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last Craft Weekend of 2012



as suspected….this group of girls was wonderful.

it’s so much fun getting to make new friends!
they came from all over again this month…with only one major flight delay…so glad you made it sunny!

we had lots of instagrammers this month.
it is fun to help newbies get started on a new addiction.

i used their pictures from the #whatevercraftweekend group to make some collages.




looks like fun doesn’t it?!


we made our aprons on friday night.
this group was quick…several of them were finished before 11:30! that’s unheard of at craft weekend!





we tried something a little crazy with this group… a late night donut run!
our little local donut shop opens at 11:30 PM on friday nights with hot fresh donuts.
it felt pretty crazy getting the van to go somewhere that late.
like we were wild kids….just like all the kids that were AT the donut shop.
it was yummy and fun!

our saturday at the antique store and barn was SO WINDY!
ridiculous kansas wind.
but these girls did just fine finding all kinds of lovely treasures to take home.


kimberlee scored vintage ornaments for $1.00 at the thrift store down the street.
they were the prettiest colors…pink, yellow and orange!!!

we are quite a sight when we pull into town every month.



chippy paint makes me so happy.


lauren found this quilt and said she is going to recover the seat in her old truck with it!
that is a dreamy idea.
so creative.

becky had a hard time deciding on this owl… i am glad she got it.
it’s unique and sweet.

paige snagged the quilt i pick up every time i am there.
i have almost gotten it so many times.
but it was meant for her… i am so happy she is loving on it at her house.



then it’s back to crafting!
they spent all saturday evening making beautiful projects and laughing and talking.
saturday night is my favorite part of Craft Weekend… no one is nervous and they get really creative.


Megan lead a hoop art project that was so cute!
everyone’s was different… i love seeing that.


i need way more glitter next time.  🙂






megan also taught us how to cover big bracelets with recylced sweaters.
i loved all of them!

the t-shirt flowers are so fun to make!


i love these covered button necklaces… soooo much!



adorable right?
i love every single set of the J-O-Y words.
a few chose to cover them with non-christmas fabrics to keep them up all year.



the ruffle aprons are the most cheerful pictures every month!



roomies….. seven of them meeting each other for the first time on friday night!





becky & megan were our helpers for the weekend….and our roomies.
becky helped kimberlee in the kitchen and megan helped me in the craft room.
they were lots of fun to meet in real life!
joanna from tennesse                                       angela from north carolina


 ali from utah                                                     jill from kansas


lauren from indiana                                                   sunny from idaho


 bethany from minnesota                                          tiffany from minnesota


 amy from minnesota                                          shannon from oklahoma


paige from oklahoma                                              april from oklahoma


becky from virginia                                            megan from michigan

******************** s q u e e z e! *********************



there was amazing delicious food from kimberlee.
she cooks for 15 women like it’s no big deal at all….she is an inspiration.
i love to eat anything she cooks.
and my extra weight i have gained this year is proof of 11 WONDERFUL craft weekends.
but apparently i was so busy EATING her meals that i took no pictures.
trust me…D E L I C I O U S!!!

i am so grateful for kimberlee and all her HARD work.
she does so much for each weekend to flow smoothly.
i just adore her.

and somehow we ended up with NO pictures of the two of us together.
except this one….


the wind on saturday was unbelievable…i think we captured it perfectly!


well….a year has come and gone since we began this crazy Craft Weekend adventure.
it’s wild!!!
it’s so much more amazing than i dreamed it would be.
i love that God has brought so many absolutely beautiful women into my life.
i feel so blessed.
we have so much fun!!

but this is just the beginning!
we have so much more in the works for 2013 and beyond.
i can’t wait to share with you what we re dreaming up.


would you like to come to Craft Weekend next year?

first READ THIS and then sign up for the wait list!
it’s chosen by random number generator so you could get picked next….you just never know!
it’s worth it.
get on the list!




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Katey Deasy - I love it! I had more fun looking at the Instagram Photos that everyone took. I had my mom over that weekend and we did a little crafting ourselves. We are on the list!! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. So sorry for sweet Annie. Have been praying for her.

Debra - I must know how to make the aprons. Pleeeeeeeease?!?!?

Sarah{Handbags*N*Pigtails} - Great ladies, great crafts! Another successful Craft Weekend!(Now enjoy your downtime from it for the year’s end:))
Happy Thanksgiving!

Wordpress Development - Man I like your article and it is so informational and I am gonna bookmark it. I Have to say the Superb analysis you have done is greatly remarkable.

Jennifer - I’ve followed your blog for quite some time now. I too live in Kansas. Saw your piece on KAKE. Sounds like continued success is in your future. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Kate - Beautiful, beautiful girls! - Megan, I had to watch channel 10 tonight! That was pretty awesome! Congratulations! So neat to see how God has led you! Oh, and hoping that Annie’s arm heals and won’t be too uncomfortable for her (and you!)

Bethany - Thanks again for the fabulous weekend! You and Kimberlee do such an amazing job. It was so great to meet the both of you!

Julie - Just saw that you are going to be on KAKE news at 10 tonight. Way Awesome!

Shanna - Where did you find the camera fabric???!!!!

Jen - Meg, I am so happy that your 2012 Craft Weekends went so well. Looks like y’all had a blast at every one! The crafts at this last one especially look wonderful. Love all the “JOY”!
Have I ever told you that my Grandma is from Chapman, KS? She’s 94 now and doing well! Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!

Ashley - Using the IG pics for a collage is genius! So fun.

jeannett - ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
i. need. to. come.
those crafts looks uh-mazing!
and i miss you.
i want to stay up late and drink coffee and yap.
and then pass out and take a nap.
except this time i probably won’t snore.

Kelly O. - I think those crafts were the best ones yet!

mary beth - you.! thanks so much for posting so many pictures…I feel like I was there! Those guys at the barn have got to be loving you by now…ive been there once and those pictures make me so anxious to go back..maybe next year! Cant wait to hear what you’ve got up your sleeve for the future!

dissertation proofreading - All pics are really very clear and also eye catching.

Pat - Happier than a bird with a french fry? Hilarious!!!!
J O Y letters – how to?

Heidi Jo the Artist - Love all the photos. 🙂 Where did you get that rainbow rug!? In love, might have to make one myself. Thinking I might try and make one out of t-shirts?? I especially love all the crafts you guys are doing too; need to try several of those soooooon! Never enough hours in my days…

ali moll - I cannot put in to words what a FABULOUS weekend it was! Sooooo much fun! So many new friends and sooooo much inspiration! I came away from Craft Weekend with a renewed sense of creativity in all aspects of my life! Thank you Meg and Kimberlee for an amazing time. I can’t thank you enough! Love and hugs!

Kimberly - I agree! Please share!

Kimberly - I know I’ve commented once already today, but seriously… TUTORIALS PLEASE!

Alisa - Where did you get those (wooden?) letters? Please share!

Christy K - Ahhh… Each CW post makes me more happy than the next! (Ok, the one I am in is still my very favourite but…) You know what I mean. ; ) Now I know that you don’t blog about the tutorials for the crafts at CW BUT, I just have one teeny little question that I am hoping you will answer… the button necklaces? Is it a kit or did you girls piece everything together yourselves? If so, do you mind if I ask where it is from? Just curious because I would LOVE to make one (or several) myself! If you are at liberty to share, I will be forever in your debt. Well, more so than I already am. ; ) Hope you’re having a fantastic day… happy Monday! : )

Lorraine R. - I love it!!! It always looks like such a wonderful time!! How did this whole thing come about? I’d love to know what you led you to doing this!!

happygirl - I’ve got double the fun by following both you and Farmgirl Paints. Craft weekends ROCK!!

Sunny Haynes - So wonderful! I had such a great time and even though my travel was crazy, I would do it all over again! What a great expereince that has enriched my life! Thank you so much Meg and Kimberlee for doing such a great job and providing us with this opportunity! You two are unique and equally wonderful people and I am still in awe of your graciousness and hospitality! Also, thank you to all the wonderful women that enjoyed this weekend with me! It was great getting to know you!

Trish - you are rad… i want to be a helper 🙂 pick me to be a helper!!! oh and apparently megan m told me i have the same pants as you 🙂 great minds think alike! happy thanksgiving!

Becky - Girl you summed it up so good. Loved all your pics of the crafts! And that last IG pic is hysterical. Kansas and it’s wind did not disappoint. Still kind of on cloud 9 about the whole thing. Seems to good to be true that I actually met you and did that!!

justme - LOVE the Charlie’s Angels glue gun shot!!
Glad you took the group to Druber’s.

April R - my kids have the week off from school – the WHOLE week! and after reading this it would be so fun to cook and craft with them. It’s certainly not the same as being ‘pampered’ by you and Kimberlee but we are inspired none the less! 🙂 Thanks!
And happy Thanksgiving!

northern cottage - these craft weekend pictures always make me so….HAPPY…thank you for sharing the gorgeous bright lovely images! feel good!

alicia @ la famille - so so fun ms. meg! you are an inspiration!

Jen - I am in AWE, absolute AWE of that barn. Where do they get all that stuff? It’s unreal to see so much of all that vintage fun! Totally jealous!

Tiffany Clark - Ditto! I couldn’t have said it more perfectly myself!

Pretty please…?

ira lee - i am in love with this concept. really!! im would love to host something like this! and you are so successful with it! id actually love to attend one!

Jill Franklin - Ohmygosh! Not only did we have some amazing crafters, but exquisite photographers as well…just look at these pics! I just relived the entire weekend. Now I need a nap, and then a good diet. Thanks again Meg for an Amaaazing weekend! & Kimberlee Jost, YOU my dear are one Fan-Tastic kitchen chick! Let me know when you write that cookbook, I’ll be the first in line to buy it!

Tiffany - Wahahaaa, the windy hair pic is the BEST!! Craft weekend photos are always full of so much color and smiling ladies, it just makes me smirk and grin and cheeeeese. Always a treat.

Amy@litteforalittlewhile - Your pictures are amazing! I’ve been anxiously awaiting this post, and it didn’t dissapoint. Thanks again for the amazingly wonderful weekend. Words truly cannot capture how grateful we all are to have been welcomed into your home and had the opportunity to share in such a fun weekend with you. You and Kimberlee have such a unique gift together, and it is wonderful that you are willing to share it with others. I hope you both enjoy the break before you rock 2013. Have a blessed holiday season, and rest up! xo, Amy

Mary Jo - I love the fabric letters!!!

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