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my summer happy spot

we spend most summer & fall evenings outside on the back porch.
and right now all the plants are bursting out of their pots and it’s so colorful!

untitled (27 of 36)untitled (15 of 36)
i loved getting back into gardening again after taking a break for a few years.
i missed it!
i like to plant in all kinds of old containers.

untitled (13 of 36)untitled (10 of 36)
my love for rust and chippy paint goes to extremes when it comes to outdoor spaces.
my friend who lives several hours away found the green cubby and sent me a text saying “i think you need this”
i agreed and sent her money through paypal.   🙂
and a month later her husband dropped it off while he was in town.
it was three times bigger than i thought it would be.
which made me love it three times more!
i think maybe i will figure out how to plant succulents in it???
wouldn’t that be something?!
untitled (22 of 36)
the butterfly sign is from Jaxn Blvd.
the little fan, the egg sign and the black rooster sign are from tjmaxx.

untitled (31 of 36)
untitled (28 of 36)
a view of our fire pit area… which is about to get maxed out!
it’s almost chilly enough now in the evenings for camp fires!
we are all looking forward to that.

untitled (30 of 36)untitled (17 of 36)PenultimateFullSizeRenderuntitled (32 of 36)
this black & white sign is also from Jaxn Blvd!
it’s the perfect quote for this space… exactly how i feel.
untitled (8 of 36)FullSizeRender 3IMG_1888
Delta Girl Frames sent me this fun rainbow frame!
i can always hang a photo or print in it later but loved it just as a statement on its own.

untitled (33 of 36)
craig hung outdoor speakers this year and his big tv.
i wasn’t thrilled about the tv but apparently every inch of the house doesn’t belong to me?
and now that it’s there… i don’t mind it at all.
it’s mostly for sports on mute so he can enjoy the outside too and not be stuck inside when the game is on.
and the speakers are awesome!
we have music on pretty much all the time and they are perfect for outdoor movie nights!

FullSizeRender 8
the outdoor rugs were from world market, along with the orange stripe table cloth and several pillows.

untitled (19 of 36)untitled (9 of 36)IMG_1484
annie and some friends spent their last summer night out in the tent.
they really roughed it by dragging out twin mattresses, extention cords to charge their phones and a dvd player.

this is our resident toad who has shown up every evening for two summers now.
we have named him Beuford.
he clearly has found PLENTY of bugs at our house.
he is quite a big toad.
people on IG mentioned that he may be poisonous…. i am 99.9% sure he is just a regular old kansas country toad.
i like him and i appreciate all the bugs he keeps away.
FullSizeRender 5untitled (34 of 36)IMG_1092
our kitty Jay Z likes to hide behind the plants to be safe from curious dogs.

the very back of the yard is the chicken coop.
filled with all my favorites clucky ladies.
IMG_1200IMG_2091FullSizeRender 2IMG_2158
it’s going to be really weird when they cut that corn down.

untitled (16 of 36)FullSizeRender
so that is my happy space.
where i have coffee every morning and most dinners and hanging out each night.
happy happy happy!


CiCi - Where did you find the rainbow striped pillow? Love it!

Cassandra - Love it!! All that color, all the chippyness, just perfect!

Sharilee Ensz - your yard is soooooo beautiful. we have sandy soil and we cant grow much. our back yard is clumpy grass, sand, and cat poop. you must be the coolest person in the world to have as a mom!! (i love my mom too) 🙂 🙂 i love you!!!:) 🙂 😛

Lisa - Those beautiful pentas and lantana are my favorites! AND the happy doggy faces – so funny!

Kelly Krause - I love this whole space! It must be pretty protected, cuz I thought the winds would howl over your Kansas plains. I know I could never pull that off up here in MN!

Kelly Krause - I love this whole space! It must be pretty protected, cuz I thought the winds would howl over your Kansas planes. I know I could never pull that off up here in MN!

amy - Megan– where’d you find the grey slip-on Chucks? I have them in a lighter grey that were exclusive to Nordstroms–I need a new pair and they’re out in my size. Love yours!

Talia - What a gorgeous spot! You have quite the green thumb. I love flowers and would spend every free moment on your lovely porch!

Michelle from Australia - Annie and I have the same thoughts on camping! Way to go girl.

And I wonder just how much excess luggage I will be bringing back home with me after my visit to Kansas in November? I suspect it might be some…..

Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures.

Beth - This space is FLIPPIN’ adorable. Well done! I’m inspired now. I dabbled in potted plants and mixing up containers this summer, but I’m committed to amping up my plant game next spring! Love this! Now to find a cat in Alabama named Jay Z…

meg duerksen - Tiffany – yes most guys would. Craig doesn’t seem to care so I’m happy about that. Life’s too short to worry about nail holes in the walls. ☺️

meg duerksen - It’s some kind of wood product siding – not aluminum. I just screw right into it. Most husbands would flip out but Craig’s cool about most things like that. ☺️

meg duerksen - Rhonda – it’s some kind of painted carving. I can’t recall where from. It was at the barn we go to for camp and a camper bought it for me as a gift.

meg duerksen - Dawn – yes! I get a hammer and a big screwdriver and I bang on the screwdriver with the hammer until it goes through. Repeat four times. That’s how I make the holes in my containers. It’s not fancy. And it’s loud. But it works!

meg duerksen - Holly – I water everyday and fertilized three times this summer. 🙂

meg duerksen - Heather – gardening for fall? I don’t do that because everything will freeze soon after. I’m not a planner either. I just go to the nursery in May and buy what looks good. I go to four or five different nurseries though… Not just one. And I get what looks best at each of them. It’s always different.

heather - i would love love love it if you could share your gardening plans for fall ahead of time so my plants could even be 1/10th as fabulous as yours! what a beautiful space you’ve created.

Heidi - I really love this space. I wish it were this awesome at my house too. I guess I have work to do. Maybe when my kids (9, 6, and an 8 month old) get older I will put more time and effort into pretty things! Thanks so much for sharing. 💗

Tammy - Wow, it’s absolutely perfect! Thanks Meg for sharing it with us!

Holly - Love all the color and your plants look phenomenal! Do you water a bunch or use a lot of fertilizer? If so how often? My Texas container garden is getting through by the skin of it nose.

Dawn - One question–do you drill drainage holes in your metal containers? Just curious how they drain. I love the look!

Rhonda Elder - Such a cozy, beautiful space. I’m curious about the colorful painting to the left of the window. What is it?

Kristen - How do you hang things on the house’s siding? Does your husband flip out at you decorating the exterior walls at all? Love the look!

Tracy - Well…simple enough! 🙂 Thanks, Meg!

Marsha Kern - It is beautiful! I love the containers!

Tiffany - Truly, what a H A P P Y porch area!! Love every inch of it! How do you hang the pictures on your house/siding? I think my husband will croak if I hammer nails in our siding… 🙁

meg duerksen - Katie – only the side with the white cabinet gets wet when it rains really hard and it just drys out pretty quickly when it’s over.
and i may take stuff down in the winter but i may not. It depends on how severe our winter gets. 🙂

meg duerksen - tracy we just use bug spray.

Tracy - Meg – I love it!! I love your porch and I love how you do movie nights and ice cream sundae parties out there! But one thing I always wonder when looking at your awesome pictures is how do you deal with mosquitos? I LOVE to be outside in the evenings as well. Summer nights are the BEST! 🙂 But the mosquitos chase us away within minutes! Do you have a secret you could share? 🙂 Thanks!!!

Tiffany Day - love it so much! Thank you for posting more pictures – its inspiration for me – I really want to get my back porch/deck decorated!! and being that is uncovered thrifted chippy stuff is PERFECT!!!! love it all!! thanks again for sharing!

Katie - Loveeeee it! What all do you take down/bring in in the winter? And what about in the rain? Just super curious 🙂

Jennifer Greeley - Your plants look amazing. The Texas heat just about killed everything but the sweet potato vines in my backyard. I hope you get to enjoy your space for many more months!

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5 days in colorado

we left early in the morning which was not fun for anyone but about 20 minutes into the trip everyone had settled in and our car was silent and looked empty for the first few hours.  i can’t say that i don’t love that!
i get to talk with mr. duerksen!
and i got to finish Falling Free.
heart eyes! heart eyes! heart eyes!
(go preorder this book people!!! it’s sooooo good!)
there were plenty of gas station stops and snacks and mcdonalds bathroom selfies.
they eventually began to wake up and talk or play games or… braid hair.
30 minutes after we arrived at our rental house we were already hiking around.
we stayed close to Breckinridge so everywhere we hiked or explored was in that area.
i didn’t pay attention to which trails were which… sorry if you wanted to know.
basically ALL the trails are great.
it’s Colorado!
that’s a mama goat and her baby behind them… the mama looks headless but it wasn’t.
ha ha ha

pretty nice place for morning coffee (and cereal).

more hiking….
i wiped out hard crossing this spot.
this was off the trail and i told craig it was fine and i could do it like the kids were… and i DID but first i had to get really dirty and break some nails and bleed a little.  HA!

teenagers are fun.
i used to roll my eyes when i heard that phrase but i have found out it that it’s actually true!
of course not ALL the time but for a lot of the time it’s fun to have people around that can have regular conversations and are enjoyable company!
and that can feed themselves and don’t need you for things nearly as much as they used to.

and they make me laugh so much.
their goal was to get high enough to touch snow in july.
and they did it!
goat selfie!!
my 6 favorite people in the whole world.
and all my people with me!

breckinridge is completely touristy and i’m ok with that!
i didn’t go into any shops that i would have chosen but it was nice to just walk around before or after dinner.
the sock store was everyone’s highlight.
who would’ve guessed that an entire store of JUST socks was a good idea?
but it is!
ANY kind of sock you can imagine was in that shop!
another day we rented jeeps to go off-roading.
we wanted ATVs but i can’t recall why it didn’t work out… numbers or drivers or not available?
but we ended up with two jeeps.
and for some reason i was completely terrified.
i think i thought i would crash?  or get stuck?  or fall off a cliff?
so after awhile i let scotty drive and i was so much happier in the passenger seat – crazy right?
but he was SO HAPPY to be in charge and get to play.
we had a blast in our jeep!
we stopped to eat lunch waaaaaay up in the middle of nowhere.
craig only had to help us get unstuck one time.
in our defense… our 4 WD low wasn’t working and that contributed to our issue… which makes no sense because you can’t see the very steep hill just to the right out of frame in this picture.
we couldn’t make it up and went backwards to try again but got stuck.
Sean gave it a shot as well on the regular roads… not the mountain stuff.
then i got back in the drivers seat once i was more calm and comfortable.
and i fell in love with it!
i think i need a white Rubicon Jeep now.   🙂

we climbed down and played in the water after all our driving around.

on the night i got to choose dinner… i was the only one who was pleased with their meal.
sorry picky eaters! my meal was DELICIOUS!
FullSizeRender 8IMG_0460
our oldest daughter was on this trip with us this year.
it’s been a few years since she has joined us.
it’s weird when you’re kids become grown ups…

i got creeped on in my selfie.
i was loving the green wall… but scott didn’t care.

do you play Dutch Blitz?
it’s a favorite over here.
we have two sets so more people can play at once.
also we played spades and scum and trivial pursuit during our stay.
and watched Everest because it was on.

our fourth day Craig woke these three hikers up early on and they climbed Mt. Quandry!
i think i may have died if i’d tried it…
but they did GREAT!
they “complained” the rest of the trip about their sore muscles but i know they were proud that they accomplished it.

i sat and read a book the whole time they were gone.
i was equally proud of that.

more of pretty breckinridge.
on our last night we went into denver and went to the Avett Brothers concert at Red Rocks!!!
we offered it to all our kids but we didn’t have a lot of takers.
so we got tickets off craigslist the day of and went!
craig and i had always wanted to go to Red Rocks.
bucket list – check!
the big kids went to movie and got an uber back to the hotel.
see?  big kids are awesome!  they can get their own Ubers!
it was something i will always remember!
annie even laid down for a little rest towards the end.

colorado is so good.
we love spending time there… i am so glad we got to be there again this summer.

now here’s the deal… i love photos and i love vacations.
i love to keep memories but be sure to know that pictures don’t always tell the whole story.
blogging and social media makes most everything everyone’s doing look perfect or very close.
and of course we all know that no one has a perfect life!
no one.
did we have an awesome time in colorado – YES!
with 5 big kids we also had some big struggles because there are lots of personalities & lots of opinions.
BUT even with those struggles… even if there were some knock-down-drag-out fights… even if i cried…
i still love to be with my people.
it’s WORTH IT to make the plans, take the time off work and GO – even if it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.
i want my kids to know that i WANT to be with them.
I want them to know i enjoy spending time with them.
i want them to know that we can get through the fighting and the feelings and frustrations.
to know that there’s nothing they can do to be unloved, uninvited or less special.
i want them to see different places and get out of our town.
i want them to appreciate nature!
it doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy.
intentional family time together is so important to me and i hope they will remember it forever.
i pray they remember more good than the bad.
because there truly is SO MUCH MORE good.
thanks colorado for more memories!!!
your mountains are my fave!

Stephanie L. Robertson - I love Colorado!

We live in north Alabama, so it’s such a different climate for us. We stayed in C Springs a few years ago and my dd and I (who was 5 at the time) ran around town while my husband was working.

My favorite was Garden of the gods. Beautiful!

Andrea G. - Oh Meg…what a GREAT trip, but your words at the end are what got to me! We just got back from 14 days on the road and we had all the struggles too!! I love family time and being with my peeps and exploring the world too!! Thanks for sharing great pics…May have to put CO on the dockett some summer!!!

Juli - Am I stupid to admit that I cried looking at your photos? We have kids (ages 15 down to almost 2) and a trip like that would be impossible with the tiny ones. We did a calm mountain stream last weekend and that was nerve-wracking with the 3 youngest and yes, one fell in and had to ride 2 hours home wet! BUT it is also the fact that I’ve been reading your blog for forever and the reality of how fast your kids have grown is just heartbreaking because that means mine are too…and far too fast. When I get irritated with my wee ones and all of the annoying stuff that goes along with that, I remember going all the way to the beginning of your blog one night when I was bored, up too late, probably with a baby in my arms and reading that you were bemoaning the fact that Annie wouldn’t let anyone else have their choice of DVD and you wanted advice on how to tame the toddler. Now, look how big she is and that was such a small thing (but bothersome enough to write about back then) and I still get upset about those daily things despite the fact that I know how quickly it’ll all pass. AND YES, thank you for the last part of your post. So many frustrations, especially with a big family (my husband likens it to pebbles tumbling together and knocking off the rough edges (and doesn’t God use that to make us more beautiful?)), but so many more wonderful things and I hope they’ll remember the good stuff.

Jenny B. - Love it all! When I saw the first bathroom selfie, I immediately thought, “Lauren is there!” 🙂 So glad you got to have everyone together. I remember all the vacations I took with my parents. Your kids are lucky kids!

Di - I miss hearing all the trip details in person. Waah! 😢 You made it with ALL of ’em before you launched Scottie. Love the pic of Talbs & Sean 💛 miss you!

amy jupin - why you gotta make me cry?? MEANIE!!

p.s. you’re so right and it’s so hard and so many thoughts of strangulation…BUT, it’s worth it.

Lisa - Loved seeing the beauty from your pictures! But loved your honesty at the end the most. Seems 4 of my kids are in a phase of not being the kindest to each other. Something we are working on but can feel so discouraging. Thanks for the reminder we aren’t the only ones. 🙂

Chris - You got to see mountain goats? I guess we didn’t get high enough because I was on the lookout for them. Still can’t believe we ran into you on the trail. And even funnier, my sister saw your pics posted on instagram and asked me if we ran into you!! So funny that we actually did. I love Breckenridge and now I need to go back, go higher and see the mountain goats!

meg duerksen - Melanie these are all from my iPhone 6S.😀 I edit them a little too. I brought my big camera but never took a picture with it.

Fpmomma - Yes it is worth the tears and frustrations. When we took a vacation with our adult kids and their significant others there were tense times, a few shouting matches and definitely tears. . I was afraid it would leave lasting impressions. It did. But to my amazement and thankfulness all of them say it was a great time!! And are looking forward to another. . We do try to keep it no more than 4 nights and each couple gets their own bedroom.
Hang in there. You are doing many things right.

Lisa - Meg – thank you so much for your ending comments!
I very much appreciate you sharing the good and the bad. I appreciate the honesty! It looks like you had a lovely trip!
I want to go, too! 🙂

Angie - Have to admit that when I read the after thoughts.. I teared up .. You are sooo soo right.. We go on vacation as a family (kids, sister family, parents, husband 11 total) every year and there are ALWAYS adult arguments, frustration and crying. And sometimes I say this is the last vacation EVER.. but then I think of the good parts and the memories I want my kids to remember with their grandparents and/or their cousins.. It’s all worth it.. I wouldn’t give those memories up for anything..

Marla Jensen - My parents, bless them, took 3 of us every summer to different parts of the country. We have been to 48 states as a family. I was 12 when we started and 20 our last trip together. Ooooohhhh the fights!!!! Bad bad yelling, screaming, and crying. It was like the first few days were a huge adjustment being together 24/7. We stayed in our super teeny tiny camper and spent long hours on the road. But man the memories! Those were amazing times. And I moved to my favorite place when I graduated from college, Montana!

Iris Brown - You know, as I was reading & scrolling through your beautiful pictures I was thinking “Man, their family trips are just perfect & snag free” but then I read the full disclosure portion in the end. Thank you for that. We just did a family trip of 6 (age 8-13) to Chicago and Wisconsin Dells and I could’ve tazed all my kids with a smile at some point. But in the end, it is worth it. It really is. Thank you for the reminder. 🙂

Gillian Currie - Wow love your post… Very inspiring. I too have 5 kids, thanks for your honesty in your post… That’s real life individuals with their own personalities not always easy but always worth the effort… Memories last a life time 😊

Helen - I have lived in Colorado all my life and think our mountains are the best ever. I also think Red Rocks is the perfect spot for a concert. Glad you were able to spend time here and enjoy our beautiful state.

Lori - You can’t beat CO in the summer! My husband and I went 2 years ago and LOVED it! We hope to go back and see a concert at Red Rocks. So beautiful!

Becky Zuithoff - I loved these pictures, and your perspective at the end. It motivates me to embrace the trouble and expense of getting somewhere with my people- it IS so worth it. Glad you had a great trip.

LindaP - Loved the pictures but loved your comments at the end even more. As a mom of 13 and 15 year old boys who can make things painful at times, I still love all the time with them and am willing to work through the rough moments for all the cool moments. You said it perfectly and I always appreciate those moments of reality.

Rebekah - Estes Park, Colorado is our families favorite! We visited in June. It has the same **SOCK STORE**! ☺

Melanie - Breckenridge looks beautiful!! Thanks for sharing your pictures. They are so clear and sharp and the colors are so vibrant. May I ask what camera you used? I’m shopping for a camera. Thank you!

Julie - Thanks for sharing your holiday with us. Looks like you all had a great time, and I love seeing new places in the world.

Maureen - Reading this now after we just got back from a dream trip to Ireland with the 5 of us. So much fun, so many memories but ones that also included us arguing about directions, husband driving too fast (so scary with the driving on other side of the road over there, me getting hurt feelings when they all tease me at once. But so many laughs with older kids, 24, 22, and 20 year olds! Agree with all you said. Love all the pictures as well, thanks for sharing.

Lori H - I have watched all of your children grow up – cannot believe how big they all are now! What a great looking family and I love when you share your fun trips with us. I have marked Dutch Blitz to get before our next family vacation.

K - Amen!! I just had this very same conversation with my husband in reference to our family! I completely agree with everything you said, yoru candid, honest reflection is so welcome!

Kelly S - Thank you so much for keeping it real about the struggle parts of vacation (and life). So true. Our family went to Cancun for Spring Break (we have 17-year-old twins) and we had a GREAT TIME, BUT ….there were moments where it stunk and someone had an attitude or felt grouchy or whatever. I got mad because my kids were moody after a long day of sun and the beach, and they were grouchy about taking a family photo. hahaha So thanks for keeping it real. Beautiful photos with a gorgeous place to make memories. Thanks for sharing. Share what books you are reading lately, if you get time. 🙂

se7en - Dutch Blitz for the win!!! Gotta love your holidays and your kids and the real life of it all… teens are the best, but my word the going can get really tough. And you just have to pick up the game and keep it it, because it is totally, totally worth it!!! Good on you for making marvelous memories!!!

Nicole - Colorado is beautiful! and vacationing with big kids is so much fun. My teen and tweens make me laugh all the time. i love their energy!

Angela - My parents have that exact Jeep and I am kind of in love with it.

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loving this week…

i always enjoy Jamie Ivey’s Happy Hour podcast but THIS ONE with Katherine Wolf was complete Truth.
she talks about surviving a massive stroke at 26 years old when her baby was 6 months old.
she is amazing.
i laughed and i cried and thought hard about my own life.
you have got to listen to Katherine’s story and her inspiring outlook on life.

absolutely LOVED this post from Young House Love!
they gave the paint colors for each room of their house AND linked where to buy the same or very similar items.
i believe i said out loud to my screen “BRILLIANT!”
and i bought something too!
high five to John & Sherry.   🙂
have you read their books?   Young House Love and Lovable Livable Home
they have serious style.


these videos at People Are Awesome are C R A Z Y.
how do they do those things???


i found this magazine at Barnes&Noble and it was SOOOO good!
it was FULL of happy light filled farmhouses with colorful vintage finds.
it was a nice treat to come across.
sometimes i miss the pre-pinterest magazine days.
i used to get SO MAD when anyone would even open one of my new magazines before i did.
what a dork!


US President Barack Obama speaks on the economy in the NanoFab Extension Building on May 8, 2012 following a tour of the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering
this blog post that features politicians and world leaders if they had man buns…. so funny!
i guess it’s been around awhile but i hadn’t seen it until this week.
oh my gosh – it made me crack up!
i couldn’t pick a favorite.


FullSizeRender (3)
my indulgence recently…. DELICIOUS.
i have only tried the coconut because coconut is the best flavor ever made.   🙂
why would i waste time on anything else?
these popsicles seem better for me than some of the choices i would normally make.
but it might not be.
and i don’t really care.

i saved the best for last for this week’s list…. the Amazon Echo.
we picked it up on a whim on amazon’s Prime Day in early july.  (it was like black friday in july on amazon)
it is so cool and we are loving it!
our friends saw us using it and said “well that is pretty slick!”
and it totally is!!!
The Echo a hands free speaker that you control with your voice (it answers to the name is Alexa)
it plays your music on spotify, amazon prime, pandora and iHeartRadio by you telling it to.
you can turn the volume up or down from across the room with your voice!
it can answer questions, tell you the weather or sports scores or traffic and she keeps a shopping list for you!
so i can be cooking in the kitchen with my hands covered in meatball prep and i can say “Alexa – add bread crumbs to my shopping list” and she does it!
it goes to my alexa app on my phone and it’s all there when i go to the store.
it can call an Uber for you!
Or turn down your thermostat or even your lights!
this is like something from The Jetson’s!!!
two thumbs up for the Echo!

soooo…. what about YOU?  anything you are loving this week?
let’s hear it!

Tanya H - My dad has had the Echo for quite a while, he got it in the Amazon preorder. My daughter and nieces got grounded from asking Alexa to tell them a joke. 😉 I like it most of the time, but I do get tired of “Alexa” responding to us having conversations and suddenly saying “I didn’t understand your question.” ….are you feeling ignored?? haha!

stephany - i also picked up that modern farmhouse style magazine while we were visiting colorado. i loved it! i especially loved that some of the kitchen designs were just like what i came home to in our newly remodeled kitchen! yay!

laura b - loved the man bun photo! thanks for sharing a little humor today!

Kelly Krause - I need to get my hands on Katherine and Jay’s book. I have followed her story from the time that the stroke happened, they were friends of my sister when she was living in LA.

jeri - Don’t waste your time with any other flavor…you will be sad because the coconut is the best! 😉

chrissi - you are so right about the coconut bars….why try any other flavor? the best. echo??? she is my true friend. the grocery list app saves me tears while shopping. her jokes are the best and her games keep us entertained while making dinner. katherine wolf and her cute family…all the hearts forever. great list meg♥

Juli - I visited my nephew’s house recently. He got an Echo while I was there, and he and his wife use it all the time, mostly to listen to music. Because they have three little kids under the age of six, their music selections veer between Gen-X favorites and “The Wheels on the Bus” type things!

cindy b. - if you haven’t read Katherine and Jay Wolfe’s book “Hope Heals” yet, I cannot recommend it enough – it is written by both from the perspective – truly amazing.

Nat - We got an echo for Christmas last year and we love it. My kiddos think it’s extra hilarious to ask Alexa to tell them a joke.

Jennifer - I have become totally obsessed with Coconut Sparkling Water and the Pure from Crystal Light. Mix the two together and its heaven. Like you, I love coconut anything. Of course, the La Croix coconut SW was out and our local store had their own brand and their own brand of CL. Cheaper is better right? Definitely try it out…very refreshing and almost calorie free! I instagrammed about it if you need a pic.

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$1 a day

I know it may sound corny… like the Sally Stuthers commercials from when we were kids.
But truly – just one dollar a day CAN change lives when we are intentional.

I love working with organizations that make a difference!

One group I have worked with, traveled with and LOVE is called The Adventure Project!
They are working hard every day to create jobs to empower those in poverty.

Here are some snippets from their website:


What people want most in this world is the opportunity to thrive.
Not with handouts, but by using their own two hands.

Economic growth is the key to lifting communities from poverty to prosperity.

The Adventure Project gives people the tools, education and resources to become entrepreneurs, so they can serve their own communities with improved health, decreased hunger, a safer environment and clean water.

They “add venture.”




Kerrin - I love when you do these kind of posts. My daughter and I LOVED watching the “People are Awesome” video. Thanks so much!

Becca - Meg, this sounds like a really awesome organization. Thanks for sharing. I was wondering, are they associated with any church?

Corinne Heffernan - That is why you are one of my all time favorite bloggers, I feel happy and hopeful whenever i read your blog. What a wonderful organization.

Becky - Meg. You continue to inspire. We’re so thankful you joined us. Also, I’m happy to answer any questions! Anyone can email me at: becky(@) or call our office: (650) 303.1899.

Thanks so so much!

Tiffany - Your big heart in always having the desire to help others globally is one of the many things I love about you. 😊

Lisa - I love that you share these kinds of things. It’s so important and this organization is SO good!

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