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february stuff

so if you weren’t sure what i have been doing… it’s still basketball season.
but it’s coming to an end in the next few weeks.
and honestly that breaks my heart.
i can’t imagine not watching my Scotty play on that court with his classmates.
i can’t not cry when i think of this stage ending.
it is going to be really hard to be done.

annie’s team finished up their season recently.
they are so fun to watch and even to listen to in-between games.

and talby is playing volleyball several days a week too.

Valentines Day was actually really nice this year!
i got to assist Scott in making his gifts for his girlfriend.
he did all the work but i gave some advice as he worked.

it was a valentine’s success!

talby and annie got these funny Cat Face Pillows  for Valentines from me.
they loved them!
i absolutely recommend them if you know someone that likes cats.
they are silly but also really fun.
and they have Dog Face Pillows too!

and i found this beef jerky valentine that i gave sean.
could there be anything better for a teen boy?!
ha ha haaaaaa

i had to make a cake for a fundraiser at school.
i was super bummer to give it away.
so i made another one and it was SO GOOD!
Carmel Glazed Spiced Cake – make it!
our chickens have been enjoying the sunny weather.

a friend sent me some pretty flowers!  (heart eyes!!)

my parents came to see us.
i like slow mornings with coffee when we see them.
our dogs looooooove my dad.
i rearranged this little corner so i could have my paint easily accessible to work on my art journal.

my lunch dates last week.
and would you believe we MISSED OUT on the free burritos at chipotle?!!
craig group texted all 6 of us about it and we didn’t get the text!
so sad!

we got to celebrate Lauren’s 21st birthday!
how can this be?
like really… HOW?!!

i mean… HOW CUTE IS SHE?!!
those brown eyes just melt me.
my laurney.
i just love that little face!

and her 21 year old face too!
HaPpY BiRthDaY!!!

beth larson - Morning Meg! Just have to say that your Lauren was the cutest little girl! So fun to see some of your favorite photos of her. Have a great day!

Andrea G. - Good stuff! Basketball season…helps get us all through long winters! 🙂

Lisa - Praying for your community. Can’t imagine having something like that hit so close to home. ❤️

Suzanne - Hoping all is well for you in Hesston after hearing about the shootings at Excel. Praying for Hesston.

tracy fisher - love love love reading your blog. hugs, tracy fisher (remember me? the girl with the beach house in Washington.. haha).

Tracy - My oldest just turned 20 so 21 is right around the corner…so hard to believe!

Has Scott decided where he will go to school next year? My senior boy is going to be a Jayhawk <3 So happy to have a Jayhawk because my oldest went to Mizzou! (I am a KU Jayhawk…cam you tell? Haha!)

Kathi - My baby turned 21 in December, I helped him make paper roses for his valentine. It’s bittersweet watching my boys grow up. It was good family time going to all the soccer games, track meets, and cross country meets, I still miss those times. I spy your barn door, I would love to see what you did with it:)

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