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the Craft House

i think you need to come to The Craft House with your friends!  :)
We have several dates at the end of this post with special discounts for you!

we have work space for 16!
the entire house has gigantic 8 foot windows everywhere.
this house is flooded with natural light every where you look!
the bedrooms, hallway and main floor windows have leaded glass as well!
so beautiful!

there are three full baths each newly remodeled.

the ongoing bedrooms are like staying in the happiest Barbie Dream House.
bed after bed covered in vintage quilts and chenille.

the master bath is light and airy… with so much space!
the large soaker tub is truly a dreamy place.
the newest addition to the house is the Rainbow Stairs up to the bedrooms off the kitchen.
they are pure happiness!!
the kitchen is fully stocked with dishes, pots & pans, glasses, utensils and appliances.
the island is 9’x5′ which is amazing for cooking and working together for meals.
we also have two 10′ barn wood tables for eating together.
they can be separate to accommodate a full house or pushed together for a smaller group.
this kitchen is an awesome place for sharing a meal!
the kitchen is surrounded by six floor to ceiling windows! It’s fabulous!


So… how can you reserve the Craft House for your group?
these dates remaining for 2015:

you can read more details about the house if you would like HERE.

you can also look ahead and reserve your weekend for 2016 if you would like.
several groups already have!

any reservation made before june 5 for 2016 will get $100 off!

and last weekend… we had a girls scout troop come to stay!
how sweet is that?!

so… get creative! it doesn’t have to be a scrapbooking/crafting group!
there are so many ways to use the Craft House!
family reunion?  wedding party? church group? women’s retreat? girls’ weekend?

email me at to make your reservation today!


sharon / - someday yes! wishing upon a star!

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women of faith

have you heard of the Women of Faith Conferences?
they are all over… Oklahoma to Florida to California and every where in between.
it’s a two day conference filled with loads of speakers and entertainment.
i haven’t been to a conference YET but i am going to the Oklahoma conference July 24 – 25!
basically meaning i will follow Jen Hatmaker anywhere.

If you are interested in going… look through their website and find one that is close to you.
get your girlfriends together and get a hotel room!
make it a FUN getaway!
or go with any ladies in your life that would like a time to worship and learn together.
or go on your own! that is totally cool too!  :)

Women of Faith gave me a discount code to share with you!
i was super excited to get to share that!
if you use the code: Whatever20 to get 20% off your ticket price!!!!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

tell me which one you pick!  I’d love to know where everyone is going!

sharon / - in my (ever-be-it-so-humble) opinion the number one thing to look for in a woman (spouse) — ‘faithful’ With that virtue, everything else will work itself out :)

Rachel J - Hey Meg! My church might be hosting the live simulcast in October for this, buttttttttttttt……….there’s a chance I may be at the Oklahoma event too! That would be awesome to see you there! :)

Kelly - I LOVE hearing Jen Hatmaker speak! So encouraging, so challenging, so GOOD!!! I see she will not be at Denver which is closest to me so maybe I should come to OKC!! How long is the code good for? Thanks! Kelly

Katie Skiff - I hope you can go. I’ve been to five, including this one here in Billings. You just have to go. These women are so amazing.

SoCalLynn - I’m so excited for you! WofF conferences are wonderful, so inspiring and refreshing. I haven’t been for several years, but now my youngest daughter is old enough to go so I’m thinking we will this year. Anaheim, CA!!! A hint for buying tickets: if your event is sold out, go on the website where there is a page for churches re-selling tickets. Some churches buy in blocks and they re sell the tickets their church has overbought. Enjoy!

Sarah - Hmm, Jen Hatmaker is in Connecticut too, that’s a little closer to home!

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The Craft House has a back staircase off the kitchen leading up to bedrooms and a bathroom.
and for the last ten years it has looked like this…
for the past three years i have wanted to paint them but i just couldn’t get it done.
this spring i finally had a long enough break in rentals and craft weekends and i got busy.
i cleaned everything really well.

then i primed all the wood surfaces with Kilz2.
two coats.
and then i painted the walls and the ceiling all same color – Ultra Pure White by Behr in Eggshell finish.

after the walls and ceiling  THEN i painted the doors, baseboard, window trim and the treads in Behr Ultra Pure White Semi Gloss paint.
painting wood white takes like a million years and then three more coats after that.
but it is so happy and bright that it is worth it to me.
wood color honestly makes me feel sad to be around… not at your house but yes at my house.
it sucks all the light out of the room.
i wouldn’t be sad visiting your house all decked out in wood everywhere but if i had to LIVE in say… a log cabin?
i would either go into a deep depression or paint the log cabin white on the inside.
(and maybe the outside too)
i know me.

it felt like it took FOREVER to get to the fun part!
i was dying to start on the color.

i taped the edges around the stair riser to help me have straighter lines.
and then i could FINALLY start.
i got the smallest size of paint i could… i think it’s a pint?
i used Valspar paint for the colors.
Bright Red
Hint of Cherry
Orange Ochre
Dandelion Wish
Chopped Chives
Lavish Green
Wishing Well

i am not brand loyal for paint.
it is purely based on which store i am closest to at the time i need the paint.

and i used a foam brush for the colors.
it just seemed like it would be easier to control for such a small area.

(i am aware that i still need to caulk the baseboards… one step at a time)IMG_4082
——————————————- BEFORE ——————————————————- AFTER ——————————————–
i mean???
is there anything happier?!
there is not.
i touched up my mistakes with a little paint brush – OY VEH!
i had lots of time to think and pray and sing and plan while i was working on all of this.

and this is the polyurethane that i use on white painted wood projects.
i like it.
i used it a lot.
i used many coats since stairs get a lot of traffic.

i may hang things on the wall.
i may not.

it took a ton of time but it was worth every second.
i wish i would’ve done it when we lived here.
i wish i had it my house i live in now just so i could see it everyday.  :)

rainbows forever!!!


KWolff - Way to go! This would definitely make trekking up stairs a lot more fun! :)

sharon / - you are so brave and i am so chicken! lol. your ‘more color’ life beckons.

Kit - Meg! Way to go, it’s completely awesome!

kim - lady, you are DEDICATED. this looks like SO much work (and love) went into them. the payoff is GRAND, they look amazing!! can’t wait to see these in person!

Ame - That is brilliant – what a fun, incredibly happy idea!

Cathy - I love it! A trick I’ve learned in all the painting I’ve done: paint, let it dry, tape, paint over the tape with the same color. After it dries, paint the bordering color. The first color is what will bleed under your tape a little bit and that’s ok because that’s the color you put down first. The bordering color won’t bleed through. Remove the tape and you’ll have a perfect clean line.

Pam - Good heavens, we just did some painting so I can imagine how much time it took. And glory how hard to have done all that work and not see it every day. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!

Su - I don’t like purple either. Noticed it got left off the stairs :)

And I could not live in a log cabin or a house with wood cabinets, wood trim, wood paneling either. . .when we moved into this house I painted everything white. . it was definitely 70s, Brady Bunch style wood. . .now it is happy.

Thanks for sharing the colors. . pinning it. ..I want to do my dining room chairs each a color.

Kelly - I have never seen a prettier set of stairs! I bet it just makes you smile every time that you see them.

Oh.. and I completely agree about wood tones!

Julie - Such a light bright cheery stairway to walk up and down in now. How old is the house Meg?

Kristin F. - They look amazing!! And I am completely with you on the painted wood bandwagon. We are in the process of buying my parents’ 1987 log home and the VERY first thing on our agenda? Paint every surface white. I cannot wait to live surrounded by painted wood logs.

Kristen - Meg, I love the way that you feed my need for COLOR!!!! There are 7.2 zillion projects that I should be doing at our house, but I just wanna paint my stairs now!!!!! You did an amazing job!!!

Janelle - If I had a million dollars, I would offer it to your for your house. It is so well done, with so much love & thoughtfulness!

Corinne - Hi
Wondered what poly you used there’s no pic. All the ones I’ve tried on white turn yellow and I end up sanding and repainting. Looking at my coffee table now and I have to repaint again to get back to white. Love the stairs. Thanks

Kristin S - That is a true labor of love and I so love the end result!

I painted my two garage steps lime green a few years ago and it still makes me happy when I pull in my garage. Rainbow would be dreamy.

robin - Best.inspirational staircase ever!!…

Jen@thecottagenest - It looks amazing! I could move right into the craft house!

Megan - Meg-
you are sooooo awesome! thanks for posting the whole shebang…..I can hardly wait to do my back staircase! I have to wait until school lets out (I teach) but as soon as the end of June rolls around….I am breaking out the rainbow paints!

Thanks so much for inspiring me and helping me to be creative!

iralee poore - yup- i love it! i know it was hard and a long process but it looks lovely!!

Kathleen W. - That is so awesome, bright & cheery ! Makes me want to paint my stairs ! You rock Meg !

bekkah - wow! this is impressive; your dedication/patience is inspiring :-)

i totally know what you mean about being comfortable in your space vs someone else’s. i LOVE all the colors in your home/craft home but at the end of the day i am a neutrals/minimalist girl.

Kimberly - That staircase looks so light, bright, and happy now! I love it! Kudos to you for the patience it took to paint all of that!

jennibell - Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Really, there are just NO other words. These are the BEST!!!

Lisa - I freaking LOVE it! I am with you on the wood being depressing, I would have to paint it all white too…I know lots of people would not approve of that, but oh well!

jennyonthespot - Oh Meg. So much the very, VERY BEST!!!

Talia - LOVE this! Please do this at my house! :)

Judy - Those stairs just make me happy to look at them! Fantastic idea!! I bet you feel happy every time you walk upstairs!! :0)

Beth - Yep, SO COOL! I love it. Job well done!

Gevay - I am so with you on the painted wood. It looks so clean and happy and bright. There is a designer on that design channel we all love who goes on and on about how awful it is to paint wood and how people are terrible humans for doing it. She’s been shaming me and now you have set me free to enjoy my painted wood again! Thank you MEG!!! ;)

Carol S. - Sensational. And yes, a ton of work!!

Andrea - I love this….. don’t you have stairs going to a basement???? boy would that be fun!!!!!!

The Love List | Gloria York's Blog - […] Meg’s stairs make me happy […]

Bethany - Obviously this is the happiest staircase ever. And the fact that it’s a back staircase…just another reason to love the craft house. I’ve dreamt of one day having a house with a back staircase since I was a girl.

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Tickets go on sale at noon Monday May 25 (CST)

at noon you can CLICK HERE IN MY SHOP

there are only 11 spots available.

to avoid a mess later… please read the information on the ticket in the shop BEFORE purchasing your ticket.

you can our post about Camp Create 2016 is here.


i am so excited!!!

Christina - Where do I find the information?

Susan Wilke - Was on right before noon and kept refreshing….I went to add to my cart and it was sold out already…Sigh…So sad :(

Allison - That’s great, Happy for you! Hope to come one day!

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