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rambling….and craft thursday #4

i have an opening for photos this thursday JUNE 24 at 7 PM.
any one want to take it?

anyone know a cheap(er) way to get photoshop?  (for a Mac)
where did you buy yours?
how much was it?

i made julie/heather's salted caramel cupcakes last week.
i loved them.
like really loooooved them.
i didn't have the candy for the top because i forget everything when i go to the store.
and they were just as good without.

we went to sugar sisters last week.



we heard they may be in financial trouble so we made sure to get there at least one more time.
i had the strawberry babycake.
it was the best cupcake i have had there yet.
yum yum yum.
it will be sad if they have to close….i like it there.

did you guess that my sugar ban is over?
i am all about moderation now.
i proved that i could do with out completely….and it makes me sick now when i have had much at all.
but a taste is good.
let's hope i can keep from becoming a junkie again.


two of my children went to camp yesterday.
i keep thinking i forgot someone…or i need to pick someone up.
this week should be a breeze having only three to keep tabs on.


at the Y last week i was jogging on the track.
my iPod was on (with my rap music) at the highest volume….just the way i like it.
two ladies were walking and talking together on the track ahead of me.
i thought "i wish i was talking with my friends" as i came up on them.
they turned to me as i was passing them and smiled and said "we love your blog" 
at least that is what i think they said because my headphones were blasting.

ladies….you made my day.
the rest of my run was like i floating.


this is the house i grew up in.
it was a lighter yellow back then…not quite so bright.
there used to be a porch swing on the right side of the porch.
craig and i sat out there for hours.

yeah…that's it….talking.

craft thursday…done on a friday…posted on a monday.

we choose another project from deep space sparkle.

we made tissue paper dragons.
it was difficult to change the mindset to having a perfect dragon to a free form dragon.
i kept saying "just tear and then find a way to make that shape work somewhere."
and the mantra of "it doesn't have to be perfect…it's ART"

sean disagreed.
he would have preferred to use scissors. 
but talby and annie could "see" the dragon in the shapes.

i used watered down glue and our watercolor paint brushes.
our projects are almost always done on mediumweight Sketch Pad paper…found at walmart.

when we were done i outlined them in sharpie and cut them out to hang up.





another successful craft thursday.
on saturday morning my friend kerry had a baby girl.
and i got to photograph her birth.
it was amazing and emotional and extremely humbling to be there.
i love her family so much.

her sweet baby Kyler is in the NICU now.
will you pray for them?
God hears every prayer.
He has a plan for them and He is in control.
i am sure of that.

webcams - I will definitely visit your site more often cause I like your ideas and the information you post. free les chat live chat adult finder free free chat

Lori - A prayer for sweet Kyler-done.

crystal - Those Dragons rock! I love your Blog too!!!!

Robyn - i love this craft! so cute. i may try something similar but maybe with fish or birds.
i hope your friends baby i ok. my godson has been in and out of the nicu for a long time and its SO scary. life changing. and prayers have helped him come a long way. he has a long road still but the prayers have helped him come out of the woods!
so im adding your friends baby girl to my prayer list!

Whitney - I would suggest that you get one of the creative suites… I got Elements and was a little bored with it. I got it while I was in college and got a huge discount! Try to find someone in college who could use their ID for you! I have all of my old Id’s… I’ll just mail you a copy! 🙂
As for the sugar, I have been trying to avoid it too. I went 12 days and then had to have flourless chocolate cake-it was worth it, but also too sweet. I have been reading a book called “Potatoes Not Prozac”- it’s all about people who are sugar sensitive- very interesting and fit me to a t! I highly recommend it!
Just like the ladies walking on the track, I love your blog too!

Rachel / cREaTe - soooooooooo CUTE! LOVE that project!!!!! 🙂 and love that sean always crafts with goggles around his neck. ha!

Heather @ Cookie Mondays - Chloe got the swimsuit! And lives in it.
Financial trouble?! How can that be?! Poor Sugar Sisters 🙁

Lisa - I use PhotoShop all the time both at work and home. I always purchase my software from Great prices for teachers and students! Hope this helps.

Gina - You can get the student version of photoshop because you have a student. You’ll need her to go with you and have her ID. It’s the same thing but WAY cheaper. We have it on our computer and it works fine. Not that I’d know because I have no clue how to use it…but my husband says it’s great…
If I could drive there Thursday night from Chicago, I’d take that appointment in a heartbeat. I’ll keep dreaming…

Emily B. - That was my friend Jodi and I at the Y! And we DID say that we love your blog! We were both so excited to see you. We realized that you might not have heard us and that it might have just looked like we were smiling and clapping at you as you went by! It made us laugh so hard that I let out a really loud and spastic laugh that echoed in the gym… what a goof. 🙂
I’m so glad it made your day! It made ours to see you!

kristine - sweet art!
will pray for kyler and fam. xo

Rachel - Definitely check out The prices are significantly better and it’s totally legit. I use both LR and PS for editing. The workflow in LR is amazing and it’s really easy to bulk edit a bunch of pictures. Scott Kelby’s Lightroom 2 book really helped me to figure it out how to use it to it’s full potential. You can do way more with PS in terms of editing (ie. layers, masks, more brushes, tools etc). I find myself using PS more when I’m editing for clients or when I want to print something larger for myself. It’s still over my head though so I’m planning to take a PS course for photographers in the fall so I can get the most out of it.

Laura - What a lovely post. God is always in control! Isn’t it great!? I will be praying.

Courtney Walsh - I love those dragons!! How adorable! 🙂
…and I’ve always dreamed of a butter yellow house. Maybe someday…:) I’ll make sure if I have a porch swing talking is the ONLY thing done on it! hahahaha.

se7en - Those dragons are darling!!!

Laura - I bought Adobe Photoshop Elements from for $80-something. Adobe was having a $20 rebate (which happens occasionally). So, I got it for $60-something. I have worked on both and find Elements does exactly what I need – at a fraction of the price. I was thrilled to get such a great deal!
Good luck with your shopping!

shelly @familyblt - Great post today. I want photoshop too! I couldn’t justlfy it yet though. I want a cupcake now too. yum

tinycandi - I used the free trial of PS…but I wasn’t impressed enough to switch over from Paint Shop Pro. I have PSP Photo XI and absolutely love it. There are so many things I can do with just a click of a mouse. It’s so much more user friendly than PS. I am hoping to upgrade soon now that X3 is out. It’s so much cheaper than PS.

teresa - tell the kids i give their dragons two thumbs up! very nice!

tasha roe - bought mine with my student discount through huge savings!

Michelle - NOOOOO! Sugar Sister’s can’t close. That would make me so sad. I need to get there this week!

Shannon - Lots of memories in that big yellow house! I loved that house

Marie Tere - I just got the PS — $89 with $20 off, $69 wasn’t so bad.
Prayers to baby Kyler.

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Praying for baby Kyler… please keep us updated. Thanks!

Georgia - Meg, the house you grew up in is like a dolls house!!!
Thats my dream house!!! lol
UK houses are not so picturesque as the usa. damn its unfair lol
Happy Monday!!!

jennifer - Love the photos of the cupcake shop. It looks adorable! And those dragons looks like a fun project too!
We’ve got an unused copy of PS Elements that I’d gladly barter, or just give you. 🙂 Let me just make sure I can find it! Let me know if you’re interested…


KK - Those are adorable dragons! I love each of them. It is amazing how, even though people work on the same project, they all come up with their own interpretation.
I will pray for Kyler and your friend! 🙂
Have a good day!

Patty - The dragons are wonderful. Again, I impressed with how you organize your days…not easy wrangling kids to do an art project on a hot, summer day. Tell Sean that I thought his dragon was very precise, despite the fact that no scissors were used!

Nicole Q. - Love all your random thoughts . . . I think I’ll have to do the dragon craft with my boys. Looks like a fun one! Have a good with a few less kiddos.

Vera - That dragon craft is AWESOME! We are so going to do that. Will pray for your friend’s baby!

patti - what a great craft! I’m going to look at that site now to get some ideas for my kids too. i know i’ve said it before, but i’m sure it’s nice to hear: thanks so much for sharing these everyday looks into your life. i really appreciate it!
cheers to a great week! - I love the dragons. Super cute. Will def pray for Kyle!

Kirsten - Megan, you continue to inspire and amaze, even with photos of cupcakes! Prayers and hugs for your friends and sweet new little Kyler.
And I’m jealous that your kids get to wear swimsuits – we had a softball tournament get rained out this weekend…

Amber - i don’t see where anyone has mentioned this yet…but have you ever looked at ? i believe ps is about half price there. i haven’t actually purchased from them…but if i were to make THE splurge…i would probably go w/ them. you are supposed to meet the qualifications…but i’m sure you could order via your children’s student i.d.

susie whyte - love the dragons, love the house, love everything. 🙂
sugar sisters was broken into. my husband had to interview one of the owners after the incident. they got a little over $240. if they’re in financial crisis, it’s cause they charge $2.50 a cupcake!! 🙂 haha. if they have to close, i will be so sad. maybe they’ll have to sell their plates. i want their plates so bad. the ones with the metal rims. and the blue melmac flower plates. haha!!

tara pollard pakosta - gorgeous dragons!
we are going to have to make those!
super CUTE!
praying for the sweet baby kyler–
God will hear us all….
bless your sweet blog, it’s amazing.

Amber Zimmerman - Love the craft thursdays (and fridays) posts. 🙂 I’m glad you mentioned the paper you use too. As for photoshop – I have a student version which is much cheaper. It is the same thing, just cheaper for students. I’m not sure if you could ask a student to purchase for you at a local college (someone you know?) or if that is frowned upon? Worth a check at least! 🙂
Prayers for baby Kyler!

AshleyAnn - Those are gorgeous! I am looking forward to the days my kids can do projects like that…one down 3 to go…

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - Great craft. Those kids are GOOD.
I had someone recognize me at the gym the other day too. It was really surreal. I felt famous…so I get it. I think I had a goofy grin on my face the rest of the day:)
That house you grew up in was just adorable. I was just thinking the other night how I missed the days when Honey and I would just “talk” for what seemed like hours. Oh to be a youngin’ again.

Juli - Kyler and his family will be on my prayer list.
I adore those dragons and I love your childhood home. Why in the world would anyone take down a porch swing? My hubby’s HS/College yrs were in 1930’s bungalow with a front porch swing. He & I sat and “talked” plenty there. I would swing my niece, while singing her “Edelweiss” as a tiny infant on that swing, when I came home from college. That tiny “baby” got engaged this weekend!

Julie K. - Hey Megan! I LOVE your dragons. So cute.
I use Lightroom for 95% of my work and then Photoshop Elements for any detail work on occasion. It’s so much easier to navigate. The combo of the two are just perfect. But I really really LOVE Lightroom. Just my two cents.
xo ~julie

Tam - The cupcakes look devine! I would like one for breakfast! I also want to purchase PS, i’m thinking Elements is more my speed though. The dragons are wicked cool.

mom - I use PS Elements too at work. I went to a PS workshop and the elements are easier to understand. But you are the professional! It might be good to enroll in a class after you purchase it – it really did help.

Bec - I use full blown photoshop to edit my pictures and honestly, it took me almost 3 years to really come to terms with it and truly start using it to it’s potential. I still have a whole lot to learn, but I’m getting there. I would highly suggest, if you are only going to use it for photo editing, getting photoshop elements. The same controls as photoshop but not overwhelming. I wish I would have gone that route to start with.

Melanie - The cupcakes look delish. I sure whis I had one:)

Patty - Thank you for the mention of the paper you use for Craft Thursdays. Prayers for baby Kyler. Happy day to you.

Christy - Awesome dragons! The house where you grew up is so cute!

katie - i made those cupcakes too…. HEAVEN!!!

Jill - LOVE those dragons! Great work, kids! (and Meg!)

A pocket full of posies... - Covering baby Kyler with many, many prayers!!! (and new mommy and daddy too!)
Many Blessings!

Amy Cygan - I have lightroom. Really easy learning curve and can export to photoshop if more editing needs to be done. It does a lot. It’s inbetween elements and photoshop as far as what it can do.
I got mine through acedemic superstore. If have to fax/email student report card/ proof of student, and you’ll get a great price. I’ve ordered several times from there. Think about Adobe lightroom. e-mail me if you got questions really. Amy
I have a dslr and been using lightroom since it’s first version. I do have CS3 but hardly use it.

kat - said a prayer for your friend 🙂
the dragons are cute !

Michelle - The dragons are awesome! Those cupcakes are on my list to make… I just need an occasion.

the road less traveled - two words for your photoshop question…
e bay.
love the tissue dragons.
and your childhood home~ lovely.

Kimberlee J. - We hit sugar sisters this weekend too. They made Ella’s birthday cupcakes. 🙂

Jodi - Yes, the best way to purchase PS for a MAC is to buy the student version at the Apple Store. Take in your high school daughter, have her show her student ID, and voila, it’s yours for a fraction of the cost. Whoops…hope I don’t get in trouble for telling you that. Mine is a bootleg from a friend of a friend. I LOVE it.
The dragon tissue project is perfect!

Sally Mangham - In regards to photoshop! Have you considered Photoshop Elements? I have been asking a dear friend of mine who runs a tech/imagining business and he suggested that I look at Photoshop Elments because he said if you haven’t ever learned Photoshop it’s a great start with the same editing advantage. Also, I recently discovered an online wk shop — . I purchased mine at Fry’s Electronics.
If you decided that you have enough experience and are ready to purchase Photoshop here is a great link
Good luck! Sally M.

Gemma - Hi Meg,
Those cupcakes look yummy! Might have to give them a try. Loved your craft Thrusday/Friday.
Gemma X

Kevyn - I made those same cupcakes from Julie’s blog- for my husband for part of his father’s day. HE LOVED THEM. He is not a cupcake person but thought these were awesome. Love your blog! 🙂

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