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diagRNBW1000pxI found this list through pinterest of what i am currently doing… so fun!

READING…. Just started Carry On, Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton and smiling a lot while reading.

PLAYING…. the Annie sound track.  by myself at home.  the new one.  the Annie (Original 1982 Motion Picture Soundtrack) is the background music to my entire childhood!  i have listened to those songs every year of my life since it came out in 1982.   i think it’s fun to have a new twist on the old songs and i LOOOOOVE the new song Opportunity.  it makes me feel hopeful and inspired.

WATCHING…. i am behind on Parenthood!!! but i will catch up by next week.  (WHY do they have to be done? i don’t understand tv network producers/actors.  We ALL love this show and it’s going GREAT.  Why do they have to quit?!  You too Don Draper!  What is your deal?  Just give the people what they want – MORE shows!!! as soon as anything gets good they stop the series.  it’s like losing a friend.  yes, that’s dramatic but it’s kind of true.  and it makes me want to stop watching all together because i get tired of feeling bummed about silly things like that. )

TRYING…. to stop being so dramatic.

COOKING…. spaghetti for dinner tonight…. garlic bread… broccoli

EATING… literally eating scrambled eggs right now.

DRINKING… i had a moscow mule on my date the other night after hearing rave reviews from my sister at christmas.  YUM!

CALLING….  i only call doctors and the school – other wise i never use the phone for talking.  🙂

TEXTING… my husband all morning.  🙂  he leaves SO early in the morning and i like when he checks in with me mid morning.  i tell him all the exciting things that are happening at home like “a huge coyote just ran through the yard!”

PINNING…. these are 10 recent pins…

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten


TWEETING… ummm…i don’t really tweet.  but i just watched nicole kidman on jimmy fallon from JF’s twitter feed and i was DYING!! you have got to watch it.  oh my gosh.  i feel all sweaty and weird… geesh.  Poor Jimmy.

CRAFTING….Name tags for Craft Weekend!

DOING…. laundry (of course… always)

GOING… grocery shopping in about 30 minutes

LOVING…. having long hair again!  it’s been six years since i chopped my hair off.  🙂

HATING… not knowing what to do with my long hair – HA HA HA!  and the fear of having “Mom Hair”

DISCOVERING… my first gray hair.  for real.  it was shocking.  i thought i wouldn’t care.  oh… i was wrong.  I CARE.

ENJOYING… the silence of my house today.  even the dogs are being quiet.  ahhhhhh

HOPING (for)… a major BIG snow storm this winter (not around or near any Craft Weekends though  😉

CELEBRATING… this funny moment at Scott’s game when we noticed the giant head of his in the crowd.  It was adorable.  the other players faces were there too… and Theodore Roosevelt too because that completely makes sense.  (jk… it doesn’t)


SMELLING…. skunk.  on saturday night craig and i went out for dinner.  it was a REALLY good night.. conversation was excellent… food was my favorite… it was a dreamy night.  then talby called and said “MOM! the dogs found a skunk! and they came inside! and it smells SOOOO bad in here we can’t breathe! and it’s still on the porch!” Talk about a downer phone call?!!  So we made our way back home and i can’t even describe the magnitude of smell.  it was S I C K.  i woke up in the night and was sure i would vomit just from breathing.  it’s better now but not back to normal yet.  Skunks.  WHY Lord?! What in the heck is their purpose?! Why did you need to create those?!!!

THANKING… God that there are not MORE animals like skunks.

CONSIDERING… a third cup of coffee.

FINISHING… ummm… this blog post?  i feel like i am never finishing anything.

STARTING1 & 2 Peter bible study from She Reads Truth.


diagRNBW1000pxwhat about you?  what are you doing?!

Currently… - […] those oldish-school Q&A survey thingies? I read one on Meg’s blog a while back and thought it would be fun to do one here. I never get tired of reading these things. […]

Martha - Dawn dish detergent and baking soda work awesome to rid pets of skulking! So awful! Has happened to our pets multiple times, ugh…

Amira Rahim Art - Thanks for sharing my art! It brought so much attention to my Etsy shop so I had to find out who was behind this. Haha, great blog.

Amira Rahim

Tracy H - We had a skunk on Friday… the middle of the day! It sprayed our dog and thankfully my son was far enough away! Everything smelled! We tried airing out our house, but was too cold so we used the stuff you sprinkle on your carpets and vacuum up…..worked great! Our porch still stinks though!

Amber - In case you haven’t seen this, I think it applies.

Katie P NC - I Love this sort of post!!! I hope these continue!
Parenthood has made me cry more than any other show I have ever watched. I feel like I’m a Braverman. I will miss the show (them) so much!

Lori - That was fun!

Jenna - Totally feel the same way about Parenthood! Why, oh why does it have to end! My Thursday nights are never going to be the same!

Jenny B. - The giant heads are funny. They’ve been doing that at our school too. teenagers have weird senses of humor. I’m sure someone thought the Roosevelt head was HILARIOUS. 🙂

Crissy Armstrong - i am being sucked in by the annie soundtrack at target! i must have it. also, doing a she reads truth study. and, i’m seeing glennon speak on thursday AND friday getting to meet her. DYING. 🙂 i can’t wait to read her book. i have it and it’s next in line (after 10 curses that block blessing). love the “currently” post!

Beth Ann - Good morning! The Jimmy Fallon / Nicole Kidman interview cracks me up every time I watch it (this is like the 30th time) “Brie cheese, corn chips and like old chinese food.” We had a huge snow storm last week, but I still had to work, in the middle of cube-land with no window – boo. If you enjoyed your moscow mule (a favorite of mine) try it with flavored vodka – cherry vodka with a splash of grenadine in addition to the ginger beer and lime juice (i use fresh squeezed). Any flavored vodka will work, but a lady can only keep so many bottles of vodka at her home with out people wondering (ha!) and cherry vodka also goes good with 7 up and Coke :).

Linda Totman - You gave mentioned sermon podcasts that you listen to. I’m wanting to listen to some while doing some mundane projects. Would you be willing to let me know who you listen to?

right now | home is what you make it - […] over at WHATEVER, posted a list she found on pinterest with writing […]

Kristin S - Oh, I like this list. Totally gonna copy. Not your answers… 🙂

Andrea - Every show, every season of Parenthood I cry. And I want to be a Braverman so badly! When the siblings came and hung out with Julia right after Joel moved out and the kids were with him? At the hospital for Christina? When they get “the feeling” and dance dance dance? And soon it’s over? I can’t take it. It’s like they are OURS.

Toni :0) - Insert sad face, the rest of my comment disappeared but I wanted to say I was glad someone posted about the bacon-that’s genius! I’m SO sad about Parenthood ending-I’ve never missed an episode and very upset it’s going away.

Toni :0) - Oh Meg, I die, I have ALWAYS said the SAME thing about those awful creatures called skunks!! They are not cute nor adorable! They are smelly, horrible little creatures with NO predator-gah!

Lee Ann - P.S. I’ve been coloring my gray hair since I was 26. Embrace color. I know you of all people will be good at that! 🙂

Lee Ann - I put off ALL phone conversations until the last possible minute. Texting is an introverts dream!

Hanah - PARENTHOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! isn’t it the best??? i was on my treadmill this morning watching my last catch up episode and i was BAWLING! so much for a great workout. i couldn’t breathe. i am so ticked they are canceling it!! WHY WHY WHY?? i know if we ever meet…we will bond over parenthood!! go catch up. with a moscow mule..which is also my favorite! had my first one in august and it has been my “go to” drink every since!

amy jupin - ok. you are freaking me out a little bit.
i JUST put glennon’s book in my amazon cart this morning!
and i watched jimmy fallon with nicole kidman yesterday! (dying!)
and i’m dreaming of cutting my long hair all off–you should see how long it is now!
and speaking of gray hairs, for the first time in 7 or 8 years i’m wanting to color my hair. my grays are really standing out against my dark hair!
i think we may be twinbos.

Kathy - I’m in Australia and it’s breakfast time, and if was literally eating scrambled eggs when I read you were literally eating scrambled eggs

Now I am literally eating vegemite on toast which I am fairly sure literally 99.9% of Americans don’t…

Alicia @ Investing Love - I love these posts…just wrote one to go on Friday. 🙂 I’m gonna miss Don. Maybe it’s healthier for my marriage if we say goodbye though. I just saw the video with Jimmy Fallon…OMG how uncomfortable!! Love that guy too.

Heather S. - Meg – you are like, 2 years older than me and you are just now finding your first gray hair? So jealous. I found my first gray the day after I got engaged – I was 20 years old!!!! I’ve been coloring my hair for about 6 years now. Ugh! Lucky you!

stephany - I love this. Hope you don’t mind if I borrow it for a blog post…i’ve been in a rut lately!
You can check my post out to see what I am up to!! 😉

Sara W - Ack, gray hair! This fall I discovered MORE than one and I came totally unglued.

Caitlin - I can’t believe you just found your first grey hair…?! I am 26, and after I had my first baby, my body was just like BAM you’re old. And now I have like 30 of them!! It’s kind of depressing. But my hair is naturally kind of a dark blonde, so I don’t have to do any major disguising…yet.

Tanya H - I love it! 🙂 And I completely agree on tv shows, tho I got mad at parenthood a year or so ago and quit watching…my husband still watches it tho so I saw the most recent episode…You have fun with that……..

Tammy - Probably obvious, but my comment is in reference to what you’ve been pinning #10 and I love Parenthood. With 3 episodes left, I am grieving.

Tammy - I have never commented but have been a long time reader, I am sitting here chucking. I have to give a bit of a backstory… we have I boy and 3 girls. Last spring while stressing about all the graduation party details, our son didn’t seem to care or have any opinion on what he wanted for food, decorations, etc… 4 days before the party, he comes up with all kinds of opinions. “Mom, it would be really AWESOME if we could have baked beans and lemon bars and make sure we have Arnold Palmers to drink!” Why he did’t have opinions before this, I don’t know. I started crying wondering how I was going to get beans and lemon bars made and blurted out, “I don’t have time for AWESOME!” Needless to say, we pulled it off and according to those that mattered, it was an awesome day! Something tells me, the 3 girls will definitely have opinions when it comes to their graduation party!

Rosa Zablocki - Loving…this post so much(what am I saying?, I adore your blog!)

Jessica - I love these types of blog posts! SO fun. I know what you mean about Parenthood ending. I talk about the characters like they are real friends to my real friends. I’m worried about how it will end.

Karina - Random….I saw that at someone’s word of the year was “FINISH”. It made me think good one, really good one. It would be a good one to try. NOPE. Just the thought of it made me nervous! haha! Clearly, I am not ready to finish anything I start.

Here is to the year of not finishing anything…again! 🙂

Nan - Re: “Watching” I find the same feeling after reading a good book. I miss the characters and want them to come back. Sometimes I can’t read anything for a few days until I’ve had time to “mourn.” So I can completely understand your feelings about tv series.

Elizabeth Clark - Hi Meg
We got horrible skunk smell in our house a couple years ago. It permeated the entire upstairs. I couldn’t figure our how to get rid of it, but my husband came up with the idea on his way home from work. We cooked bacon and set fans up to blow the smell down to the bedrooms. Worked like a charm!! (We used maple flavored bacon)
Love your blog!

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