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i posted this picture on Instagram a couple of weeks ago.
talby called me after she’d left with sean for school and said “MOM! HURRY! GO OUTSIDE! There’s a FULL RAINBOW! HURRY!”
so i ran out to the driveway in my pajamas and saw THIS!
i mean – whaaaaat?!
and just as i was taking the photo it began to rain.
the rain lasted about 2 minutes and the rainbow was gone.
but i was beaming with joy about it for hours.

and this was the sunset on the way home from ball games later that same day!
the sky was getting so fancy for a plain old tuesday!

we have a new kitten.
there have been many names thrown around for her but i chose Yzma from Emperor’s New Groove.
the kids still disagree with me but no one will make up their mind any other way so Yzma it is!

talby’s club team has a tournament every weekend for like… ever.
but it has been SO fun to watch them find their stride.
it’s a really great team that talby loves to be with – which makes me happy to see too!

we were in lawrence for a volleyball tournament and decided to catch a KU game the same day.
(omg – the guy behind us!) ha ha ha
we had just the youngest two kids with us which is always fun to change the dynamics a little.

it was a GREAT game!
craig was loving every minute.
watching a game in Allen Fieldhouse is always awesome – A L W A Y S !

another great sunset last week!

i made these monster cookies last weekend.
i already bought everything to make them again.

more volleyball tournaments and more hugs.

in the last week i have seen all three of these movies.
YOU MUST go see them!
all three of them!

ok… my list for the week is slightly depressing.
i just want to snuggle into bed and not be prodcutive… is that so wrong?

Emily - Double rainbow!!!!

Ashley Pera - Made the Monster cookies for Super Bowl Sunday… Sweet Jesus!!!! They were so good. Quick question… I noticed in the picture that you were making them regular size??? Do you cook them any less? Thanks in advance…
Ashley from Tennessee

Teyonce - I always love catching up on your blog, it’s like we are sitting down chatting cause I can hear your voice as I read. I really love that. We should probably do it in real life…like soon. love you!

KWolff - I think your week sounds pretty awesome! We are in the early stages of volleyball tournaments. It was a whole new world for me. It was a lot of fun though. Your KU game was against my Texas Tech Red Raiders – it looked like a blast to be at! 😀
Thanks for sharing the pretty rainbow/sunset photos. They are so gorgeous on a dreary day!

kristin - Monster cookies for Super Bowl Sunday! Thanks for posting 🙂

Teresa - Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Allen Field House is the only place to watch college basketball!

Sandra K - Oh how I ADORED La La Land. It was so wonderful and it is a movie that has stayed with me. Now I’m listening to the soundtrack on repeat. I have to go see Hidden Figures soon. Happy Wednesday to you! 🙂

Jenny B. - That is the cutest kitten!! Makes me want one. 🙂

Lisa - That kitten oh my is that the cutest thing every!!! Thanks for sharing your week, looks wonderful!

anna - so i have to ask what was your thoughts on the ending of la la land??? my friend and i went and we were crying at the end. and then we laughed so hard because we were crying so hard. then we started crying again. and on and on. we stayed in the theater until all the credits were done and the lights came back on. we were so shocked!!

Lori - That rainbow is gorgeous and those cookies look amazing!

Shay @ Whine Less, Breathe More - Your kitten is so darn cute! I really like the name, too.

I’ve never been to a game at KU, but several at KSU and MU. So fun! I’m probably not allowed in Lawrence. 😉

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