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we are having lots of fun………..





the craft girls all arrived….everybody flew in.  :)

we ate a yummy dinner.
and cheesecake.

we have made one craft so far….much more to come.

and the bathroom was finished at noon friday afternoon.
the ladies came at 4.
ha ha ha …..nothing like a DEADLINE to get stuff D O N E.
our contractor and craig worked so hard to get that accomplished…..awesome.
it's hard to get a picture with my lens….but i am in love in here.

ok….it's 2:44 so i think i better go to sleep.


CRAFT WEEKEND is too much fun.

and i have 11 new friends!!!!



sherry f - Seeing all these pcitures makes my heart so happy. I have for years wanted to do this for some of us Christian adoptive mommies who just need a weekend to refresh and refuel and create…LOVE this..I pray one day I can come your way.

Shari Barnes - Where did you get that striped shower curtain?? I must have it!!!

Victoria - Love how you set everything up! It is beautiful. Your blog with the colors, fabrics and textures make me so happy to look at. 🙂
By the way, love your family picture canvas with the frame over it on the mantel!

Arielle - So I know it’s super random to say something reminded me of you seeing as how we’ve never actually met, I just “know” you through your blog, but I saw this on Pinterest and instantly thought of you. Looks like so much fun!

Lin - I am jealous. I would love to spend a few days crafting. I love the new shower curtain by the way.

rachel / - i love looking at all the tiny details & can’t wait to see the rest of the photos from the weekend!!! your new shower curtain is awesome & am considering getting the yellow & white version of it for our bathroom redo!!!! thanks for the heads up!

Linda - Your home looks so happy!

Kristin S - I just want to stare at that tablescape all day long!

JulieL - The bathroom looks great and so does the crafting space all ready to go! Can’t wait to see pics of the weekend and what you ladies made. I read your blog and Ashley Ann’s so I can’t wait to see what you both post this coming week.

kelly - love love your blog. i’ve been checking back like a crazy person to see if you’ve posted pictures of craft weekend yet. i can’t wait to see what y’all did!!!

Vera - Looks like so much fun!!
Hey, I wanted to let you know (and am too tired/lazy to find your rainbow cake post to leave this comment on there) – I have a little rainbow cake trick… I never loved the purple on mine, until I made one yesterday (you can click on my blog if you want to see) and I used PINK and blue (and just a little bit of red) instead of red and blue food coloring and it turned out to be a much prettier, brighter color purple! 🙂

crystal b - you got a ruffler!! and look at all the machines! cool. The decor looks so cute. Hope you had a blast and that you aren’t too exhaused.

Lora - Meg…
Statement: Your bathroom is awesome! I LOVE it.
Question: How can we get into one of your Craft Weekends?
Lora In Medford (it’s cold here)

sara @ it's good to be queen - yay more eye candy! looks fabulous! can’t wait to see more of that bathroom….looks amazing!

karen - looking good!

Gillian - Bunting and pretty lights. Looks blooming lovely. I need a higher ceiling!

Kerry - aaah it all looks like TOO much fun!!

Rachel - Meg, I just rediscovered your blog and was wondering if you are on Pinterest? If so I would love to follow your boards, love your style!

holly - It looks like a dream come true. I hope you and your 11 new friends are having fun and crafting up a storm. Hope to get picked for a craft weekend one of these times.

Janine - Your bathroom looks fantastic. And so does craft weekend. The bunting and the lights are adorable. I would love to go to one but my family would think I was insane flying half way across the country to craft with “strangers”. I put strangers in quotes because I feel like I have gotten to know you and Ashley Ann from your blogs. For now I’ll just have to look at the pics of all the cool kids having fun and making awesome crafts. I hope you and all the ladies are having a great time!

emily hope - looks amazing! love the strings of lights and bunting. love. I’m sure you’re all having a wonderful time 🙂

Leah - When you talk about the sponsors, can you tell us about that book? It looks pretty cool!

Melinda - It’s a great day when you post. Have fun and I also would love to know what color you used on the bathroom walls. Cheers!

Jody B. - Bathroom is awesome!!! Have a great time! I’m jealous : ( : )

Elma - I love the bathroom!! Have a wonderful weekend and I can’t wait for more pictures!! Say are all your kids home to??

Danelle - In the midst of a bathroom makeover myself and need your shower rod…where did you get it? LOVE the room!! - Everything is so totally awesome! I wish so much I were at craft weekend! So glad you are sharing pics and can’t wait to see more. Have the bestest time ever!!!

Vonda - Sooooooo wish I was there! I’m sure you girl’s are having the most awesome time!!! Your bathroom looks amazing, and I love how you set up the room for crafting too! Everything is so stinkin cute!:)

Shannon Baker - The bathroom is STUNNING!

Rach - I’m with everyone else. So bummed I didn’t get picked. Looks like so much fun. Maybe another time.

lisa willis - this looks amazing!

Tracy Fisher - love the bathroom. can’t wait to see photos of craft weekend.

kristi jernigan - so glad you are having fun…i was surfing pinterest and came across a rainbow cake and thought of you……i know you will love it:) i would to make it to a crraft weekend…maybe one day..hubby looking for work:/ enjoy:)

Lisa - The house looks absolutely beautiful! Have a fab time…..the ladies are lucky to be there with you! 🙂

tina - This is so going to be my reward after finishing the Dave Ramsey plan!!!!! 🙂

Jen Brandt - Have a wonderful time! I’m looking forward to more pictures too. I LOVE your new bathroom. Great colors.

Lindsey - Congratulations on getting the bathroom done in time! Have fun with everyone at craft weekend!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Whitlow - SO jealous!!! I want to be at craft weekend!!! hehe

Lynn Bray - My girl Tara is there! Have such a wonderfully happy craft-filled weekend, ladies! I can’t wait to hear more about it. (I love the bathroom makeover too!)

Lisa - Is that Jenny’s new book I see? Have fun!

Heather @ Cookie Mondays - Eeeek! Fun! Craft room looks so good, and the bathroom AMAAAAZING!! Wow!

Lori Austin - Have been thinking about you ladies and all of your fun this weekend. Thanks for giving us a peek to tide us over. 🙂
Way to ROCK out that bathroom project. Phew!

Cheryl E. - Lovin’ all the colors for Craft Weekend. You girls have fun!! Looking forward to all sorts of pictures!!

Lisa - Beautiful bathroom!!! Subway tile makes my heart skip a beat 🙂 Happy crafting – looks like the happiest place to be!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - YAY! I’m so excited for you! The bathroom looks amazing! woo hoo!

Kelly - I realized last week that I had two friends who didn’t know each other before now going to Craft Weekend this time around. Crazy small world! Have so much fun!

Mandy - How fun does that look! I want to do something like that with my aunts/cousins. Can’t wait to see more pictures!

Krissy - I hope you have tons of fun this weekend! And your bathroom looks great!! :o)

Susan - Your bathroom transformation is fantastic… I’ve been there so I know how disruptive it can be. Kudos to Craig and your contractor! Have a super great weekend!

Samantha Bayer - Have a great weekend! Looks like a lot of fun 🙂

Sarah H. - Oh, my heart is hurting b/c I wish I was there with my friend Kimberly! Aahhh!!!
I so hope you all have an absolute blast this weekend. Everything (including your bathroom) looks fabulous!

Sarah - I must know. Where or where did you get the shower curtain? You maybe already posted that and I missed it but I can’t live without it 🙂

Jacci - Love the dining room all set up for craft weekend. i need my living room to look like this all winter 🙂 no one could have the “gray day blues” in a room like that!
and I really like the shower curtain and color scheme in the bathroom. The pattern of the stripes is cheerful and high energy, even though it’s not a bright color.
I’m a neutrals-with-pops-of-color gal, and I’ll be interested to see how this room gets more Duerksenized over time. I like the neutrality a ton, but I have a hunch some crepe paper rainbow or polka dot towel is gonna creep in there at some point 😉
You’ve really outdone yourself on this dining room prep. This is just about the most charming thing ever. I totally want to come to a future CW. Last night, though, I gave my sweet baby and bath and rocked her to sleep. No regrets 🙂
Have a wonderful time!!!!!

kribss - I want first dibs on your next craft weekend! Looks like a great time : )

Kimberly Dial - It’s my goal to one day be able to attend Craft Weekend … enjoy! (BTW, your bath looks fabulous!)

Penny - Beautiful bathroom! Can’t wait to see more pictures from your CW. I belong to a craft club. Great friends. We meet once a month (sometimes twice) and craft. We rotate homes and have great snacks. We are hoping to maybe do a weekend one of these months. It would be so much fun.
Wishing you lots of fun ladies!!

Terrie G - LOVE your bathroom! Does that sound the least bit funny or weird to you?? lol!!
CW looks super cute & very festive!
Have a lovely time!!
Happy CrAfTinG!!

jen marmen - Meg -the bathroom looks great! What paint color did you use?

Wendy - I thought about cw yesterday … when I was running away from home … but I didn’t have enough gas to get down the street none the less Kansas. ENJOY 🙂

Maureen - {sigh}…this looks like so. much. fun! Your crafty space looks amazing! Very inspiring….

Maria - Love the decor, where did you bought the chair cushions? and did you do all the bounting?

tiffany gardner - YOU ROCK! Wish I was crafting with all you lovelies! Can’t wait to see all the pics….

Pink and Green Mama MaryLea - the bathroom is gorgeous, having my own little pity party that i’m not there to play with you. : (
hugs to all the crafty ladies from sunny virginia!

Lynn - The bathroom looks fantastic – I love the color scheme. And have fun at Craft Weekend!!! 🙂

Naomi - Meg you have ignited something inside me to start something like this in the UK.

casey - YAY FOR CRAFT WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!
So excited for all you ladies and yes, just a wee bit jealous I was there along with all you guys (c; Have an awesome time and can’t wait to see all your creations!

Tracie - Can’t wait to see what you all make!

Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails - Yay…the first bunch of pictures. Say hi to Jessica(johnson) for me! 🙂

allison albainy - Would Love to come some day also! ** Have a great weekend everyone!

Georgia - So wish i could fly over from the UK, maybe one day. xx

Vixie - Wow your going to have so much fun! I really wish I lived in your neck of the woods though, I can’t find anything like the weekend you put together over here in the UK. I’m sad but very happy for you, cant wait to see more pics!

sue - Look forward to seeing more pics. Have fun everyone.

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