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february is over???

i have tried to sit down to blog for a long time!
but i just couldn’t get to it… sports and dinner and work and chores and blah blah blah!
but here’s an update on my world.
TWINNING! the boys and the girls.

Lauren turned 22!
it’s wild to even think about how we have a “child” that age!
we took her to lunch and of course… SAM’S Club for groceries.
i love having us all together even if it’s just for a few hours.
going out to eat with 5 big kids/young adults is actually really fun!

Craig & Annie got to enjoy a WSU Shockers basketball game last week and just happened to be right behind Fred Vanvleet & Ron Baker!
my friend sent me the picture from the shockers IG with the text “what the heck?!”
and i said “what? that they are at the game?”
she said “THAT’S RON BAKER!” and i said “i’m not sure who that is but it sounds exciting!”
ha ha ha!
i was quickly schooled on WHO they were – former WSU players who are now in the NBA.

i saw this sign on @saltybison‘s instagram and immediately clicked over and ordered it.
it just felt right.
it will hang among my fun pics in our bathroom.

lots of love for mr. duerksen – he’s a keeper!

regular moments – chatting and laughing while making school lunches.
this was my “office” last week… all the furniture pulled together to keep the dogs from bugging me.
it didn’t quite work.  
my thrift shop embroidery score!
i thought i would put it at the Craft House but i am liking it here at my house for now.

my friend Pam has been back in the states for a few months and heads back to Liberia on Monday.
that is sad for me and happy for her.
before she leaves she made sure to come over and teach me how to make cinnamon rolls!!!
it wasn’t as hard as i thought!  i was super proud of these pans of yumminess!
and we made cheesecake too – because it’s THE pam of Pam’s cheesecake.
we couldn’t NOT make that!

last week i did something completely new for me – i cooked for a 4 day retreat at the craft house!
Stephanie Ackerman hosted the Creative Soul Retreat at the Craft House with Julie Carson as her speaker.
16 women… just like Camp Create but instead of leading the crafting projects i was in the kitchen making 3 meals a day.
it was very different but i liked it very much!
i tried to be as organized as i could be with lists and more lists.
i enjoyed being at the house with the group but in a totally different role.
and i always love spending time with Stephanie!
Royer’s Pie Haven sent a box of mini pies!
just a whole bunch of pies in a box – you should totally order these for a party!
so darn cute!
oh… and delicious too!

these were some fun ladies to cook for!
and she’s having another retreat in October – spots are open now!

and since i got to spend so much time at the Craft House last week – i took more pictures!

“abundant need” sign is from 2017 calendar for the Craft House Rentals  is almost completely booked!
if you were wanting to come with your group these are the only dates left:
may 12-14
may 26-28 (memorial day weekend)
july 21 – 23
august 11 – 13
november 24-26 (thanksgiving weekend)  last year all the women of a family rented it, made crafts AND did their black friday shopping too!
such a fun idea! maybe your family should do that this year?!!!

and possibly october 27-29 – because it is marked “Reserved”  but i cannot figure out WHO booked this weekend so i am 95% sure i just wrote down the wrong dates.
if it’s YOUR group that reserved it – please please please email me right away.
i have searched through every form of contacts i have and cannot find anyone asking for that weekend.

and if you want any of the other dates listed let me know!  🙂


Cassandra Heck - That “Abundant” sign <3 <3 <3 those words are beautiful, love it!!

Karly - Dear Meg, I have followed your blog for probably 7 years. I remember bfirst coming across your colorful blog when I was an art teacher! Somehow a link brought me to a cute project you did with your kids ( I think it had rainbows or turtles in it)! Anyways I have always checked back in every week or so to see all of your inspirational posts and adorable family. It’s hard for me to believe how big your kids are getting. I am still at the beginning of the parenting phase. I have a 1.5 year old and almost 4 year old. Thank you for blogging and showing us a little bit of your life! One day when the kids get older I am going to come to the Crafthouse for a weekend! 🎨🌈❤🌻

meg duerksen - KatyO, Mary & Michelle M – i purchased that sign from! They have hundreds of awesome signs!

KatyO - I came to the comments to ask about that “Abundant Need” sign as well! It is FANTASTIC!

Mary - I’m with Michelle M – could you please share where you got the “there is an abundant need” sign? Love it! -Mary

Michelle M - I love your updates and photos. Your life is colorful!

Please tell me where to get the There is an abundant sign from. Al I think it is you who has another sign on the stairs that I love. Can you tell me who made that one too-if it is you.


cindy b. - loved my four-day weekend at the Craft House with Stephanie and Julie! Meg, you were a fantastic chef 🙂 thanks for loving on us! ALL of the food was great!!

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