it was CRAZY!!!
best craziest most awesome night!!
so glad we came and got to experience it all again with jenny & dave!
one thing we do on our no-kid trips is get dessert to go.
we are never hungry for dessert after a meal anyway but at midnight… YES!
so if we see a dessert we like somewhere we get it to-go and enjoy it as late as we want.

we explored ALL over (walking in flimsy glittery flip flops – poor planning on my part) the city the next day.
we walked for about 8 hours straight.
craig never loses energy.
i do.

we had lunch at Quartino.
we had walked by it the day before and it looked perfect so we came back…  and it was!

if you go to chicago… you should eat there!
we sat outside because i LOVE sitting outside on a nice day especially with the city as the back drop.
but then i went inside for the bathroom and it was by far my favorite restaurant bathroom EVER.
i am a weirdo – i know.
but it was beautiful!  i would like duplicate all of it at my own house!
that is craig’s favorite building… it is very creative!
we walked and walked and walked.
and ate and ate and ate.
i never get to go inside a Blick Art Supply store so when i saw it i was all over that!
we found these faux vintage anatomy posters for lauren.
she was so excited when i texted and asked if she’d like these.

so craig got his exercise and architure fix and i got to look at paint and color.

as the sun was going down we searched for a spot to eat (outside again)
and we found Streeterville Social because it was literally the building right in front of us.
it was a really beautiful place… and it was brand new!


we have been married for 20 years.
it doesn’t feel like that.
i love getting away with him… no kids and no work.
it’s truly different.
being at home with the kids & regular life is good too but something changes when we can be all alone together for more than an evening.
we have been doing little trips every few months for a few years now.
a big long trip would be wonderful but for right now this is so good too.
i love these trips.
and him.

Kelly - Amazing pictures!!! My husband and I saw U2 in Dublin 6 years ago…best concert of my life! In the perfect city to see U2!! I have felt like we can’t top that one, but we would looooove to see them again and try. We also love to see the Avett Bros as a “couple hobby” since they tour around us more, and we have more chances to see them. Have you listened to Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors? Also a favorite. Try their Good Light album if you haven’t heard them before.

Kelly S - You are the CUTEST. Your hair rocks. It’s so long. Great post with fun pictures. There is a train that goes from my town (Lansing, MI) to Chicago, and it’s really a blast. It takes you right downtown by the pier. I can’t wait to do that again some day. Did you see Oprah? :) Thanks for sharing your trip. I’d love to see what books you have been enjoying lately.

chrissi - one of my favorite posts ever. thanks for sharing.

Jenn - Love the pics, love, love Chicago! Its such an awesomely cool, funky, fun city. I love U2 too! What a fabulous experience.

sharon / - omgosh. i follow you because of course, well, you are just awesome. but now? with the ‘you’re-intense-people-watching-and-why-isn’t-hubby-doing-the-same-thing-so-you-can-gab’ scenario? —we are like, brathars’from a different mothar!! (except sisters :) :) :) )

Lisa M - We love Chicago! Beautiful and clean. A great walking city!

Michelle from Australia - I transited through Chicago on my way to Buffalo last year. On my ‘completely on my own leaving my family at home in the other hemisphere trip’ :) And then we all transited through Chicago on our way between Denver and Virginia Beach in December.

So two flights in and out of Chicago but haven’t yet made it out of the airport.

Maybe on the next trip to the USA? Here’s hoping!

Dana Powell - Love this, and your hair looks great! You have been on my mind lately (long-time reader but infrequent commenter- sorry!) We normally live in France and went to a restaurant in Versailles right before we left (we are planting a church there). It’s called Le Cheese Club and it looks just like your house (subway tiles, green stools, etc.)! They were also playing, ‘All About that Bass’ in the version you posted on your blog a while back and I finally leaned over to my husband and confessed that my blogger friend Meg would love this place. :) He definitely thought I was a weirdo at that point. To add to the weirdness, we just got back from Chicago and Michigan last week and I actually thought I saw Waffle there and then a family that looked just like yours from far away. When we got to the US, I was so surprised to see that you had been both places and around the same time even. We also stayed at a former scrapbooking house in IN that reminded me a lot of the Craft house. It was all so bizarre, maybe one day we’ll actually cross paths in real life. Ha!

Jenny B. - Love!! I thought of something to comment after almost every photo, but as soon as I thought of something new, I forgot the one from before… So… I do remember thinking that your seats were awesome and The Edge was looking right at you in that last concert pic! :)

Jenny B. - P.S. I gave the bunting I bought from your shop a few months ago to a friend at her baby shower tonight. She’s having her 5th child – her first girl! She loved the colors (lots of pink and orange and green). Love your shop! :D

Lauren - My friend and I just took a girls’ trip to Chicago last weekend and it was amazing! By far one of my favorite cities ever!

Jenna - LOVE these pictures!!! It helped fill my Chicago fix for a little longer till I can go back. Thanks for sharing and making my day … So glad you got to go!

nora - I just saw them at MSG on Sunday night – on the floor, too! It was soooooooo goooooooood! Larry is my favorite.

Erin - I love seeing my beautiful city through the eyes of tourist. I’m glad you enjoyed your time together. good choices on the Giordano’s and Portillo’s. :o)

Christy - It looks like you had a fabulous time! I sure hope that was a chocolate cake shake in your cup from Portillos! They are AMAZING!

Lori - I’m glad you posted about your trip. Beautiful and looks so fun! Happy for you!

Tiffany - I love this! My husband and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary! We had 2 nights in St. Paul/Minneapolis, and I was smiling through reading your post, because it could have been mine. Many of the things you wrote I was like- yep! That’s us! We hadn’t been away from our kids for 2 nights in a row for 4 1/2 years! We loved our time just us so much! Hopefully it won’t be another 4+ years before we do it again. So happy for you that you had a wonderful time!

Patty - Meg, I have been loving your blog for a long time. I rarely comment, but always look forward to and appreciate your posts. This one, though, I have to thank you for. My daughter moved to Chicago an year ago, and I have not yet been able to visit her. She shares an occasional photo, but I have no sense of the city she’s in. Thank you for giving me a glimpse of the world she’s inhabiting. And, happy twenty years to you and the mister!

April R - haven’t commented in awhile but i just had to here – this is deeper than walking and eating and concert attendance and I’m so inspired. Marriage should be treasured and celebrated! we’ve never really had anyone we could trust to watch the kids (military moving around so much) so we don’t do anything like this as a couple – sad – but reading this i know we should do something for just us…something, I’m going to pray and brainstorm and google to find some things we can do.

I’m so happy for you and admire you and the Mr. for building and growing your marriage – congratulations on 20 and thanks for sharing and inspiring <3

Michelle Erstad - I LOVE that sink from the restaurant bathroom~designing my dream lake cottage in my head and that is the sink I WANT!!

Angie - Thank you taking so many wonderful pictures of Chicago. I lived there all my life until I moved to the suburbs. I don’t get to experience the city life as much as in my younger years. Makes me want to take a little staycation downtown this summer…mmm

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Mini Campout in the backyard

our family is busy –  i am guessing yours is too!
finding time to be together as a family can be a challenge as they get older.
there are softball games, basketball tournaments, friends, camps and summer jobs.
even with all the demands for everyone’s time… we are constantly trying to carve out family time any way we can because it is important to us.
so… we had a mini campout!
at home.
on a week night! 
making memories doesn’t have to be a big trip… 
or cost a lot of money… 
you don’t even have to leave your house! 
put a tent up in the yard… hang some lights…. bring your pillow & blanket off your bed outside… play some games… turn up the music… 
mixing it up is FUN!


i had never made sliders and my kids LOVED them! 
they are a new favorite for the meal list. 
and they had never seen mini cucumbers. 
it seems like it is always more fun to eat something when it’s “mini”.IMG_2168IMG_2179IMG_2186
even the drinks were mini!

since it was a MINI campout, we went with a “mini theme menu” 
i pulled out the fancy napkins that we usually save for birthdays or guests.   
for something fun and different we ate in the red baskets – aka: mini plates
and every meal deserves the colorful straws!

i finally got around to planting our pots on our deck!
now we want to be out here as much as possible.
we have an outdoor pretty  living space now instead of just a dusty place to sit.
flowers bring me joy… and i planted A LOT of flowers.IMG_0567IMG_2233IMG_2282
talby & sean set up the tent by themselves.
and even strung those lights!
we brought the couch outside to watch a movie… yes… the white couch. 
but you know what?  it’s FUN to just be a little crazy and do something silly like that.
what is going to happen?  the slipcovers are washable.  
talby’s words about bringing the white couch outside for a few hours: “YOLO mom!”

we found our movie projector on craigslist several years ago.
we hook it up to our lap top and to our outdoor speakers.
and by WE,  i mean craig… i have no idea how he does those things but he makes it awesome for us.IMG_2265
the kids played the Bean Bag Toss game that we gave Craig for Father’s Day long ago.
they played basketball.
the boys threw the football.
talby worked on handstands.
and everyone played fetch with the dogs.
being at home made all of those things so easy to do.
i know some people LOVE going camping for long periods and roughing it but… we are not those people.
we are BUSY!
and we like our toilets clean and nearby.  
camping at home is something we can always do and my kids will remember it forever.
we made floats with vanilla ice cream and the Coke minis.
an ice cream float reminds me of being a kid… it brings me back in time.

talby dished the ice cream but everyone wanted to pour their own Coke & add their own whipped cream.

there is some teeny tiny proof inside scott’s selfie that i was indeed AT this family campout.  :)
can you see me?

i know it’s cliché to say but my kids are growing up so fast!
we only have a few more years to do this kind of stuff together!
i don’t even like thinking about that.
time keeps ticking away… i am so glad we pulled this off to spend more time with each other.IMG_2269IMG_0610 
when it got dark enough, craig turned on the movie and we all snuggled in.
we even started off with Mini Movies first – old home videos about 1 minute clips of all my cuties!
my heart was melting at their little voices and toothy (or toothless) smiles.
they always laugh so hard at the funny things they said.

doing something different makes a regular thursday night into a forever memory!
we plan on doing this much more often.
so if you are coming to visit… be sure to bring your sleeping bag.  :)
we promise to share the bug spray.
and to make a spot for you on the couch.


Christi {Jealous Hands} - You win for coolest Mom ever – and I thought I was pretty cool. Talby’s right, YOLO. Thanks for sharing. I know what we’re doing for our end-of-summer party now. xoxo

Ann Wegman - How fun is that! My kids have been “camping out” in our pop-up camper in the driveway! I love these special days of summer!

kathi - You are so AWESOME!

Rebekah - I agree best mom ever!! Love your colorful, love filled life!

sharon / - oh my heck yes, are you kidding me? perfection! stay-ca va-ca camp-way.

Katie - All. Those. Colors. What an awesome evening with your family. And now I really want a slider.

Becky - I love the porch area…I’d want to eat all of my meals out there!

Where did you get that wooden Kansas sign? So cute!

Kristi Rediske - Love these pictures-you have inspired me! I do have a question-I want to order the ikea slip cover for my sofa but the dimensions for the cushions are not on their website-do you think you could measure one top and bottom one for me so I can check and see if it would fit my sofa before I pay $28 shipping from Ikea? I know you are busy but thought it was worth a try-:)

Patti Mullican - How wonderful! My kind of camping! Your outdoor space is amaze balls! Seriously.

Lori - I love this! The mini theme is great and your deck/backyard is beautiful!

Kristi - Don’t you have mosquitos ? We can’t hardly be outside without getting attacked!

Bekkah - your family seems so fun! those tiny hotdog rolls looked so good. haha

Stephanie - That sunset backflip shot is amazing. As is your backyard!

Lindsey - Wow! That looks like so much fun! Your patio looks so awesome! I love that you took your couch outside. You always have great ideas!

Su - This post made me tear up. I am so doing this with my 5 kiddos. Sometimes I count the summers I have left with them. . .I think that is why this post made me tear up. My oldest is 18. This very well could be the last summer with her at home. Love the mini theme too. . that will so make my 14 year old smile.

Lisa - Your backyard is amazing! Such a fun idea. Thanks for sharing

Ashley - We are doing that this week…taking the tent down sat because it’s supposed to storm…it’s our last week before school starts…BTW we have the same tent…we like it so far…

Annette - What awesome memories! Love your backyard… so colorful and fun!

Deana - you seriously are the coolest mom ever!!! Love what u did with your back porch!

Valerie - Love it! These are the things that the kids will remember from their childhoods. You inspire me!

I need to do this with the kids EVERY year! We haven’t gotten around to it yet – it has rained so dang much this summer. Soon!

Rebecca Jacobsen - Diggin your beautiful deck/patio!

Louise - That is the most awesome campout ever! I love everything about it. My favorite pic is the one of you all lounged on the couch watching the movie…the twinkle lights and colorful pillows. Oh my! Inspiration for me and my three little boys one day. Thank you!

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i’m loving…

well… i’m home.
another trip and lots of driving and packing/unpacking/more laundry.
i love to be taking trips and adventuring but i also LOVE being home!

we hit the beach in michigan for 5 nights (everything was booked otherwise we would’ve stayed longer!)
and i didn’t wash my hair the entire trip!
i can do more with my hair when it’s not freshly washed – it’s not so heavy and slick.
my friend shared her favorite dry shampoo and i couldn’t believe it.
i was buying the dumb $18 can because as far as i knew it was the only option.
they were all around $16 – $20.
i loathe paying big money for beauty products.
i always have.
that is why i still use noxema and generic oil of olay on my face.
so when amy said “i just use the dove brand dry shampoo” i was giddy!

it’s $4 at target and walmart.


ok… the song that i am loving right now is “Dearly Departed” by Shaky Graves.
craig and i have been listening to this band non-stop because of this song.

that video above is the acoustic version… after his interview.
i love the radio version too.
but don’t love the music video because i don’t care for ghost/zombies…
so you should listen to both.  :)

you’re welcome.


and what else am i loving?

jenny made excellent mojitos on vacation and i want one right this second.
click that photo for the link.

ok… i have a ton of laundry to do!
happy saturday to you!

Angela - I’ve only recently gotten up the gumption to try dry shampoo. I wasn’t convince it would work on my hair. Anyway, I’ve really come to love the Not Your Mother’s brand of dry shampoo. It’s also super cheap at Target, so if you’re looking for options, I’d recommend it.

Lindsay F. - I LOVE that Dove dry shampoo!! Like big puffy heart love! I’ve used several in different price ranges and it’s definitely my fave! I have fine, straight hair and I use it daily for some texture and oomph!

Lyn - I’m seeing Shakey Graves in Jackson,WY in A few weeks while on vacation with my family! I can’t wait! I also use that dove dry shampoo. It’s my fave drigstore brand!

Nichole - If you like Shakey Graves you might also like Channing and Quinn. My favorites are “Fall” and “Slow Burn” on their Temporary Things album. You can find it on Amazon under digital music.

Heather - Suave has a great smelling dry shampoo too. I’ve found it at Target. I have a couple of pricey ones too but usually pull out that one bc it’s quick.

Carol S. - Super fun idea with all the trimmings. Wow! Your flower pots are booming, really love the colorful punches all around. We had a yummy casserole for dinner then all watched a movie on Netflix. Just being together makes for a great night!!

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