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friday of CW

we were so far ahead in our prep for craft weekend that friday was pracitcally relaxed!
slow paced and really enjoyable.



michelle from close2myart is here this month and leading a project today.
she made our chalkboard look amazing!!

i made myself a NEW apron this month!  
rainbows and polka dots….YAY!!


we hung some new artwork in a few bedrooms.
this big print is from urban outfitters…mounted onto fabric….frame from michaels…that i spray painted yellow.

katie daisy.  :)

we brought in the yellow cabinet i scored at the barn last month at CW.
it is so sweet.
it even has a little lock on the inside…it was made well!
and clearly well loved.

a new fall favorite on the snack table….mmmm.

pam garrison's print are lovely in the swag.

everything set up and ready for 12 new friends to come.



they were working hard!
such confident crafters….i love that.


these two girls work together in a flower shop in canada.
they were the first ones done with their ruffle aprons.
LOVE their fabric choices!

ok….everyone is downstairs for breakfast.
i hear that a group of girls was going running this morning.
my body hurts just thinking about that.
but good for them!!
i need some coffee….and i am ready to hit the barn!

happy saturday!


Katie - You are killing me with all of these Craft Weekend photos! I think it may be time for me to price flights from Nova Scotia 🙂

Amber - It’s a good thing I didn’t know you were having Craft Weekend this weekend. I drove by Marion on my way to Wichita and it would have taken more self control than I have to keep myself from stalking Bearly Makin’ It in hopes of running into you. 🙂

Shara - Hey Rachel!!!!!

april - Oh man that looks like so much fun! What a wonderful craft space you have created Meg! xoxo

Martha - What fun! All the pictures are beyond beautiful! All those fabric choices – WOW! A crafter’s dream. 🙂

Robyn Farmer - Another Robyn with a “y”!

elma - OH I love CW pictures!! Take loads of pictures!! I still want a polka dot ruffle apron:) Are they hard to make???

Becki - I love to lok at these posts and soak in all of the colors and beautiful gorgeousness! Thank you for sharing!

Lisa - For the first time in 11.5 yrs of parenting I did a planned craft with my 4 kids. I am so not creative or crafty but my oldest really wanted too. It actually went really well and they had lots of fun. You’ve inspired me! (Although it may be another 11.5 yrs before I do another one! haha!)

Michelle From Australia - Canadians? Are they your first international crafters? I had always secretly hoped the first international crafter (who can’t sew!) would be mine 🙂

kathy - EVERYTHING is so gorgeous! Wonder, could I ask you about your quilts? Where do you find them & how do you clean/wash & dry them when needed. I have a couple that are older and not so sturdy and I’m kind of afraid to toss them in the washer/dryer. In my dreams my house would look like the Craft house! Such a happy place!

Wendy - I love the candy corn and peanuts!! It tastes just like Butterfingers! 🙂

Tiffany - Eekkk! Each CW post makes me even more excited for my turn in November!

elma - OH I just love the CW weekend and all the pictures!! Can’t wait to see more pictures!!!!

Rachel Spin - My friend Shara is there with you all! Hi Shara! I hope you are having a fabulous time!

April R - inspired! 🙂
I think I have a can of yellow spray paint in the garage… 😉
(prayin’ y’all have an beautiful time!)

Kristin S - I love your Craft Weekend posts!
That house continues to be amazing.
Praying for you ALL.

Christy K - Looks like you girls are having a fantastic time already (how could you not? I mean, really)! Keep the craft house pictures coming… love all of the new details! That yellow cabinet? Swoon city. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! 🙂

Lisa - Your house always looks sooo dreamy for Craft Weekend, it’s my happy place to look at the pictures 🙂 Love your apron, such great fabrics, in two of my favorite patterns, polka dots and rainbows…LOVE! Have fun!

Tiffany - Luck favors the prepared. Have fun, I’m off to check out what Urban Outfitters has to offer, HOLLA!

KirstenP - I always love to see the riot of colors from Craft Weekend. The child’s xylophone is a sweet addition to the ‘You Are Beautiful’ print and colorful daisy bouquet. Did anyone play a good morning tune on it?
BTW, cashews go really well with candy corn!

roganne - love the yellow side table!! it is totally adorable and the perfect shade of cheery yellow 🙂

Lorraine R. - So I’ve been following you for a short time and love LOVE the craft weekends! I’m trying to figure out how it all works……the craft house is seperate from your house right? It’s so cute!!! I love the bedrooms and especially the sweet cabinet/dressers in between the beds <3 So perfect!!!!

melodee@polkadotnotebook - oh how fun! I love your craft weekend pix! I love love love the pennants and bubble lights strewn across the room:)

Eugenia - This must be what heaven looks like…

Linda - Looks so happy and beautiful. I want to surround myself with that! Love it All. Happy craft weekend!

Lanny Lou - So jealous but so happy for y’all have fun ladies !

Kimberly - “thou shall not covet”.
please tell me that doesn’t apply to thy southern neighbor’s amazing craft weekends.

Sarah{Handbags*N*Pigtails} - I never get sick of seeing the Craft House…and all the swag!:) Hoping this weekend is even better than all the previous ones. Sounds like it will be since you were well prepared to begin with. Have fun girls!

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