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i feel quite blessed to have met another 12 beautiful women this past Craft Weekend.
God brings such great people into my life.



these women were serious crafters, thoughtful shoppers and each so kind to each other.
you could tell that the friendships they had were true and deep.
i love seeing that in others….knowing they have a bond.
it is a happy sight.

IMG_9684 cw17n
i wish i had thought ahead and had made some of those fabric scrap chandeliers for my ice cream party!
they were each so fun!
they look so pretty in the breezy wind too!
IMG_9672 cw17o IMG_9658 IMG_9650

my helper was Ashley… i love when she helps!
she crafts quickly, cleans up quickly and make sit all look effortless. Β It is SO HELPFUL!
and i get to spend time with her while we craft… YAY!

for this Craft Weekend she brought her sister Lesley to be Kimberlee’s helper!
oh…. the food!
the food was so delicious!
i appreciate a yummy meal that has been prepared for me so much more than i ever used to.
what a gift Kimberlee has!
thank you Lesley for being by her side! Β You were so much fun to spend time with!


i am so happy to have met each of you!
thank you for coming to kansas to craft with us!


if you would like more information about Craft Weekend you can click in the Craft Weekend Button at the top of the blog.



Jaime - counting. the. days. πŸ™‚

Natalie - Love the pictures! It was a blessing to be there and to meet you! πŸ™‚

Mindy - Oh, these weekends look like such fun! Lovely ladies, lovely crafts and yummy food – yep, that would be a good weekend indeed.

Su@TheIntentionalHome - Michelle- I was thinking the EXACT same thing. I was thinking wow, every single woman is sooooo pretty. . .and I bet they are looking at those pics saying, ugh. . what a bad pic of me. . .as the saying goes. . happiest girls are the prettiest. . .

Michele - As I look at the beautiful faces of all the ladies at the top of the post I think to myself…I wonder if anyone looks at the photo of themselves and thinks oh that is not a good photo of me. We so often have a tendency to do that and yet when I look at those faces all I see is beauty and happiness!

becky - can. not. wait. πŸ™‚

Julie - Such fun, such colour, such lovely happy looking ladies. Looks like a fabulous weekend was had by all. Thank you for sharing these weekends with us. I love these posts.

Chrissie Grace - One day for me too! :). It always looks like such a lovely time!

Teresa - I am new to your blog and am loving it! I was wondering if there are directions for making those cute ruffle aprons? I would love to make one! πŸ™‚

Roganne - I WILL come to craft weekend. how is it possible that every craft weekend looks more inspiring than the last? you are rocking your job! πŸ™‚

Melissa - Always love seeing what everyone makes – your craft weekend is amazing!

jen - these pics are always so inspirational!! one day i will make it to craft weekend..i will, i will! but for now i am going to go and play with my sewing machine!! love living through these photo’s – thanks!

happygirl - Your craft weekend pics are always so colorful and joyful and just plain HAPPY. What a beautiful group of women. LOVE it.

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