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whatever craft weekend :)


a few days late….but i finally got the craft weekend post up!
come read it over at the

whatever craft weekend blog.


ps….i am ready to make a new apron by now. 




Penny Smith - Is there a way I should check to see if I am still on the wait list? Cuz I watch them go by and wonder how long the list must be to be not called up yet having been put on the list when the first one went down? (Big giant pout!!) :0)

catie - i’m pretty sure i met your husband tonight at an open house we had at my work…i was going to ask him if he was married to you and then gush about your blog but i decided not to bug him. i was pretty sure i would embarrass myself somehow! 🙂

Jenna@CallHerHappy - i was just telling my hubs how jels i was of craft weekend. he thinks i should go. well, maybe i will be so lucky one day!

Stephanie@geezees - love the aprons + great pic 🙂

Lorie - Those aprons are BEYOND cute!!

Elizabeth - I have to tell you that I went to Barely Making It Antiques while visiting my sister in Wichita! I guess I just missed your crafting crew by a day! The ladies there were SOOOOOO sweet! They were kind enough to open the shop just for my sis and I…… and then gave my crying two year old a book for the ride home! Loved it!

Karen Gerstenberger - I love reading your craft weekend posts, Meg. This is a great calling for you!

Jenny B. - Ha! I was just wondering if you made a new apron each time. 🙂

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