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craft weekend is pretty rad.

we were working to the last minute getting things ready (ourselves included) for the women
who come to craft weekend.
they all arrive about the same time and we start getting to know each other.

i love all the chatter on the friday night.
everyone is nervous.
everyone is feeling crazy for traveling all that way to stay at a house they have seen "on the internet"
with a lady they met "through the internet" and haven't actually even met yet!
we put their fears to rest and assure them we are going to have a GREAT time!


and then kimberlee feeds us!
we get right to it with all her delicious meals.



and then it's onto crafting.
it's a wonderful way to get to know someone.


michele finished her apron first…speedy girl.

while we were cutting, ironing and ruffling away in the work room….
kimberlee was making apple pie in the kitchen from scratch so it was warm out of the oven!
she topped it with ice cream of course.

everyone finished their aprons and i was in bed before 2:30 AM.
not too bad girls!







they are always just so beautiful.
each one a labor of love.
they are not easy to make …. every crafter can attest to that!
but they are so proud when they are done.
as they should be!

we had a "light" breakfast that including some Drubers donuts… a local donut shop.

then we hit the road for our field trip.

my friend kerry had her first Barn Sale with vendors and a meal made by her husband.
so we went!
the meal was great….loved the cupcakes kerry!
we got to go in dairy barn.
all the cows were friendly and calm.
there was even a calf born that morning!


we left the sale and went onto to our favorite antique store.

i drove the big van.


yep….she came home to live at the farm with me.
there was no way around it.

these ladies cleaned up at the shop and barn!
they found treasures of all kinds.


kimberlee fed us chicken enchiladas, corn salad and margaritas on saturday evening.

i am always so happy because it is my favorite meal!


and it's back to crafting!

we made felt pom pom garland!
Yummi Shop sent pom poms from her etsy shop.
they were amazing!
i have never seen pom poms like this….EVER.
the colors were gorgeous.
they were heavy and perfect for crafting.

we strung them on baker's twine sent from Divine Twine.

everyone went home with a pom pom garland! 


my friend JESS led a project inspired from this tutorial.
we changed it a bit and made it more Craft Weekend-ish….more pattern and color please.




rachel and jess were our weekend helpers.
i appreciate them so much.

we made the wire wrapped letters again.





everyone's banners were unique.
i love all the color!


we made tea towel with vintage hankies, doilies and embroidery.
this project was inspired by A Cottage Life's towels in her shop.
she is offering a discount on her towels in her shop for my readers!

use the code: whatever10 for 10% off her embroidered towels. 





we made flowers from recycled t-shirts.
i loved this project.
it's addicting.

                                         kimberlee's cousin rachel is from georgia.

                                                        jamie from texas                                                             jill from texas

                                                     leadia from illinois                                                            penny from ohio

                                                            kim from ohio                                                   michele from missouri

                                                       sarah from texas                                                        shannon from texas

                                                   ginger from alabama                                                            angie from ohio

                                                       missy from canada                                                     lachelle from canada

………………….. roomate photos …………………….





aren't all the fall leaves so amazing all around us?!
i love those yellow trees.

thank you to rachel and Jess for being such a great helpers!

thank you Kimberlee for making the kitchen so yummy at CW.
and for being amazing in general.

ahhh… craft weekend.
i love it.
it's such a joy to be able to help women have a break…from whatever.
some are busy and tired moms.
some are women who need a break from work.
some need friends…time with them or to make new ones.
some need time away from caring for sick loved ones.
some need time with their sisters.
i love helping them get what they need.

especially if it involves hot glue, fabric or cinnamon rolls.


if you want to come to craft weekend…you must be on the wait list.
first read this.
then send an email to get on the list.
we are already filling spots for 2013!


Penny Smith - Thank you so much!!
Oh-Angie, Kim and I are from Iowa. (I don’t think I could handle the drive from Ohio!! 🙂 Hee!!)
Love all the pictures!! Hope to come again someday!!

Ging4ua - What a great recap of the weekend, Meg! I had the BEST time and just want to thank you ladies again. Sending you lots of love from Alabama. 🙂

Kate - So…I always love these posts…and as I’m scrolling through I’m thinking…wow, that looks like my friend’s sister, Rachel. And, it is! So, I call up my good pal, Naomi, and she tells me that Kimberlee is her COUSIN! Naomi (Kimberlee’s cousin) and I actually started a monthly craft group together a couple of years ago and it’s still going strong. So, I’ve been a long-time reader and I just wanted to say ‘hi’! Maybe someday I’ll get to meet you at one of your fabulous weekends. Happy Wednesday!

Jess Mead - oooh the felt balls and the rusty turquoise bench are my favorites!

Michelle Richmond - Hi Meg…I have been reading your blog faithfully and love checking in daily. I found this blog today and thought you might enjoy checking it out. Or just read the last few posts…..too funny. This mother and father of 3 girls went on strike for 6 days and it is hilarious. Michelle from Canada.

Schneidershannon - amazing photos, the crafts look super amazing as always! such fun colors and ideas!Love it!So sad I couldn’t make it the weekend my name was drawn for…next time I’m coming no matter what!

Lisa Perry - Awwwww…my favorite post every month! It’s a visual feast for the eyes!! Great crafts this time too, love those pom poms!!

tinaehb3 - Looks like a blast as always !!! Hoping I get to fill one of those spots in 2012 🙂

Jenn B - How fun! I am hungry now after looking at all that yummy food and want to craft but have to go to bed.

Jacci in Ohio - Love these posts 🙂
Okay… funny observation… I think. A few of those kitchen pics – the first horizontal one and the one with the red & white bowls, especially – did someone else take those by any chance? I immediately thought “Woah… Meg is switching things up!” and then realized they most likely weren’t yours. Lovely, still, but different somehow.

Becki - I love your craft weekend pics. It loks like such a great time!

misty - oh be still my heart!!!!!!!I love everything about your craft weekend posts~ fingers crossed you have a spot for me in 2013~ 🙂

Katie - You should have a craft weekend guest book! (maybe you already do?) It would be so fun to look back at all the people and how they intersect.

jacqui anderson - incredible again!! please let me draw that golden ticket again and this time be able to go!! i love all your photos, they’re always so bright and cheery!

Amy - Oh, Meg. This reminds me of when I came to Craft Weekend last year!!! My mother-in-law was so worried that it was a hoax. She said, “What if you get there & there’s not a house? Just an empty lot?” Having never left my kids before and desperately ready for some crafting time without a nursing baby attached to me, I replied, “Then I’ll be sitting in that empty lot crafting with twigs & acorns!!”
And I would’ve made some darn fine crafts outta those twigs & acorns, if I do say so myself. 😉 Hahahaha!!

Tracy Fisher - Yay! I did it. I signed up to be on the waiting list. Dream come true!

Jocelyn Pascall - This honestly looks sooo fun. And I love the color that you always incorporate into each picture. Uhm also…that antique shopping trip looks amazing and I so wish I could have been there.

Tiffany - these posts never get old. happy women. not competing or whining. no pressure. enjoying each others company. taking a break from it all. my idea of fun.

mum of all trades - These craft weekend photos always make me smile, so much colour and happiness in every one of them.

Carrie - Looks lovely!!! I’ve been hoping the waitlist fairies choose me sometime soon ~ guess the timing hasn’t been right as of yet! Something wonderful to look forward to, that’s for sure! 🙂

Su@TheIntentionalHome - wow. . my favorite craft weekend post. . the pompom garden, the letter banners (love that create one that is backed on yellow) and the t-shirt flowers. . so fun!! I also like your sponsor posts 🙂

Karen - Love it – I love reading all about your craft weekends and I can’t wait until it is my turn and I’m not going to Mexico.
Keep up the good work ladies = it’s an amazing job you are doing

Sarah - You are pretty rad yourself, Miss Meg! Craft Weekend was so wonderful, the atmosphere was so relaxing and inviting….most likely from all the love and thought that goes into the weekend. A big thank you to YOU and Kim and Jess and Rachel! All y’alls hard work and dedication is really appreciated!

Lindsey - wow, wow, wow! The crafts looked incredible! The loot from the barn looked fabulous and the food pictures made me physically hungry. So much fun!!!!!!!!!!

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