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did you all see this?

it’s amazing.
what a HUGE victory!

praising the Lord for this.

Barbara - YES, Meg, what a miracle!! To God be the glory! I watched Dr. Brantley give his speech yesterday and how God honoring it was. I enjoyed watching the people behind him, too….you could tell that every person standing there shared in his joy and was so happy for him. Even in the midst of his good news, though, he didn’t forget the people Africa and asked for continued prayers for them.

Beth - Praise Jesus! Amazing that he is standing there today. A miracle.

Angela - Great news! And so thankful for the way he praised the name of the Lord and thanked Him for His healing!

Marsha Kern - Yes it is-wonderful news!

Heather S. - Was watching the news and heard this story – thought of you! What a great testimony!

Julie - Praise the Lord for His healing power!!! So thankful for this.

elma - I watched that and his Faith is just so amazing!! So thankful to the Lord to have healed and spared his life!! What a awesome man doing what Gods called him to do. You are so lucky to know him!!!

beth - Praise Jesus!! So happy he is reunited with his family.

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1.  i wish i lived in Winnipeg so i could see Kal Barteski’s artwork in real life.
like…. so bad.
this project looks amazing!!!


2.  speaking of art…
these paintings of flowers bursting with color are just crazy gorgeous.
my chest kind of aches when i look at them.
what is that about?
i get so emotional when i look at all that color… all those brush strokes mixed up in color making a beautiful scene.
it is amazing isn’t it?

this artist’s name is Erin Fitzhugh Gregory.
i am in awe.
i want all her paintings and i want to be able to paint like that.
what a dream that would be?!


3.  and since i am obviously feeling artsy today….
i want to do this project.
like this very minute!!!

she’s so right!
colors = emotions = beauty


have a colorful day today!



Julie L - I love color too! With you loving color so much, you should definitely check out my sister’s website She’s a silk artist–she paints on silk with dye. The last time I visited her I watched her do it, and while I’m definitely biased–I think it’s still pretty awesome.

Linda - Oh my gosh!!! Thanks you for that splash of color it was just what I needed today!!

Kerenza - Hi Meg, I’ve been reading your blog for years, and I live in Winnipeg! That’s cool that you mentioned my city!

Melodie Schellenberg - I read the first line of your blog today and said….”what now, huhhhh!” I live in Winnipeg! I am going to check art out!

Julie - I love that floral artwork. So many people shy away from using and enjoying colour in their homes – I am glad you are not one of them.

Tiffany - Erin Gregory’s artwork is vibrant and beautiful. Sure hope she reopens her etsy shop.

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s m i l e

my 4 youngest kids started school today.
it feels like we JUST got out for summer break.
i didn’t even get a tan line!
how is summer over?
scott was already at school for an early morning football practice.
i made waffles and we shoved out the door.

i picked up the house (a bit) today and painted things.
the internet was out ALL day and i realized i get much more done with no internet…
who knew?!

i am feeling anxious to decorate but the ideas haven’t all hit me yet.

but a couple of ideas….like my sign letters… are making me so happy!
i found several of the letters at Finding Great on Etsy.
i loved all their choices!
29 pages of sign letters??!!
it is sooooo awesome!
i may still hang them on the wall but i love them leaning here too.
Finding Great was really easy to work with… they combined shipping for me…sent them right away.
just think of all the words you could spell!
or just an initial?

i love typography.


back in june i found furniture on craigslist.
a dining room table, 6 chairs, a buffet and a buffet with a hutch on top.
the buffets were identical.
so we painted them gray (Anonymous by Behr) and put them in the inset part of the living room.
it was a perfect fit!
i had exactly 6 pulls left over from the kitchen remodel.
and we had another dresser that i thrifted that the hutch will sit on.
i know what you are thinking….  ”it’s very white”.
but this is just the beginning.
the layer before all the color comes in.

the walls are Sea Shell Gray by Valspar.

there needs to be some height back behind the smile and the cow.
but i don’t know with what just yet.
the cow may not stay here forever… but she was lonely in the closet so she’s hanging out with us now.
it’s certainly not done in here… there are lots of things i want to hang on the walls, pillows i want to make, etc.
but we are getting there don’t ya think?
these are the couches and chairs we ordered from Ikea.
there were lots of questions about them before.
basically… YES i love them.  the reasons i think it works:
1. this is not our MAIN kid sitting area.
2. it gets used but the boys camp out in the basement not here.
3. and we have forbid food or drink in the living room.
(mom gets to do what she wants because “mom” does the washing of the slipcovers if she spills)

also i found pet alarms to keep the dogs off the furniture when we aren’t home.
they really work!
it sounds like a smoke alarm when you touch it… CRAZY loud.
it beeps only when you are touching it, as soon as you stop touching it the sound stops.
they don’t go anywhere near the couches now.
this room needs curtains.
picking fabric for curtains… ughhhhhh.
i don’t want to do it.
but someday i will be out shopping and i will find “IT”.
and i will know that fabric is the one and the decision will be easy.

and i don’t know what to put in this corner.
but i do know that it is not this.
those cabinets got put there when we moved in… and haven’t moved yet.

i may hang family pics all over that corner wall.

and these walls…
and i might even put that shirt away that is on the railing.  (HA!)

remember when i said i cleaned up (a bit)?
this was behind me…IMG_8500
i just cleaned one side of the house.

the hutch is almost done!
the green is bright but i am digging it.


i need some way to conceal all those electronics….what could i do?
everything needs to be accessed at least by a remote.
i haven’t come up with a plan there yet.
and suddenly i am distracted….

zinnias and black eyed susans are pretty dreamy.

i kind of want to blow up these pictures into gigantic wallpaper!
these colors…..these are ME!
so the state of our living room?  i think i’d say…she’s coming along!


do you know what i should do with those electronics on the right buffet?
would you ever get white furniture?

go check out Finding Great and tell me which letters you get for your house!
because i know you will find some great ones!

the Giant G…   the hi….    the transparent O…. i want them all.


kristen - It looks great! You inspire me!

Beth - Oh, the electronics! Such a pain when making decorating decisions… Something like this would allow you to hide almost everything inside those cabinets I think!

Johanna - House is looking great! Your blog is always a decorating inspiration! What color paint is on your walls? It looks like a light grey? Really nice color to add all those color-pops you always have…

Rebecca W - Put them into an old crate (standing on it’s side) that has slats on its bottom so that the wires can go through. When you don’t feel like looking at it all, turn the crate so it’s bottom faces the wall…if that makes sense :p

Julie - Wow – you room is looking great – love the white with pops of colour. Especially love those flowers, think I will have to plant zinnias this summer too.

Lori - Can you hinge the drawer fronts a la House*Tweaking for your electronics?!?

FLWendy - You are so creative, Meg! I had that IKEA sofa and the chairs. They are awesome. I washed those slipcovers constantly and they always came out clean and bright. About the electronics, are the areas behind the scroll-work on your cabinets removable? Maybe you could replace them with some sort of screen to make it accessible by remote?

LInda - Hi Meg,

I love watching your progress with your new home; it’s looking beautiful!

We too have our TV over our fireplace and have our electronics concealed inside a cabinet. Right now we have to open the cabinet to use the remotes, but, my husband bought an eye to install outside the cabinet so that the remote will work with the cabinets closed. I’m very excited about this! So…it is possible to conceal all those electronics and still access them by remote. Maybe this could also be an option for you.

Gina - Meg, when I read your blog I come away so inspired!! I just want to go paint something or do something new!! And I live in a mostly white house but you make me want color. ;) Maybe. :) I am definitely going to look at the letters because I have been wanting a “B” forever but I love the thrill of the hunt so may wait to find it at a flea market or wherever. :) I thought of a crate turned longways also for the electronic stuff. Thanks for sharing your home with us. :)

Mel - L-o-v-e what you got going on there…and you are a lot better at this decorating thing than me, but I can tell you a couple things we have done to hide electronics. We took off the solid wood panel of our cabinet and replaced it with mesh. This allows for the remote to work and for the components to keep cool. Also, we put my husbands big sub-woofer speaker in an old picnic basket (with a lid) in the corner on the floor. And it still shakes the room! Works just fine. :) I really like your smile!!

Janet - Your home is great, and the zinnias are beautiful. My favorite. Hope your kids have a great year!

Kerri - Our daughter and SIL just bought their first home and she chose a great sofa from IKEA (but in a dark color because she has a 3-yr-old :) ). I am VERY excited for the IKEA in Merriam, KS to open next month. That’s only an 1-1/2 hours from me. Woo hoo!

Jess Noble - I have been itching to buy those couches for years! I finally just convinced my husband that white couches weren’t insane after reading some reviews about how easy it is to wash those slipcovers. They look awesome! And those gray buffets are just lovely. :)

Molly - I think wallpaper with your flower photos would actually be fabulous! You can create your own wallpaper on and it would be so fun in the nooks flanking the fireplace :)

Jenny B. - For the electronics, there’s some sort of radio frequency controller thingy that lets you put them behind closed doors but still be able to operate them. I don’t know much about it, but maybe google RF controller? I’ve been thinking about white slipcovered furniture lately. I’ve read several blog posts about the IKEA sofas, and every person has said they are perfect for families with kids because you can wash them and even bleach them if needed (and full replacement covers are cheap). For your corner, maybe a small round dining table with a couple of wooden chairs and a board game or two? :)

tasha roe - love how it’s coming together!!
What about floating shelves above the flanking buffets? the color looks so good on them and they are just too perfect for that space!
i wish i had an idea for the wires. i have the same problem. rats.

Martha - Your home is like a canvas, how exciting right? How about painting the two sides of fireplace you favorite zinnia color or green like your Buffett, or Black-eyed Susan yellow. Or just tell me to shut up and paint my own canvas!

Kim - Everything looks great, can’t wait to see how you continue to add your touch and color to the room! I could see some wide floating shelves above the hutches for all sorts of fun color and punch.

I just solved my electronics issue. I had my TV off center for years just for the electronics to sit next to it on our hutch. Then I read about a remove extender and upon researching that I found out about RF remotes…. you can use it thru a wall. Guess what I also found out my Direct TV console had an RF remote the whole time! I promptly drilled holes into the back of our hutch for cords and centered the TV! Best free project ever! Now, if your remotes and devices are not RF already, they have fancy things on amazon that will do that along with extenders (but the RF attachments can be hidden away with the rest of the electronics where the extenders can’t).

Have fun decorating!

Tracy - Well if you don’t make those pics into wallpaper, you should at least add them to your shop!! My kitchen wall looks so great with the collage of photos I purchased from the shop. THANK YOU!!!!! :)

jenn - I would look through your photos for all the amazing flower shots in fun bright colors. Then do a whole wall in the corner with canvases of fun flowers. Do you have a piano? That would be a good spot for it if you do! Or a fun little bench/settee/love seat with a lamp for a reading nook? Then I would do a gallery wall of family photos in another spot…down the hallway or the stairs?

Jennifer - So I’ve watched your awesomeness for a long time now, but the Finding Great site was my push over the edge to comment. You’re always so inspiring, and I’m so glad you’ve shared that site with us. Beautiful!

Karyn - Meg, we have our electronics hidden behind a cabinet. My hubby bought an infrared extender. It is a little device that allows us to turn on the electronics with a remote even though they are hidden! It works great! Love all the colors!

Laura Oyler - oh my word i’m in love with the buffets!!

tracy - Miss Meg,
I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your blog- it is always like a breath of fresh air. you are a true original. It made my day today when you shared the photo of what was behind where you cleaned :) I love the honesty and it helps to know that things aren’t always spotless perfection on blogland.

Kristen - Meg, maybe you can put the large black box (that’s as technical as I get!) behind the cabinet door – the one below where it’s sitting now. You can keep the door open while you watch tv if needed and then close it when you’re done. The top drawer can be put on hinges so the front flips open and you can put the other things in there. And like the door, the drawer can just be used when you’re not using the tv. I haven’t read the other comments to if 20 other people already mentioned this, sorry for the repeat! Love your house :)

Jill - It is looking good, Meg! I love where you are headed with everything. I’ve been eyeing the ikea couch for our home. Love the white with pops of color.

Andrea - Meg….I love it. would you mind to share your source for the couch alarms……I have a shedder….and won’t buy new family room furniture because she is use to getting on it!!! this might be the answer


Lisa - Your girls are getting so tall – is Talby taller than you now? And Annie is looking older, too. They have such great smiles. Glad that Sean still doesn’t mind having his picture taken with a big smile. My teenage boy has hit the “I don’t want my picture taken so I won’t smile” stage. Happy kids! And BEAUTIFUL flowers!

Teri - Love the gray furniture! I have a long dresser with the same scroll – painted the piece red and popped the scrolls off prior – they were plastic. Love you pics!!

Kirsten - I have the same white couch and love seat. I have a love-hate relationship with them. I LOVE that they have brightened up my living room SO much. And I LOVE that they are bleachable (even tho they say they aren’t) – especially when my son throws up all over them. What I don’t love is when I spend all day washing them and then my 2-year-old daughter decides to climb on them after covering herself with bright blue marker. Sigh….

Your house is looking marvelous! I love that you aren’t afraid to try something new. I over think my decorating, which means it NEVER gets done!!

Laurel - All looks fab! I love the Ektorp sofas-especially the washable slipcovers. For the electronics, you can buy a little speaker looking thing that is like a walkie talkie to all of your electronics in the cupboard. It’s the only thing that has to be out:) and they are small.

Jenn - Just noticed Talby’s hair! She likes color like her mama?! Is really cute!

Lisa - I have one of those same white ikea slipcovered chairs in white (the ottoman too), and I LOVE it…it washes really well too. Considering the price difference between that furniture and the large slipcovered sectional in my living room that I spent over $4,000. on, I wish I had just bought the Ikea couches. My kids at on it, and it now has stains and cat scratches and the covers are not machine washable like the Ikea slipcovers :( I have lots of white furniture, in fact, all my vintage/antique stuff is painted white..I love being able to change the look of my rooms for the different holidays and the decos don’t clash because of all my white and bits of green. Yours is coming along nicely! Can’t wait to see more…..

Lori - That hutch is going to be amazing! Cannot wait to see it all together. My husband has hidden all of our electronics in our coat closet (receiver, dvd/blu ray player and surround sound gadgets)and uses some type of “eye” on the front of the tv that makes each remote “see” the components. I am so not techie, but I could ask him the specifics if you’d like.

Rach - You shop for curtain fabric like I shop for slip cover fabric. My kitchen chairs took forever to cover because I just didn’t want to find the “right” fabric. Then one day I did. Granted I only have 2 of them done, but that’s progress!

Kristin - Hi Meg,

Your new house is looking great! Thanks for sharing the decorating process, those are some of my favorite posts (next to your inspiring Mom posts!)

I think I might try hanging the Smile letters up, top of letters level with the top of the television. Then under that I would put a simple shelf centered under the Smile letters to hold your electronics. I would make that shelf level with the fireplace (not the top of the mantel, but rather, the main horizontal moulding line below the mantel top-the one that connects the tops of the columns) That will give you a good amount of space on top of the buffet to display things like framed pictures or whatever.

Then for the other buffet, on the right, I would look for a beautiful painting or photograph framed to the same size that the smile letters and electronics shelf on the other wall. That way both sides of the mantel would be balanced. I don’t think your electronics would stand out so much, and I think they blend nicely with the typography. For the artwork, I would stick to these colors: Black, grey, green like the letter M, and white. Something airy and ethereal or abstract, perhaps. I wouldn’t want it to be too bright, to dominate that side. Your photograph 3 down below in your Wyoming post of the mountains, lake, pines and stones would look amazing, I think.

I would trade out the lamp on the buffet for a floor lamp, if you need light in that corner.

Thanks for inviting me to play decorator at your house! I’m sure whatever you do will be absolutely perfect!


Stefanie - I have 3 kids and I have a white PB sectional, people think I’m crazy…it stays cleaner than any dark couch I’ve ever owned, because we don’t eat or drink on the couch and the kids bath before sitting on it! :)

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next stop: wyoming

i think i have been to wyoming when i was a kid.
at least i think there is a picture of me there with grandparents.
i vaguely recall it.
i remember a horseback ride… a fence… getting teased… and maybe Old Faithful but once we saw it again i don’t think i remember the first time from life experience.  i think i remember a photo.
ANYWAY... we made it to wyoming and it is SO BEAUTIFUL!
we stayed in Colter Bay in Grand Tetons National Park.
Craig found us a little family cabin there.
he also said EVERYTHING in yellowstone was sold out.   every.  single.  thing.
so if you are planning a trip next year… book now.  :)
so that is a pretty ok view i would say?!
how amazing is that?!
we walked around the harbor and made it to the shore line before we went to dinner that first night.
apparently….my kids are getting tall.

someone else had been there for quite awhile building rock towers all over the shore before we got there.

that is all.

isn’t it a cute little cabin?  there was electricity, a shower and bathroom and… beds.
that is all we needed.
we slept hard!
then ate breakfast out on the “porch” each morning.
breakfast was cereal or pj&j.
and since craig wakes up before everyone (always) he would get me a coffee when he went to get a newspaper each morning.
vacation is rad.
the kids burned off some energy in Jackson after dinner.
we were looking for a movie theater since it was raining and only 7 PM but nothing decent was playing.
so rock climbing in a park worked out.
then dairy queen for dessert.
ice cream every night is a vacation must.
(except the first night we went to perkins for pie… annie thought it was THE COOLEST restaurant ever)IMG_0037IMG_4559
we went to Yellowstone to see the geysers.
they are….cool.
i guess.
it wasn’t my favorite.
they smell… and they almost all look the same.
i appreciate their uniqueness and that it could all explode into a super volcano (or whatever it’s called) at any moment but i was glad that wasn’t the only thing to do in yellowstone national park.
we pulled off the road for a lunch stop and let the kids run wild.
it was just a picnic table but they figured out how to get to the water.
we decided to try one more hike for the day.
Mount Washburn.
it had rained… there was a bear siting down the road and it was getting close to the end of the day.
so i think because of those things the path was E M P T Y.
and it was awesome.
this was the road down below way on another mountain that every one was looking at the bear and her cub.
it was way up in the tree line on the right by this time.

we were hiking and they were talking and i was very last behind everyone and i yelled “COYOTE!!” just at the same time that they saw the fox right in front of them.
i knew it was a fox.
but coyote is what came out.
and i felt like it was SO LOUD but i don’t think any of them even heard me.
so… moral of the story… you don’t want me in your group in an emergency.

it had a rat and wanted nothing to do with us but to get on its way to eat dinner.
so we moved aside.
poor raggedy thing.
go enjoy your rat.
thank you for leaving my children alone.
and i made them take a portrait with the timer since the path was empty and too gorgeous!
if only lauren had been there!
our christmas cards could be mailed tomorrow.
she is 19, in college and working and couldn’t come this year.
she would have liked all the hiking.
we let her know that she was missed.  :)

chrissi - your family is just too cute.

Kristin - Love, love, LOVE the Tetons. Yellowstone…eh, not as much. We stayed one night in one of those cabins in Colter Bay before camping the next day. Little critters in the walls and ceiling kept me from sleeping! It looks like you had a great time!

laura oyler - well now i want to visit wyoming. it’s soooo pretty!

Kimberlee Jost - That last pic…the best.
I’ll still take a copy.

Tanya H - The Tetons is my favorite place in the world! When I was a kid we went to Yellowstone almost every year. I loooove being there but I get very tired of the photos- they really are all the same, haha….

Lacey - I found your blog about a year ago and I love how inspirational and crafty you are. I love that you are a light and joy in your posts. Family is so important and I love how you share a bit of that journey and part of your life with us. Have a wonderful day!

danielle - It seems like all the blogs I follow are going to yellowstone this year! Hopefully that means if we go next year it will be empty :) What great memories!

Julie - Wow – such stunning scenery and I love those wildflowers, o different from what grows wild in New Zealand. Looks like you are all having a great holiday and making lots of family memories.

Heather S. - We did Yellowstone and the Tetons last year. It was my second time to Yellowstone, and honestly, I’m just not. It’s too crowded (even though we went before “season”) and I just don’t find it all that pretty. Now, the Tetons? Gorg! I absolutely loved our float trip along the Snake River and hiking around Jenny Lake. Looks like y’all had fun, but seriously, what was up with all the rain?

Tiffany - Too bad Lauren couldn’t make the trip. I bet you missed her tons! This looks like an amazing trip… Certainly has been put on our list of road trips to take with our family!

Kristin S - Those are “towers of remembrance”. I’m pretty sure our summer mission project that stays there probably built those. Like in the Bible where God told the Israelites to build towers of remembrance to remember His faithfulness.
I could be wrong but we do those all over the US every summer and have for 30+ years.

Ruth - Thank you for all the beautiful pictures! Lovely. Inspiring. Perfect.

Morgan - I worked at a Camp for kids with terminal illnesses. We built Inuksuks (rock towers) along the river, as the Inuits did- leaving a mark, intended for someone else to find and letting the know ‘someone has been here’, ‘it is safe’, ‘you are not alone’. Each rock supports and is supported by another. We need others to succeed, alone we would fail. There are many beautiful symbolisms and stories of Inukshuk’s! Love your photo!

arlene - Just keep taking those trips….you are making wonderful memories. We did the same with our family over the years. Your family is beautiful! Enjoy.

Sharla - We climbed Mt. Washburn probably a week before you did – it rained on my husand and oldest on the way down. My 8-year-old kept saying “You should thank me mom for turning around! :)
= we made it to the very top curve and headed down. My husband said the top was the only place he got cell service in the whole park. LOL!

Jenn - Wow! Awesome pictures! Thank you for sharing.

Karina - Hoo hee, that part about the fox…made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!

That should be your Christmas card. You can add one of Lauren in a smaller box…

It looks amazing there, I’ll add it to my list…

Jen - Love your vacation pics. Colorado and Wyoming are so achingly beautiful. We spent a couple nights in St. Louis this summer and visited the City Museum based on your post last year. You are so right about every sentence in your post. The place defies description and is a magical place to spend time with kids. We loved every second and wish it was closer to our NH home so we could go again. Thanks for the tip!

Amber - I know these little heaps of rocks as Cairns. We went to Alaska this summer and at one of the glaciers we visited there were several. We also made one of our own. It was a very friendly feeling around those rocks, nice to know that someone else had shared what we were sharing at that moment! Here is an article on them:
Love your blog Megan, God Bless you and your lovely family!

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