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noodles & ham…my kid’s favorite meal!

i have a loooong history with my friend Lynette.
i first met her when i was a freshman in high school.
she was the youth pastor’s wife at the church youth group i had just started  atending.
i was stuck like glue to her.
i needed her during those hard teenage years from all the drama i created around me.
she was easy to talk to and i loved being around her….and her family too.


then i got married on her birthday!
and made her wear that floral print dress with the lace doily ON HER BIRTHDAY!

years later when i was visiting her with a bunch of my little kids….she served us dinner at her house.
i think talby was a newborn!
we have been making Lynette’s dinner ever since.
Sean even had it for his birthday dinner this year!

this is what you will need:
(this is not a meal for watching your weight…which means it’s yummy)

mix all the ingredients except 1/2 c. milk, cornstarch and ham.


when it’s all combined in a saucepan….add the ham.


after 15 – 20 minutes add the cornstarch to the milk until it’s dissolved.
add the milk to the sauce to thicken it.

serve it hot over spaghetti or egg noodles.


my kids love this.
me too.

happy birthday lynette!
thank you for being so special to me for 20 years.
(can you believe that?!?)


oh and it’s still my anniversary too.
all these years later.
sixteen years.

to celebrate we are going to light 24 candles that sparkle like stars.


we have the weekend all alone… kids.
it’s going to ROCK!




evelania - Measurements would be great if you wouldn’t mind–thanks!

patty - congrats on your anniversary & have a wonderful, restorative weekend! {ps: love the mirror in the kitchen, too!}

KaraM - I LOVE the bow in your hair! I just got married…can’t wait to see what I think of my pictures 16 years from now!!

Valerie - So excited to try your recipe! I love food that isn’t calorie sensitive…tastes sooo much better! I just found your blog! LOVE IT!

Janie Fox - Happy Anniversary!!Enjoy your kid-free time… how about baby #6??
The grandkids and I made the rainbow wind catchers today. Big hit!! thanks!!

Kathryn S - Happy Anniversary! That meal is a way fancier version of the ham gravy my grandma taught me to make (hers was just ham in a little butter and then simmered with water to make gravy). It’s one of my favorites and one of the few things both kids will eat willingly!

Laura - Happy Anniversary!!!

jenn - Happy Anniversary!!!!

Tonya @ More Than Enough - Happy Anniversary!!! Enjoy your alone time w/your boyfriend!

Life with Kaishon - Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Wishing you the happiest of anniversaries : ) The meal looks scrum diddly umptious. And so does that lace doily : ) Lace collars are pretty as can be! : ) Or not. Super nice to meet you. Visiting via Farm girl paints.

Dar - Great recipe we have a similar family fave. My family requests this for birthdays, too. Have fun in California. Come visit us in Huntington Beach:)

Megan Bellomo - Wow, I can’t believe we share the same anniversary (name too, crazy stuff). I have been reading your blog for a little over 6 months or so now and find you and your family to be so normal. I enjoy looking at your photographs and fun ideas with the kids. I hope this doesn’t seem odd, but I love your blog because you are so NORMAL! Any-who Happy Anniversary and enjoy your time away from your children, I know we will enjoy time away from ours for just the 2 of us.

Julie - Cool people got married in September. I love that your youth pastor’s wife had such a role in your life. I hope that I can be that to our students as the decades go by. Happy Birthday Lynette! Happy anniversary Meg and Craig!

Courtney Walsh - Aw, Happy Anniversary, Meg! 🙂
Oh, and YUM.

Tanya H - Happy Anniversary!!! We had our 11th on Wednesday! 😀

Jamie - I will have to try that recipe! Yum!
Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your weekend alone!

Elise - Have a great anniversary!!!

Transparent Mama - It looks yummy. Happy Anniversary. Have a fantabulous weekend.

Michelle - Happy Anniversary!!!

amy jupin - happy anniversary meg and craig.
enjoy your weekend ALONE!

Suzanne D - Have a wonderful anniversary!!

Sugar Mama - Looks like a great comfort food dish… especially when the cooler weather is just around the corner.
Am I the only one that can only eat comfort food when it’s cold out? Is that strange?

Alexis @ Finding Prose - I’m visiting here from Farmgirl Paints.
I have been trying to find some new recipes and the one above looks delish! This is why I love blogging because you can find recipes in posts and you also find some great blogs to read while cooking!
Congrats on 16 years of marriage! You get the house all to yourself??!! I’m so jealous;)

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five - Happy Anniversary … and Hooray for a kid-free celebration!

Shelly Reil - Happy Anniversary!! Must have been a popular day, its my parents’ 45th anniversary and their great friends’ 47th anniversary. Have a great weekend, love your blog!

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - Yummo! Happy birthday Lynette & Happy anniversary to you. 24 years is something to hoot and hollar about. That’s amazing! Loved the pic of you two. Have a great kidless weekend.
Oh and I am sooooo not alone with my blog crush. Apparently everybody else loves you too…WHAT?? I saw you first;)…ha!!!

Nicole Q. - This post made me cry because Lynette has such a special place in my heart and life too!! I’m glad she’s touched your life!
Have a rockin weekend with your man!
Happy Anniversary!

Meg's mom - Happy Anniversary Megan & Craig! See the kids later tonight – that’s at the Flying J!

Mindy Harris - awww…happy anniversary, guys!
that recipe looks easy..i’m all about easy.
i see you used some pillsbury flaky biscuits with jelly on top? we love pillsbury around here. so terrible for us but SO GOOD.
i am up to running 2 miles now; i tried your focal point idea and it worked…i run on a treadmill though (and just stared at a splotch on the wall).

sarah - Happy Anniversary, have a great time!

Staci - OH MEGAN!!! Sooo glad you get a weekend to yourselves!!! It’s going to be great! Hope you guys have a super anniversary!!! And Happy Birthday to Lynette!!! So thankful for gals like her in our lives 🙂

debbie - Happy Anniversary. Enjoy your child-free weekend!

Kelly - Happy anniversary!! Happy birthday Lynette! Kelly

AshleyAnn - the candle comment…that is funny stuff

Heather R. - Happy Anniversary! To many more.

Laura - I am hoping that your secret to a beautiful marriage is hidden in that ridiculously fattening recipe!!!!!
have a lovely weekend Megan with your handsome hubby….

Krista - Have a great weekend & Happy Anniversary! Gosh a whole weekend alone, how will you ever fill the hours (wink, wink)!

Sophie - Happy anniversary Meg!
And a very happy birthday to Lynette, too (:

Dana Banana - I am such a DORK!! Happy ANNIVERSARY not birthday…. that will come soon enough!

Dana Banana - Happy Birthday friend!! Hope your weekend is fabulous!!!

Holly - I am soooo jealous of your weekend without kids! Maybe for our anniversary someone will volunteer to watch ours……i think I am going to arrange that! Have a great weekend Meg!

terri - hi there! i found you thru farmgirl paints! i love your blog and your photography is amazing! adorable house, home, kids!!! nice to ‘meet’ you! xo

tam - Happy Anniversary. I hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend (I’m a little, teeny smidge jealous 😉

Lori - Enjoy your special alone time with your husband! And thanks for sharing the recipe…

jennibell - I love that picture of your heads together. . .I don’t think I’ve seen that before. So intimate. Have a *great* weekend. . .don’t even know what I would do with an entire holiday weekend with no kids and no responsibility except being with my man. Enjoy every minute of it!

Tracy - Oh the recipe sounds and looks delicious! YUMMY! Congrats on your anniversary and the alone time with the hubby! Have a great time and a relaxing weekend! xoxoxo

se7en - Oh congratulations!!! What a special friend, what a happy teary post!!!

Gemma - Happy Anniversary!! Lovely idea about the candles : )
Hope you have a fun weekend! Don’t be too naughty heehee!!
Gemma x

Susan - I just found your blog. My friend told me tonight that she thought I had sent her here, but no, this is my first visit and I have really enjoyed looking around. I love photography too and hopefully someday it will be more than just a hobby. Is that a labradoodle you have? I have one. Love your house. Oh my, it is beautiful. So my question is how do you edit if you don’t use photoshop yet? I have PSE8 and it is a bit overwhelming. I can do a few things, but I have so far to go. Anyhow, just wanted to say hi.

Julie - Happy Anniversary! We recently celebrated our 23rd ~ time flies when you’re having fun!!!!

Dandy - Happy Anniversary!
That dish looks great.. do you have any measurements?

Alicecrumbs - Ah! Congratulations! Enjoy every second of your kid-free time. Xxx

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Happy Anniversary!! No kids?! Sounds like trouble 🙂

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